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habusa789 46 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 20, 2016 9:04 AM Member since: Apr 11, 2007
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  • Afrezza will remain cellar dweller. His poor performance it killing diabetics as well as retail investors. Promise of future sales incease is a pipe dream. He and all of management needs to gp unpaid and receive zero options unt they as a group produce sales in eccess of 5 billion dollars a year. Then thriple that for the next five years. Diabetics are dying from hypoglycemia dayly. Get off your collective butt's.

  • Mankind and afrezza is screwed. Thanks in whole by Matt Pfeiffer the sorrest excuse for a CEO. You can not reach diabetics vis magazines or internet home sites. Afrezza is the best option for diabetes treatment. But in this case big pharma wins with mankinds stupid management and their lack of foresight.

  • Mankind and Africa has zero chance of success. I own over 4 million shares so I have the right the call this clown out! Direct to the consumer advertising is the only hope for Afrezza and mankind. His salary is a farce for his performance or lack thereof exclamation point!

  • habusa789 habusa789 Jun 10, 2016 10:33 AM Flag

    He needs to be fired and hire brand new competent CEO from a good company that hasn't failed

  • He is a moeor that has screwed old and new investors. Not to mention diabetics. He wasted money and screwed tha launck of afrezza as there has been none. I beleive he has been paid off puy the last dagger in the heart of mankind. You can see rhis by the exdos of institutionalised investors. Numbers and the lack of zero guidance. When they file a class action dating back to 2010, I will be the lead plaintive. They have no path forward with current announced strategy. Educating doctors is a freaking joke. All they need is address to Consumer advertising it may be expensive but if they don't blow the last of their money on it they have no path forward. This is a sad day for retail investors and more so for diabetics. This is the first time that I've seen a sure thing flushed down the toilet. But it only goes to prove you're never too old to learn.

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    Sixth abstract...

    by fragslap Jun 3, 2016 10:25 PM
    habusa789 habusa789 Jun 7, 2016 10:26 PM Flag

    Dude with the amount of your posting. You are falling on dead ears.

  • Matt needs to be fired. He is moron wasting money and let mankind burn as they are standing still. They have trial data in hand for the last ten year. They need to approach the administration with this data to make the FDA drop bs black box. But has Matt done any of this? The short answer is no. He is done. He does not have a clue or is being paid to kill mankind. Either way if mankind wish to survive and bring AFREZZA to market they DTC advertising even with the black box. Just check the number of side effects including death being pumped across the air wave. Where is the board?

  • Check the numbers. Institional investors bailed in droves to the tune of 33 million shares. The big boys didbt bail. But matt is incoherent, diluting the stock with no real plan in sight. He never explain the up front money from sanofi. Last his straitage will bankrupt mankind lony before launching afrezza dtc with full insurance compliance. Afrezza conld have replaced every fast acting insulin. But it is now a great drug that with be sold for next nothing. Gee thank matt. You frump. Ill wait for the large investors to run shares up a few dollars and exit. Big pharma and american greed wins. Remember this stock as a lesson. If they started dtc advertizing today we would be looking at 24 to 36 months. They will default before the end of this year. What a moron on matts part and the board.

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    We have four more trading days.

    by habusa789 May 24, 2016 4:15 PM
    habusa789 habusa789 May 25, 2016 8:48 AM Flag

    We have thee days to announce the offer to buyout. After that we are looking at 24 to 36 month before afrezza taked off 80% of people. Dilution is ok if it is used advance afrezza quickly to market. If they sell all the for a dollar I gotta share then they're screwed over we are screwed. I have for my share as it was a delusion that he's already slept on I may have already gone down to about 3 million shares of worth. Thanks matt tou moron.

  • Why men Counterpoint is a bean counter to run the company is beyond me. They need Smart Sharp CEO that I can get things done quickly and correctly. Wasting 50 million dollars on educating doctors and stupid. The only two things that need to be done it is to get the insurance to cover the drug and then go directly to the consumers because there are millions of diabetics out there that don't even know it exist out there and how great benefits that afrezza brings. Matt has no clue. Last why has he not explain were sanofi down payment and milstone patments went. At the time ge claim thr could not be used for the business. So where is the cash?

  • If their is no news. Then we all have to wait for another 24 to 36 months befor afrezza will take off. Unless they fire matt and hire a real ceo. Without dtc ads afrezza will never make dent in scripts. Matt has yet tp explain where the sanofi money went. His impairment claim does not cover that money. That money would pay for commercial Ad's that would launch afrezza. Last also note the fifty million share offer has not been followed up with a 8k conformation.

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    by lc243 Apr 8, 2016 12:53 PM
    habusa789 habusa789 Apr 8, 2016 12:59 PM Flag

    lc2431 post  |  Last Activity: 3 minutes 23 seconds agoMember since: Apr 8, Another one post but iold member? Ttpicle short comparing solar to drugs! Really is this the best you have?

  • Not until then. Look to the end of May.

  • But make shares really available for purchase. Not just the current manipulation. Last your attempt to scare up new long shares will fail if the share price was .01 cent a share if only on less than 50,000,000 shares a day. Morons.

  • habusa789 habusa789 Apr 7, 2016 9:57 AM Flag

    Good news apply 'so just as much as bad news. Matt your in breach.

  • Proof? He is failing to stop the short argument as to cash now on hand. The escrow money is now released. Just go back and read his explanation of why sanofi upfront money has not been released and added to mankind cash on hand . He explained that they agreed to not use upfront money advance AFREZZA. Or payoff mankind debt. He was as clear as mud why this cash couldn't be used. Well now that agreement has gone away. This is also a material event. So he is in breach of his fiduciary duty. But his plan to bring AFREZZA to market has zero holes in it. This why insiders and institutional investors are not selling. So he is looking for more shares for mankind. Well I will not sell a single share not will he.

  • Because They Have Used Up The Sky Is Falling Or The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Once To Often! You Can't Declare The Demise Of Any Entity For Five years And Have A Record of 0 For 100,000 Statement Which are still Wrong. Or a Goldman Sachs That Bashes Mankind With The Left Hand And Buy Up The Stock With their Right.

    But I Do Give Shorts Five Gold stars For Persistence! So, Please proceed!LOL

  • habusa789 habusa789 Apr 6, 2016 2:42 PM Flag

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    You mean next Alias? LOL!

  • Lions, bears and tigers oh my? LOL

  • A conversation in 1979 in France. Let's bottle water and bet we can sell it to stupid Americans. Second Frenchman no way they would fall for buying something that is free. First French sure they will. Lol same story with partnership to kill AFREZZA. The problem. They did not finish the job and can't defend the amount of money they claimed to spend on AFREZZA DTC advertising. News flash three magazine articles and one bad internet site that you have to find is just a little short of less than two million dollars total in cost. The other 298 million was spent advertising toujeo at the expense of AFREZZA. The bad news it is not as good as lantus which is now a generic ar one third the cost. In 24 moths SNY will be out of the diabetic business all together. They will have a new CEO in less than another 12 months. This way no one is selling mankind or AFREZZA. Mankind acquired enough patents on Technospheres that no large giant can reproduce a AFREZZA look alike. Diabetic's will accept no substitute for the real AFREZZA. So keep hanging on shorts. For there are zero shares avail led to escape you hooked position.

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