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  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Nov 6, 2012 10:09 PM Flag

    Any folks from MOGN days here? Looks like Lonnie has another CINV drug. I just started looking at TSRO today. Another MOGN guy just told me about TSRO.

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    INTU is more than Turbotax

    by BigBucksBernie Apr 15, 1999 5:10 AM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Apr 15, 1999 11:35 AM Flag

    Don't foget that INTU is going to have a cash
    horde after they are done selling off XCIT, unless the
    Internets crash before the sale. With only 60 million
    shares outstanding, they could buy quite a few shares
    back or they can make aquisitions. Probably both.

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    why is this "dipping", for lack of a bet

    by nwre1 Mar 25, 1999 11:59 AM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Mar 26, 1999 5:17 PM Flag

    I have been with Elan since the early 90s. It was
    volitle in the past due to the creative accounting. With
    the growth in product sales and other revenues, the
    creative accounting issue is not much of an issue and
    getting smaller everyday. You are seeing herd mentality
    right now. Do what you need to do to sleep well at
    night. This stock will do well in the long term.

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    MGI 114

    by gburns_50 Mar 18, 1999 2:18 PM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Mar 20, 1999 1:10 AM Flag

    Please check out the February issue of Oncology
    magazine, page 233. It details the clinical trials of
    MGI-114. It is a call to arms for Oncologists to send
    patients to the trials. It also details the side effects
    seen in the PIs. MGI Pharma has open 3 PIIs and 1 PI.
    The NCI has 10 PIIs and 1 PI. The article also
    indicates more PIIs are coming from the NCI. MGI Pharma has
    expanded their prostate trial since it's start in July '98
    and is in the process of expanding it's ovarian
    trial. The CEO Charles Blitzer has stated in open
    presentations that MGI-114 is safe and the side effects are
    controlled by other drugs. This is not the type of activity
    of a drug that has worse wide effects that efficacy.
    I think Dr. Von Hoff, at the April AACR, is hosting
    the New Drug Symposia. He did a lot of work on
    MGI-114 and has published papers. Check out his symposia.
    Also, there should be, perhaps 7-9 abstracts of MGI-114
    there too. Come to the MOGN board and let us know what
    you find. Thanks

  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Mar 18, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    Watch for many abstracts at the AACR pertaining
    to the effectiveness and toxicity. You will be
    surprised! Also, watch for much activity with the NCI. It is
    going on right now! You will be surprised at what the
    NCI is doing here.

  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Feb 21, 1999 11:09 PM Flag

    People, don't confuse effectiveness with ease of
    use (limited side effects). RFS-2000 looks like it
    has relatively small side effects. But, look at
    Taxol. It is not water soluble. I understand it is more
    difficult to administer than other cancer treatments.
    Compare it to 5-FU. 5-FU is easier to administer and
    cheap relative to Taxol. But Taxol has over $1 billion
    is US sales. Why, because it is more effective for
    more different types of cancers (BMY marketing doesn't
    hurt too). I don't know how good RFS-2000 is. That is
    what the phase trials will tell us. Same for MGI-114.
    But, if RFS-2000 was much better than Gemzar, fast
    track would be a possibility. I do not see that.
    RFS-2000 has had some success in PII. It probably will
    make it to marketing because pancreatic cancer has no
    effective CURRENT treatments. I am not invested in SUPG and
    have never shorted a stock. I have found SUPG
    interesting but has some negatives that are keeping me away
    right now. I do own MOGN, lots of it. I, like you hope
    our cancer drug comes to market. I look at the
    MGI-114's preclinicals (look great!). I see how MGI-114 did
    in the PI (some pancreatic and other successes
    too!). Good so far! PIIs are looking good so far
    (prostate PII expanded). Why did I chose MOGN over SUPG?
    MGI-114 looks great in the preclinicals (repeated 100s of
    times unlike ENMD). NCI endorsement with PIIs. And MOGN
    has enough money (profitable and growing revenues
    faster than expenses) to go all through the PIIIs and
    NDA. What are the negatives? Well, the phase trials
    could bust out at any time. Not statistically
    significant. I have seen PIIIs bust out so there are no
    guarantees. And, there could be a better products coming to
    market at any time (gene therapy? angiogenesis? cancer
    vaccines?). When I first looked at RFS-2000, I was worried
    about my MOGN investment. Looks like Pancreatic will
    probably be one of the cancers that MGI-114 will be
    effective against. Why am I less worried about RFS-2000?
    Because I can't find much published data about it's
    effectiveness. Just info from the company. I don't like that. I
    am not bad mouthing RFS-2000 or SUPG. I wish you
    success. My advise to you is take a look at what else is
    going on. Take a look at MOGN. Any and all are welcome
    to the Yahoo MOGN BB. Rowdy is a frequest poster


