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hapihammer 361 posts  |  Last Activity: 11 hours ago Member since: Sep 1, 1998
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  • hapihammer hapihammer 11 hours ago Flag

    I am no way on this earth beneath you and that has nothing to do with emotion.

    Perhaps you are a smallish type man?

    Perhaps a slight man in some way?

    Otherwise you probably wouldn't act like you do on this board.

    Numbers, analysis, let's see more of that and less attacking people.

    Good luck.

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    Just put techstrategy on ignore

    by philandjoelle 19 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 11 hours ago Flag

    wst, Are those friends of yours who come along with that overrun the board with posts like "hjysuya".

    Why are they doing that as I don't recall seeing that nonsense on any other board.

    By the way lots of smart people have a position in physical gold. There's a brilliant hard working self made business woman on CNBC who said she thinks people are foolish for not holding some physical gold so at this point I'm in that foolish camp.

    You never answered the question on what would make you sell here. A slowdown to a certain level? An obviousness that NFLX cannot control content costs while increasing growth at a significant level? Margin pressure in a big way?

    Surely your model doesn't spit out a DCF price way up here at this point in time unless you have some pretty wild SWAGs in there.

    I just saw what I thought was a reasonable today that spit out a value of $240.

    Did you see it on Seeking Alpha? What's your counter to it?

  • hapihammer hapihammer 11 hours ago Flag

    I yeah, I'm a simpleton with an engineering degree you fool.

    I suppose you're a rocket scientist. Only in your own mind.

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    $54-$45 Tomorrow

    by tahoe_kj Aug 21, 2014 4:48 PM
    hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    Possibly crooked MMs but certainly concerted, collusive moves.

    What goes up basically a meet and guide in line with no real profits and high short interest is generally a trading game.

    Now there's a nice gap to be filled.

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    broke under $60

    by ferrari2009gb 18 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    Agreed retail. My guess was wrong it closed at $59.80 as the market pulled back.

    The fix was in last night, today but now that gap exists below and the fundamental news in no way, shape or form supports a breakaway gap.

    Good luck.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    Agreed tahoe_kj but I'm not sure when. If things by chance got ugly it will be sooner than people think otherwise it may take a while.

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    $15B in TOMO today...

    by techstrategy 18 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    Hopefully they stick with October as the end of QE tech. I do think things have gotten better in the States but it's not like things are even good but Europe is a mess. Japan is not good and China is generally a wild card.

    Who knows when and if they have their own "little" :-) housing/credit crises.

    Europe will have to start their own QE as their next move.

    If the markets were to simply correct we would be fine but if anything worse than that and it could be ugly no doubt. this is obviously a market driven recovery. Should it tank before escape velocity...................................

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    Bashers ever foxy- Tahoe-slowboat

    by mytek99 Aug 22, 2014 9:37 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    If he was only just a liar that would be an improvement. Maybe at some point he will actually start acting like a human being.

    Someone must have treated the guy pretty badly in life for him to behave like he does.

    It's a shame and very odd.

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    broke under $60

    by ferrari2009gb 18 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    They are playing with it, right there, right now. If I had to guess they'll close it above there but we shall see.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 18 hours ago Flag

    There's truth in what he says whether you agree with it or not. All you have to do is follow a large basket of stocks on a watch list both potential longs and shorts and track short interest and how as weekly options have become in vogue and you can see with your eyes what's going on.

    Thanks for the insult though.

    At what point would you say to yourself maybe it's time to sell? A marked slowing of growth? A marked obviousness that costs are too much to overcome to generate meaningful margins and free cash flow down the line?

    Humility is part of life and hopefully you can deal with it when you are dealt it.

    Good luck and try to behave like a decent $4it. You know like the guy other guys would like to have a beer with.

    The choice is yours.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 19 hours ago Flag

    The problem is, tech, the games can go on for a while. I know you think you may be able to time when they end but I don't think you can. I know you talk in terms of quarters but those that play games are not dumb.

