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  • The FBI has expanded its probe into the private email arrangement of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to determine if there's any evidence she violated a federal false statements law, Fox News reports. 

    According to Fox News, unnamed intelligence sources say the agency is now focusing on U.S. Code 18, Section 1001 — a provision that pertains to "materially false" statements given either in writing, orally or through a third party — a felony punishable by five years in prison.

    The wider scope represents an expansion of the agency's investigation that's also looking at potential violations of an Espionage Act provision relating to "gross negligence" in the handling of national defense information, Fox News reports.

    "The agents involved are under a lot of pressure and are busting a —," a source tells Fox News.

    The expanded probe follows a report earlier in the week that the FBI is stepping up the Clinton email investigation. 

    Former FBI agent Timothy Gill explains the section of the federal statute on false statements that may apply to Clinton "is a broad, brush statute that punishes individuals who are not direct and fulsome in their answers."

    "It is a cover-all," he tells Fox News. "The problem for a defendant is when their statements cause the bureau to expend more time, energy, resources to de-conflict their statements with the evidence,."

    Meanwhile, Fox News, citing two unnamed government officials, also reports the FBI is doing its own classification review of the Clinton emails — "effectively cutting out what has become a grinding process at the State Department." 

    One government source tells Fox News the FBI is identifying suspect emails, and then going directly to the agencies who originated them — and who, under the regulations, have final say on the classification.

    Clinton has been under fire for months for using a private email server while serving as secretary of state, and has repeatedly insisted it was never used for classified information. 

  • hap91934 hap91934 Oct 24, 2015 4:26 PM Flag


    You conveniently ignore the 1415 of 1856 killed in Afghanistan under LOTUS

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    The GOP in ruins.... can they govern?

    by pilodialcyst Oct 8, 2015 2:00 PM
    hap91934 hap91934 Oct 10, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    Who's job is it to govern...and is it being done competently?

    The president of course, and his economic and foreign policy failures speak resoundingly for themselves.

    The congress job is not to govern, but to produce legislation and responsible government budgets....aka get irresponsible govenrnent spending under control. For that they have failed miserably for years; On top of which LOTUS has used devious , and maybe even illegal executive actions to load up on spending. Shaking up the House of Reps leadership is the 1st step in regaining control of irresponsible legislating and governing.

  • We knew Obama was evil, but we never thought he’d do something THIS bad…
    If America had a real leader, the Islamic State (ISIS) would already be wiped off the map.

    But we don’t. And as Yousef al-Salfi, an ISIS leader in Pakistan just admitted during interrogation, ISIS is being FUNDED by the Obama administration! What an incredible story, as it confirms our worst fears.
    Salafi told the Pakistani government that America paid $600 per terrorist recruit if they joined the fight in Syria against the West.

    The American military is opposed to what ISIS is up to, but hasn’t been able to stop the funding that is flowing through America. To try to kill these rumors, the Obama administration has supported military attacks in Iraq, but have avoided the issue of Syria entirely.

    It is shameful to learn America’s leaders are involved in supporting the most oppressive regime in recent history. ISIS wants to destroy the West and Christianity, while murdering all non-believers. In Pakistan, Christians have already been slaughtered as ISIS fights to instill a Sharia regime. ISIS should be DESTROYED, not funded by tax dollars:

    As one commentator reminded us:
    The Obama administration funding ISIS should not surprise us. Lets not forget that the Obama administration has refused to back Egypt in its destruction of ISIS, and is working with Turkey which [is] one of the main backers of ISIS. Let us also not forget that the USA supports the FSA and is working to continue to fund and train jihadists in Syria to overthrow the Assad regimen, an action that will only allow the Islamists, and ultimately Turkey, to dominate the Middle East.

  • SUPRAHS…SUPRUHS!!!!!!!!!

    Why ISIS Intelligence Was Doctored To Hide The Truth

    Rank-and-file analysts at the U.S. Central Command say senior officials have been changing the conclusions of ISIS intelligence reports to make it appear the U.S.-led campaign is doing better than it really is.

    The charges received little attention two weeks ago when the Pentagon’s Inspector General launched an investigation into allegations from two analysts.

