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id_dejour 18 posts  |  Last Activity: 21 hours ago Member since: May 8, 2009
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  • Alumni laughed all the way to the bank when we heard ebay was going to lay off thousands of employees, the backbone of their already atrocious customer service, for a stock pumping gain. Knowing America' s long rigged short sighted casino markets, we were happy to ride (yet another) fake gain, and turn around quickly to short this stock pig like the bacon it is destined to be. What a dumb move! Just more of the completely backackwards mindless that's already made ebay such a delightful short. Customers complain about little customer service to let's lay them all off and hope people forget how we reamed them. Thanks for the money (again) ebay. You could not have made a dumber move if HE demanded it. Cash for the intelligent! Again!

  • Does this help ebay? Or Yahoo? Does John Osborne, ebay's z50com and VW, and our sick 13 year daily board troll have no posting rules like the rest of us, and yahoo doesn't care what happens to its pet loser? Why would John Osborne z50com be using ebay information to publicly show ebay and Yahoo have no security and like to endanger people? Odd. Not going to end well for you is it John?

  • id_dejour id_dejour Jan 14, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    Yes, ebay is crashing and burning all according to the authentic Doctor Clarify's Playbook. Incredible levels of profit going into already rich Alumni's bank accounts. This is all as it should be. Sweet justice for the worthy and intelligent.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Jan 5, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    Good morning Logic. I'm still enjoying my 4 day weekend (7 day weekends around the holidays) but it IS great to enjoy the very profitable, very very profitable, advantages of being intelligent, logical and fully informed by our bravery and intelligence, and the awesome authentic Doctor Clarify's Playbook, to once again profit mightily on shorting probably the junkiest, most conniving, most manipulated stocks on Wall st. I say if ebay management insiders can once again shuck long investors at ebay's (allegedly) most profitable time of the year then there's no reason we can't buy more real estate for our portfolio's too.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Dec 31, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

    Your "all one poster" lies are clouding your eyes again old loser board troll. I have never wanted to be an ebay seller (too much money in stocks) so how would I ever get a NARU? Plus, getting away from ebay would be a blessing to any human. Also, I'm not bitter, at all, in that ebay has made me a large fortune by simply monitoring the constant insider criminal pump and dumps, while the small army of your IDs lives here 247 daily crashing any potential ebay "stock" would ever ever have. Kind of similar to the way you destroyed your own daughter and grandkid's possible futures. My soul is quite happy! Your' is fittingly doomed. And that also makes me happy!

  • The only way ebay insider management can make money anymore is by robbing the dwindling number of true believer long investors again and again until investors figure out this stock is a joke, then ebay will fall and go down faster than 'team' board trolls at Ripples. I guess there is no SEC witnessing ebay's crimes but when the music stops, ghost town ebay will be all alone.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Dec 31, 2014 1:42 PM Flag

    Once again, ebay's suffering incredible stock decline at its supposed peak selling season! And the board is full of little RIPPLES punks sweating out some misplaced grudge that's well over 10 years old! How does their daily spewing help ebay? How do ebay insiders pumping and then dumping their shares help their long term true believing investors? Is ebay so despoiled now as a fraud stock out-of -date site (like Pet Rock or Myspace) that the only money in it anymore is insiders gouging their investors? Intelligent people say yes. Intelligent people make money by monitoring the insider management's fraudulent actions. Just a fact.

  • Ebay, the stock that keeps giving pump and dump losses to its investors while subjecting them to RIPPLED up crazies spamming their lust for men parts. Wow! Insider investors are very very desperate. Very desperate.

  • Without the naive long true believers ebay insiders could not continue their very profitable pump and dump at YOUR expense. Business as usual, brought to you by the site that insists Ripples obsessed board trolls that ebay and Yahoo host have a right to the same oxygen humans breath, but as we all see, they do not. Should an investor continue to be shucked by ebay? Isn't it better to simply ride the pumps up and short it at the first possibility because you can make money like ebay insider management does. The stock is a joke, but these manipulations are serious business. Play the casino US markets until the music stops and there is no more chairs. Why not? You owe no loyalty to a torturing war monger nation or a scamming company like ebay!

  • Ebay is pulling extreme pumps, where insiders dump stock, and then dumps, to hand the mess back to its long true believers. Everyone can look at ebay and see sales and page views are down. It's the Pet Rock of this decade. As popular as Myspace now, so the rats do not want to be left with their millions of un-expensed ebay shares. Why not stick them with you, while they have a small tribe of Ripples Boys and Bean Counters try to distract you. The whole ebay house of caards is about to crash and burn and do the world a huge favor.
    Alumni is profiting greatly from ebay's scams but that still does not make it right.

  • Maybe if John Osborne (ebay's z50com, ebay_america, and 100s o9f melt IDs here) and Patrick Mitchell (the San Rafael beancounter known as Flyktning) had ANY investments besides hate and war, and hadn't made Alumni angry they might be on the way to $60 instead of $50. How does calling out to their long ago Master help them at all? No Taster's (except RIPPLES goo) no Choice. What sad endless circles of hate they plow. Can you imagine a pair of board trolls wasting 13 years at this?

