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hardwoodjoe 24 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 18, 2014 11:29 PM Member since: Oct 31, 2005
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  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Mar 18, 2014 11:29 PM Flag

    You have no clue....its the carbon make up you idiot....Chinese steel has more sulfur ....gas plants in the US don't use it because it corrodes faster than high grade carbon....I work in the construction of LNG plants and we don't buy that cheap junk....the way you can tell its cheap junk is that when you cut it with a torch it emits a green gas and it stinks like rotten egg almost like if you are gonna spew your cheap Chinese products on this board at least know what you are talking about,,,,go back and crawl back in your hole with bennie and that dumb idiot goober....

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    SCCO vs FCX

    by dar200 Feb 8, 2014 4:24 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Mar 12, 2014 5:39 PM Flag

    Fcx has more debt than scco....they overpaid for MMR and Plains in my opinion...mmr was a loser and on the verge of BK when Moffit decided to bail them out a move based on him being a key player in that company....mmr was losing money on Davey Jones 1 billion and counting....a hole that still isn't on the books as profitable....they decline comment on it and it still could be currently worked on as we one knows if its online or if its plugged?.....I was FCX bagholder for 3 yrs and with the acqs they did it just diluted shares and they haven't recovered....The copper play is dead right now with the china slowdown....its been downhill for 2 yrs....who knows what will bring this up.....china growth more than hope is that FCX will halt copper supplies and will increase demand. A move that will erode fcx shares since they cant produce or ship copper from may take 3 months for copper supplies to dwindle due to oversupply at the moment.....Im long scco on the belief that the ban from Indo will boost copper prices....PE from fcx may suffer due to the ban...short term the copper contract may hit 2.75 before bouncing back to the 3. dollar range....ive lost 13% so far on this trade and as soon as this stock gets back to 32 im out.....all stocks seem tied to china low days and I see better investments outside the stock markets....

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    Bag Holders

    by rogluther Mar 7, 2014 5:25 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Mar 7, 2014 8:00 PM Flag

    Stocks in general suck.....there is never a rational theory why they go up or down....its a #$%$ shoot with the guy that's uniformed the loser.....copper should do well in the just cant replace it....but with the china slowdown it could go farther hanging in there as there are not that many copper players...FCX has its own set of problems....once Chinese PMI shows a little strength these stocks move up and will move up in a hurry.....meantime......

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Mar 7, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    Look for 29.00 COPPER 3.1005

    -0.1175 -3.65% and the plummeting continues...China not interested in growth...shuttering down factories and going to concentrate on environmental....don't take my word for it look it up...

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    What the heck is going on today!!

    by apppro Mar 7, 2014 9:44 AM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Mar 7, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    Its china that's hammering these CU players....COPPER 3.1005

    -0.1175 -3.65% .........look for more downside to these stocks as we are nowhere near the bottom....

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    Increase in copper

    by basin112 Feb 17, 2014 10:20 AM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Feb 24, 2014 12:08 AM Flag

    China just let out a big ole fart.... tomorrow is going to get ugly for this stock....

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    The Street seems not to agree with CITI

    by fred_c_dobbs00 Feb 11, 2014 1:19 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Feb 11, 2014 2:34 PM Flag

    I don't like the downgrade the stock could correct itself tomorrow....the metals correction could happen .....if it does go lower Im pulling the trigger ....have a limit order for 1000 shares @ 22.50

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    Nice AH movement!

    by maxactionjunkie Jan 28, 2014 5:30 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 28, 2014 6:12 PM Flag

    yes it is....whats going on

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 24, 2014 3:36 PM Flag

    My #$%$ is bleeding!!!!!!!!!

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 24, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    Not saying this isn't a bad company its just the timing for this company.....everything related to China is getting hammered...commodities in general....when does the selling stop....wait and see approach,,,,this could go down further ....Chinese PMI has been in the toilet for some time, china market was hitting 5 yr had to catch up sooner than china numbers will get problems, etc...there is more bad news to come, I held 2000 shares at 38.00 lightened up every little bounce up til eventually sold everything even at 36.11 last sell ....this could very well hit 27.00.....Its odd that Bric stocks are hitting 52 week lows....has the great bull market run out of steam......who knows....the world isn't ending....its just slowing.....why don't analyst do their real homework instead of pumping up stocks and telling investors the world economy is rosy when in actuality the signs are pointing to a slowdown....its was not a surprise this selloff was going to happen the Bric comods were getting left behind...whats next ...who knows...but like you said buy low sell high.....this company is bleeding and a band aid on a bullet wound isn't going to help it......