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    Camptothecins & RFS2000

    by An_Drasda Feb 16, 1999 11:24 AM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Feb 20, 1999 6:49 PM Flag


    Yes you are right that is too early to
    tell how effective a treatment MGI-114 is going too
    be. It is in PII trials with the NCI and the company,
    at total of 8 PII trials and one Pediatric PI.
    MGI-114 has shown responses in pancreatic and prostate
    cancers (news items). As far as toxicity, yes there is
    toxicity but it is controlled with other drugs.


  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Nov 18, 1998 11:36 PM Flag

    My offer still stands to come to the MOGN BB.
    Here is the latest press release. Complete shrinkage
    in 9 out of 10 mice. P1 patient with 70% remission.

    Other posters, no need to chastize me.
    This is my last post. We welcome all not just

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    ATTENTION to all the SHORTS

    by SOOOsmart Nov 13, 1998 8:40 PM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Nov 18, 1998 11:11 PM Flag

    There is a shortage of effective treatments for
    cancer. I am sure patients do not care that it is a new
    idea or not, as long as it is prolonging their lives.
    I read this board often. AS/ES may be a terrific
    new treatment, it may only be as good as some of the
    other new drugs in trial. Time will tell not the
    constant bickering between the longs and the shorts.
    Neither side apprears to be willing to open their eyes.
    There is no shortage of controversy here. MGI-114 is
    already shrinking tumors in human trials. Based on what
    is going on with AS/ES, MGI-114 may actually be on
    the market before AS/ES is in human trials. I mean
    AS/ES not just AS or ES. This could/will be years.

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    ATTENTION to all the SHORTS

    by SOOOsmart Nov 13, 1998 8:40 PM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Nov 18, 1998 4:50 PM Flag

    Come on over to the MOGN BB board. MGI Pharma has
    a cytotoxin MGI-114 in various Phase II trials. We
    are interested in discussion and want to be
    level-setted where possible. We have various representation
    from financial, investor, and even a person who helped
    develop MGI-114 at UCSD on board. We are lite on
    oncologist. You would be welcomed here.

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    Research Report Available on Drug Delive

    by heikothiem Aug 14, 1998 11:08 AM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Sep 23, 1998 12:19 AM Flag

    Elan has been a great stock over the last 8
    years. I believe it is in the top 50 or so stocks for
    total return 1990 - 1997 (IBD). It tends to split at
    the 50+ level but hasn't yet. The company has a very
    good growth rate that I believe is accelerating (last
    quarter was +40% income +80% revenues). It is targeting
    $1 billion revenue by 2001 (currently $600 million)
    but could likely exceed that. I have seen analysts
    claim that it has a terrific drug pipeline that rivals
    competitors 10 times larger but I am not entirely sure of
    this. It does have some good potential drugs in the
    pipeline. The company has been on an acquisition binge of
    late and has continued to grow the company. I think
    the Neurex acquisition will be great and it will
    probably buy Sheffield in the future and start a pulmonary
    drug division with it. Hope this helps. Any
    corrections if needed?

  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Sep 1, 1998 12:23 PM Flag

    Up over 7. This has to be driven by the shorts! Hope this continues.

  • go_figure_now by go_figure_now Sep 1, 1998 12:04 PM Flag

    Talk about a fire sale for Elan!

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    by pharinvestor Jul 3, 1998 10:45 PM
    go_figure_now go_figure_now Jul 13, 1998 10:27 AM Flag

    Elan is trading at it's all time high. It typically splits in the $55-$65 range. Expect a split in the future.

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