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    Show me the money

    by blackoutbuzz Nov 19, 2015 10:23 AM
    herjrr herjrr Nov 19, 2015 12:18 PM Flag

    blackout--you should look at how this benefits the family--not how this benefits the corporation or b shareholders. think about owning ski-doo envinrude can-am lear trains and planes---now think about stock at twenty /share --now think about owning part of trains and part of planes and stock at $1/share. The family now owns BRP and my guess they will own either planes or trains when dust clears but they will cover ownership --smoke and mirrors sorry for b shareholders losses and mine too

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    Show me the money

    by blackoutbuzz Nov 19, 2015 10:23 AM
    herjrr herjrr Nov 19, 2015 11:21 AM Flag

    This is even worse than the rip-off we got from family selling BRP for $900 million. They are selling cseries and now 30% of trains. The shells are moving around and we all know family will benefit from this scam but not clear enough yet to start the class-action suit. Family has to benefit and this may take some time to see although we all know it is a done deal. What an abuse of minority shareholders. But if someone sees how family is benefitting please post --- funny how shareholders are not in the least involved in these deals. More of a curtain than a vail.

  • herjrr herjrr Nov 2, 2015 8:17 AM Flag

    and it looks just like cseries--

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    trading pattern ?suspicious

    by putinchoi Oct 15, 2015 10:41 AM
    herjrr herjrr Oct 15, 2015 10:01 PM Flag

    same russian super jet that crashed last year on demo--- go figure

  • if $10/barrel tariff excluding canada and mexico were placed on oil would this hurt US refiners so bad they would lose market share. Obvious reason for such a tax would be to ease deficit but would not it help US producers. Granted it is a regressive tax but if saudis try to kill north america frackers public might swallow a few cents per gallon tax especially with price being so low. I am not saying hurt the saudis and since they are the lowest cost producer it would hurt putin and venezuela worse. But it should help BP??

  • There seems to be rumors that the saudis have made the deals to move oil up to the $60's -- I don't know where a 10% fuel savings will over a 10 year period will justify a $20 or $30 million price difference???

  • the press release had this : A deal with Caisse would likely require some change in the voting rights structure which currently favors Bombardier's founding family, said a second source familiar with the talks.
    Folks if bbd come become a true public company and reconcile with the Family so they maintain some representation on the board, then the number one problem would be overcome and I think the true value of the company would be seen in the stock price.
    This would be a win for present shareholders, family, and canada. Good Luck Caisse

  • siemens--no, buffet--no Oh let me guess the family is going to take the company private--they have the money but this would open them up to lawsuits and they would lose community and government respect. funny how this cash shortage has mushroomed just as cseries is certified and planes being fabed

  • saw this blurb on internet:
    The Development Bank of Japan is in talks with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. to invest 100 billion yen ($831 million) in its development of the nation’s first passenger plane in more than 40 years, two people familiar with the situation said.
    The state-owned bank wants to help stimulate Japan’s aviation industry and will make a decision by the end of March, said one person, asking not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak on the matter.
    The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is set to make its first flight next month, as it competes with Embraer SA and Bombardier Inc. in the market for small passenger planes. So far the company has won 407 orders for the regional jet, including options and purchase rights.

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    comac and boeing embrace

    by herjrr Sep 24, 2015 1:48 PM
    herjrr herjrr Sep 26, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    airbus and boeing are probably selling planes at a price that cseries can meet. But cseries is a clean sheet composite plane that will be more economical to operate---when oil goes back to $100/barrel then cseries will sell, the plane is not wrong --In a most ways it superior product but it appears to cost more. Always you hear the argument that because both airbus and boeing make larger planes and airlines like commonality--- I don't buy that argument if cseries were priced at same price it would beat a320 or 737 -- on lower pollution, noise and fuel savings---but oil price will hurt cseries

  • I think I read where iran was getting $100 billion from the frozen accounts well a big part of that is going to russia: The contracts involved satellite-related equipment as well as the Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional passenger aircraft, Sputnik said.:

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    Read my lips American sleezeballs

    by blackoutbuzz Sep 25, 2015 1:18 AM
    herjrr herjrr Sep 25, 2015 12:47 PM Flag

    buzz -- I totally agree that these guys must have an agenda that has little to do with the truth and I am an american. I am a long and have lost a ton of money on bbd--- I no longer have a clue about where this company is going-- stock price is being manipulated such that fundamentals such as good products and hard work by the engineers and workers do not count -- family controls and now idiots like Teal seem to have another agenda rather than truthful information?? For goodness sake trains is worth more than total market cap and debt?? not sure if there are many just retail mom and pops left in the stock-- seems to be family and sharks smelling blood in water.