    You tend to have scenarios which are based on some logic but if the floats held tight and those holding know they can push a stock up, I don't really get what's going to stop them.

    They are printing a new high today and perhaps some people are stepping in front of that.

    Volumes overall are down for the Summer, especially as the markets have been making new highs the last few weeks. It would seem something's close on a market wide basis but this is really a Goldilocks scenario until it isn't. Days to cover in many MOMOs are closer to the highs than the lows for most of them so....................

    No one truly knows when that is but the further the market goes up on only modest economic improvement the further it will fall later.

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    Short here at 57.10.

    by happyperson_1 Aug 22, 2014 8:59 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer 20 hours ago Flag

    Anytime but like anything else its free information so you get what you pay for happy but the fix appears to have been in so to speak. Lots of shorts vs. a predictable earnings reporting which has been written about as almost being too predictable which adds to questions about the company from the bears.

    The way I look at it happy is this stock and now this group (SaaS cloud) is up today on CRM's report. IMHO, there is nothing outstanding but not a lot more negative than previous although sales and marketing cost growth continues to outpace revenue growth. Also rotation for today to a real beat up sector in 3D printing which no surprise has a large short interest so it becomes attack mode against the shorts at some point and today it's them.

    Either that or the market doesn't believe that HPQ will not enter the space organically but through acquisition.

    Good luck.

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    picked off a few PUTs near the HOD

    by retailbaloon 21 hours ago
    hapihammer hapihammer 21 hours ago Flag

    FYI which you probably already know, as of 7/31/14 the short interest wasn't anywhere near the high.

    However the since volume has been light the days to cover was quite high. Of course this information is already stale since it's over 3 weeks old. The mid August short interest is not updated on the Nasdaq site yet.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 21 hours ago Flag

    Good one rastarich! I might have been able to handle that in my younger days but I'm a wine and beer guy now and more than a few is a good amount so any attempt at that drinking game would result in a multi-day hangover.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 21 hours ago Flag

    Good for ever. I agree with the sentiment but some of the nasty folks make it hard to root for them.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 22 hours ago Flag

    In due time yes. I was not short coming in as I stated yesterday morning (covered) and only bought a few far out puts coming in which I'll assume will be a loss until proven otherwise.

    Now back to getting a life son.

    Try it, you might like it.

  • hapihammer hapihammer 23 hours ago Flag

    I meant overall market "pullback".

  • hapihammer hapihammer 23 hours ago Flag

    I think it would on the overall market but my guess and that's all it is is that they'll try to keep it up and perhaps run it towards the low to mid 60's but nothing would surprise me. Look at Amazon. They simply have growth and no profits in sight. Now that stock is way off it's highs but these are all trading vehicles.

    real profits won't matter until they do as long as strong top line growth exists.

    CRM and it's ilk are making up for lost time, i.e. rotation from other areas. How long it will last is something you and no one else really knows.

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    Short here at 57.10.

    by happyperson_1 Aug 22, 2014 8:59 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Aug 22, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    If you're playing a short you have to either leave yourself room or be willing to cover should they push it up.

    Realize that we can argue about how good or bad the results were but in this market positioning by the big boys and planned short squeezes are part of the equation.

    All the 3D printers are shooting up early today and DDD was recently highlighted as a potential short squeeze.

    In many cases this has little to do with fundamentals.

    This is just reality.

    Good luck.

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    Listen to the CC

    by rastarich Aug 22, 2014 9:32 AM
    hapihammer hapihammer Aug 22, 2014 10:03 AM Flag

    Overall operating costs and SG and A didn't increase as much as last quarter but sales and marketing cost accelerated with 2% absolute growth faster than revenues. Sales grew by 37.8% but sales and marketing costs grew by 39.8%.

    When growth starts to slow will these costs go down faster than revenue?

    So now the trading game gets played until the next leg down.

    I got a kick about the line I skimmed through on the conference calls where the outgoing CFO stated the acquisition would show no dilution ON NON GAAP results.

    Yeah, no impact at all on NON GAAP but what about GAAP? These guys are hilarious. :-)

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