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golongin2008 180 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 29, 2016 10:02 AM Member since: Nov 25, 2008
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    by a_gasparyan Jan 28, 2016 6:36 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 29, 2016 10:02 AM Flag

    My personal thoughts at this time is that any buyout is going to be in the high 30's to low 40's. By keeping the price under 20 retail longs will scamper like rats to accept it.

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    by a_gasparyan Jan 28, 2016 6:36 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 29, 2016 9:59 AM Flag

    Those shorting may also be hedging those shorts and their long positions with options...Far too complicated for us to figure out but the 93% of the tutes holding are not doing so to lose money. Orbimed are pros...

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    New SA article NOT from WCM

    by justarook04 Jan 29, 2016 7:58 AM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 29, 2016 9:20 AM Flag

    Everyone needs to understand that Velt does not require refrigeration for 3 months!!
    It does just fine at room temperature for that period.
    So for all purposes for individuals use Velt will never require refrigeration!!

  • golongin2008 by golongin2008 Jan 28, 2016 10:19 AM Flag

    Primarily ETF selling in the pharmas and bios thanks to Ms.Clinton. Wonder what sugar pill she's going to pop to cure her cancer when the bios/pharmas say to heck with it!

  • Series A new financing company in SF. Novaritis part of the financing. Orbimed led the offering...
    They're moving on gang and would like 1.5 bil in the bank to help them move along to new areas.
    We ARE for sale like it or not.....

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    SI Now 14,341,465 Shares...

    by golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 5:51 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 10:23 PM Flag

    Just remember....

    97% of the stock is owned by insiders and institutions. Our 3% is just along for the ride.
    If you back out the 285 mil of cash in the till we have a makret value of around 525 mil as of the close today.

    A 2 billion dollar bid would be a buy out price per share of about $46. That IMHO today would be the price that the Board would accept. It would pass the fairness test in that the markets in general have changed dramatically since AZN bought ZSPH, and objectively they paid way too much for a yet unapproved drug
    and an untested market. That and they have two other future sources of revs that we do, a Phase
    3 anemia drug for CKD patients that looks interesting frankly, and a diabetic product line of some sort.
    that ZSPH calls "leading".

    Bottom line gang....RLYP does not need your or my vote to sell the company basically for anything 2x's or more the current price. And if you would not take $38-$42 tomorrow under current market conditions what can one say?

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    SI Now 14,341,465 Shares...

    by golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 5:51 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 9:01 PM Flag

    Shorts suppressing price so someone gets cheap buyout makes no sense unlessyou can explain how those 14 mil short shares get covered when buyout is announced without losing hundreds of millions of dollars. Or before any announcement without driving the price back up? Plus all of this is terribly illegal under Rule 10b5 of the SEC Act of 1933.

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    SI Now 14,341,465 Shares...

    by golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 5:51 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 6:17 PM Flag

    Hope you meant billions not millions! LOL....

    Lurk...We sit today with an 800 million dollar company with 250 million in cash, so around 550 mil for the value of the business. So they can certainly have my shares at any price north of $40. This one has given me gray hair for what hair I have left.

    The manipulation and professional short selling is beyond bad in this name. Don't trust the markets...don't trust the manipulators and short sellers....don't trust MS and their I'll gladly take 100% on my investment and move on.

    Dito with CEMP now...#$%$ is going on there. They do a secondary at $24 which was a give away price and it's now $18? In just a few weeks? I know the IBB has been awful but this is insane.

  • golongin2008 by golongin2008 Jan 27, 2016 5:51 PM Flag

    As of 1/15/2016...Up over 2.75 mil shares from the last month. Almost 40% now of the entire shares issued and outstanding. Been growing by approx. 2.5 mil shares every month recently. Can any of you geniuses figure it out cause I sure as heck can't. Only way I can figure it is the short positions are versus similar long positions held by our tutes, and they're playing the long side appreciation via options? Can't believe it is a straight short position cause that would be literal suicide in a buyout.

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    Explanation for weak price action in RLYP

    by jimmymac3244 Jan 22, 2016 6:35 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 23, 2016 2:38 PM Flag

    jimmymac on crack....Beren's is not even ranked in the top 75 of all biotech analysts..
    There are rankings of analysts and he's about as lightweight as you can get...

