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harrygeee 43 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 30, 2014 2:36 PM Member since: Jul 1, 2010
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  • harrygeee harrygeee Aug 30, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    You know eddy that the smart money averages down when an obvious shakeout article like that comes out. They would be pumping like crazy on Wall Street to get rid of shares if they knew it to be fact. When everyone says buy that is when you start selling. Bet last run up that's what Wall Street was saying. That plug just came out and that company that plug gave a big chunk of stock for a few cents dumped their shares in latest report. They still own. 3 percent of company so that pump will still have legs lol. Shows when the in people want to sell their friends on Wall Street will turn on the machine . It's a joke already I'm my circle. We are all old hardened investors that have made tons even in the pennies and seen it all but now that Wall Street is untouchable it is obscene how greedy they are. That plug went from .11 cents to over 12.00 in just 10 months after Marsh did essentially what this company did. They pumped plug up saying with the company that bought those share for just over a dime that was reason for the turnaround lol. Now that company makes a ton of money dumping lol. All the rags got away with outright lies like plug makes profit and that the produce the gen drive they get from Ballard lol. SEC is now officially on the payroll of WS IMHO. No one could be so stupid as not see they the lies. . I remember 3 times outstanding trading for days to get people believing. Still not one mention Toyota now sells a fuel cell fork lift. I bet they do not need to buy the forklift either lol. Plug buys a fork lift and ballards gen drive and sells it lol . Waiting to see if Toyota is one of the 2 automakers that signed a contract that is yet unnamed. I guess the plug pump and dump would have no legs if Ballard announced that since all plug people would really know they got taken. Notice I do not post often . I love the scams. My group looks for them. SEC must sit on their #$%$ all day as they are obvious as can be. They don't even try to cover themselves. Last post

  • harrygeee harrygeee Aug 29, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    Since Nasdaq ponied up 15,000 shorts themselves and they legally are allowed to go naked if you subtract that amount it is almost exactly one short for every buy. Means absolutely no one selling. For all we know they just kept shorting and covering among themselves. What I find amusing is for almost one out of 3 shares of this stock needs to locate someone willing to lend them the shares so not to be naked means someone already controlling most of the shares to be lending them. Only someone wanting the muppets on this stock to sell before letting any news ,positive any way, come out seems to be end game. If SEC was looking out for anyone but Wall Street this red flag would be investigated for obvious manipulation. Of course most know SEC is just put in place to make people believe we are being protected. Makes our only recourse of action nothing but a waste of time to pursue lol. Even if they were naked what could you do. Absolutely nothing period. Stop fretting in posts. All you do is make them feel victorious and make their day. Most muppets are out so just be patient and let them play their games. No amount of posting will change the game. Have to wait till Europe and testing are over. You can see company not posting quarter results and filing something they didn't have to before results they are complicit in the game. What company reason otherwise. Notice last rag article states amount of settlement given below does not give it. Instead if you are potential investor reading it quickly you see astronomical figures that are unrelated to settlement. Of course no news since even thou they state sources might be inaccurate lol. Just enjoy weekend and know shorts are paying high interest rates on shares borrowed.

  • harrygeee harrygeee Aug 29, 2014 10:33 AM Flag

    And by no means is that an indorse meant on plug. I only invested at .13 cents because Nasdaq gave it a 6 month extension before delisting and I knew it would go up. It was CEO saying they probably would not last past June that I took my profit. If you go fuel cells Ballard is the cream. The others are promoted to divert attention to Ballard which is company they want. No debt and patents no one can get by. Plug buys their FC and rags outright lie that they produce it. No SEC worries as usual. No one touches the people that control the markets. Ask Obama. He was saying he was going to go after the crooks on Wall Street until they crashed markets that threatened to bankrupt retirement pensions and the insurance industry that rely on markets. After he bowed down and kissed the ring markets came roaring back. They are untouchable. Unfortunately.

  • And then the shorts come on and say another horrific day for dendreon lol. How can any stock go up with shorts selling more than investors buying. The short position is astronomical. I remember last year plug CEO said essentially same as company is saying to scare people out. Plug was number one percentage gainer this year. I bought a ton when news came out to shake so they could cover. Fool me once shame on me lol. I bought 125,000 shares of plug and sold for a few lousy grand profit because of a carpetbagging CEO. I will hold this company as it seems history repeats itself on Wall Street often these days. I also see no one sold on that news and still is not selling with low volume now. Short position actually went up lol. Seems we muppets know we have and you shorts will have to convince carpetbaggers to get even more gloom and doom. Maybe look at Andy marshes comments and have them repeat verbatim lol. Have a good day watching low volume days while 43,000,000 shares need to be replaced. Ouch. I know until Europe is in line and results of testing are complete the games will continue. I can wait. If all the big investors can us muppets can too.

