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hei4me 30 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 15, 2016 8:25 PM Member since: Nov 8, 2004
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  • hei4me hei4me Jun 15, 2016 8:25 PM Flag

    Not crying just giving you a chance to hop off the bandwagon before you get taken to the cleaners once again.

    For the last eight years AMD fanatics throw, all products previous to the announced products under the bus, only to have the new products disappoint the heck out of the market.

    Anyway I believe AMD for the sake of the X86 nation better get off their rear and come up with better product to start helping Intel fight off the ARM hordes. Notice I did not add Nvidia with AMD and Intel since as far as I am concerned Nvidia is part of the army of Arm's invaders trying to overthrow X86.

  • hei4me hei4me Jun 15, 2016 3:33 PM Flag

    Beings that both of you have the patience of a saint and have followed the Zen and Polaris sagas from the onset, I believe late 2012, you do not have to read the article since deep down you already realize that Zen and Polaris as everything else that came before it, could be the same a failure.

    I was especially impressed at Mark for bringing up what AMD said about their mobil Polaris GPU Imagine that a 2017 AMD mobile APU that performs better then a console APU released in 2013. When I read that I almost fell out of my chair in laughter. What really makes me laugh is that before that APU is released AMD will have already produced a better console APU for Sony and Microsoft leaving the poor AMD mobile owner sucking wind as the previous 4 yrs.

  • hei4me hei4me Jun 10, 2016 1:21 PM Flag

    Love it when AMD fanboys use a game AOS which AMD paid the developers to make it a slanted AMD game.

    I really do not care either way but fanboys stop the crying when Nvidia offers monies and software to gain advantages over AMD GPUs.

    By the way don't you think it is strange that no finished DirectX 12 games are out yet even though Win 10 has been offered for more then a year now? A bunch of blockbusters were released during that time but the developers did not switch from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12. Could it be the developers over reliance on Console games sales keeps them from moving on ?

    Here again AMD kicks themselves in the rear, makes the console chips good enough for millions using DirectX 11 or what ever, while trying at the same time to convince PC gamers that DirectX 12 and AMD's Radeon is the future. LOL

  • hei4me hei4me Jun 9, 2016 1:01 PM Flag

    so what this writer is implying , the 480 beats the 980 Ti then it also beats the FuryX by a whopping amount?

    If this was true then why is it the 480 is priced at $199 and the Fury series at $600?

    From what I have read through notable tech sites, the 480 will be a little better then the 380 and not as good a performer as the 290 0r 390 leaving no apparent reason to upgrade if you have one of those AMD cards.

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    RX 480 vs GTX 1070

    by seavanus Jun 2, 2016 12:05 PM
    hei4me hei4me Jun 3, 2016 3:23 AM Flag

    Another hilarious angle to the 480 story is that AMD fanboys claim that the 1080 performance is just on par with the additional frequency over the 980 Ti just a bump they say..

    If this is true then our AMD fanboys should try to explain how is it that AMD's 480 has a lower frequency using a smaller process shrink and and to make matters worse has less then half the performance of a 1080.

    But hei4me the 480 cost less $199 to be precise. That is no badge of honor when you take into account that the performance of the 1080 is 30% better then a Titan X at $400 less. Now that is a real Performance to cost winner for Nvidia.

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    RX 480 vs GTX 1070

    by seavanus Jun 2, 2016 12:05 PM
    hei4me hei4me Jun 2, 2016 2:05 PM Flag

    Funny that AMD guys will tell you they would not pay so much for a high end graphics card when the Nano Fury card sold for just a few dollars less then a 980 Ti. The Nano gave you half of the performance of the Ti but almost the same price.

    when Fixusanow says that he would place two 480's instead of one 1080 he may do so but the vast majority of Graphics cards are purchased by OEM and unless you as a customer customize when ordering OEMs will not, due to the power usage and cost coming within a few cents of a single 1080.

    Another point by the time AMD actually starts selling 480s, Nvidia will have less powerful but cheaper 1000 series cards ready for wholesale to OEMs and retail for add on partners forcing AMD to once again lower their prices.

    All that blah blah hype by the Radeon Graphics Group have been proven to be just that Hype!!!

    The truth is AMD has in Intel language created a Tick, the same design but on a new process shrink.

    I take that back AMD has created a half tick where they did not take advantage of the process shrink as Nvidia has. Tells you a lot about how poorly 14 NM is at GF/Samsung's when compared to the TSMC 16 NM shrink.

    Taking into account that both TSMC and GF/Samsung process shrinks are not true 14 NM and 16 NM processes since the die sizes are 20 NM size and not 14 NM and 16 NM, AMD in die size only gains from 28 NM to 20 NM losing half of the benefits of the 14 NM shrink.

  • hei4me hei4me May 15, 2016 1:13 PM Flag

    Same old same old, AMD can not help but spinning truth into AMD truth. Production is in the eyes of the beholder and Nvidia beat AMD to the punch with Pascal while AMD is still spinning a weak 290/390 Polaris, which no one really knows the launch date of. To make matters worse the Fury based Polaris is sometime in 2017. Which means no competition for Nvidia for another year or so.

