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  • Maybe someone could do a Private placement and help megola get some money to pay their fees...maybe they should have kept a little something back rather then give all the funding to green relief ...lmfao
    Also need to py lawyer, transfer agent, resident agent, accountant and list goes on...web site host as that's gone aswell?

    Calculate Annual List of Officer Fees for

    Item Fee

    Annual List (due 3/31/2015)
    $ 175.00
    Annual List Late Fee $ 75.00

    Business License (due 3/31/2015)
    $ 200.00
    Business License Late Fee $ 100.00

    $ 550.00

    * These fees are current as of today's date of 04/06/2015 12:13 PM but can change based on events occurring on future dates. The above fees assume that a State Business License Exemption does not apply. Exemptions from the State Business License may not be filed online.

    something cool coming soon... wonder what megola will claim to be next?

  • hginoug hginoug Apr 2, 2015 7:44 AM Flag

    WELLl it gets even filings for toxic round of dump could catch others really getting cleaned out...DD BY iHUB poster....

    OMG!! The ConMan has outdone himself once again!!.. Just when you thought the numbers and dilution were comprehensible it's now clearly obvious he's used up the entire Convertible preferred C stock, he's issued to toxic.. Now he's gone and not just himself too, but filed by the 'new' previously unannounced Chief financial officer, none other than his BS pal, Mark Vouzzo.

    Oh My GOD!! if the claim last year that they screwed up the stupid formula and that's why termites preferred RedCrap over bare lumber bears responsibility it's none other than his dope pal, buddy in crime Vouzzo!!,, just the mer thought of somebody like that acting as chief financial officer is scarier than poop on a hot stinking stick!! Or as if the #$%$ didn't stink high enough as it was??

    And this new toxic pile he'll try and hide the BS loans in will be called Convertible preferred D.. Ya woppie!!.. Because, the conversion terms inside of it are even worse!! Lower than dirt, increasing Toxic's lowest priced convertible time frames exponentially!!. member last time I said within 20 days?? whelp you can toss that whole plan out the window, WAY out that window, Way, way!!.. geez why does it now sound like that graphic video of child tossing cash out a window?? Because that's what this BS #$%$ shoot game is!!

    The Blood bath is not simply loaded inside of those C convertibles now,, no sir, that ConMan is taking his new hide the toxic games up one more step!!. "Opps we completely ran out of those toxic Convertible C notes,," Humm what to do, what new trick is there? "MAKE another set!!"

    Are these clowns making money, paying off the debt or increasing it as usual??

    He's preparing a blood bath, and has the clean-up crew attached to hide the stench!!

    Time too watch another 10 billion shares fly by!!

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    megola bankrupt---nothing to do with green relief

    by hginoug Mar 27, 2015 3:24 PM
    hginoug hginoug Mar 31, 2015 11:09 AM Flag

    flippers are working real hard on MGON IHUB board...funny this is these new flippers/pumpers got blindsided by the ones from a couple weeks ago and are needing to exit asap...megola has NOTHING and on ihub many links to prove it...WHY would megolas and Medcan (megola so called subsidiary) be down or better yet removed? Green Relief lawyers made them end the charade...yet pumpers still using this bogus info to play the flip game...soon smoke clears, megola will be in default on financials (already are) their NV filings and OTC fees...and bagholders will cry

  • pumpers are even screwing over other pumpers to get out of this stock...Asher has converted a ton of shares to bring the A/S to a max of 200M...megolas new website has been removed as has their subsidiaries medcan inc because of legal enforcement from Green Relief...beware of toxic lenders scamming people to buy the shares they need to dump

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    20 to 1 r/s not bad at all,,

    by gapperrrr Mar 24, 2015 8:49 AM
    hginoug hginoug Mar 24, 2015 5:39 PM Flag

    problem was this 20:1 was approved long ago when Conman had vote control (majority) and the idiot Conboy diluted the company so much he lost majority vote he couldn't amend the r/s rate...he has 30,000 pfd A which carry 100,000 he has 3,000,000,000 votes...well he diluted to 10,000,000,000 so he would require over 50.01 votes to modify R/S ALL he could do was the already stipulated in 2013 20:1...all this means is he reloads 9.5 billion and pps starts at .004 ...its actually easier for him to dump shares at these cheap prices and raise money..look how fast he dumped first 10 billion...RINSE/REPEAT... expect some new amendments after R/S as Conboy has control again as A don't get Reverse...just common

  • Steve, nice letter that you go on about the phase 1 and 2 where you #$%$ away millions of dollars and brought in zero phase 3...who was letter really directed at...YOU have SCREWED over all your current shareholders was this REALLY a shareholder letter of should it be re phrased as potential new shareholder letter....WHAT exactly have you done for YOUR SHAREHOLDERS? The PPS HAS DROPPED EVERY YEAR AND YOU DILUTED THE COMPANY TO 10 BILLION ISSUED...AND NOW A REVERSE SPLIT...RELOAD,RINSE, are a scam artist at best!

