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hagmansliverversionss 40 posts  |  Last Activity: May 23, 2016 12:44 PM Member since: Jan 16, 2011
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  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 23, 2016 12:44 PM Flag

    Where do I start with the total moron fest that you represent over at that loser thread .....

    1) I am long more shares of OSTK today .... then I was the last time it bottomed out in the low teens and went to $20 plus ... you really have not been paying attention ... hence you moronic takes on OSTK ....

    2) Prem has no control over the Regulators setting of reserve requirements .... I know this industry quite well ...... it can get dicey .... when large catastrophic events like Alberta occur, you need to be careful with the names you are long when Black Swans appear ..... It's not a sell Fairfax call ... it 's a 'how will they deploy free capital when they are writing large checks' question ..... names like White Mountain will be fine - but, Fairfax .... they are in the teeth of this thing .... . Fairfax has few options when they are told to raise capital .... So, you know ...... you're an idiot.

    3) Don't worry about my investment acumen - but, you should be worried that those 3 POS stocks you seem to have hung your family fortune on ... ever actually work ..... .

    You suck at this.

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 23, 2016 7:25 AM Flag

    Fairfax may be on a the hook for a few hundred mill in claims arising from the Canadian Wildfires ..... Is there any reason for them to take OSTK private? Not that I can see .... they are going to have to scratch a few pretty big checks for that freaking disaster ..... MS is estimating the losses to be $3-7 bill for the global industry ....

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 20, 2016 7:32 AM Flag

    If my math is correct ..... Odyssey added about 2mm shares in the filing period .....

  • They certainly are not popular name being bandied about - more damage from the Dr. Gas Can effect .... they do not like him .... Goldman has a solution that will be selected ahead of the one being pimped by J Edgar, Tobacco and Son and Dr. Gas Can .....


    From ..... 981k common shares (4.1% of the outstanding)

    To ..... 2.930mm common shares (11.60% of the outstanding )

    So - who sold the block?

    Party on!

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    off topic to Hagman

    by si_ravenseye May 17, 2016 11:05 AM
    hagmansliverversionss hagmansliverversionss May 17, 2016 4:04 PM Flag

    imo .... Buy TROX, ACET, DOW ... and yes ... even OSTK ..... it should go to $20

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    off topic to Hagman

    by si_ravenseye May 17, 2016 11:05 AM
    hagmansliverversionss hagmansliverversionss May 17, 2016 1:08 PM Flag

    It looks like you made some really nice bank -

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 17, 2016 10:48 AM Flag

    981k at $14.70

  • Strong April US Retail Sales report affirms consumer health: According to
    Morgan Stanley Economists, the April Retail Sales report was very strong.
    Headline retail sales rose 1.3% in April, with broad based strength across
    almost all the major categories, including motor vehicles (+3.2%), Nonstore
    retailers (+2.1%), which mostly includes internet retailers, apparel (+1.0%), and
    home furnishings (+0.7%). With this report, a rebound in consumer spending
    appears to be materializing and our Economists are now tracking ~3.2% 2Q16
    consumer spending growth, an acceleration from 1Q16's +2% tracking level.
    The investor question we've been fielding the most is: what is driving the
    sudden deceleration in department store sales? We think AMZN's push into
    fashion and access to department store brands is beginning to make a
    noticeable impact and expect department store share losses to continue. We
    reiterate our Cautious Department Store industry view and KSS, JWN, and JCP
    Underweight ratings.

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 17, 2016 8:03 AM Flag

    First things first - berkfreak is a moron. His blovation is about as correct as his 3 stock portfolio was back a few years ago - he is a zero .....

    I think that there is a chance that a smart entity looks at the destruction of retail sales at Macy's and Sears and Kohl's and the success and rapid growth at Wayfair .... and of course Amazon .... and then make the easy leap that no value has been assigned to OSTK .....

    Dr. Gas Can got his snarky nickname from me for his penchant to approach a really good idea or situation .... pour five gallons of gas on it .... and flick a blue tip at the pile .......