  • what is supposed to be an analyst --is this real?? okay the whole market cap for bbd is $3.25 billion trains,planes,engineering. So bbd may have spent $4 billion on cseries and now this analyst says:
    Bombardier needed about $1 billion to complete certification of the new jet, but would need about $3 billion in additional funding to help reel in the sales it needs to make the CSeries a success in the highly competitive marketplace
    What are these guys talking about??? it is going to take $3 billion to sell the cseries??? I have got to stop reading internet business reports (yahoo) . surreal--

  • so china needs 6000 planes-- and we all know they want to build them themselves (very reasonable). Okay we know airbus already has an assembly plant in china. We know that bbd has some agreements to have common controls, interiors??, fuselodge, etc with cseries and comac's copy of cseries. Now china agrees to buy 300 narrow body 737 from boeing if boeing assembles them in chinese factory. This is not good news for bbd-- I am sure they had hoped for some piece of the narrow body market in china-- but what it looks like is they will make do with boeing and airbus until comac can build their planes. It is like the cseries in too much plane (cost) just to carry passengers. Hey I have seen a lot of daimler taxis in europe so I guess it is still possible to sell a cseries if fuel price goes up or after some experience the plane proves low maintenance.
    The idea of a narrow body was the right call but it is looking like the extra money to make it fuel efficient is too costly.

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    what history says can happen

    by herjrr Mar 20, 2012 10:10 PM
    herjrr herjrr Sep 14, 2015 2:16 PM Flag

    okay I thought the surviving company would be trains--but folks we been taking about this for 4 years---

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    so i guess it's over?

    by jackwu7378 Sep 14, 2015 11:31 AM
    herjrr herjrr Sep 14, 2015 1:56 PM Flag

    hey jack -- if bbd sells trains and somehow can get most of debt gone I think it will return to the $4/share range. it may take a couple of years but anything less bthan $2 (canadain) it is still worth a shot. This whole deal with stock price is totally controlled by the beauoin/bombardier family and their financial advisors. By depressing the stock value the present holders of bbd will rejoice when trains are sold for nothing and stock price returns to $4/share.

  • if you look at the recent history trains and planes have had about the same revenue and profit. So a "b" shareholder thinks that if trains are sold in some way that should be a positive. chinese offer of $8 billion is more than twice the market cap of both planes and trains together. But go back 2 years and compare that to the future two years--- remember you have no control as a "b" shareholder. what you see is worse than the rip off or brp. you end up losing trains and have nothing but a cseries (which in a normal world should have been developed fron crj cash flow. Guys I said it was a done deal and now you see it. Presto Changeo--- now the real work begins to see through the smoke and mirrors if family benefitted from the deal --wow this is going to be a tough one.
    hypothesis: take on $ 8 billion of debt use$4 billion on cseries --drive stock down by stopping dividend pausing lear etc ,act like pierre is incompetent, etc---sell trains $8 billion(control sell price). Use $4 billion in some mirky nonshareholder way to benefit family--through a partial ownership of trains or else. Net result is trains gone and "b" shareholders get zero except for planes,
    Guys I have been saying this was coming for years go back look at my posts --the way it was done was totally by abuse. a suit will not get you but pennies on the dollar lost and you have to prove family benefited. wow these guys a good.

  • herjrr by herjrr Sep 12, 2015 7:57 AM Flag

    more articles being written that imply the Gulf diaster forced BP to sell some assets and streamline at a time of high oil prices and this will offset fines. Strange that what has been a millstone is now being called a positive dividend saver as oil price slides down. for sure dudley is no browne but by accident he may have been the right personality to helm the ship when approaching the shoals of low oil prices.

  • herjrr herjrr Sep 11, 2015 11:03 AM Flag

    the stock price?

  • To meet the pace of capacity growth, the world will likely need 103,000 tonnes of elemental uranium (tU) by 2035, up from 62,000 tU now, the report said.
    wind and solar just not cutting it in the shoert term--clean and non-carbon nuclear is becoming the econonimical choice in countries not politically controlled by greenies

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