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    Timber......going under 30 again...A great short

    by hess285 Jan 24, 2014 3:52 AM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 24, 2014 10:38 AM Flag

    The bleeding continues....Id like to see Moffets and Flores face about right now....they have pumped millions of dollars in this stock....don't like seeing people lose money but these two windbags got hefty premiums when they got bought out ....I guess if you don't sell you don't lose...but this selloff has got to hurt,,,,,

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    Jeffries maintaining $45 PT

    by typea1949 Jan 23, 2014 9:25 AM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 23, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    In case you dont know MMR is Ultra deep...all offshore is was bleeding then it hasn't changed since it was bought...going to get worse.... look at all ultra deep players today they are getting hammered 4-6%.....good luck.....Ultra-deepwater drillers entering a near-term bear cycle, says UBS
    UBS believes ultra-deepwater market is entering a period of over-supply and that the jackup markets will reach oversupply in 2015. The firm believes there could ba a 12-18 month downturn as new rigs enter the market and E&P spending slows. The firm expects stock prices to remain under pressure and reduced estimates and downgraded Rowan Companies (RDC) to Neutral from Buy, and cut estimates for Diamond Offshore (DO), Ensco (ESV), Noble Corp. (NE), and Transocean (RIG).

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    Jeffries maintaining $45 PT

    by typea1949 Jan 23, 2014 9:25 AM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 23, 2014 10:47 AM Flag

    maybe a price target of 35.00.....too many negatives on this stock with guidance negative even E& P

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    Anyone buying X today??

    by handsome868 Jan 21, 2014 12:06 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 5:05 PM Flag

    Wow this stock continues to bleed every yr.....been 5 yrs since the correction and this continues to be stagnant....I guess its going to lose all its gains from last yr....

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

    Its really interesting how last week Citi raised stocks up on their bullish call then I read this"Goldman Sachs is predicting lower copper and iron ore prices and that high profile bearishness is weighing on Cliff’s Natural Resources (CLF), Rio Tinto (RIO) and Vale (VALE) today."
    In Dec I held 2000 shares and I sold half thinking I might get a runup....but truth of the matter is WS crooks wanted a bounce to cash out....then all of the sudden GS downgrades the whole mining industry and calls bearishness across the board....What a bunch of crooks....3 yrs ago China pulled the rug from under me when the stock I owned went from 45 to 32 in a matter of 3 months....then I waited it out til it got to 42 and thinking it was going higher someone knew they were going to by the laggard MMR which hasn't made any money for 7 yrs and was bleeding red from a dry and plugged hole that management sank billions of dollars to try to revive... They bought that garbage MMR stock which was at 7 and plummeting for 16.00 ....I would have agreed to the acquisition but its like buying a Ford Pinto for a Mercedes price...there were other profitable companies out there with more bang for the buck....Im glad I sold this morning as I think there might be a little bounce tomorrow but if China slows copper may not trend up for far as E&P with MMR good luck with that....that division has been bleeding red before the takeover....Inept management and arrogance of the CEO will not lift this stock....good luck to those holding....

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    Losing confidence.

    by roundup4978 Jan 21, 2014 12:24 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 1:31 PM Flag

    You would think domestic steel will rally in 2014.....China is slowing and WS expecst a contraction in China....but U.S. steel doesn't cater to China....seems we should be going up....this stock plummets on any news whether it reflects steel or not...

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    Anyone buying X today??

    by handsome868 Jan 21, 2014 12:06 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 1:26 PM Flag

    I bought 50 shares.....buying 50 shares every 2% downside....

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 1:18 PM Flag

    Wall street #$%$ raise targets so they can get out 2 days after....then the price plummets....happens everytime.... when they say buy you should sell two days after....when they say sell you should buy rwo days after.....look at the charts on every stock....

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    Luma...he is helping us...

    by s.eranger Jan 20, 2014 9:41 PM
    hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 12:57 PM Flag

    Holy smoke.....I sold out at seventeen.....I haven't kept up with this loser stock in a while....thank god I got out....I wiped it out of my watchlist.....I will be interesting how low tis will go....may jump in the single digits...Brazil economy contraction is killing this stock along with gov. corruption and nationalization....not in a hurry to get back in but in the single digits I could be interesting..

  • hardwoodjoe hardwoodjoe Jan 21, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    I think Im going to look at that horse today....

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