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  • I guess this goes on the Awards page. Yes.

    Feels like this header is required after you get just halfway through the full PC Magazine review of EFT, MFT of Globalscape. It's required reading for us here. You get PCM's feedback on the product, how it compares to competitors, neat features and nice touches they've added, and very good guidance for shareholders because it's all the sort of thing you want to hear.

    They've given the company some ideas to work for via research and development of new features and capabilities. They've given marketing and sales some ideas to work for via key feature assets and super ease of use, and where they can make it easier also with some more features added. The article review benefits both the sales and marketing teams as well as the engineering of new features, expanded features, and provides significant confirmation to the company and shareholders both where this product is and where it can go. You really need to get to the article and read for yourself.

    Find it at the company blog page, though it could have been released as a news story. We should check to see if any of the others PR'd it or did they all just blog it. If you can't PR this, then what CAN you PR? I don't think it would be getting carried away to do a PR, but we'll have to see. They may be swamped with calls. PC Magazine is really an everyman's computer magazine. It's never too complicated for people to understand.

  • Yes, Globalscape scored the highest rating with a 4 1/2 stars.
    Citrix ShareFile Business and Linoma Software GoAnywhere MFT Standard both made 4 stars.
    Accellion Kiteworks Business and Coviant Software Diplomat MFT Standard each got 3 1/2 stars.

    Since PC Magazine is so highly read across the board, this is goiing to mean a lot more callers looking to purchase their EFT Cloud Services solution. Going up against the likes of Citrix and Accellion and coming out the winner is very rewarding; and should likely lead to much more stock exposure to investors as well as the expected increase in Sales. You can't buy this kind of advertising.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    GSB negative beta

    by alvinsbrown Aug 28, 2015 3:24 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 29, 2015 2:11 PM Flag

    Thanks Larry. Dinner's on me!

    I've been tracking the GSB to S&P ratio for a long time, years. This past couple of weeks GSB reached a high versus the S&P of 0.0018. Historically that's been 0.0015 or 0.0016. But as the S&P and major markets turned south and trended south the last few months, while GSB has held steady, which is its normal pattern to show strength like this, that figure has increased to the 0.0018 high. That ratio has a direct correlation to Beta, by the way. Globalscape's beta has been positive between 1 to 2 for some time and recently took a nose dive into negative territory which is just showing its contrast with the major markets. Right now there is a disjunction between them, even though at some times when the market is up strong, we seem to get a lift, but really the downturns in the market show us that there's not been a lot of help for GSB from the major markets or else GSB would have turned downward. When the major market players do start adding or initiating GSB bys, it will be a strong move upward. The stock and its Beta are another reason more analysts are bringing up stock scans with GSB in them.

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    GSB negative beta

    by alvinsbrown Aug 28, 2015 3:24 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 6:45 PM Flag

    Uhm, I'll bite. Because the stock market just dropped 2500 points and GSB held price and increased many of the down days of the DOW and major markets?

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    Well rah rah rah for Toshiba's Tappin service

    by gnewman7 Aug 27, 2015 3:55 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 2:09 PM Flag

    Global Rank 1,408,867 improved 1,009,009 RECORD
    United States Rank 268,471 RECORD

  • About the author:
    Michael McMillan, CFA, is director of Ethics and Professional Standards at CFA Institute.

    If he's tagging Globalscape, you better pay attention. This is a very important analyst. GSB would not be tagged lightly by him. Other analysts read his works. He is aware of his audience when he puts tags for keywords attached to his writings. If he didn't like GSB, he wouldn't tag it. His title says that ... clearly.

  • Today I noticed two prices for Globalscape. One is $3.28. The other is $3.33.

    Then I was looking at Yahoo Key Statistics for GSB when I noticed the moving averages were:
    50 day $3.33
    200 day $3.28

    Oh. That's why ... I get it. Touching on the two key averages for the stock. It's been a while coming, but we are there now, with both averages up into current price ranges. This bodes well for the next Step up. It can come earlier than the previous steps because of the increased value on the books and financial statements, and because of the increased confidence of investors who have seen yet another record quarter. Three years ago investors didn't have that proof and it was all talk and speculation, but it turned out now to be true statements. While the stock moved up without the proof, based on the relations in the press, the partners, now we can add a solid record of sales and earnings growth in supporting our buy decisions. The long wait is over and the sales and earnings are in, they are strong, growth is happening and the leverage of sales into increased earnings is happening such that 18% growth in Sales Quarterly YOY are equaling 100-200% growth in earnings quarterly yoy. With so much more confirmations on "what to expect" from Globalscape, there is much less need now to wait and see. In fact, I think there's no need of it anymore and am enjoying the proof of the pudding. Yes, strong sales growth and earnings growth is the best kind of additional proofs and confirmations you can have. Congrats to the company on doing what they said they would do. And not just sales and earnings, but also deferred revs and cash buildup is much larger than two or three years ago. Outstanding job.

