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    5% chance Gthp survives imo

    by asloppakiss 14 hours ago

    Your girlfriend seeing something here is telling. Although not scientific, when I started to get interested in Luviva, I thought that I'd ask women that I knew who wouldn't be offended about pap smears. To the woman, everyone felt that if Luviva worked as advertised, they would love it. I also think that providing a gynocologist an opportunity to perform this procedure in their office, which will provide revenue to his practice, doesn't hurt the acceptability of the procedure.

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    5% chance Gthp survives imo

    by asloppakiss 14 hours ago

    Most sane people are global warming deniers. Unfortunately they're becoming too few in number. That's why I'm a bit curious as to why a seemingly rational individual would show up out of the blue to conduct the textual equivalent of a drive by shooting? I'm not overly concerned that the company is paying off the debt the insiders loaned the company. It's tough enough trying to work through the maze like Cartwright has, the company doesn't need him to also be their banker. It didn't however hurt that he was willing to do so.
    This is about getting them past the FDA and taking things from there. Worrying about how they get there at this point is like your wife nagging you incessantly about landscaping the entire 1/2 acre backyard, and when you finally do it and get it done, the first words out of her mouth are " Did you have to put that bush there?

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 17, 2014 4:49 PM Flag

    I gave you a thumbs up. I wish everything had gone a bit more smoothly, but like you said everything's out. The calender waits for no one and your talking of a possible early approval isn't wishful thinking. Kum Baya

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 17, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    It's one thing to say you have a theory, it's another to say the theory you have. Please tell me your theory. I promise you that if the theory sounds plausible, the first thumbs up will be mine.

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 16, 2014 1:16 PM Flag

    Ed, I'll give you your props on this. There's no way that they'll issue the entire amount however. It is a shelf offering. Adding up the finance deals, I saw that the money they raised wouldn't get them to the FDA decision unless the FDA decides to approve before the 180 days. Which is possible..
    Right now they're probably going to do a raise that will safely get them past the FDA with some room to spare. It'll sure beat looking at these piecemeal deals. Good thing is that the FDA decision is within earshot and does change things dramatically if approved, which I'm still betting on.

  • having a company on the verge of FDA approval trading at an almost historic low and a paltry 20 million dollar valuation isn't a terrible situation to be in. Especially if you think you know Luviva.
    If Luviva does receive approval as triage device, immediately thoughts will turn to "what if" as a first run diagnostic? The amount of money Luviva can save the US healthcare system as a first run diagnostic will dwarf today's paltry valuation. 15 million or so to conduct clinical trials to be a first run diagnostic with the prospect of kicking pap smears in the teeth might be attractive to the big boys.
    As expensive as this recent $700,00.00 loan is, I'd dare say that in order to get an equity investment for that amount of money would have required at least an additional 3 million shares with 3 million warrants to make it attractive. That increases the shares outstanding by an additional 8 or 9 percent. They risk the loss of a million plus in inventory and you really should ask the question, "do you honestly think that Cartwright would jeopardize that inventory if he didn't have a plan B or C?
    Guided obviously feels that their case is strong for Luviva and no one should delude themselves that there isn't a big picture here for Luviva as a first run diagnostic test. As far as market acceptance, you tell a Gynecologist that they can have a device in their office that can be run by a PA, that will keep their pap smear dollars in house. and that could be half the battle. These kind of things are attractive to the big boys in diagnostics who are more than anxious to have healthy discussions after Guided has done all the heavy lifting.
    I've continually reminded everyone here that Cartwright by his own admission is not interested in issuing stock just to issue stock.
    He (Cartwright) has contributed far more than he's taken from this company and I defy anyone to show me a situation where the compensation math ever favors the company over it's CEO?

