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hapihammer 363 posts  |  Last Activity: 5 hours ago Member since: Sep 1, 1998
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  • hapihammer hapihammer 5 hours ago Flag

    Good for you. I didn't sell that much only a much smaller percentage in the high $60's into the $70's.

    Greed and fear, the old adage.

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    Silicom site

    by smitty4901 6 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 6 hours ago Flag

    Well the whole new level press release is still here on Yahoo.

    Unfortunately that component loss has hurt them. It seems nuts given they did $25M in Q4 but yesterday's Q was the 3rd best in the history of the company. The problem is we may not get a better one until 2015, although Q4 still may be better but it will be a horrible comp.

    Oh well and FFIV's results were not exactly soft nor was their guidance, although RVBD's were.

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    What does Silc pipeline look like?

    by tomsnow42 8 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 7 hours ago Flag

    and magically you never posted on a stock board before but here you are or you had posted but just said to yourself, let me create a new ID and ask questions.

    If you're sincere simply listen to the conference call. The back half of the year won't be what it typically is which is the growth half, particularly in Q4. They lost a 1 of 2 components on their top customer's refresh cycle for one product. They stated they had another component in a new product which has now been pushed back to 2015 so any countering of that loss won't be seen. They've done $36.9M in the first half and are now only projecting $68M-$74M for the entire year which implies a lower to even 2nd half vs. the 1st half.

    They do have some growth drivers in the pipeline and they expect growth in 2015.

    Theirs also an investor presentation on their website which will probably updated shortly for yesterday's results. You probably want to review that.

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    What does Silc pipeline look like?

    by tomsnow42 8 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 8 hours ago Flag

    Yet another brand new ID. they are coming out of the woodwork.

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    by bingoreoqw 9 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 8 hours ago Flag

    Another brand new ID I see. Way to go.

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    A perfect stoirm?

    by schneider356 11 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 11 hours ago Flag

    I'm with you accept for the potential for a real overall slowdown. Depending on the severity of any slowdown it then becomes a matter of that new propellant being must have and overcoming other product slowdowns in a bad case scenario.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 11 hours ago Flag

    I agree, that's the frustration. Everything seemed to be lined up for them and they flubbed it off the tee.

    I want to know why. Too much in the hopper?

    They will not have their component in that product for this cycle, they would have to replace the other company's component. He was talking about other products from the customer within this refresh cycle.

    The other part to the slowdown point and possible ending of the bull is the fact that the same client pushed out a product that SILC did win the component for until 2015, that would have at least partially offset the lost component revenue in the refresh loss.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 13 hours ago Flag

    I suggest you go to their website and ask any question you like. In most cases you probably won't get much of an answer but you can try. I just did with some questions I had.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 14 hours ago Flag

    Quite simply it svks. Execution here has always been very good and as I said it's easier to accept the slowdown and less so on the component miss.

    I think the question I would have liked asked is whether they did not think this component was a priority vs. the offset new product component or just a snafu, i.e. why the miss? Why weren't they ready?

    You say once in decades for the housing crises but 7 years before that we had the tech bubble. What's building now? It seems like a global easy money bubble. You can only print large amounts of easy money for so long and one would think there's a price to pay.

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    by smitty4901 16 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 15 hours ago Flag

    I think based on what they know they tried to make it a kitchen sink projection for the 2nd half. Chances are it won't be worse but could be better plus there should be better news flow before year end IMHO.

    That said, hopefully nothing awful globally.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 16 hours ago Flag

    I totally agree. Do you know the answer? The component loss muddies the waters a bit.

    They now have a 25% of market capitalization cash equivalents and marketable securities position and absolutely still have a very viable business. Many of us know that this got pretty close to cash in the worst of times.

    So that is always a possibility in the worst of times.

    If they execute 2015 will be better even with similar softness as long as they execute on what's in the hopper.

    At 16.5 times bottom end guidance and 12.4 times ex cash for a company that I believe will ultimately grow, money will be coming in here when the dust settles unless we are going into the even greater recession.

  • hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 7:55 PM Flag

    The way he stated it is they didn't have it ready in time so I took that as they paid for their mistake. Bad job!

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    Needham downgrades to hold....

    by snosurfer08012 Jul 22, 2014 1:53 PM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 4:01 PM Flag

    I think it is what they said, softness in the quarter which is acceptable and not having their component ready for a refresh cycle for 1 of 2 components for their largest customer which is a big mistake.

    Add to that another product which they had a component in which the same customer pushed out to 2015 and any offset of the component loss will not exist in 2014.

  • hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    The worst part is apparently this person went to multiple boards to do the same thing.

    Unhappy person apparently.

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    Even Babe Ruth didn;t bat 1.000

    by schneider356 Jul 22, 2014 12:02 PM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    Agreed schneider356, the Babe pointed at the stands 4 times at the plate and took a golden sombrero today.

    It is what it is and we move on.

  • hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 12:10 PM Flag

    One loser here and it's you.

    You created this ID today for the purpose of kicking people while they're down?

    In a word, PATHETIC.

    Karma will shine upon you if it already hasn't.

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    What Now?

    by sahmdars Jul 22, 2014 10:32 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 10:55 AM Flag

    I plan on holding shares but I'll also be selling some. I know refreshes happen all the time as the CEO said but you have to be ready when with everything for your biggest customer. You can't miss a refresh.

    They did and that's history which they will pay for going forward as will shareholders. They now need to make sure this doesn't happen again and that the component is ready for this customers other products.

    I'm glad given the circumstances that they provided 2nd half guidance.

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    by hindenburgdown78 Jul 22, 2014 8:44 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    dach, I can't say I saw that component miss coming although the price action sure looked like more than a miss. Softness and a miss of a key customer component make it a double whammy.

    I wish I sold more near the highs but will most likely be freeing up some shares soon until if and when the dust clears.

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    FY guidance

    by docno_73 Jul 22, 2014 9:37 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 10:30 AM Flag

    He was asked that specific question towards the end of the call and the answer was something like the dividend policy still exists. My takeaway was it's still in place until it isn't.

    There's really no reason for them to change it since even within the policy they can decide to pay out nothing since it states they an pay up to 50% of operating profits I believe and there is n minimum amount.

    Basically two thing went against them here, they saw overall softness in the quarter across their customers but they also weren't ready for their client with the one component they lost. You can't blame them for the first but you can certainly blame them for not having their component that they lost ready for refresh.

    This was obviously being priced for a miss, some softness but not for this necessarily. I'm disappointed they lost this component on this product and they are actually projecting a negative growth year at the mid point of $71M.

    Not that anyone wants to hear it but the CEO projected a five year $200M revenue within reach and a 22% compound growth rate.

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    by hindenburgdown78 Jul 22, 2014 8:44 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Jul 22, 2014 8:55 AM Flag

    It's actually less than that since if you add in long term marketable securities they have $7.41 per fully diluted share in cash but the market looks forward and if it's slowdown city that won't matter.

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