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    Amazing how some sacrifice honor for riches

    by harrygeee Aug 22, 2014 4:40 PM
    harrygeee harrygeee Aug 22, 2014 5:18 PM Flag

    Bet your family are proud to have your names. Thank god my son respects me. I can't imagine showing my son that money means more than integrity

  • That alert keeps popping up periodically. Wonder how much it costs to have it reiterated lol

  • I think I do not have to name names as they know who they are. Love the sell Ballard buy plug. I remember the sell ford but gym right before gm went bankrupt. Funny they mention the cash plug has. Wouldn't be by the suckers buying the secondary to get that would it lol. No mention Toyota now sells a FC forklift anywhere. Love how with all the rags diverting attention away from Ballard only 5000 shares covered in 2 weeks.

  • How fast would it be before financial rags posted Ballard had a better version of its product available lol. Answer about 5 seconds lol. Plug buys our gen drive but rags keep lying that plug makes it. Plug even buys the forklift and installs out product. I bet Toyota builds their own forklift. Wonder if Toyota will come out as our customer. Been months that no name from auto Oems were mentioned to be new buyers. If Toyota is a customer I guess they had to keep quiet to not disturb the diversion to plug. Even stating plug profitability was a lie just like them saying plug makes our gen drive. Shame on our CEO for going along for this brutal d
    Shakeout. Leaves with ton of low priced options as his reward for being a slime that obviously he can live with. Notice all good news after hours. Plug and FCEL fight to use premarket with bull news to attract buyers. Wall Street never changes. The muppets just change . Always someone with an inheritance that will follow the rags and Cramer advice to let the WS workers keep getting their multi million dollar bonus money. Never enough for some that could care less about anyone but themselves

  • Guess all the scammy rag articles pushing plug and FCEL are not working. All that own Ballard know we have a Wall Street lap dog as a CEO. Nothing ever changed Wall Street diverts attention to the stock they want by pumping the #$%$. Loved the lie about plug profitable just 16 months after marsh warns plug will probably not survive past June to get all muppets out so they could pump it and be the ones to profit with the pump and dump. I also see they are again saying plug makes our gen drive FC stack. This has been noted many times to be a lie but I guess sec sees no problem in letting the scam artists cheat the little guy. Only Wall Street with its huge political backing thanks to donations can do this with no worries of prosecution. Have not bothered to look because I stated months ago CEO cares nothing but being a carpet bagger CEO and helping those that will help him get rich with the shorting to write cheap options. Too bad many CEOs are doing same. Wall Street making records with just a small fraction of stocks going up to point of absurdity like tesla which recharges using coal fired generators that are 85 percent of grid. Not really green if you take that and the toxic battery disposal into account lol. No shares have left my groups hands which you can count on going forward. Keep paying the 10 percent cost of borrowing those shares as long as you like. We will wait till we are profitBle before selling now that it has become obvious that this is hidden and diverted away because WS wants it so bad. See you in a few months to get a laugh at this scripted play that still has months to go

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    Rumor of the day.

    by blueflamedave Jul 1, 2014 11:34 PM
    harrygeee harrygeee Jul 3, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    More like Tesla going to produce fuel cell electric hybrid And comes to Ballard for technical assistance LOL

  • harrygeee harrygeee Jul 3, 2014 12:32 PM Flag

    South African government already working with Ballard to electrify the many areas of South Africa not on the grid. They want to allow the villages to be able to manufacture products to sell. to do that Ballard will be used to help. Ballard also converts Methanol to run its generators. Methanol is plentiful and very cheap. Half cost of diesel.Our company is in talks with a few governments around the world. Chinese government will no doubt be a major buyer in very near future. One of the reason the Wall Streeters want Ballard as cheap as they can. Note over the top bashing and the diversion to plug and fcel which have no real chance of surviving the competition that is already starting to show up. Toyota is now selling a fuel cell forklift which if all was fair play on Wall Street someone would already be mentioning and plug would be tanking. Plug has no chance against Toyota. We now own a fork lift ourselves after last deal announced. So now plug has us as a competitor. If we decide to srop delivery of OUR FC stack to them I guess they will use the one they make from company they bought for 3 million. THREE MILLION. like that is anything but a money drain for them. We paid more than twice that for some patents LOL. That on top of our industry leading Patents. VW pays us 100,000,000 for use of those patents so I imagine ours are better than the one plug bought out for 3 million LOL. Lot more to add but since Market makers play their games with absolutely no oversight it seems why should I bother. I have come to point I just am not selling anymore and will wait for accounting to catch up and include the millions we have reported on in contracts. WE still have many to close on but the China deals will be big no doubt. Long and strong and Shortie will wait a long time at these prices to get my shares. Happy fourth longs.

  • harrygeee harrygeee Jun 30, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    Shows how cheap Wall Street is that they need to get it all at basically all time lows just as Ballard goes commercial. PR news at midnight now the norm LOL. Really not helping stock holders as much as shorts. Is that fiduciary duty. Me guess no.