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    Question for the Bulls

    by edfiggy Sep 12, 2014 11:12 AM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 12, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    Ed, GTHP could have found any Investment banker to do an offering for a 10% fee and stock options long before this. I've seen a lot more questionable situations raise boatloads prior to an FDA decision so I think you better start considering the companies motivation behind what their doing . If you really truly believe in the technology, then there's nothing to fear.. If the FDA chooses in it's infinite wisdom to deny approval for Luviva, they'll be the first in the world to have done so. I'm going to play the odds and think that even the FDA can't be that cynical as to slap the faces of their compatriot scientists in every other country that's think Luviva is an acceptable method of women's diagnostic treatment.

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    by reidosmith Aug 26, 2014 4:21 PM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 11, 2014 1:18 PM Flag

    You win the rudest poster award. I wonder why you're here. Like I said, I have made my money with this stock and am a little surprised that it trades at $5. Insiders aren't selling, in fact Posner bought stock a lot higher than here. this is thinly traded and if you want to live by your bear thesis, i suggest you be ready to die by it.

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 11, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    Regarding Bangladesh. All of these government agencies or health ministries are bureaucracies so I'm glad that Cartwright also said in that conference yesterday that they have their tentacles in what I believed was 40 countries. Developments with Guided seem to come out of nowhere and with that many things occurring at once, let them get to where they're going which is Including Bangladesh.
    Every Luviva machine that's sold and has been sold appears to be a data regurgitating monster and should give further validation to the science, since I doubt that any of these machines in the field are gathering dust.
    I'm also of the opinion that since the world has turned into such a small place, if during any of these test being conducted with presently utilized Luviva machines, Luviva turned out to be the diagnostic equivalent of snake oil, we would have heard of it by now. We haven't.

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 11, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    Time will tell. If they diluted the #$%$ out of the stock, you'd also be complaining. Pick your poison..........Ed, both you and I know that GTHP's need for money was no secret, why do you act like it is? I hope you didn't think that B of A or another bank was going to offer an introductory 0% rate (with a 4% fee), but you have to pay a balloon in 12 months?
    I for one would not be interested in doing a big money raise and diluting the shares another 50%.

  • John Fife, Managing Partner, 50, founded Chicago Venture Partners as the principal investor and Managing Partner in 1998. A lifetime entrepreneur, John has founded and successfully managed several small businesses. Prior to founding CVP, he was an Assistant Vice President at Continental Illinois Venture Corporation (CIVC), a leveraged buyout subsidiary of Continental Illinois bank, where he played a key role in the identification, evaluation and monitoring of control investments in four portfolio companies. These four companies were subsequently sold for proceeds representing an IRR of 35%. John served as CIVC’s representative on the board of directors of each of the four companies. After leaving CIVC, John made personal investments in at least 17 privately held companies. Prior to attending graduate school, John was a consultant at Oracle Corporation for three years. John serves on the boards of directors of six technology companies and one retail concern. John received a MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business and dual undergraduate degree in statistics and computer science from Brigham Young University.
    I know that Cartwright's from Chicago and I must assume that they had some type of relationship whether business or casual prior to this agreement. Relationships are built on trust, and I think that if Tonaquint's intent was to squeeze Guided, Cartwright wouldn't have cut the deal. Slowly but surely, money is being invested and with all the potential catalysts a stones throw away, this might start to turn heads.

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    New financing

    by wawallace Sep 10, 2014 4:57 PM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 11, 2014 8:39 AM Flag

    Wall, Guided can't say a thing about what happens behind the scenes. The only thing we can go on are the events on the ground. All I see are incremental steps to get them through to what you have appropriately dubbed an outright bet on approval. Cartwright said yesterday and has continually maintained that the science is sound, and that the response to the FDA is now winnowed down from 100's of questions, to just a few. As everyone has said, this has taken a very long time. This is where I see the glass half full. My feeling is that if the FDA had any serious reservations anywhere along the line before this, Luviva would have been placed in the dustbin of history along with a whole bunch of other "next best things"
    It's getting a lot more interesting if nothing else.

