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  • hacker_boob hacker_boob 15 hours ago Flag

    Ya better do this quickly. We are running out of wealthy.

  • White house plan: keep. Obama. Out. Of. Battleground. States...

  • Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now.


  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Aug 31, 2014 6:47 AM Flag

    Perhaps a few of today's headlines will give ya the answer. Things are not so great in obama's world, huh?

    PAPER: 'Myth of arctic meltdown'...

    Satellite images show cap has GROWN...

    Gore predicted it would be ICE-FREE by now...


    Feds to run ads in border towns informing deported illegals -- they can return...

    NYT PAGE ONE SUNDAY: Medicare may begin covering 'end-of-life discussions'...

    MYSTERY: Small plane crashes off Virginia coast after violating restricted DC airspace...

    F-16 fighter jets scrambled...

    Al Qaeda Calls for 'preemptive jihad' against USA...

    Magazine Suggests Air Force Academy, Vegas, Times Square As Targets...


    Who's paying new Obamacare tax? You...

    ZUCKERMAN: President 'Has Lost Confidence of Business Community'...




    Children at camps forced to watch crucifixions, beheadings...

    REPORT: Pope Francis 'In Crosshairs Of ISIS'...

  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

    You cannot claim a deduction for any fine or penalty imposed by a government agency, regulatory body, court or other tribunal or by any other person having the statutory authority to levy fines and penalties

  • Reply to

    obama's USA

    by hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 8:15 AM
    hacker_boob hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 9:52 AM Flag

    And no intelligent response. I assume you agree.

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 9:51 AM Flag

    DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed...

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 8:26 AM Flag

    One in three receive some form of welfare from the great provider.

    While liberals would undoubtedly like to blame this on the bad economy, the welfare rolls have actually grown by nearly 4 million households since the end of the recession. Welfare is rising even as unemployment supposedly declines. But, . . . . . the stock market is doing well.

  • in Australia. Australians thank obama's EPA for making this possible. The same American lib loons that pretend to want clean air vote to legalize marijuana. Interesting.

    The developer of Australia’s US$15bn Carmichael coal mine, one of the world’s largest fossil fuel projects, said it will start hiring the over 5,000 people it needs for the construction phase beginning next year.

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Aug 27, 2014 8:15 AM Flag

    No trust, no fear, no respect.

  • and the lib loons brag about a rising stock market, which, by the way, is the only thing going for them. The fact that interest rates are near zero has a lot to do with the market. Where else can one put his money? Dividend yields exceed interest rates. When this reverses, and it will, look out below.

  • While members of Congress spent the last decade lobbing cow pies at each other, their counterparts in Canada were accomplishing what Washington should have been doing: streamlining the nation’s tax structure to attract more companies. (Lib loons would never allow this in the US. They seem to think bigger governments create bigger economies.)

    It worked. Burger King (BKW), based in Miami, hopes to acquire the Tim Horton’s (THI) chain, based in Oakville, Ontario, and relocate the headquarters of the combined company to Canada. The so-called tax inversion that would be part of this deal would give the new firm a sizable tax break, on account of the lower rates in Canada. With many nations lowering their corporate tax rates in recent years, the U.S. rate of 35% is now the highest among developed countries. The federal rate in Canada is a scant 15%.

  • Taxes are an economy killer, ya know.

    Efforts to shore up Japan's public finances have had a negative impact on its economy, with GDP shrinking 1.7% in the second quarter alone.

    A sales tax increase from 5% to 8%, which came into force in April, was blamed for the contraction in output during the period which came in at at annualized rate of 6.8%.

    The decline in GDP was the worst since the economic tailspin that followed the March 2011 quake disaster and tsunami in north-eastern Japan but it was largely expected as consumers and businesses had front-loaded spending in the first quarter to beat the tax rise.

  • And the lib loons call the oil companies greedy. Go figure.

  • Remember all those allegations that obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster for businesses, especially smaller companies? Well, now we have proof.

    As the Philly Fed, which mysteriously soared at the headline level even as the vast majority of its components tumbled, reported moments ago, "in special questions this month, firms were asked qualitative questions about the effects of obamacare and how, if at all, they are making changes to their employment and compensation, including benefits."

    What the survey found was very disturbing: not only did businesses report that as a result of obamacare the number of workers they employ is lower than higher (18.2% vs 3.0%), that there has been an increase in part time jobs (18.2% higher vs 1.5% lower), leading to a big increase in outsourcing and most importantly, obamacare costs are being largely passed on to customers (28.8% reporting higher vs 0.0% lower), the punchline was that while there is basically no change in the number of employees covered (17.6% higher vs 14.7% lower and 67.6% unchanged), there has been a big jump in Premiums, Deductibles, Out-of-pocket maximums, and Copays, which has been "matched" by a far greater reduction in the range of medical coverage and the size of the network.

    In short a disaster.

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Aug 24, 2014 6:14 PM Flag

    obama Snubbed US General and Margaret Thatcher’s Funerals, Yet, Sends 3 Officials (all black) to Michael Brown’s Funeral.

  • In June, we learned that the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, had been in US custody but was released in 2009 when obama closed down Camp Bucca in preparation for the US withdrawal of troops (yes, the withdrawal he repeatedly denies having anything to do with) from Iraq....

    Abu Duaa was connected to the intimidation, torture and murder of local civilians in Qaim,’ according to a 2005 U.S. intelligence report. He would kidnap individuals or entire families, accuse them, pronounce sentence and then publicly execute them....

    ISIS’ acts of unmatched evil include burying women and children alive, multiple beheadings, tying a woman to two different cars and splitting her in two, crucifixion, and rape.

    It’s time obama learn the lesson that cold-blooded murderers who deliberately target innocent civilians do not abide by the same civilized rules as the rest of the world. When the U.S. captures and releases a hardened terrorist, he will simply come back another day, even more highly motivated to commit ruthless acts of vengeance.

  • How many nine-year-old Antonio's need to die in Chicago before the national media will park its satellite trucks in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's City Hall and demand answers and action.

    How many black people, including black children, need to die in Chicago before the national media stops counting civilian casualties in Gaza as a political weapon against Israel and starts counting them in one of our own cities.

    Overnight in Chicago 10 people were shot. One night. One. How many more until the national media cares enough to look into the root causes of the violence, poverty, despair, terrible schools, and broken families....

    There is no political upside for the media to do good in Chicago, so they won't.

  • Every week in Chicago, young black men are shot and killed. How come Eric Holder is not investigating these murders? Answer: the shooters are black. Can you imagine if they were white? Lib loon justice for all, oops, make that a few.

  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Aug 24, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    I agree. That is all you know.

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