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  • oneleftistoomany • 1 hour 19 minutes ago Flag
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    Right. Widespread industry practice. And a good one in my opinion for the most part. Keep in mind also that many drug companies have their own patient assistance programs and some even give out prescription assistance cards.

    The whole idea is to get the right patients on the right drugs.

    That's what the nay sayers and hysterics never, ever want to address. The patients who are prescribed Acthar Gel are mostly train wrecks who have failed first line, often less expensive therapies.

    So sorry for them, but the real truth here is these patients will likely trigger major healthcare expenditures of one kind or another, and a few vials of Acthar Gel might be a very cost efficient solution if the drug sends them into full or partial remission (which happens across the board about 65-70% of the time).

    1. This is why docs keep writing Acthar Gel for refractory patients.
    2. This is why scripts will grow double digits again in Q4.
    3. This is why responsible insurers will reimburse for appropriate patients (because they're effin crazy and financially reckless if they don't).
    4. And this is the story that shorts, "researchers" like Andrew Left, and the hysterical posters on YMB will never mention, always bury--as far down deep from your rational mind as they can.

    Let them run around and scream their alphabet soup--FTC, SEC, DOJ, CDF--means little or nothing.

    Now c'mon QCOR, show us longs a little love on 12/11. Give us a glimpse into the future. Give the nay sayers something to ponder as they short the living daylights out of your stock with impunity. Less
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    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • $8.00 is conservative, 15x multiple is very conservative and Q would be at $120.
    The investigation could take years, may just as easily be dropped as it is to be settled and meanwhile Q keeps growing, printing free cash flow. Some may be focused just on Andy Theft's accusations while completely ignoring the many catalysts that are in Q's favor. Don't look where the ball "is", look where the ball "is going". And the ball is going up.

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    pharmaman58 will be back with a new alias

    by pharmaman58 Dec 3, 2013 6:05 PM
    granicus007 granicus007 Dec 3, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    I'm saddling up and riding with Pharaman...

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    Citron done with QCOR?

    by mkerryfuller Mar 4, 2014 6:10 AM
    granicus007 granicus007 Mar 4, 2014 6:16 AM Flag

    QCOR may not be done with Citron though? :)

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  • BAML analyst states on 2-18, that moving alone (called a "tax inversion"), would change BAML's price target from $80 to $104. Which is a 30% boost!.
    And QCOR has a number of other readily available options that could also be significant, game-changing events for QCOR shareholders.
    "All options are on the table"....what else do we need to know!

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  • granicus007 by granicus007 Dec 19, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    I'm long, but the risk v. reward the Shorts are presently orchestrating takes more foolishness than I can even fathom. They are playing financial Russian roulette.
    2014 EPS range from $7.80-$8.00 and if the Shorts look past their myopia, there are so many potentially large and positive catalysts that combined with such a large Short percentage could ignite QCOR's shares.
    BTW, a friend of mine is a former investment banker. He said Q was worth NOW at least $100/share.
    So I continue sitting on my as* , and patiently wait on when The Blast Off will occur.
    ps don't forget Don Bailey...he's not sitting in the corner just watching Shorty have all the fun...

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  • I just read Janney, Montgomery, Scott's review of the JPM's Healthcare conf in SFC last week. Prominent mention of Questcor as a top takeover target in 2014, with a " current" fair value of $90/ share. And this $90 is before a number of potentially very positive catalysts that may come to fruition in the near future. Molloy, the analyst who wrote the article, has a very good track record for QCOR investors.

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    Getting discouraged

    by ferrarimercedesman Nov 4, 2013 10:58 AM
    granicus007 granicus007 Nov 4, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    . “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient". Buffett
    Yes, we are all very frustrated at the manipulation. But only one year ago, I was buying QCOR shares for $20-$25/share. Today it is $62.00. Quite a return. I remain patient, not that I enjoy the abuse but because it has been extremely lucrative:)
    Hang in Sinatra sang, The Best Is Yet To Come!