    But late Wednesday, a report in The Daily Beast revealed that more than 50 intelligence analysts at CENTCOM had formally complained that their intelligence reports on the Islamic State had been inappropriately altered by senior officials.

    “One of the central tenets, one of the key aspects of the policymaking process in the United States, is that analysts get to say what they think without any interference, without anybody changing it, so this is a very, very serious charge,” CBS News Senior National Security Contributor Michael Morell, a former deputy director of the CIA, said on “CBS This Morning” yesterday. If the report is true, he said, “somebody needs to lose their job over this.”

    The complaints allege that the ISIS intelligence was changed to reflect the Obama Administration’s public position that the president’s policy was succeeding in the effort to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

    For example, John Allen, a retired Marine general in charge of coordinating the ISIS campaign, flat-out said “ISIS is losing” in a July speech at the Aspen Security Forum.

    But despite some 6,700 airstrikes by the U.S-led coalition and rising U.S. assistance to the Iraqi army, ISIS is no worse off. It has lost territory in some areas but gained it in others.

    “We’ve seen no meaningful degradation in their numbers,” a defense official told the Associated Press in July.
    The discrepancy between the reality on the ground in Iraq and the Obama administration’s public statements put pressure on top intelligence officials to deliver reports more in line with the desired “spin.”
    One source told The Guardian that aides in the Obama administration simply did not want to hear “the narrative that ISIS is winning.”
    According to The Daily Beast, the analysts that filed the complaint believed the top officials altered the ISIS intelligence to protect their own careers.

  • 9/11/2001.

    It was fourteen years ago today, but it feels like such a short time ago.

    Join me in taking a moment to remember those who died by the hands of terrorists on that fateful day.

    Friends. Family. Victims. Defenders. Rescuers.

    Everyday people on the planes and in New York City.

    Workers in the World Trade Center.

    Soldiers in the Pentagon.

    Police, firefighters, emergency crews, and helping hands on the ground.

    Let’s honor our brave men and women who died defending our way of life.

    We should never forget the freedoms our founding fathers worked and fought for. Let’s continue to work to restore and preserve a strong and free America.

  • Deep in the transcript of the interview ABC’s David Muir conducted with Hillary Clinton yesterday comes an indirect but very tough shot at the man she worked for and hopes to replace. In the course of answering a question about her mother, Clinton described her mother’s difficult upbringing and praised her for her hard work. Her mother’s experience, she said, and those struggling to get ahead today, inspire her presidential run.

    “I'm gonna fight for all the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner,” Clinton said, before adding: “And they need a leader who cares about them again.”
    The clear implication: America hasn’t had such a leader in recent years. And it’s hard to read that comment as anything but a shot at President Obama, who has occupied the White House for the past 6.5 years

  • Congress is taking action. Today is the first investigatory hearing into Planned Parenthood’s atrocious practices, including the harvesting and sale of the body parts of aborted children.
    I wanted to encourage you to watch today's House Judiciary Committee hearing on Planned Parenthood beginning at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. It will be streamed live on the Judiciary committee website.
    Two of the witnesses testifying at the hearing are abortion survivors Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen.
    Melissa survived a failed late-term saline abortion. A nurses heard her cries and cared enough to try to save her life. That was in 1977 and Melissa has gone on to live an extraordinary life. In 2012, Melissa worked with SBA List to expose politicians who failed to stand up for babies like her, who had been born alive after failed abortions.
    Gianna also survived a failed late-term saline abortion. She was saved thanks to a quick-acting nurse and also went on to inspire and change hearts and minds worldwide with her story of survival and hope. Gianna’s life was the inspiration for the pro-life film October Baby.
    Please watch the hearing today and hear the powerful testimony of these women.

  • hap91934 hap91934 Sep 2, 2015 7:59 PM Flag

    Hey HATER, are tea party folks republicans, i.e. "Older, very stupid, and racist" ?

  • hap91934 hap91934 Sep 2, 2015 4:09 PM Flag

    Do you include folks in the tea party movement republican voters?