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    to trading pro & others: Thank God cempra

    by gilliel7 Jan 20, 2016 6:58 AM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 20, 2016 10:45 AM Flag

    Your English is very good. These are tough time all over the world. China markets just hit a new four year low. The Nikki Index taking a huge drop lately. Our markets are getting killed. All related to slowing worldwide economies and the fall in oil (and mostly all other hard commodities). This correction will over shot like most market corrections do. The Markets will recover. The key is to be invested when they do. Add to good companies on these pullbacks and you won't be sorry. GL!

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    to trading pro & others: Thank God cempra

    by gilliel7 Jan 20, 2016 6:58 AM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 20, 2016 10:39 AM Flag

    That shelf at $24 looking pretty good right about now.

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    I have many Qs and no As!

    by learnigisdkey Jan 19, 2016 11:27 AM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 19, 2016 11:53 AM Flag

    1. AZN jumped because the need for a new revenue source and new direction since their earnings have lagged as has their drug development. ZS-9 was indicated as "faster acting" (disputable) with no DDI issues
    and THEY (ZSPH) had put themselves up for sale to begin with. ZSPH smartly put a no approval or regulatory conditions on any offer. We'll see if their jumping the gun was prudent or not in the months

    2. Why such aggressive shorting? The $64 question huh. Now over 11 million shares. Could be linked
    to a hedge strategy against long positions or a bullish option positions. Could simply be a short the launch
    strategy which in the past has worked pretty well in quite a few go it alone drug launches, Could be
    someone thinks they know something and it ain't positive?

    3. Buyers of the shorted shares are those wanting to go long or those wanting to cover and existing
    profitable short position.

    4. The weakness in the IBB and weak market conditions are hurting many bios and pharmas right now.
    Check the charts on the more active ones like CEMP...HRTX.....ACAD....QURE..ABBV...JUNO, and
    many others.

  • 1. Good chance the PDUFA date gets extended to have full data on the year follow on study.
    2. ZS-9 gets approved.
    3. ZS-9 has black box warning for Na and caution re use for both CHF and CKD patients at risk
    with HTN or who are on HTN meds or low sodium diets.
    4. ZS-9 has a black box warning for Edema.
    5. ZS-9 not for acute use as mode of action takes hours rather than minutes. Black Box warning on that issue.
    6. ZSPH/AZN ordered to do DDI human trial studies. Until then 3hr window.

  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 19, 2016 9:11 AM Flag

    There were 711 trial participants in the year long follow on study. Only 69 had completed the full year study at the time the results were published on Nov 17, 2015. The hpertension figure of 7% will likely grow once full year results are known and published. Not only that but the ZSPH trials defined hypertension at 185/110 which under FDA guidelines is defined as emergency treatment levels for HTN.

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    You people are Idiots!

    by golongin2008 Jan 14, 2016 3:03 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 14, 2016 3:32 PM Flag

    My post was directed to "johntappenstein"...He might be joking but if by pure chance a buyout happened on the 27th of January, and he bought stock before then, he might have some explaining to do to the SEC.

  • golongin2008 by golongin2008 Jan 14, 2016 3:03 PM Flag

    If you're long, or go long or add to current positions in RLYP, and if by pure chance RLYP is taken over with a vote of the BOD on or about Jan 27th, you go to the pen and your would be profits vanish into thin air with the SEC. Dumb posts even if you're just joking.

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    by downandoutinaguilas Jan 12, 2016 4:29 AM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 12, 2016 5:32 PM Flag

    Why are you here trading_pro_broker.? I thought you sold your stock weeks ago?
    A former long now a basher? Typical loser seeking attention.. Why don't you move on and leave those of us with something at risk alone. You're just spewing nonsense. Find another board to bother,

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    Just bought more

    by kiddo1428 Jan 8, 2016 3:17 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 8, 2016 8:18 PM Flag

    Soli is not going to go it alone. They will be bought out but they need to get alot closer to FDA approvals.
    Patience grasshoppers.

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    by pharmajedi Jan 8, 2016 3:04 PM
    golongin2008 golongin2008 Jan 8, 2016 8:15 PM Flag

    So you're and expert on battered wives? Think I'm going to report you to the Feds you pervert!

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