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    by thinking10198 Mar 13, 2015 12:19 PM
    hginoug hginoug Mar 19, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    YOU were warned by a few of some actual DD and you wont get caught in R/S or p&d...or atleast get on the right some of them. GLTY

  • hginoug hginoug Mar 11, 2015 8:12 AM Flag

    steve, why haven't you told YOUR FOLLOWERS on your web site ie blog, FB,Twitter that you have reduced their holdings with the reverse split and you will further dilute the company another 9.5 billion....THIS is actually positive news isn't it? this means you can continue to operate and not go bankrupt LMFAO. our country should be so thankful to have businessmen like you helping so many people...gig is up buddyboy...your competitors have the redshield recipe is what I have heard... thanks to Randall Hart.

  • Steve, you lied again...wheres the uplist. when you pulled the bs shareholder vote meeting and made all the decisions YOURSELF, your proxy claimed many items...all bs by the looks of it. You have these message board cronies spewing your bs along with your IR firm for the simple reason to MISLEAD investors...will be interesting to see how well your next scam run of dumping another 9.5 billion shares into market goes...I suspect a scammer can find the idiots that cant read financials to buy his stock...that's what you have become..a mere amazed FINRA will even allow the R/S !

  • People, Steve CONBOY AKA conman JUST initiated a Reverse split...after duping investors into buying 10 billion shares he now has r/s a 20:1 this means.. he reloads 9.5 BILLION shares ad start pps will open a .004 it is obviously easier for him to dupe people to buy a .004 stock then say a .10 or higher stock...when he dumps the 9.5 billion he could generate 38 million dollars....imagine a company whos financials are pathetic at best, 30+ million in debt and yet this CEO seems to find ways to spend the money from the toxic loans and lets his shareholders suffer his consequences...amazing he can still getaway with this.. he truly is a great CONMAN...screwing over American investors, not paying his American taxes...maybe its ISIS that is buying the shares as what other idiots would support him??

  • RELOAD,RINSE,REPEAT...more bagholders to come...Steve just reloaded another 9.5 billion...just screwed over a ton of shareholders...but he gets more shares to dump and keep toxic funders alive...oh and possibly keep Eco many times did I and others warn people. Steve Conboy is a lying #$%$!

    Colorado Secretary of State
    Date and Time: 03/06/2015 01:55 PM
    ID Number: 20071142535
    Document number: 20151166674
    Amount Paid: $25.00

    Upon effectiveness (the "Effective Time") pursuant to the Colorado Corporation
    Law of this Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of the
    Corporation, each twenty (20) shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding
    immediately prior to the Effective Time shall, automatically and without any
    action on the part of the respective holders thereof, be combined and converted
    into one (1) share of Common Stock (the "Reverse Stock Split"). No fractional
    shares shall be issued in connection with the Reverse Stock Split. Stockholders
    who otherwise would be entitled to receive fractional shares of Common Stock
    shall be rounded up to the next whole share of Common Stock. Each certificate
    that immediately prior to the Effective Time represented shares of Common Stock
    ("Old Certificates"), shall thereafter represent that number of shares of Common
    Stock into which the shares of Common Stock represented by the Old Certificate
    shall have been combined, subject to adjustment for fractional share interests as
    described above. For purposes of clarity, after the Effective Time, the total number
    of shares of all classes of stock that the Corporation shall have authority to issue
    shall remain at ten billion (10,000,000,000) shares of Common Stock

  • steve, in past years you put out company updates regularly.... now you put out fluff... has SEC regulatory sent you letter to refrain from false news? This new slogan "ASK US WHY IT'S RED", our approach is producing results supporting the Company's business plan...... is this ALL you have going...reality tv SHOW OR ADDING THESE SMALL ONE BY ONE BUILDERS...your business plan...PLEASE WRITE A LETTER to shareholders explaining this paradigm shift that shows you generating minimal sales and gigantic expenses.... HOW IS THAT CONSIDERED 'WORKING" ??? Must give you some credit is somehow you can dupe these new builders or ways to advertise when they ALL must wonder if you will be in business next week, month? YOUR financials are complete bogus and if anyone of your new customers, clients read them surely they can see your thing they can be assure of is future delivery...because the redshield recipe has been acquired by a big PT should have protected the product line...another reason you are an idiot and faled. question is who sold it to them... Nexgen, Bluwood Canada, Megola or was it NewStar and Hart screwing you over LOL...hmmm time will tell....better get the R/S going and dump more stock while you can!

