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  • greekmonster101 by greekmonster101 Aug 19, 2014 6:30 PM Flag

    Kevin O'Leary - called the new Sprint plan brilliant, people are tweeting about it, learning about it, we're talking about it. Feels Sprint will grow its business dramatically.

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    Island Formation

    by greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 4:59 PM
    greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 5:49 PM Flag

    an island formation is also called and island reversal, pretty much any really good news and you might see this formation play out. Notice how there are no recent trades between about $6.14 and $7.11 (when it gapped down), the idea is it can as easily gap up to about $7.11 or even higher.......the current price level is really oversold, it's not stable, it only "appears" a stable valuation...

    .....behind the curtain there are 84 million shorts who want to cover (that's as of end of July, the 8/15 short interest is out on the 26th, that's an interesting report) also have longs who sold out on the TMUS news, figuring to sell first and ask questions later, who are looking to get back in at a discount....longer-term large value holders have to be marshalling funds to buy on the cheap, knowing full well the current fire-sale prices can't maintain, and wanting to enhance/support large positions they have (Oct 15 13F filings will be interesting)....

    The point is any nice catalyst and these factors combust and you get a gap up, an Island Reversal......

  • $22 Billion is just crazy. T-Mobile was offered $40 Billion by AT&T. The infrastructure/spectrum alone is worth 2x the current price, not to mention 55 Million customers, not to mention the enterprise business......

    If you really can't see this as a SCREAMING buy, I guess you'll have to SEE the share price at $15 to be convinced....LOL

  • greekmonster101 by greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 11:09 PM Flag

    Here's what's dumb on the part of mostly T-Mobile and to some extent Sprint. Both Sprint and T-Mobile should be mainly focused on T and VZ. Why? Simple numbers. There are 240 Million customers between T and VZ, whereas Legere with his rants lately mostly focused on Sprint, is going after a pool of 55 Million customers....there's 5 to 1 more opportunity going after VZ and T........

    The media (which is a mouthpiece for the big 2) is playing the price cuts up as a WAR mostly between T-Mobile and Sprint....that's a game Sprint and T-Mobile are fools to buy into.......maybe the big two figure they can aloofly stand by and watch T-Mobile and Sprint throw rocks at each other....destroying each other's houses.......

    And there's no anti-competitive aspect to this, it's that each company independently (T-Mobile and Sprint) can see it's in the best interests of their shareholders, to go after the true competition and go after the biggest pool of customers, T and VZ.....if the "WAR" becomes known to the public as something between T-Mobile and Sprint, an opportunity to attack the real enemies is weakened .....the marketing campaigns of both harmed.....

    Anyway, it's starting to seem to me Legere is looking more like his shtick is fight for fight's sake....rather than going after the enemies that produce the best result for shareholders

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 12:26 PM Flag

    $60 for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING would appear to be a sweet spot for Sprint, AT&T and VZ aren't going to match it that's for sure, their networks are creaking from overload as it is. They're FAT and HAPPY. TMUS might, I doubt it, they can't afford it and their network is at limit.

  • greekmonster101 by greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    The NY Times (might as well say king apologist for Verizon and AT&T) says:

    "even a family of 10 would guzzle far less than 20 gigs"

    They even used the word "guzzle" if 10 family members "Guzzling" data, sucking it down like fat kids love twix......even then never use the 20 gigs....far far away from sure your 10 gig plan is safe, even with 10 people "guzzling" don't need Sprint's 20 gigs...or that ...ah..err...unlimited thing-a-ma-bob.....

    LOLOL..I think that may be the funniest thing I've ever heard in telecom from a major supposed reported of news.......

  • Wells Fargo believes Sprint's new $60 per month unlimited data plan plays to the company's "abundance of capacity with its spectrum pipe." Wells says Sprint is "now the best value in data," and it notes the total amount of revenue will likely be higher than $80 per month as the plan is valid on devices purchased via Sprint Easy Pay. Wells has an Outperform rating on Sprint.

  • Now that all four Tier 1 carriers can credibly claim to be nearing nationwide LTE coverage, we're starting to see LTE roaming agreements becoming an actual part of the conversation. However, the agreements aren't between the Tier 1 carriers but between the large carriers and many smaller rural and regional operators.

    Yet if customers of the carriers in the rural and hard-to-reach places of the country are going to see the benefits of national LTE networks, the Tier 1s need to be doing a lot more to facilitate LTE roaming, in terms of both network technology and devices.

    Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) and Sprint NYSE: S) are clearly taking the lead in this area.

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 9:06 PM Flag

    More from this very good article by Phil Goldstein for Fierce Wireless:

    Meanwhile, Sprint is seeking to expand its own LTE footprint via agreements with rural carriers under a similar program. In June, Sprint announced agreements with 12 carriers covering around 34 million POPs in 23 states for its Rural Roaming Preferred Program. All of the agreements include reciprocal LTE roaming and Sprint is working with its rural partners to get them access to LTE devices and network infrastructure for the 2.5 GHz band, a key element of Sprint's tri-band LTE Spark service. In some cases, Sprint is leasing its spectrum to its rural partners, Sprint spokeswoman Kelly Schlageter confirmed.