    He is toxic. Whicked smart - and whicked toxic.

    His exit improves the process .... addition from subtraction ......

    I think $20 is easy .... the rest is hard. The peace sign is expensive and the Google algorithm change in causing search fails is back in the Conference call lingo as an excuse for falling margins ....

    Current management would do themselves a big favor and bring one of the recently "retired at 35" Amazon multimillionaires that are posing as 'expert advisors' ...... just the appearance of that person at the front door would pop this pig ....

  • Not his LLC or any trust he may have a share in from the old man .... just direct holdings ....


  • So, that tells me the buyer was willing to pay the close from Friday

    The buyer most likely will have to file with the SEC about the increase in the ownership stake ....

    The seller is most likely a name that is well known .....

  • That it did not ... is remarkable ..... it might be an agreed upon transfer of an ownership stake .... maybe Dr. Gas Can is calling it a day for reals this time ?

    That's 3.80% of the outstanding common in one trade .....

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 16, 2016 10:15 AM Flag

    Not sure how it points to a 'Prem leaving the stock ' rumor ..... but that block is 10x a normal day .... itr was crossed with now real decline to the stock (the agreed upon trade is obvious)

    Something is up , that is for sure .....

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss May 10, 2016 7:53 AM Flag

    A bit of a bummer as it would really help to have some fresh eyeballs on this situation .... IMO, she is the definition of the J Edgar Jughead 'captured' director ....

  • .... That would have made him reconsider the easy billion he left behind ..... Money Dr. Gas Can just wasted a bit of .....

    I guess old Naz got some cash awarded ... Collecting will take 5 or 6 years .... But the interest clock will be ticking on that payment .....

    If you have the money - you can say what ever you want. Or - better yet - you can pay morons like Mitchell to say it for you ..... Either way - you still have to scratch a check.

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    by si_ravenseye Apr 29, 2016 10:45 AM
    hagmansliverversionss hagmansliverversionss Apr 30, 2016 8:31 AM Flag

    I think the total is more like $16 mill

  • IBM announced Friday it is launching its framework for using the technology behind bitcoin, saying it's time for companies to come to terms with how the revolutionary technology will change their businesses.

    As firms grapple with the buzz around blockchains — a highly secure and auditable form of information storage originally conceived for digital currencies — IBM is pushing out its certified and tested version to make that process easier for financial services, government and health care.

    Although it sounds technical, that's big news for many industries that see the technology as potentially disruptive. And it's big news for other companies that are rushing to make "blockchain for business" a reality.

  • Is up almost 50% since November .... while the coin is the realm of thieves - alternative currency and exchange mechanisms have gained enormous traction since just last Summer .....

    Change is coming - I think the coin is a non-starter and will not end up as a major player ..... and anyone laying claim or boasting that they own the exclusive venue for Blockchain exchange systems .... is conning you ......

    Proof? Well, just look at the Goldman system they have 'ownership' of .... it has zero touch on anyone in blockchain - it's robust and working right now ..... very few out in the trenches can say that ....... and it's part of GOLDMAN ... in other words ..... you can have the best of all worlds ... old and new ..... with zero perceived risk of failure that can be associated with adopting new technology ......

  • hagmansliverversionss by hagmansliverversionss Apr 21, 2016 7:38 AM Flag

    I personally Blockchain will be used to transform the settlement process - that much I totally believe .... but the idea of going to zero settlement days is an issue for the players - Rumor is that Wall Street will be at T+2 (from 3 currently) within a year or so ... but zero? There is a lost business income opportunity to overcome ....
    "We find that there are some vested interests of custodians, or potentially banks, where actually T plus two or
    three is quite helpful because they get the carry. Or is the benefit case of resilience and cost-cutting offset the
    nuisance of the carry. Generally, the reason why there are vested interests who need to, for example, earn the
    carry is because they're operating a massively expensive infrastructure, without which the business would be
    completely unsupportable".

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