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    Steve, how much longer can you run this SCAM

    by hginoug Feb 19, 2015 5:47 PM
    hginoug hginoug Feb 20, 2015 7:53 AM Flag

    Steve, even your going concern is false... you need more than $400K a month to survive... when and how do you plan to pay down all the accumulated debt? YOU need to pay your payables and tax arrears... its over $4,000,, most companies pay their taxes... you claim to be this great American company yet you screw the system along with shareholders... your scam is coming to an end.

  • Eco authorized is maxed out, you have outstanding notes due and convertibles notes that can convert at anytime.... Steve, you must be sweating as the scam needs a big turn..reverse split? Increase authorized? Amazing that you are not in jail for misleading shareholders and investors...Q mentions nothing about all the so called revenue channels you have claimed in many past false press releases... its illegal to mislead investors... yes even in pinkyland.. imp you are on borrowed time... you are not a businessman... you are a con artist and your financials prove this... you will get caught... watch out fort the streetsweeper!!

  • Steve, still thinking putting out a fluff press release will help ease shareholder pain for what is expected as another debt filled Q. When will you come clean that you have mislead investors and shareholders...stop being a coward and write a shareholder letter stating facts.... update all the past press releases and tell people which are true and which failed or never got off the ground...OR will it take the courts under oath for you to tell the truth, then again you would probably lie on the stand as your ego would take over...same as many that have failed their companies.. just a matter of time...when is R/S happening or are you increasing authorized another 10-20 billion? YOU cant hide behind fluff press releases forever.

  • hginoug hginoug Feb 18, 2015 8:32 AM Flag

    steve, if you want an out just have the CFO update shareholders...oh right, you claimed in last financials that Eco would be hiring additional help to steer the ship....once again looks like your big ego wouldn't allow anyone else in to help...well that and you want to keep any pocket money for yourself...sad you can hire a QC guy to do your blogs LOL...what exactly does Vuoozo do if hes not the QC guy? How is it he warrants the huge salary...assume you pay him to keep quiet....investigation is getting close but you wont disclose any of that in the Q as you keep the scam going.

  • Steve, after dec 31 Q ending is filed will you follow up with updates on financials and ALL the past press releases....seems financials never meet the expectations of all the press releases...why do you put out misleading press releases? Why not state the facts and update shareholders on the reality of Eco... you cant hide behind blogs or a CEO and address shareholder concerns. Seems everyone is expecting a huge Reverse split...WHY NOT ADDRESS THIS ON YOUR BLOG...or will you ever stop taking toxic loans and diluting company? BIG issue is why does competitors have same redshield formulation...prove shareholders you are not a coward and address all the concerns you read on all the message boards...don't blog info..write another letter and make a release like you seemed to do a while back...but please don't BS like last one..tell the truth for once!

  • Steve, instead of arguing on your web site blog, facebook or twitter pages WHY DONT you issue a shareholder letter. YOU use to put these out regularly but they were filled with BS, lies and false predictions. PLEASE tell shareholders you wont be doing a R/S or increasing authorized yet again by billions of shares. Why don't you explain where all the revenues from the so called countries you expanded Eco into....or where those merely free trips....its called an update. Explain anything, something to shareholders. explain why you keep taking toxic loans and if this will ever stop. How will you curb your excessive spending...really 30k gross revenues a month and you spend 500K a month on expenses,,, so instead of arguing with message board posts WHY don't you act like a CEO and show some transparency to your wont because you are a coward! REMEMBER.. everytime anyone reviews the financials they know you are a fraud. Where would you be if you couldn't screw investors and dump Eco would have been bankrupt years are not a are a scam artist plain and simple!

  • HOW pathetic that Eco's CEO is using his web site BLOG to counter message boards posts... he wants to debate a termite OSU report but more importantly I would like to see some grade 9 students interested in business discuss his operations, business plans and business ethics...THEY would crush is a guy that takes toxic loans just to keep operations afloat, uses false misleading press releases to help the lenders dump discounted stock and screw ALL his shareholders and any new investors that are blind sided. The CEO has screwed angel investors, business associates and would have been bankrupt years ago if he didn't have the shareholders to screw and dilute his companies stock to a whopping 10 billion shares issued...that's 10 billion and a reverse split happening soon...what a pathetic CEO and amazing how he can show his face infront of the other business people he meets...they all know hes a hypocrite. so he investigates message boards, he wants debates on website about putting out a Q that shows some real business being done... not 30K gross revenues a month and 500k expenses a month....its been what 5-7 years and Eco has been driven so far into massive debt (40 M in debt? millions in tax arrears) But hey go battle the message boards and a termite report... HOW about an annual shareholders meeting and answer about business developments, etc...maybe have a vote at the annual meeting allowing real shareholders to vote on officers, directors... NOW we all know Conman wont do this because he knows the answer...he hides behind his self appointed CEO and issues himself preferred class shares to keep majority vote control...uses funding like his own personal bank...its a scam and hes a fraud...should be fed to the termites! End is near...INVESTIGATIONS are closing in on Conman... matter of time.

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