    In other words AMD is in the same spin cycle claiming everything is fine but just like 2014 and 2015 AMD will have nothing in 2016 to compete with Nvidia thus guaranteeing in the graphics market Nvidia dominance.

  • hei4me hei4me May 13, 2016 9:45 AM Flag

    And then reality set in, Nvidia up by more then the entire AMD's share price.

    Always remember Nvidia does not compete in the X86 market but yet its revenues dominates AMD's by $500 million.

    Now the Wells Fargo guy gets the rotten egg award for unsuccessfully trying to disparage Nvidia prior to Nvidia's release of financials. Nvidia grew revenues in both gaming and server the two avenues that Mr Ray bet against.

  • hei4me hei4me May 10, 2016 1:04 PM Flag

    What strikes me as hilarious is How after AMD execs have already told AMD fanboys that Polaris was at best a middle to low end chip, fanboys all over the Web try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, they claim AMD will take market share due to AMD will not have a high end product. LOL

    These same fanboys did not have this same opinion when AMD released Fury to compete at the high end, only now without a high end they claim midrange is the way to go.

    Some here are new to the board, so they do not recall the pain of the many times Nvidia launched product with AMD being late and then not having competitive products, thus losing market share.

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    Yahoo need to close these Message Boards

    by tqmek May 3, 2016 10:09 AM
    hei4me hei4me May 3, 2016 4:06 PM Flag

    All I can say is if you already have done your due diligence you would realize this board is more reputable then many others that owe their meaning for being solely on the company or some competition to that company.

    Over years every misstep that has driven AMD's stock price into the ground has been covered here days, weeks or even months before the light bulb goes on in the analyst heads.

    A good example of this is my thread of a month ago that had to do with revenue falling in the game console unit by 24% sequentially and by 25% year to year. It was not until today that a contributor at SeekingAlpha happened to notice this dramatic revenue shortfall and commented upon it. Now is you read my thread you would have had since AMD announced Q1 2016 financials to weigh the good or bad of an AMD investment.

    Even when something good happens to AMD it is covered here before it is covered elsewhere such as, even though AMD is licensing X86 Zen away for a petence, it is still light year ahead of the deal that Mr Read made with Sony and Microsoft!! With the China deal AMD gets money up front ( over a few years) and receives royalties during the lifetime of the deal. With the Console deal AMD received no monies up front and no royalties, all AMD receives are payments on each chip it sells at 12% margins

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 29, 2016 12:37 AM Flag


    Over the years AMD has promised results but have fallen far off the mark. Case in point it was last year that AMD promised it would grow 2nd half revenues thus show a profit. Skip ahead to the last CC and AMD is once again dangling the same carrot to its investors.

    Wasn't it the same 2015 AMD's Lisa Su Promised that Fury was the future of gaming only to find Fury not to be the future but an also ran to a Nvidia 's 980 Ti that was released months before Fury. I do not imagine Gaming fanboys cared a lick about HBM they cared about performance of a Card that Lisa claimed was the future. So Lisa knowingly overly promised as AMD has done it seems for ever.

    Its a wonder though why is AMD giving out so many different road maps for Zen when it was just a few months ago they claimed the server Zen would take a back seat to the consumer Zen. Now it seems that Zen is back to a sever CPU first and then a client CPU.

    I believe this shuffling is due to Zen can not stand alone as a strictly CPU chip without integrated graphics and as long as they change the subject enough no one will notice Zen consumer and Zen Server have both missed their scheduled launch dates.

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    Semi custom -25% below last year -24% last quarter

    by hei4me Apr 24, 2016 12:15 PM
    hei4me hei4me Apr 24, 2016 10:13 PM Flag

    Perhaps you have a problem with percentages or the meaning of vs last quarter or last year at this time?

    Also you have no knowledge on when console chips are produced AMD takes orders for one quarter forward and produces and revenues those chips this quarter for selling as manufactured consoles in 3rd quarter. In other words the chips and revenues garnered this quarter were not as you suggest for the 1st quarter but the 2nd quarter thus it indicates clearly a slowing down of console sales this quarter.

  • I was wondering why AMD could report $832 total revenue then go on to say computing and graphics made up $460 million leaving semi custom with only $372 million.

    In case you did not realize semi customs revenues have fallen dramatically leaving them in second place to computing a graphics after overtaking computing and graphics revenue wise last quarter

    Imagine that all this talk about the semi customs group growing and what happens revenues fall dramatically. Considering the $372 revenue was garnered producing chips for next quarter it would strongly indicate console sales are slowing big time going forward.

    Seems like a good reason, for AMD selling X86 server IP that they do not own to the Chinese. It is a distraction for gullible investors for not paying attention to the semi custom revenue drop.

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 20, 2016 8:36 PM Flag

    What in the heck are you talking about? Do you not realize the history behind the Xbox 360 where AMD did the right thing and developed and sold the technology to Microsoft for $275 million plus royalties. With the Xbox One AMD does all the work and gets paid piecemeal 10% margins for each unit they sell to Microsoft. In other words AMD did not receive a lump sum plus royalties.

