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  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Apr 19, 2015 8:13 AM Flag

    Hillary taking a shower. Makes ya wanna puke, huh? Wrinkled, old, fat granny absorbing moisture at a rate that makes Californians irate.

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    obama: Kill the Little Bassturds

    by hacker_boob Apr 18, 2015 8:10 PM
    hacker_boob hacker_boob Apr 19, 2015 8:09 AM Flag

    " Thats a far more common occurrence than your bizarre little abortion scenario"

    The fact is "my little abortion scenario" is murder and obama is in favor of it. How sad that I have to explain this to you.

  • In a twisted scenario where one bad decision led to even worse results, the parents had been convinced to abort their child after seeing ultra-sounds that showed troubling birth defects. After the abortion, the child was placed in a bed under blankets until the family could return to recover the body. But upon returning and removing the blankets, family members saw the child and realized the ultrasounds had been wrong—the child had been born healthy. Moreover, the child was still alive.

    However, the child had been bleeding profusely, and although the hospital immediately began working to save the child’s fleeting life, in the end nothing could be done to save it.

    Had this terrible situation arisen in Illinois when obama was a state senator, it would have been illegal for doctors or nurses to try to save the child once it was discovered alive. For as an Illinois state senator, obama “voted four times against legislation to protect and care for infants accidentally born alive during late-term abortions.” As Erik Erickson has said: “obama did not think that a child who was alive and outside the mother’s womb should be considered a child for the purposes of giving the child equal protection rights if it was the mother and doctor’s intention that the child be killed.”

    In other words, where death was intended no life could be salvaged. Thus, a 7 pound baby is murdered.

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Apr 18, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    Has there ever been a president whose personal history is so murky, so questionable, and so baffling? All one must do is recall the allegations, still open for debate and research, that checker obama’s background. Laid out below are some of these allegations, not to be proved or disproved, but to remind the reader that obama’s personal history is replete with question marks.

    A 1991 promotional literary pamphlet featured a short biographical sketch of obama, and claimed he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” What is his actual name? The only publicly available school record for obama lists him as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro. Moreover, on an immigration document from 1965, obama’s mother included the name “Soebarkah” under Barack Hussein obama. This is likely a name given to him by the Islamic cult of Subud, to which his mother proudly and openly belonged.

    For a reason yet to be explained, obama’s Social Security number begins with the prefix 042, which corresponds to Connecticut, a state in which obama has never lived. Regarding his academic records, recall that obama attended three universities: Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard University. His academic records with these three institutions have never been revealed, despite efforts by investigative reporters. The student body president at Columbia University during obama’s time there, Wayne Allen Root (once the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate), has stated publicly that he never met or even heard of obama while at Columbia, and cannot find any classmates of his who remember him either. Root, like obama, was a political science major.

    While campaigning for President, candidate oObama presented himself as a “Professor” of Constitutional Law while at the University of Chicago. Yet this turned out to be untrue. In fact, he was a “Senior Lecturer,” a title and position significantly less prestigious than Professor. (There's more but out of space.)

  • Will we ever see Hillary in a blue dress?

  • Investor's Business Daily ^ | April 17, 2015

    Anyone hoping that Hillary Clinton learned something from her disastrous book tour must be pretty worried right about now. Her first week as a presidential candidate was little short of a train wreck.

    Hillary's June tour for "Hard Choices" went just about as badly as a book tour could. In what should have been softball interviews, she fatuously claimed that she and Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House; couldn't defend herself on Benghazi; and got in a spat with an NPR reporter over gay marriage.

    The week went so poorly that the mainstream press started to ask questions like: "What If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Run?" Well, she is running, but her first week on the campaign trail was more troubled than her book tour.

  • The Hill ^ | 2015-04-17 | Ken Hoagland

    The most precious virtues that made America's great experiment in freedom and individual liberty so unique have taken quite a beating under obama and his enablers. Now, after six years of abusing the Constitution on domestic policy issues the Senate has agreed that a White House deal with Iran that will lift Congressionally imposed sanctions is not really a "treaty."

    This is no justification for ditching the very things that are supposed to give average Americans the last word on public policy through their representatives and major agreements involving nuclear weapons have always before required a vote of two-thirds of the Senate. And yet, the often-repeated White House rallying cry to "do something" has been largely accepted by the mainstream press as sufficient to ignore the Constitution, the rule of law and the will of citizens. Now a majority of Senators, conditioned by years of Constitutional abuse on domestic policy have agreed to "look the other way" on a major foreign policy initiative with the world's most prolific sponsor of terrorism. How did this happen?

    Start with obamacare. Most Americans disagreed with and still oppose obamaCare and remain angry that during our national debate, before enactment, obama and every Democrat simply lied through their teeth about the actual elements of the law. In the private sector this would constitute fraud but somehow our government has become above the law. To add insult to injury, most of the "watchdog" press only woke up when millions were dropped from insurance they liked and the lies became too obvious too ignore.