  • I know the smart investors got in on this predictable pump and dump action. Ebay is just becoming way too predictable. The authentic Doctor Clarify (not the fake here now) had ebay, and these loser $60 chattering board trolls pegged. Totally pegged back in 2003 and firmly in a box by 2005.

  • Look at all the FAILURE IDs of John Osborne, ebay's z50com (ebay_america, ebay 60, ebay 70 and 1000s of failed IDs) trolling Sullied In His Ma, the hundreds of fake Doc and Mad IDs, and most especially Flyktning, Patrick Mitchell, Sab Rafael's bean counter, who gets his tiny little rocks off foisting such sickness on this place. All pure malignant narcissists! Only psychos would use their code words 'chuck' when they mean the mens members like they blew at RIPPLES. Only true psychos would even open their p holes after snitching their own daughter. Only sickos like Pat Mitchell think that is something to support. They all wanted war, and all their wars continue. All put together "team" isn't worth 1/10th of the many millions of innocent lives they've begged to destroy. These are simple FACTS. No level of their daily 247 public spewing can save them from their well deserved hades. No one's fault but theirs. The sooner they croak the faster this board will be nice again. We all see it. Alumni serves them cold each day. Observe as they spew goo all weekend. It's all they have.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Nov 13, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    Stupid Johnie Osborne z50com! Where do I mention no planes idiot? Besides, your "all one poster" garbage of calling me that mans made up name shows you are incapable of an adult conversation. Besides, we all know that word is and cUTE spellings like that is only code for those man parts you all chase at RIPPLES. I'm so grateful you don't care about the accumulating repercussions on your public actions. That makes Alumni's task easier and much more fun. Chattering in all your IDs? Yes. All put together 'team' doesn't know enough to properly fill a dunce cap.

  • You are correct Fellow Professor, Patrick Mitchell of San Rafael does not know my name, but unfortunately he is completely lost (as is his 'bean team') in their silly "all one poster" sickness. Let me talk to Patrick like he's smart, though we all know he is not: maybe Mommy Y pulled your post yesterday, but you probably deleted it, since you always were the post snitch here, and you didn't want that showing up on your Mission street San Rafael CPA Yelp page. Rest assured, far far worse than that has been permanently attached to you and all of 'team's' files, all based on your actions. Why do you think Johnie Girls Space X job failed? Worse happens as you call for it. Cause and effect. Why did you play, and continue to play, a long term very publicly witnessed cyber stalker gang game, when on every step of the way it's completely backfired on you? You think you know it all so why would you read Stratfor? Why would you seek intel if you can't face real facts? Well over 50% of Americans and a huge percentage of the world knows 911 was a government controlled psyop to get these wars that still rage. Wars you and 'Team' pushed for. Jim Fetzer and Gordon Duff have blown the lid off all this but in short: No skyscrapers anywhere in history have ever fallen over fires, except 3 that day. And WW7 was not even hit. Much less fall at free fall speed and turned to powder. No guy in a cave can get NORAD to stand down. You throw out silly words like 'conspiracy theorist' and 'tin foil hate' when YOU are the one with blinders on. Why waste your "lives" in "all one poster" when you've never once managed to thwart a real and effective man? You should know the neocon world is about to fall and little snits like you and 'team' will be lost. Time to learn. Long long past time to learn. You won't like the next steps on your actions. So why call them down
    on yourselves? Unless of course, your guilt compels you to, like John Osborne.

  • Everyone who did any research at all knew the "weapons of mass destruction" was a lie, certainly by the Iraq invasion, and for truly certain shortly after, and the first thing Cheney had done after the stolen 2000 "election" and long before Sept 11th, was to carve up Iraq's oil fields to his pals. So why did 'team' help these lies? Why did 'warriors' and Israeli based front, get out there and push those war for lies, causing America's longest war (Afghanistan and its lost) to the current endless Iraq debacle, which could turn out to be another lost and longest 'war'. Why did 'team' and 'warriors' help that satanic cause? Why were they too pansy to go fight? Why do they continue to spew lies daily here? Why did that MAN break them publicly and wreck them physically, mentally and emotionally? On that last part, why ask why? Just a hobby to HIM I'm sure. When it's all said and done 'team' has millions of ghosts chasing them, and waiting on them, below. Even after all this, we as a banker reamed sad sack nation say 'support the troops' while we leave them homeless, limbless, or both. These are simple facts. Now observe as 'team' lines up in 100 IDs to try to bail their sinking boat of lies. It's truly disgusting. I am glad that MAN wrecked them. They deserve more. It will find them.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Oct 30, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    Hey Logic. the board is so full of 'team' spew I didn't see your extremely popular post. We clearly see wise posts are badly needed here. It's Oct 30, and ebay is fake pumping to beat the band yet there is little upswing and no $60 in sight. Endless team spew will ensure it never goes to $60. I find that amusing. Anyways, life is good here and I have so many profitable stocks working now I barely care about ebay, like most of its trashed long investors, ha.

  • id_dejour id_dejour Oct 28, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    Wow Logic! You sure have been CORRECT. Ebay is a 'go-nowhere' stock. Just endless pumps and dumps to shuck and jive the few remaining long investors and make properly timing shorts like us rich!

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