  • Bet on purpose to confuse people. Most cant read in to it was not just a million but a million plus the hydrogen fork lift part of H2. We will lease the fork lift part we acquired in deal and now have essentially the same business as plug with the hydrogen distribution under our control. Plug goes from 11 cents to 13 bucks with identical news. Plug now has us and Toyota as competition and actually traded up for a while today and is down less percentage wise than Ballard. This scam is getting old and SEC is possibly going to end up being libel turning a blind eye to market manipulation. If this segment being as hot as it has been is not under their watchful eye they are libel. if they do notice it and turn a blind eye they are libel. Any one buying plug or selling Ballard and lose out I would certainly suggest copy down all rag articles and Jimmie article saying never buy when things change later and Ballard runs. No excuse to bash so heavily and lie in rag articles and then later change on a dime because of one big contract. Those contracts are almost done and any one reporting blind is definitely being promoted tp bash and should be more than libel. That is blatent market manipulation. Enjoy your holidays.

  • With ongoing talks that probably are done and waiting for right time to sign I imagine a monster contract to mass produce buses is near at hand. That was only announced once as any good pr has been. FCEL and plug regurgitate same news constantly. Japan and Germany are quickly converting infrastructure for fuel cells. They want hundreds of thousands of FC vehicles in much less than a decade to cruise their streets. Brazil bus news very quiet lately. Girlfriend said she saw lot of FC buses when vacationing there recently?

  • Look at what company has by some of my earlier posts and you will see why they are working so hard to keep people from buying to be able to walk price down and accumulate at essentially all time lows just at a time we are going commercial and are on a yearly basis beginning second half of year cash positive for sure with contract money pouring in now.

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    Typical middle of the night news PR

    by harrygeee Jun 20, 2014 11:43 AM
    harrygeee harrygeee Jun 20, 2014 12:00 PM Flag

    Of course not all news is when desks are empty to not see PR news wire. The Alpha Fool and Jimmie news sure comes early. Bazinga sure puts us on premarket losers even if just a couple hundred shares dropped us only a couple cents but funny last few days Bazinga missed us for pre market movers even with high volume .Guess it slipped their minds or just didn't see it on screen. Just another thing I notice to make me know how coveted this stock is to those that want it. All promotion that is free is opposite of what the promoter wants. Remember that and you will never be a bag holder. MM's never lose except in very rare instances and I doubt this time is different. When they cover I would hate to be one of the last shorts on Ballard. By that time the accumulating party will have enough shares to squeeze to any price they want while the promotion turns to have everyone buy. Give us muppets a fair price and you might find you get some along the way up. With Plug going to 12 we are a far cry from fair. Toyota started selling a FC forklift recently. Plug had its pump and dump at a very timely time and raised about a 5th of what Ballard ( the company that actually supplies them with the fuel cell) is worth. Plug one trick pony. Ballard has technology that can replace all combustible technology. And we are not even worth close to what plug is as a company. We have a new state of the art factory. They have a garage to produce a handful of forklifts. maybe they will expand to have pr to get pumped once more but Toyota just made them obsolete. Watch plug and fcel news galore on Ballard news site. The diversion has switched to FCEL now that plug is getting found out. FCEL does not even have a liquid hydrogen generator and is stationary. We have one to compete that runs on dirty hydrogen that is a cheap waste product LOL. Do some DD on SEC filings and you will see what ballard has hidden from retail for past 5 years.

  • Naw they aren't doing that on purpose. PR machine just wasn't working when market was live and it could be seen on PR wire while traders at desk that jump on news. Jimmie news flash right after given enough time to put one together and then a lightning POUND that just reiterated a lightning round POUND just weeks ago. Funny no one that calls looks at his site first. Also plug and fcel have so much more volume. Why no lighning round for them LOL. Oh maybe that's the stock they want to get you to buy instead of the one Wall Street wants. When the untruth bashing ends so do my posts.

  • Lot of buying early yesterday and today before slowing down enough to short back. Seems instead of helping hedgie buddies he is drawing attention to Ballard since majority do opposite of his suggestions on small caps already. Especially one worth less than a wall Street bonus. So many bashes by the street it looks as if they are the ones losing money as Ballard goes up LOL. Muppets stand tight and covering will drive up price quick. One out of 10 shares is a short that needs to be covered. Hard to do on a company with no debt and growing revenues exponentially with major contracts still to be announced. We will be cash flow positive very soon if not already on a yearly basis. Not bad for a company worth less than before Lehman collapse before all the major contracts were even in any forseeable future. Now you know why they divert attention to POS's plug and fcel to keep this one all to themselves. They ran into short trouble to shake muppets out but someone big ( T BOONE PICKENS ? ) started accumulating. T Boone does like energy stocks and is as smart as any to take advantage of the near future of it. Also smart enough to get out of wind when he saw all the drawbacks.

  • harrygeee harrygeee Jun 20, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    My client list is growing and as soon as my original partners think time is right we will spread word to BUY BUY BUY

  • Don't sell and let them be punished as they are trying to punish longs spouting untruths while we longs have no venue to reply in public. A lot I talk to now believe what I say that I have leaned. In the past they thought conspiracy theorist LOL. Now none say that except of course shorts on this site. SEC would never touch a Wall Street insider and I do not remotely expect that they even bother to try to find out if things on this hot segment are not being manipulated. Shame because the world will soon not invest in stocks. And that would be the end of innovation of new technologies.

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