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  • granicus007 by granicus007 Nov 25, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    don't have to be proven wrong, I just need to simply cast aspersions. And yes I can get free taxpayer funded assistance by complaining to the SEC, DOJ, AG offices, really any governmental authority who will listen. Then I continually prod them, hoping for some free press, and who knows if I'm lucky I'll get some inside info I can use to make more $. When these authorities even "inquire" (forget being guilty or not-doesnt matter!), I win. And win and win.
    You see, in the investment world a company is guilty until proven innnocent. Ain't life grand?!
    ps by the way, I've lost my AS* on QCOR as the shares have gone up over 100% since my initial hit piece last year

  • or, what they should know.
    QCOR has overcome every impediment the shorts have fabricated. Bailey has multiple levers to pull to significantly boost QCOR's share price as he mentioned at the JPM conference. And "all options are on the table". So perhaps the more apropos question should be not "what do the shorts know now?" but rather "when does Don Bailey pull the trigger?". Bailey is primed and loaded, and the only question is when. Stand by.

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  • Read Mikeys seminal defense of Questcor and the numerous fallacies he exposes in Citron's allegations. Ignore the noise. Thousands of bright, educated medical doctors, continue writing scripts at record numbers because Acthar works. Period.And look at this rejoiner from awallejr:
    The shorts lost. The longs battled them hard here debunking their entire thesis against QCOR. They made a last gasp attack the morning after a good earnings report to collapse the stock, yet it ultimately held. I was confident it was over. Then this report. I admit my heart stopped when I first read that headline in their report. I have to believe that scared a heck of a lot of investors. And I have to believe it was intentional especially because of the timing of its release. Why wasn't this released months earlier?
    But then I read the report and realized it had NOTHING to do concerning whether Acthar works or not. NOTHING. Nowhere do they challenge the underlying drug. At best they challenge potential weak doses in TWO vials that they somehow got their hands on. Absent their establishing a chain of custody FROM THE VIALS FIRST CREATION to testing, the results are inadmissable since tampering or imporper handling could have occured at ANY point, including INSIDE this purported distributors' facility. And with millions at stake don't kid yourself believing that tampering or mishandling wasn't possible.
    So now we have a report that tested a measely 2 vials that odds are were at the least mishandled and because of those tests "acthar faces severe risk of being pulled off the market by the FDA." Except here's the kicker not one single patient USING Acthar has shown ANY signs of danger from the use of the drug. Not ONE doctor has filed a complaint against the efficacy of the vials being used. That it is beyond contestation that children are being helped by Acthar and are able to avoid dialysis or needing a kidney transplant. If the SEC doesn't intervene at least on behalf of ill children

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    Charels Schwab suing Retrophin

    by mkerryfuller Jun 17, 2014 12:39 PM
    granicus007 granicus007 Jun 17, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    RTRX may need some Acthar gel before this is over?

  • Imho, ALS data is probably good, and MNK trying to figure out what to do.
    Why do I know?
    If ALS data bad, MNK would HAVE TO DISCLOSE via SEC.

    So the question is why didn't MNK disclose good news?
    Because if MNK said ALS data strong and will do Ph3 study, HOW MANY patients do you think they can enroll who's willing to take the PLACEBO? Answer: ZERO.

    Therefore, it's important for MNK to keep quiet for the time being, or at least until there's more clarity on their next step.

    Bottom line, MNK will continue to acquire, there's no real sellers of this stock even during biotech correction, and stock's going to $200+ for patient holders :)

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  • granicus007 by granicus007 Mar 6, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    A friend just called and said Cramer says "sell!" With no other information. I read Cramer's comments and there is nothing to back up his call. Zilch! No reasoning, no logic (again!).
    I am a professional investor who currently has about 20-25% of my investable assets in QCOR. Why so much? #1 I ignore people like Cramer who make off-hand comments without FACTS. #2- QCOR is THE best value in my investing universe. It is one of those rare finds, that come along once every few years. And when they come along, be bold.
    I've owned QCOR since last September when the bottom fell out and i accumulated shares down into the $18's. They are a steal at $30!
    ps this is THE most intelligent board I've ever followed, bar none. Mikey, Pharma,itsawhiz,Maxdad, McLim, and others just make tremendous contributions This is the first time I've posted but I follow you all on a basis. Thanks for all the communication as the efforts, the discourse is sincerely appreciated.