    Like I said Microsoft will not be manufacturing the Xbox 360 thus the end of royalties to AMD, which some say are as high as what AMD receives for manufacturing APUs and Chipsets for Xbox One.

    What sound like the better deal Hector/Meyers taking cash up front and royalties while doing nothing forcing Microsoft to foundry their own dies and also put the chip together or Read/Su signing a deal that gave them not a signal dime cash up front for the IP and on top of that AMD must pay the foundries to fabricate then put the die together with the Chip, and chipset.

    Microsoft having its rear end handed to them by Hector and Meyers did not want any part in manufacturing the GPU and chipset as they did with Xbox 360 so knowing the Read was desperate for contracts handed AMD a real reaming. Isn't revenge sweat!!!!

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 20, 2016 3:36 PM Flag

    I believe the news was MS will not manufacture the Xbox 360 any longer. Xbox 360 live support will continue.

    Another AMD fanboy not realizing this is a blow to AMD revenue since Xbox graphics royalties will stop being received by AMD.

    Can not wait until some other fanboy cannot separate fanboyism from the business aspect of AMD. No wonder AMD investors always seem to trap themselves into believing AMD is doing far better then reality proves.

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 19, 2016 12:39 PM Flag

    "In a recent press event, AMD Graphics Guru Raja Kudori expressed the company’s strategy to target the product line at a broader customer base, a shift from high end graphics processing units such as the Fiji and the Fury R9 line. This represents AMD’s returns to its roots of giving its customers a bigger bang for buck with smaller and power efficient graphics chips."

    Need you have anything else said about Polaris then AMD will not target the high end? Just like Bulldozer and AMD's Mr Read announcing to the world that AMD will not compete with Intel, now Raja is saying that AMD will not compete with Nvidia at the high end discrete.

    AMD fanboys are the biggest Rubes on earth having dog dung forced upon them and Unforced post this as if it was good news that AMD's Polaris is not targeted at real gamers but gamers that may or may not purchase a single game a year.

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 14, 2016 3:30 PM Flag

    You notice these so called benchmarks are all gained by AMD's 290 and 390 cards nothing is mention about AMD next generation Fury design.

    So like I wrote Will AMD go back to wasting 150 watts per cards 290 and 390 over Nvidia or are they going forward, remain on the Fury path? Lower wattage and better gaming performance per card while at the same time lowering their GPGPU abilities to keep wattage and gaming performance higher then those older models?

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 14, 2016 2:38 PM Flag

    If you knew anything about AMD's Fury cards you would know that AMD did the same thing as Nvidia did lowered the discrete gaming GPGPU performance to exactly the same as Nvidia to save wattage. this allows AMD cards going forward to somewhat compete with the 980 and 980 Ti.

    It is to bad that AMD fanatics like yourself when actually having this point explained to you by a trusted AMD supporter breaks down and cry, then claim that AMD somehow is being ripped off.

    Unless AMD is going to rebadge the 290 series for infinity and not go on with Fury AMD's Fury cards DirectX 12 will have no greater benefit for AMD then what rumors are claiming Nvidia's performance is with DirectX 12.

    Now when it comes server, HPG and workstations, where the real money is made, Nvidia's cards rip AMD a new one . Their GPGPU abilities with Cuda and Open CL is so advanced over AMD that Nvidia holds a 80% market share.

  • hei4me hei4me Apr 12, 2016 11:21 AM Flag

    "According to Jon Peddie Research, AMD is expected to hold 83% of the VR head-mounted display market."

    Noe how in the heck can this be true when Nvidia already owns 81.2% of the discrete gaming market presently.

    Just for VR no one going to trade in their 980 series cards for AMD cards just because AMD pumping PR promises less motion sickness.

    And the data center revenues will not grow until Zen is launched and that is a big cross your fingers and hold your breath assumption since AMD rewrote their roadmap and placed Zen server on the backburner, in its place will be Desktop and laptop chips.

    When they did the roadmap reversal, it was a sure sign that something was wrong with the Zen's design when it came to competing with Intel Xeon. The Data center was AMD's target due to the fact Data Center spending has been growing by Double digits but AMD could not take advantage of this growth due to having less then 2% market share.

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    VR the ultimate scam

    by hei4me Apr 11, 2016 1:44 PM
    hei4me hei4me Apr 11, 2016 7:05 PM Flag


    What you are trying to explain is something that ATI and Nvidia have perfected since the days of Far Cry, Half Life 2, Doom 3, In fact ever since the day graphics boards placed GDDR memory on the card the GPUs were free to render the next frame before hand and cache that frame in memory to be used as you say when something changed in the frame or the player looked the other way.

    But like I said the player does not actually go off Center the word actually moves.

    I still stand by what I wrote the Vive and Rift are failures if you based your hopes on a headset that would immerse you in the worlds of Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, or Dark Souls 3 just to mention a few.

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