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  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 15 minutes ago Flag

    The language is clear, and I don't think anyone is arguing otherwise. Subsidies for states that did not establish exchanges are not provided for in the law. If you are CPA in a business try paying bills that were not authorized and see where that gets you.

    We are losing the country to lawlessness due to best solution from here expediency due to a total fkuc up administration not doing things correctly.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 18 minutes ago Flag

    " Why are they ruling for the "greater good" just because of the presidents actions."

    have an adult read an explain my entire post to you.

    We could have been immeasurably better off had we gone down a proper path. We could be better off had we done nothing, but neither of those options are on the table.

    In a greater good decision it is decided from where you are now. Every day people say I wish I had never started ****** (whatever) but I am here now and I need to make the best of a bad situation.

    "The law always has had wiggle room for interpretation based on 'greater good' "

    As I said in my post (get adult, have them read) the law has wiggle room to not do more harm with a solution.

    If you violate my patent, you may be allowed to continue until resolution if stopping you would be more costly than the benefits to me. that does not mean what you are doing is legal.

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 35 minutes ago Flag

    First off his name is 'not-a-yahoo". A "yahoo" is what we have in the Oval Office.

    Secondly Obama thinks he is God, King, Emperor and Tzar rolled into one. He ignores laws, he tried to block someone whose opinion he did not want heard.

    I don't agree with Netanyahu is all regards, but it's his country on the line and we have a demonstrably inept clueless narcissist in the White House with no experience.

    Netanyahu is being brave, the younger generation at hose may well turn against his message but I believe he is sincere, unlike anything coming from your guy, he's a political liar, nothing more.

  • to allow them for some "greater good" criteria. Not greater good for what could have been with a properly written law but based on where we are. The Treasury has already funded about $5B of unauthorized payments.

    this is what you get when the rule of law breaks down beginning at the Presidency.

  • When Justice Kennedy hinted he may vote to allow the lawlessness of ACA continue the providers rallied.

    Why? Because that means we will continue to spend money we don't have and send the bill to the grandkids.

    These supposed liberals don't care, they are hundreds of times more evil than the Koch Brothers could imagine being. They'll have enjoyed their vacation homes and be dead when the bill comes due.

    Obama doesn't care because it's a path to taking over the system.

    They are evil, evil, evil.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 1 hour 57 minutes ago Flag

    "Anthony Kennedy, who is often a swing vote in important cases, said Wednesday there is a “powerful” point to the Obama administration’s argument that the health-care law would fall apart if the subsidies were ruled unlawful. "

    Really? Cases are thrown out of court daily because of poorly written or administered laws.

    They need to rewrite it in Congress, not the Courts.

    The thing was rammed through with so little checking it deserves a new start.

    There is no problems with tax credits written into the law, is the USSC going to add something to what Congress actually wrote? If so we're done as a nation of laws and Congress may as well go home so we can save their cost.

  • Will all the major networks lead with that story as they would have had it been JEB caught?

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 3 hours ago Flag

    ""One thing is clear: Once construction is finished in about two years, the pipeline would create only about 50 new permanent jobs."

    Three points to make. (1) Politifact lies a lot, they are liberal to the core, they said Romney claiming Jeep may move Production was "the lie of the year" but Romney was fkucing quoted the PRESIDENT OF THE JEEP DIVISION.

    (2) Other sources, have said the jobs will be thousands, net jobs may not be that high because trucking trains and other dangerous modes of transport will be reduced. It is impossible to say on the net, clearly thousands will be employed but maybe not net thousands.

    (3) Construction has lifted the nation from every modern economic slump, IT SI NEVER PERMANENT WORK, idiot, it's construction. I spent decades battling and successfully feeding the ever hungry need for more new construction work to keep people employed.

    The main reason to do it is ironically the environment. No polluting dangerous trucks, no lakes of diesel being burned, no train derailments into commerce centers, etc.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 3 hours ago Flag

    Your objections are nonsensical. Thousands of jobs, better refined finished product and more jobs there, safer transport of material, more environmentally sensitive transport of material and the condemnation is temporary as far as far use in almost all cases..