  • granicus007 by granicus007 Jan 4, 2014 10:31 PM Flag

    ( edited) post by oneleftistoomany was just too good not to re- post

    Fact is, QCOR is performing better than ever right now--coming off a record quarter by all measures, and letting us know to expect a similar quarter in Q4.

    Fact is, Citron and the orchestrated short attackers are skilled at their evil arts. They have proven resilience time and time again, they are in deep here, and fighting like cornered animals.

    Fact is, they haven't identified even one hurdle on the path to 3.5 years of strong financial and therapeutic performance by QCOR. Nothing we currently know can stop QCOR from continuing to grow rapidly through 2014, 2015, 2016 and into 2017. After that, some balls go up in the air,

    Project forward to mid-2017. Maybe there is competition in the IS and NS space. Maybe QCOR loses its orphan designation and there is no replacement. Or?

    Maybe by then we have witnessed QCOR utilize its monster cash flow:
    --a few acquisitions;
    --a robust pipeline based on accumulated knowledge of the melanocortin complex;
    --marketing a couple more therapies through its developed routes into neurology, nephrology, rheumatology and pulmonology in the US and around the world.

    Now...the share price. Its going up. Period. Too many catalysts. Too much profit. This is not a $54 stock. This is a manipulated $54 stock. This is a $54 stock because CEO Don Bailey made a horrendous public relations mistake by allowing some IR person to FRONT RUN the last conference call with news of an expanded investigation, and then offering no context for what is likely a routine event. In hindsight, QCOR got what it deserved for communications stupidity, and hopefully a lesson has been learned. My money is on QCOR.

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    by maxdaddyo Nov 25, 2013 12:13 PM
    granicus007 granicus007 Nov 25, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    well stated MaxD!

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  • Granted, only one purported user, but if you care to put the time researching, there are lots of similar stories.
    I used Arthar gel for my last flare up. Actually, I was having problems with my insurance and I was able to get into a study for this medication to determine the length of time it should be administered. I CAME BACK ABOUT 150%!!!!!!!! It worked wonders for me! My eyesight cam completely back and other symptoms that I had still lingering from the last flare up which left me in the hospital for a week and in a rehab for another.

    That was the positive side, which I though completely outweighed the side effects. I experienced bad muscle spasms and the pain with it as I was dwindling off the medication. Also REALLY bad mood swings, with uncontrollable crying hysterics. All this was towards the end of the medication. In the study that I was in I had intramuscular injections for 14 days. The last 7 days were tapered.

    A few weeks, give or take, after I had finished, I was in the car with my mother taking our new kitten to be fixed and I was getting frustrated in the car. I just couldn't see. Everything was just so dark. Then I took off the dark sunglasses, which had become a permanent fixture on my face for over a year and a half. I could see. That was the beginning. It has been about 10 months now I haven't had a flare up. For me this is a record. I started going to the gym, doing yoga, and believe it or not, I ended up back at second base on a women's softball team. Something I thought I would never be able to do again.

    I highly recommend trying it instead of solumedrol at least once. For me it worked 100 times better and allowed me more freedom by not having to have the shunt in my arm for a week. Good luck to all!

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  • * tracking insurers , to-date 27 have unchanged or expanded Acthar guidelines, 4 have more restrictive guidelines.

    *Questcor Pharma: Strength being attributed to announcement Cigna will start to cover Acthar in MS with broad indication

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  • granicus007 by granicus007 Apr 26, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    I think it was MaxDad who suspected Qcor was sand bagging Q1 results. And Qcor execs would just love to burn the short's as*.
    So I suspect MaxDad is right...I suspect Qcor execs are laying a trap for the shorts. Be it outperforming quarter by quarter and/or buying back stock or increasing dividend or ANY positive results from ANY of the 30-60 tests going on.
    But mark it down...Qcor execs would have their fill of Shorts and are ready to teach them a lesson they will not soon forget. The shorts have cast enough aspersions and payback is coming IMO.

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    come back soon maxd, thumbs up

    by pharmaman58 Oct 11, 2013 12:47 PM
    granicus007 granicus007 Oct 11, 2013 1:12 PM Flag it for Texas!

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