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    Yahoo Affiliate

    by gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 1:12 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    The affiliate website link to Yahoo is

  • gnewman7 by gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 1:12 PM Flag

    Interesting. I was at a free website for antivirus and they had a link to click so they could get paid, and it was to Yahoo's homepage. I then took out their name and replaced it with 'globalscape' and it comes up. I don't know but maybe it will start collecting cash for Globalscape.

    Why I am thinking of links for Globalscape is because they only have 2000 links in and Tappin only has 61, which tells me they at least for Tappin they haven't tried to build links. In one sense it's a testament to their operations that they are getting along without links, but links are a traffic builder. That should be a question on the next conference call what they are doing to build their link relationships up. Sometimes you have to knock on doors and call phone numbers to get in contact with people, you know, and if not, you might not even see your friends for a long time. Old saying is, He who would have many friends must show himself friendly, and that applies to links. If you want to see traffic from a company or website, you just might need to get on the phone, knock on some doors, send out some email requests. It's really that easy to do.

    I know. If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. And so some just throw a line in the water and wait for the fish to bite, for the world to show up. I think a good marketer knows if you do that, you're gonna miss a lot of links. Quality links. With growing sales and earnings, somebody is happy out there with Globalscape products. There you go ... a ton of links waiting to be asked. Nothing is better than a referral from a satisfied customer. Do you give them a discount or some perk already? Then line that up with link building and have them link to you. A client may have a paragraph on their site about they use EFT by Globalscape. That phrase can be made into a link to Globalscape's website for their peoples' further information; it doesn't have to be an endorsement. It can just be an FYI we use this here.

  • gnewman7 by gnewman7 Aug 28, 2015 12:15 PM Flag

    Marketing comments and insights should be posted to their own thread, not to threads with different topics being discussed, and this will serve all of us better to keep on track with our discussions. For example, if I see a topic that says Charts, I am looking for that specific type of information, and unless marketing applies to charts in some way, marketing comments don't belong on posts about charts and just serve to confuse. It's also disrespectful to butt in with a totally separate topic from the topic the thread creator published. Please be courteous and follow Yahoo guidelines. Thanks.

  • The Street rank for GSB has moved up to an A- from a B rating prior.

    Inv Bus Daily has #2 GSB is ranked 2nd in Computer Software-Desktop Group and the SMR Rating = A.
    -- Rates for superior Sales growth, profit Margins and Return on equity

    As I said, With the latest 10Q filing looking so strong, we will start to see the scans produce better readouts on Globalscape and list GSB higher in the results like top ten and A's instead of B's.

    Report card today is now all A's. Look for this to continue to improve with the Q3 filing in November.

    Anyone care to add to what specific ratings/ranks increases they are finding or can make available, please do so.

    Strong Buy here. $5 looking more and more imminent.

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    Long Term 5-Year Chart

    by gnewman7 Aug 21, 2015 8:42 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 27, 2015 4:05 PM Flag

    Step 1 was 4 quarters.
    Step 2 was 5 quarters.
    Step 3 now 3 quarters.
    Step 4 can happen any day now. Analyst coverage, major partner news like Ingram, major new client deal announced (IBM, MSFT), new investor interest. Be prepared: it should move over $5 at the start of Step 4 and continue but we don't know the highs of it, but projections can be based on the previous spike to $3.90 in Step 2.

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    Well rah rah rah for Toshiba's Tappin service

    by gnewman7 Aug 27, 2015 3:55 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 27, 2015 3:57 PM Flag

    scConnect pretty popular among the sales people at Globalscape. Search where they like it. it's got more likes than the others.

  • Global Rank 1,430,736 improved 1,016,777
    United States Rank 293,109

    Global Rank 1,445,394 improved 951,158
    United States Rank 291,855

    Global Rank 1,440,799 improved 904,328
    United States Rank 277,271

    That's the last three from top to bottom, bottom the latest one. Looks like we broke the 1,500,000 global rank level this week and US rank 277,271 is a new record I think. So hmm. Global rank looks good to go through 1,000,000 very soon. That's the short term trajectory. Can't guarantee that yet, bcause it may go back to 1,800,000 rank globally, who knows. But it dropped from 1.8M place to 1.43M overnight. and holding in that level. Something happened. If not this weekend, or early next week, then over the next two weeks, I would guess we see 900,000s. ... They charge $40 for a year's subscription to toshibastorageplace service, which is Tappin white labeled.

    and they've got it streaming now, which is big news. It's a streaming service.

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    by fkwerjksje Aug 27, 2015 2:52 PM
    gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 27, 2015 3:47 PM Flag

    Hi Larry,

    Yeah, on the face it looks not right. But it may be a late trade. Wasn't watching though. 100 share trade pretty infinitesimal.

    But you can always write the company via IR to promote Nasdaq to them. Go for it. I don't care if you wrote before; I think you can write again. Maybe you feel even stronger about it. Not just a vote but a reason along with it or two why it makes sense to you. Prime them to think about it.

  • Noticed in the news today a report by a CFA analyst who tagged GSB as one of the tags in his layout of alternative investments and improving advisor client relations and benefits via education.