    Don't give me the bleeding heart shet, I had agricultural land with nearing mature producing fruit trees taken, then the government took away the greenbelt tax consideration because there were no fruit trees. Remember the greater good, comrade.

    There are 3 million miles of pipe already, this would be the safest of the lot.

    The veto was 100% political from a business idiot and yes, he is obstructing progress unless you're going off the grid to help.

  • PC candidate to be fair.

    Senate fails to override Obama's 100% political Keystone pipeline, Safer by trucks and train, wake up, America.

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 6 hours ago Flag

    ""Criminals were released on the street to kill Americans."

    Did Hawcreek Mention Bush ?"

    Why would I mention Bush, idiot?

    Were Gitmo prisoners illegal immigrants, idiot?

    Were Gitmo prisoners released on U.S. Streets, idiot? Have they killed Americans in America? Try and focus.

    Also try to pair up with some American who can explain things to you before you make a fool of yourself as you did in this case.

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 6 hours ago Flag

    "Bringing a politician from another country to go against a President's efforts is not desecration of the Hall?"

    If you're even serious with that question, step back and take a deep breath.

    Are you suggesting taking a different view of a subject in America is not patriotic?

    Are you suggesting opposing views to your deeply flawed Messiah are not in keeping with the real spirit of America?

    "Kerry is at the table right now..."

    Kerry is at the table and this administration has a history of cutting horrible deals to save face like to get a get a deserter back, now would be the time to stop Kerry's efforts if they need stopping.

    You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear, and you cannot make a leader from an intrinsically non leader

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 6 hours ago Flag

    "That's what the reform is for..."

    No reform was needed, the old law said repeat border crosser are felons and criminals are to be incarcerated or deported. Obama and Holder were turning them loose.

    The problem with liberals is they don't live in the real world, they have emotional positions that do not translate.

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 7 hours ago Flag

    "Halls of Congress desecrated this week"

    Save your anti-(you know what) ranks for your brown shirt rallies.

    It's obvious where Obama's loyalties lie and it is not with America’s traditional allies.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 7 hours ago Flag

    "The compound was not discovered until 2010."

    The person who lead them to the compound was "discovered" due to enhanced interrogation techniques that Obama opposed.

    "A mockup of that compound before then would have required the Psychic's Helpline."

    The "compound" was easily visible from a satellite.

    Whether the inner layout was known I have never heard discussed it may be possible from old sales archives for the building. They knew the floors, the windows, the entrance doors. Even without an archived layout reasonable assumptions would only require someone smarter than you, which, if posting here are an indication, would be a low hurdle.

  • so that they could paint a pull back and paint support around 18K.

    The dangerous wild card is the paint will run at some point, apparently not yet.

    I would not be surprised to see it even break 18K for a final tree shake but if volume does not enter it will remain paint

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    DHS Bill passes

    by kitchencleanser 9 hours ago
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 8 hours ago Flag

    "Immgration reform means criiminals will be deported first..."

    That would be a welcome change from the way Obama and Holder have been doing it. Criminals were released on the street to kill Americans.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 8 hours ago Flag

    "He recalled an intelligence agent saying only, “We found a thing, and the thing is in a house, and the house is in a bowl, and the bowl is in a country.

    “You’re going to go to that house and get the thing, and you’re going to bring it back to us.”

    The Navy then built a replica of bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, at a CIA training facility in North Carolina to prepare for the mission".

    Yes, you fkucing dense moron, they found a "thing" because of the information gathered during the Bush administration. The training facility and method of preparation existed AT LEAST since Noriega's capture.

    You always "prove" off topic stuff that is not in contention.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 8 hours ago Flag

    "The "Mission" was to get rid of the dictator and it was accomplished, uninformed Liberal bastid."

    Correct and I think he's trolling, no one is stupid enough to think Bush said Mission accomplished

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 11 hours ago Flag

    "... OBAMA that allowed the training "

    see if you can check "logic" out at the library, idiot.

    What were they "training" for?

    Oh yeah they had a mock up of the specific compound where the Bush information thread lead them, idiot. That's the reason they had a reason to train.

    And the mock up was the same are where they used a mock up to plan to capture Noriega, nothing new ever comes from Obama's brain, in fact most of his ideas have been proven wrong for 50 years.

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