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    New UPGRADE :)

    by sam_0534 May 6, 2016 10:13 AM
    iamonline4 iamonline4 May 26, 2016 12:32 PM Flag

    She was trying to help But Ironically JD fell down too when the news hit :-). In my view JD is losing money big time and won't last for too long.

  • e-commerce infrastructure, from retailing to payment to delivery. I just believe Jaka Ma's vision; if we focus on helping a lot of people making money, we ourselves can not be too poor. If a business is built on screwing others that business will not last because you can not screw people all the time. If you business is to enabling others to make money, then your business is going to get better and better and better. It is simple folks. If you go to China and talk to people, you will realize BABA is just a gigantic magnet that people just keep going to repeatedly.

  • Retail total broke through the 3000 billion yuan, becoming the largest in the world. (During single day, baba processed 140,000 transactions per SECOND !!!). Right now baba has 400 millions users, by 2024 it will reach 2 billion. Ali Cloud is up 138%, with 500,000 paying customers. Ali Movie and Ali Music and Ali Sports are all set up to reach all cities and villages in the world. What a gift they are selling it today.

  • China's BAT (Baidu, Baba and Tecent) only Tecent is not listed in the US so not subject to this #$%$. Smart decision not to list in the US. Bidu and Baba should move or co list their stock in china or Hong Kong.

  • They are doing it again and again. It is written on the wall , they want to gun down every Chinese companies that are listed on the US market. Baba is a formidable force that is expanding fast in all regions of the world. This makes some of the US competitors running scared, they use the US bodies in the us media to smear it as much as they can to buy some time. But do what ever they can they can not stop BABA. It is not Baba needs anybody, it is everybody that needs baba. Do not sell your baba for the next 20 years. Baba is like China's Berkshaire Heatherway 40 years ago. It is a huge conglomerate in the digital age. Buy with confidence and lock the stock away.

  • Just yesterday baba announced softbank deal in Japan for cloud service. Today they do this Greenberg show to shake some of the weak hands out. BAT is the trio to own for the next decade. Buy on weakness.

  • I remember a while ago he said his investment in twtr was a disaster. Just don't know if he sold out.

  • I thought the panic would get it to below 14. But why it is not happening? Maybe tomorrow?

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    Just shorted at $256.

    by martc1 Apr 5, 2016 1:58 PM
    iamonline4 iamonline4 Apr 5, 2016 2:25 PM Flag

    Very dangerous to short at new high. This goes to 400+ in next 12 months

  • donated $3.9 million to CDC a while back. So if he wants LL to die, CDC will probably do its best to help.

  • iamonline4 by iamonline4 Mar 8, 2016 7:43 PM Flag

    is very suspicious. Imagine you are the guy who works at CDC and was given the job to test the the formaldehyde level from the LL products. You go to this test site and lay the laminate on the floor and you go up to near the ceiling to measure the concentration, and you recorded the reading on your device and then you recorded your measuring height from the floor...

    Here is the key. The testing site can not be with a ceiling height of 8 meters (26' approx) which is the height of first CDC report. 8 meters is very tall, it is about 4 of NBA retire player Yao Ming stacking together, or the height of a two story building. The average one story american house has a height of 13" or 4 meters. Therefore there is no sense to send you to do the test in a house with ceiling height of 8 meters high. So if the testing site is 13" or 4 meters high, how is it possible for the guy to write down 8 meters as the height in the first report? Suppose you are supposed to measure at 8 feet high , not the full height of the ceiling, then you would write down 2.44 meters if you are a metric guy, and you would write down 8 feet if you are imperial. In either case you would not likely to write 8 meters !!! You simply do not have the opportunity of make such an mistake.

  • Why did Tilson came out now when there nothing new to be said about the company except the stock bounced from around $10 after earnings report to today's $14 4 hours ago. Well it is because he re-shorted the stock on 2/22 when the CDC report came out making the stock plunge from previous day at $14 to $12. Yes he re-shorted the stock on that day around $12. Then the stock drifted lower a little more till earnings time at around $10. He did not cover thinking the stock would go even lower after that. But the stock showed resilience since and never went down anymore and in a blink of an eye back up at $14 again. So he needed to bring it down. Sad thing is he is not alone in this. Folks at CNBC or their friends did similar trade and in dire need of help from somebody. So their came Tilson. If the Fed ever investigates in this, I will bet my money this is basically the case.

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