    So ... we know GSB is starting to get retail attention. It is likely this one is working on the companies tagged and investments like gold. Wait, here are the tags:

    DBC 14.89 +0.48 GSB 3.41 +0.04 USCI 41.79 +0.36 REM 10.65 +0.26 IYR 72.5 +1.93 GLD 107.59 -0.08 XLE 64.08 +2.82 client relations commodities financial crisis gold

    This is not the only one who's pulling up GSB with dividend screens. Others are finding it as well. It's paying a good yield and the support for the dividend growing stronger with each quarterly result.

  • gnewman7 by gnewman7 Aug 25, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    service is absent most of the last few days

    so GSB bid ask has NA but no prices

  • Globalscape CEO James L Bindseil provides thoughts on how to make BYOD safe for users and enterprises in an excellent article for IT pros while VP of Engineering Greg Hoffer provides 3 tips for making BYOD safe for the enterprise in an excellent article for IT channel experts. They wouldn't be pushing out marketing articles (this is marketing, too) on BYOD products unless it was beneficial to do so. This is a concerted effort on BYOD. These will be used by Globalscape sales & marketing teams and resellers, distributors with clients and prospective customers. Maybe some of those will be including colleges, universities, and public independent school districts this year. School's starting. I'd like to see a big school district in the news using a GSB BYOD solution and get that channel/industry/segment moving with sales. May they land school sales in Q3 2015, I do pray. Have they demonstrated them to the local districts? Invited them? Anybody know? SAISD is large. Win them and others will follow. Bindseil has the contacts!

    I think the surprise for shareholders in all this is that besides handling engineering of all the company products now, Greg Hoffer also assists in sales meetings with clients and prospective clients by elaborating on product specifics that make the deal viable and necessary, leading to increased sales while at the same time educating the sales teams and channel partners on those points. I see why they chose him for VP of Engineering because of his ability to think in terms of the Sales & Marketing teams. As you know, each major team(s) has to be able to sit in the top level meetings and contribute, coordinate and integrate with the other teams, making them all stronger and giving the result that the sum is greater than the parts. At the annual meeting, it was brought to my attention that Greg assisted in such things, though no details or names were disclosed, and it's bringing a stronger perspective to all teams. That's why GH wrote to the channel.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • gnewman7 gnewman7 Aug 24, 2015 2:46 PM Flag

    Also, checking on Vvectorr Vesst and Ccrammerr's sites for buy ratings, both have been using older, Q1 data as of a few days ago, so will check on them today to see if they've updated. I would expect volume to start picking up as the scans for stocks on the latter site are done. On the first site, you have to request GSB's report specifically, which they have a campaign going to do that free right now even if you used your original 9 freebie reports. Institutions' shares are up once again after all have reported in. These above sites are like analyst reports, no? I think so, that's how they are used by retail investors. Maybe if you have a favorite CAPS investors at MF then write them that it's finally time to look at this stock. Alvin, that'd be a good one for you to do; not only you. I may do that later if I get the chance. Bring that to that group's attention. They are probably more important when they start writing a stock up than any message board here would be due to that's for more stock expert writers with ratings placed on success of writers. Picking GSB now is likely to improve their personal success rates. I would point that out along with the string of records and key stats improvements, and financial statement improvemets like revs, earnings, dividends, cash, def revs which a lot of them didn't cover back when we hit the old highs closer to $10. Remember those? I think the company's proven itself and ready for caps again. Much more ready this time, if you ask me.

  • Yahoo was the first I saw the correct data as far back as over a week ago. But none of my regular sites I visit had any updates and were still using Q1 information as of day before yesterday. Then yesterday finviz updated to the correct stats, so you may want to compare that to Yahoo (and if you are offered to do a survey by Yahoo, that would be a good comment to make, that you think their key stats page would be more complete if it also offered the ones they don't but that finviz does, like ROI. Yahoo doesn't currently offer that. They do ROA, ROE, but no ROI, return on investment.

    As the updating is just starting into the second group, second wave of financial sites, Yahoo being in the first wave, the second wave of groups will now offer GSB as a result in screens looking for earnings growth with sales growth. That's 200% earnings growth and 10% sales growth. Just 10% growth in sales dd that ! And why? Remember all the talk in the conference calls about leverage as the sales go up, the earnings will go up even more? The answer is leveraging of earnings out of increased sales. And Q3 should provide another record, in my guesstimate as more channel resellers and key distributors are handling the education of customers and prospective customers of Globalscape products. So these customers are on those distributor/reseller websites more and more, but they are using Globalscape knowledge base, forums, and help in the strongest levels (30% of all visits, each one most often, ahead of even the main page of the company's website, which has never happened before ... in history. So you got the knowledge base, the forums consistently #1 and #2 visited pages now and today I think help is 33% and the #1. That indicates another blockbuster quarter is occurring, guys. That indicates channels are using those pages to educate the customes, doing like a ocnference call and sharing pages with clients and prospectives.

    I'm sharing this openly.

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