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 9, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Who are you and where did you come from? Usually I dismiss new posters because they usually tend to rant or have an agenda, but you seem to have read this right. What bought you to GTHP?

  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 9, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    No way!!!! Someone who actually sees this for what it is. Your second scenario is probably dead on as I intimated yesterday. Whether they can interest large investment groups to buy has no bearing on the FDA. If someone wants to always view everything through a fatalistic prism, that's their prerogative.
    What amazes me is the nervous retail who think that unless the company issue another 30 million shares, then we are doomed. What don't they understand about dilution?
    If for some unexplained reason the FDA chooses to go against the validation that the company has aggressively sought over the past year, they'll probably have a lot of explaining to do. I would hate to get in the middle of that viral campaign about what the FDA has against women.

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    Having a distributior with skin in the game

    by gmeabrk Sep 8, 2014 9:49 AM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 8, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    I still maintain that GTHP is comfortable with the FDA filing and they are certain that the value of GTHP shares will be worth a lot more if approved. If they do a ridiculous multi million share dilution right now before the FDA it will kill the golden goose by sharing a boatload of the wealth.
    I believe that these incremental approaches to financing are a deliberate attempt to dilute as little as possible before the FDA. I'm sure that there would be a lot of Investment Bankers who would be willing to do a mammoth offering for fees and stock options. Guided still has a great story and remember Gene bought shares at .49 and has loaned a quarter million to the company. I wonder if the loans were another machination to keep the share dilution as little as possible? .Grabbing a little money here and a little money there is probably the price we will pay for less dilution. I still expect that they will do a bit more financing before the FDA, but I expect it to be in keeping with this incremental approach.
    At this point, I know the the FDA is around the corner and so does everybody else who knows anything about guided Everybody's going to complain about dilution. Whether it's too much or not enough, at this point with the FDA so clearly in the cross hairs and a distributor who sees more than I do, To freak out about an extra 1% dilution, shouldn't have you complaining about it, it should have you asking why the company is doing what it's doing before the FDA decision.
    Cartwright has admitted having discussions with companies and individuals that he has dealt with in the past who expressed an interest in what he's doing. What kind of interest? Who know?

  • People will hopefully see the forest through the trees. When you have someone who understands Luviva from a purely business perspective and who now chooses to extend his involvement now as a stakeholder should open peoples eyes. I see this as every incentive in the world for this guy to sell as much as he can, and it's nice to know that with a money man as a distributor, it helps to validate why I own shares of GTHP in the first place.

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    Thoughts on this morning's news?

    by cytomotw Sep 8, 2014 9:09 AM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 8, 2014 9:21 AM Flag


  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 5, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    A lawsuit's always an issue whether it has merit or not. The stock commenced it's slide around the time this lawsuit started. Posner was promoted and all I said was that the promotion boded well for ALQA. Is it okay for me to say that I think in the low $5 range, it might be a buy?

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    3rd Down Day & Conference

    by edfiggy Sep 4, 2014 10:52 AM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 4, 2014 12:11 PM Flag

    Ed does not care. He doesn't even see the glass as half empty, he sees it as broken on the floor. His rants are incessant and repetitive and he appears to nitpick everything. I would love to live in his perfect world but alas, I live in reality..

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    Waiting for Godot?

    by edfiggy Sep 2, 2014 9:45 AM
    gmeabrk gmeabrk Sep 4, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Hey cow, I don't have to reiterate my optimism to you. I do believe that GTHP has a lot of confidence in the case they made to the FDA. They'll continue to have business and clinical success in the meantime, and if the market needs to see what financing comes the companies way before they hop on board, they're not seeing the forest through the trees.
    The difference in company value should we be so fortunate as to get FDA approval is remarkable. It's not even so much that they now have an approved product, it's that they have an approved science in biophotonics. That always seem to get lost in the discussion. I'm not saying the stock won't go down before that happens, I just think that this is a rare opportunity to latch on to a stock that is unjustifiably tarnished because of past missteps promulgated by others.

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