  • hap91934 hap91934 Sep 2, 2015 3:37 PM Flag

    So much for Hillary Clinton "never" sending any classified material through her private (and completely unsafe) email server. The ongoing State Department review seems to have barely just begun and already the number of classified emails on her server has bloated to 60! There are still thousands and thousands of emails to go through and the job likely won't be finished for months… but this high a number so early is nothing but bad news for Mrs. Clinton and the Democrat Party.

    The 60 emails are among those that have been reviewed and cleared for release under the Freedom of Information Act as part of an open-records lawsuit. Some of the emails have multiple redactions for classified information.

    Among the first 60 flagged emails, nearly all contained classified secrets at the lowest level of "confidential" and one contained information at the intermediate level of "secret," officials told the Times.

    Those 60 emails do not include two emails identified in recent days by Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III as containing "top-secret" information possibly derived from Pentagon satellites, drones or intercepts, which is some of the nation's most sensitive secrets.

    State officials and the intelligence community are working to resolve questions about those and other emails with possible classified information, a process that isn't likely to be completed until January.

    The primary season will just be kicking into gear around the same time this review process finishes up, and if the Democrat Party isn't careful, that won't leave them with any good Presidential options. For years, they've been preparing to crown Hillary queen, and if she's forced out of the race due to scandal, that may leave them with a whole lot of nothing come election time. This email problem has to be a growing concern for the Clinton team and the folks running the DNC.

    If Hillary Clinton can run for elected office once this scandal has finished running its course, then she will have proven that the Clinton family is indeed made of Teflon. General David Petraeus got into a whole world of trouble for ONE classified file – we've already found Hillary with at least 62 classified documents! If she doesn't go to prison it will be a miscarriage of justice; if she's not punished at all and is even on the Democrat Presidential ticket, it will make a mockery of our entire system of justice and of our nation itself.

    Joe Scarborough on MSNBC was incensed about this and he has some hard questions for the Justice Department, the State Department and the FBI.

    SCARBOROUGH: There was classified information on the server! There was classified information on the thumb drive! Why was this a voluntary exercise for six months? Why — where were you, FBI? Where were you, Justice Department? Where were you, State Department? You had classified information outside your control. A private citizen had classified information — you had no idea what was out there. And you did nothing for six months, and allowed a citizen to decide whether classified information was going to be taken over or not? Explain that to Americans. You need to explain that to
    Americans, because somebody is being political and possibly endangering America's national security.

    HALPERIN: Look, I agree with you on the substance on this stuff, on the politics. In Iowa, when she told that joke, there were people around me who gasped, because it's not a joking matter for a lot of people. She said here at the fair when she had a press availability, real voters don't talk to her about this, they never bring it up to her. Well, you know what, Joe? Real people never bring up to me that I need to lose some weight. They never tell me that [laughter]. They might talk about it to other people, but they never say it to me. I will tell you, here in Iowa, talking to people at the fair, talking to elite Democrats, they bring her e-mails up to me.

  • Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton wrote and sent emails containing highly classified information on her private server while secretary of state, directly contradicting her claim she didn’t handle classified information with her personal account.

    Classification authorities were previously unaware of the emails, since Clinton was sending and receiving them on an off-the-books server. But given the chance to review the emails, they determined scores of them contained classified information at the time they were sent.

    But many of the newly released emails are marked classified from the date Clinton sent them, as opposed to the date they were reviewed by classification authorities, a Federalist analysis of the email dump found.

    What determines whether an email is classified under federal law is not how it’s marked, but whether it actually contains classified information. And in some cases, the State Department redacted entire emails written and sent by Clinton that were released in the dump, citing national security concerns.

    So, Clinton was not the unwitting recipient of unmarked classified information, but also originated material that is by nature considered classified. Some have been deemed “confidential” — a classfication level applied to information that if disclosed “reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.”

    Clinton distributed some of this highly classified information to private citizens without a security clearance — on a private and unsecured server.

    Clinton has tried to fend off criticism by saying she didn’t send or receive emails that were marked classified at the time. ”Hillary didn’t send any classified materials over email,” her spokeswoman said in a recent email to supporters. ”Hillary only used her personal account for unclassified email.”

  • hap91934 hap91934 Aug 31, 2015 11:05 AM Flag

    clear that whites become extremely agitated when their privilege is challenged.

