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  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 1 hour 6 minutes ago Flag

    "There is no need to argue..."ere is never a point in arguing with indisputable numerical facts, the market can not freely trade as it has been.

    So we'll have to agree to disagree, with me being right and you still wandering in the darkness.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 2 hours 4 minutes ago Flag

    I knew that was you, IDIOT. Not sure how you can be relatively aware of politics and so clueless about the market.

    " There isn't no program anywhere that will win enough times to over come their losses."

    Not a computer program, dummy, a program like you get when you go to a planned event, like a graduation. You need to know what the hucksters plan for the day is, then you need to be privy to WHO is doing the buying and selling as the hucksters are aware. Often it is clearly them trading with themselves. High float, low volume and relatively high volatility is not a natural rhythm.

    And to be fair a wild card can upset the hucksters plan if volume enters the market from some stimulus but that is rare these days, FMs are asleep.

  • country on earth.

    Maybe in Swahili "laughing stock" mistranslates to "most respected" ??

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 2 hours 48 minutes ago Flag

    "If that were possible even a imbecile such as you could make money..."

    Well that would explain that part then, thanks.

    The pump chase pattern is quite similar, there are volume / price characteristics that make chasing at some extension a bad bet even though the exact inflection point may not be evident.

    Well when I shorted at $47.81 IIRC last year and it went to $49.++ and it "appeared" people could not get enough at that level and someone asked how my short was doing, my answer was "patience grasshopper" next thing you know it's below $41 (although I covered at $44). Day trading can be hard without a program, but the idea is to make money, n'est ce pas?

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 2 hours 59 minutes ago Flag

    "doesn't matter if the hardware is inexpensive."

    how about if it's inexpensive with an acceptable OS installed? the medical clinic I use is still running XP on their system. they moved to a brand new building last year and XP moved with them

    Microsoft can be profitable and a bad investment because there are 8 billion hungry shares to feed every quarter.

  • One certain idiot, now deceased, used to note I had a bunch of computers. Well it's true I do. Several are back up most are dedicated to a single or at most two tasks, for example one has only a brokerage bookmarked and goes no where else.

    I just set up an Acer with 6GB ram, 500MB HD 16" screen Win 7 Ultimate, Dolby sound and pristine condition and my total cost was under $100. I have two laptops at a camper in the woods I visit maybe once a month for a day or two, another couple that rarely go online they are for collecting pictures from woods photos, with 5 set cameras in place, (sure to get a skunk ape pic soon) and flowers in season, I have an uncatalogued celery colored orchid.

    My point is not that I'm doing well but that perfectly acceptable laptops for everything short of gaming are under $100 and desktops are more capable for no more. Chrome books have no place with me because I buy far more powerful and capable for less. The machines I almost never use are the two newest i7 based touch screen with Win 8, they are a pain and squirrely at times.

    How you going to compete with dirt cheap and capable? The days when people line up for a new OS are gone, and the new just cannibalize the existing

  • I mean the logical conclusion is that it all doesn't, can it be profitable for a pumper to buy at $48 and sell at $47.75, well yes it can because of volume.

    there was a dip this morning on the most volume, still relatively light but the most of the day. then when by agreement of timing selling stopped they pump a $10B cap swing, so yes pushing shares bought at $47 to $48 can be worth it even as it descends to $47.50 because there were few traded at $48 but that plants the idea that $47.50 may be a buy.

    It is the same routine day after day after day after day. People with money would learn and stop making the same mistake. That type action is not about investing.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 15 hours ago Flag

    "BTW the Earths temperature is one measurement."

    Really? Interesting, where is that one measurement taken?

    See? You cannot even converse in anything even remotely resembling acceptable science terminology.

    If it makes it easier for you to be a lazy math idiot to pretend you EVER ONCE "won" a math challenge, have your fantasy. I think when you failed a 5th grade averaging problem that pretty much revealed the true you as far as your math ability goes.

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 20 hours ago Flag

    You think they are missing declining earnings for a PE 20 company6, or already awarding a PE of more that twice revenue growth.

    The MSFT story needs to be good to justify $45, but many are worse (same thing a FM told me about MSFT in 2000...yeah it's pricey but it's one of the better values) . Then MSFT only got cut about 60% while the NASDAQ got cut 80% so technically he was right,

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 21 hours ago Flag

    I had completed higher math by the 10th grade than CFury ever saw. My best impression of him is he was trained in a very limited way to do some rote task that involved math and did not understand the underlying reasons he was doing it.

    BTW in case you didn't get the message, you are supposed to ignore me, all hawcraper's aliases are. He was funny, the week he had a personal issue to address all the aliases left with him, now they pretended to unite to ignore me as if that is somehow punishment?