    Since then the White House has repeatedly changed this law without Congress to avoid voter's wrath and to smooth over one after another deficiency. Our Constitution does not allow this kind of unilateral action by the president. Cont'd, the Hill.

  • About 300 US paratroopers have arrived in Ukraine to train the Ukrainian National Guard which is fighting pro-Russian rebels in the east, the US army said in a statement. The troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, to spend six months training three battalions of Ukrainian troops, said the statement dated Thursday.

  • The luggage was empty. The old bag couldn't carry a full load.

  • Commander-in-chief Hussein is doing what you would expect Husseins to do.

  • Keep in mind there is global warming on Venus.

  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Apr 15, 2015 7:34 AM Flag

    And now that their is a veto proof vote in the Senate, obama is suddenly willing to compromise. What a phoney.

  • dailycaller ^ | 4/14/2015 | Michael Bastasch

    With environmentalists calling for divestment from fossil fuels, the former United Nations climate chief has gone against the grain and defended using the “Green Climate Fund” to finance coal projects.

    “There are massive challenges in terms of poverty eradication where coal is a logical choice from a cost effectiveness point of view, and you really have to be in a position to offer those countries an economically viable alternative before you begin to rule out coal,” Yvo de Boer, the former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, told the news site Responding to Climate Change (RCC).

    “It’s strange for me as a climate person to say that, but it’s an honest answer,” he said.

  • hacker_boob by hacker_boob Apr 14, 2015 8:30 AM Flag

    I have always questioned if Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were really preachers since they have no church.
    When I heard that Al Sharpton was guest preacher at a black Houston Church, I decided to check him out in person and see what it was all about.

    I sat down and Sharpton came up to me. I don't know why, but maybe it was because I was the only white person in the Church. He laid his hands on my head and said: "By the will of Jesus, the Lord All Mighty, and the will of God, you will walk today."

    I told him I was not paralyzed.

    He came back and laid his hands on me again, and repeated the same thing. "You will walk today."
    Again I told him there is nothing wrong with me.

    After the sermon I stepped outside and lo and behold, my car had been stolen!

  • The “Gore effect” has struck again, this time forcing thousands of Canadian eco-activists to march through the snow over the weekend, rallying against global warming on a cold Quebec City day.

    The Globe and Mail reports the “Act On Climate Change” march included “representatives from First Nations, environmental activists and political groups” who are trying to convince politicians to ban oil sands extraction and prevent pipelines from being built to bring that oil to market.

    Protesters dressed in red even marched in a formation that made a thermometer, meant to “send a message about climate change,” the Globe and Mail reported. If it were a real thermometer it would have shown temperatures at a chilly 44 degrees Fahrenheit by 4 p.m. — the high for the day. Most of the day, however, temperatures were lower with some wind chill and high humidity.

    Photos of the march show protesters and onlookers alike bundled up, walking over sleet and snow to protest global warming which scientists predicted over a decade ago would eventually mean the “end of snow.”

  • The Washington Times ^ | April 13, 2015 | Stephen Dinan

    The federal government’s chief deportation agency has seen its success plummet under obama, and its chief, Sarah R. Saldana, will tell Congress on Tuesday that they’ve had trouble adapting to the changing face of illegal immigration and a lack of cooperation from both American cities and from foreign countries.

    Ms. Saldana, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), says in testimony prepared for the House Judiciary Committee that the dramatic drop in deportations is a reflection of a trickier set of circumstances and pressures from all sides.

    She said she had to pull agents off their regular duties during last summer’s illegal immigrant surge at the border, which meant fewer people focusing on deporting the longtime illegal immigrants living in the interior of the U.S. And she said the lack of cooperation from states, counties and cities when agents ask them to hold an illegal immigrant for pickup has also hindered efforts.

    “While the reasons for this may vary, including state and local legislative restrictions and judicial findings of state and local liability, in certain circumstances we believe such a lack of cooperation may increase the risk that dangerous criminals are returned to the streets, putting the public and our officers at greater risk,” she will testify.

    Ms. Saldana is likely to face a severe grilling over the troubles at her agency, as she defends obama’s immigration policies, which have neutered much of ICE’s work.

  • The American Mirror ^ | 4/13/15 | Olaf Ekberg

    Georgia middle schooler CJ Pearson is no fan of Hillary Clinton, and her pledge to be a “champion” for “everyday Americans” likely isn’t going to change his mind. “Hillary Clinton, I’m done with you,” the 12-year-old student declares in his latest viral video. “Why? Because you are one of the most narcissistic, power-hungry, self-absorbed politicians of this day. “You have no accomplishments to point out, except, oh, I was married to Bill Clinton.”

  • The Daily Caller ^ | 04/09/2015 | MICHAEL BASTASCH

    As Japan promises the United Nations it will cut carbon dioxide emissions, the country simultaneously plans on building 43 coal-fired power projects to make up for shuttered nuclear power. (If you like your coal plants, you can keep your coal plants.)

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