    That's playing the race card....making phony accusations against white folks, because they happen to be white.

  • Islamic war against U.S. and free world rages on….and LOTUS standing at sidelines, leading from further behind.

    September marks the first anniversary of the U.S. war against the Islamic State group (ISIS), but American efforts are showing little success, NBC News reported on Sunday.

    Turkey's recent permission for airstrikes and drone missions to be based there was "a huge tactical gain," NBC's Richard Engel reported on “Meet the Press” but added, "ISIS doesn't seem to be shrinking."

    Engel quoted one U.S. officials as saying the terror group's international branches are "growing like crazy," spreading North and West Africa, Arabia, Afghanistan and into the Far East.

    "ISIS has expanded far more quickly and extensively than Al Qaeda ever did," Engel said.

    Special Operations is in the middle of a major policy review to find a new global strategy to deal with ISIS, Engel reported.

    The current strategy is based on three pillars, "and they're all shaky," Engel said. Retraining of the Iraqi army has been slow, and Iran often calls the shots, he said. Only a few Syrian rebels have been trained, and many have been kidnapped already. The airstrikes have been successful in killing ISIS leaders and fighters, but they all are quickly replaced.

    The war against ISIS didn't begin soon enough for many observers anyway after President Barack Obama initially described the group as the "J.V. squad."

  • Former Bill Clinton advisor Douglas Schoen admitted on Fox News Thursday that he was “wrong” in his assertion that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal would eventually go away.

    Schoen said Democratic strategists are currently saying Clinton is showing “consistent and systematic slippage in the primary polling” — and it has sparked “sheer panic.”

    When asked about a recent poll that showed “liar” is the number one word that comes to people’s minds when they think of Hillary Clinton, Schoen said “it is a problem” that is only getting worse.

    “We could sugarcoat it — I’ve worked for the Clintons for a while,” he added. “I thought the email scandal was going away. Clearly, I was wrong. It’s not going away. It’s a serious investigation.”

    Later in the interview, Schoen graded Hillary’s campaign strategy so far — and it wasn’t a generous review.

  • hap91934 hap91934 Aug 28, 2015 5:09 PM Flag

    Current and former intelligence officers say the application of these federal regulations is very straightforward.

    "Regardless of whether Mrs. Clinton sent or received this information, the obligations under the law are that she had to report any questions concerning this material being classified," said Chris Farrell, a former Army counterintelligence officer who is now an investigator with Judicial Watch. "There is no wiggle room. There is no ability to go around it and say I passively received something -- that's not an excuse."

    The regulations also state there is an obligation to meet "safeguarding requirements prescribed by the agency." Based on the regulations, the decision to use a personal email network and server for government business -- and provide copies to Clinton attorney David Kendall -- appear to be violations. According to a letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Kendall and his associate did not have sufficient security clearances to hold TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) contained in two emails. Earlier this month, the FBI took physical custody of the server and thumb drives.

  • hap91934 hap91934 Aug 28, 2015 4:52 PM Flag

    "The FBI offered no comment, CITING THE ONGOING INVESTIGATION"

  • An FBI "A-team" is leading the "extremely serious" investigation into Hillary Clinton's server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to "gathering, transmitting or losing defense information," an intelligence source told Fox News.

    The section of the Espionage Act is known as 18 US Code 793.

    A separate source, who also was not authorized to speak on the record, said the FBI will further determine whether Clinton should have known, based on the quality and detail of the material, that emails passing through her server contained classified information regardless of the markings. The campaign's standard defense and that of Clinton is that she "never sent nor received any email that was marked classified" at the time.

    It is not clear how the FBI team's findings will impact the probe itself. But the details offer a window into what investigators are looking for -- as the Clinton campaign itself downplays the controversy.

    The FBI offered no comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

    A leading national security attorney, who recently defended former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in a leak investigation, told Fox News that violating the Espionage Act provision in question is a felony and pointed to a particular sub-section.

    "Under [sub-section] F, the documents relate to the national defense, meaning very closely held information," attorney Edward MacMahon Jr. explained. "Somebody in the government, with a clearance and need to know, then delivered the information to someone not entitled to receive it, or otherwise moved it from where it was supposed to be lawfully held."

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