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 3 hours ago Flag

    Oh they're just tired of your nonsense since we've been down this road before with you....but ok I'll play...first of all you can't compare Sprint with AT&T and VZ as to type of stock.....when Sprint normalizes margins you will see a $20 stock, and you can do your eps comparisons.......conference calls have been pretty explicit as to where we are in the turnaround, capex, margins, network build, customer add timing, churn and so on...all the guidance has been spot on... it's apparent to all you're not even following along with where things are at, this I think frustrates longs who see your glass is one-eight full approach as nothing more than wonton bashing.....

    ..and if you think that Son/SB is just going to roll over here, you are going to be sadly mistaken on that....if you think the focus on networks will remain in the status quo, you are mistaken, quite soon all networks will operate at a high level and other differentiators will take precedence.......Son has been clear about the transition of Sprint from "telecom" to "internet company" can translate that as GROWTH STOCK...don't believe it, don't invest...but you are trying awfully hard to convince.....

    ...and there's plenty of irons in the fire just with what we know.....the dish trials for sure, the media in April on the Google MVNO talks....wanna just wish it away, I'm sure shortie does. Good luck with your fantasy.

  • greekmonster101 by greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    Wouldn't surprise me

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 7 hours ago Flag

    another aspect of this is some expanded version of Apple TV, maybe Apple wants to deliver Apple TV via wireless (remember that Sprint 2.5 GHz band that Charlie Ergan called "tailor-made" for delivering fixed wireless broadband) it is now Apple TV is done over wi-fi...and airplay connects iPhone to Apple TV, both over wi-fi......

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    Good-bye to the hamster...

    by mr_whigglee Aug 21, 2014 6:55 PM
    greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 7:29 PM Flag

    you mean Dad

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    Island Formation

    by greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 4:59 PM
    greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Aug 21, 2014 8:57 PM Flag

    mmorris, yes, well, I would say no reason related to sensible valuation....but as far as the stock itself, it makes perfect sense, there were over-margined longs betting on a merger, it was a merger play for many of them, they all hit sell at once, shortie jumped in to help, flanked by lots of negative media that magically appeared, this spooked value-holder longs......perfect storm........

    so the stock has to stabilize at a much lower price...but that lower price reflects the mechanics of the stock when people are over-margined all on one side of a does not reflect the real fundamentals.....anyone saying it does has an agenda other than fact, most like because they bought puts, are short, or want to buy lower....

    But all this makes my point, there is not VALID (meaning based on fundamentals) reason for the gap down...that's exactly why it can gap right back up quickly...hence the ISLAND FORMATION..... it's just a classic set up for it......

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 2 hours 25 minutes ago Flag

    yes pumptard, I do think Sprint is worth 2x the current price......and I think you mean NAV.....and in any even I dialed it back, I think it's worth more than 2X.......2x is a start

  • greekmonster101 by greekmonster101 6 hours ago Flag

    If you go by any Sprint store today you will see they have festive yellow and white balloons out, the front doors are propped open, music is going outside the store. Now they have the food-drive and the Internet-fitness-sensation local promotion....this is all "old-school"...

    It's old-school retail marketing 101...tried and true, can't miss, step 1 is get people into the stores, people can't buy something if they ain't in your store (internet sales aside, even there they have to come to your "store") doesn't matter how you do, just get people in....whatever promotions, just promote and promote and get them in.....invite people to come on drivers, fitness promotions, circus acts and dancing cats, doesn't matter.....

    ...then the Sprint salesperson says, who is you wireless carrier, oh, Verizon, fine company, how much are you paying may I ask, oh wow, $260 with overages for a family of 5, well here's a brochure we can save you $160 a month and give you twice the data........

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 6 hours ago Flag

    MVNO's are all the rage, media was out in April when Google was looking in an MVNO and talking to VZ and Sprint...Sprint of course recently got the Google apps support deal.....that would seem to possibly point to something....

    I have to believe that as Apple and Google come out with more and more devices.....I mean we're talking about wired everything in the future....go onto any tech blogs, the talk is all there, and Google and Apple and everyone else wants to control the living room and as these devices roll out, how do you manage them....what infrastructure do you have to integrate them all and sell across all your offerings...and keep a handle on the network do you do that....? Do you leave it to 4 separate carriers to figure it out you create your own infrastructure...but Google and Apple clearly cannot and will not want to be in the network business wholly....but an MVNO...that makes sense.........

  • Stay tuned:

    August 20, 2014 BiometricUpdate:

    EyeVerify Inc. today announced the completion of its Series A equity funding round. The San Francisco-based firm, which develops patented biometric technology that eliminates passwords on mobile devices, raised US$6 million.

    The funding will enable EyeVerify to drive mass adoption of its biometric technology directly and through key channel partners within the financial services, enterprise mobility, mobile security, telecom, healthcare and government markets.

  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 2 hours 17 minutes ago Flag

    so now you're mixing gaap and non-gaap.....and you claim to be a CPA? can fight with gg over whether he's gonna do your dd for for me, I'm still waiting for the other analyst besides UBS that you claim has 2015 "EPS" targets......

    I don't think you play well with others liliac, you seem so angry, if you're this negative on the stock, you should sell it and move on..instead you come here and bash and spread lies and innuendo about a stock you wish you didn't own...either you are one mixed up dude or it just doesn't ring true.....end of story for you

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