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 22 hours ago Flag

    This is exactly what I have been saying, the Fed is buying the rally, now the Fed is cautioning and no one is being cautious.

    How many realize the stock market tripled during the Great Depression?

  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 22 hours ago Flag

    "I don't understand what you are telling us. Stocks may be a bit overbought, but they may still have a ways to go before there is a serious correction.."

    ??????????????????????????????????? they have not had a "serious correction" in over 5 years and 8000 DOW points. PEs look reasonable but they were largely bought with printed QE dollars.

    What I am telling you is where ever the market should be, it is being openly, unabashedly pumped and the pure confidence in the Fed's ability is the only thing keeping volume down.

    The market used to rise on demand to buy, for 5 years it has risen on manipulation and lack of demand to sell, a huge different kettle of fish. We are in uncharted, atypical market territory with no underlying confirmed demand for stock for 7000+ points and the economy contracted last quarter.

    I can't tell you where it's going, but with one of the more uncertain markets in history, a contracting economy, markets at highs, and QE ended, and no demand based on historical volume, do you really think this is a time to pile in for bigger fools to reward you?

    Historically also a P/E of 20 for a mature company like MSFT is very pricey, but it's a much much better value than the momo stocks.

    Read the post to follow.

  • in the pre market manipulated shamelessly futures.

    We are living in a period of more federally sanctioned and participated in corruption than ever in the modern era. It's embarrassing.

  • Putin took it as weakness and took action. No doubt sanctions are hurting Russia but being former KGB there will not likely be a give in by Putin, rather he is more and more a cornered, threatened animal.

    Their mistake has put us in far greater danger.

    The proper action would have been send troops to the Ukraine for joint exercises and training. That's how one speaks softly while carrying a big stick. Nothing threatening, no war, we're just here to train with our friends in the Ukraine.

    Likewise leaving 10K troops on base in Iraq would have left us safer. Remember who bragged he had Iraq stable and fine to be left alone.

    Obama, incompetent at any level. Hillary is not better, she had far, far, far, more specific information about place and timing for Benghazi than Bush ever had warning about anything, but small minds on the left say Bush should have known and give Hillary a pass. it can't be both.

  • It is a total and complete embarrassment what they have done to our market.

    Up 30 and dithering. dithering is fake, period, and why with all the uncertainty in the world would anyone think this is where I must buy for profits?

    They would not, it's beyond ridiculous.

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    Hawcreek_Debunker is gone

    by hawcreek_debunker May 31, 2015 4:39 PM
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 May 31, 2015 6:46 PM Flag

    "Hawcreek_Debunker is gone"

    Hawcreek_debunker never existed.

  • with less and less to offer...AND the meeting was with people he could not BS about IRAN.

    Was it better to "break a leg" in a biking accident and head home?????

  • Greece is a relatively small economy but highly symbolic for the EU, a first domino as it were. The only thing better for Greece than going back to their own currency is to have Germany keep bailing them out until an eventual, inevitable forgiving of debt or withdrawal from the Euro.

    Spain Portugal and Italy won't be so easy to handle, we're one step behind. Private land private money petrol exploration has saved the U.S. economy from total collapse. When we get an adult president he'll have a lot to clean up.

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    Bernie was wrong when he said this.

    by mysterious_poster May 31, 2015 2:24 PM
    hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 May 31, 2015 3:06 PM Flag


    Isn't it surprising they chose a black Marxist to run their country?

    The marketing teams run the country because we have a generation of uneducated/brainwashed voting at times. We are "Fashionistas" "Oh, it's time for a black President" "Oh, it's time for a woman President" and the mush heads buy into a BS trend idea. That is totally wrong thinking.

    The time for a black President would have been when a qualified one entered the race. There is no chronological time , there would be an opportunity time. 40+ years of NEA dumbing down America gave power to the few marketers with money.

  • "In an interview with Goldman Sachs' Allison Nathan this weekend, Yale professor and Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller was asked if the stock market is currently in a bubble. "

    "Here's Shiller:

    [We] "define a bubble as a social epidemic that involves extravagant expectations for the future. Today, there is certainly a social and psychological phenomenon of people observing past price increases and thinking that they might keep going. So there is a bubble element what we see. But I'm not sure that the current situation is a classic bubble because I'm not certain that most people have extravagant expectations."

    This is a different created bubble. In 1999 people were excited and had "extravagant expectations". Now the traders are not excited and thus there is no real demand based on excitement, there is an expectation that the Fed will somehow deliver where there is no demand.

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