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  • Isn't it funny when really intelligent people use really dumb people like ants use Aphids to show that ebay is a lying, thieving manipulating stock? And well after the losses, all the Aphids can do is publicly hurl some more? Investors know it's not how you win that matters, jUST that we win and loses lose. Ebay never should have lied and never hosted the board trolls. That's going to haunt them. Eternally.

  • Hopefully, if you know ebay stock and its endless manipulations, you saw these losses coming right? It's all well and good to get excited over ebay's "news" and ride it green for some temporary gains, temporary gains being all ebay can ever muster, but surely you knew to short it fast right after the scam, because this easily predicted red tsunami was bearing down the second you saw the pump. I mean, it's just ebay 101. Nothing ebay does is ever to its sellers or investors benefit. If you're smart, you take that to the bank no matter ebay;'s games.

  • With their customer service and seller's pitiful results long known to be in the toilet, I personally do not think ebay will fair very well without Paypal and both are on kind of shaky ground right now. With all the countless possible ways to sell items, without charge backs and fraudulent returns that allow "buyers" to get their cash back AND keep your item, and all the severe competition from foreign counterfeits, why do people even want to sell on ebay, and without ebay what's the use of Paypal? There are also many far better ways to transact your business without worrying about having your accounts frozen and you money locked up while a "buyer" reams you. But the split here sure was a great scam for insiders, people with a little logical knowledge and people like Alumni, who have an insider pal who signals when north becomes south. Of course, money is money and we don't mind riding ebay's fraud to our benefit, but one does need to know when to get out and not become the typical bagholder, who of course is the last real remaining "asset" ebay actually has. If you think customer happiness is the reason ebay stock acts like it does there is a bridge in Brooklyn looking for a buyer like you. As our great mentor used to say "And that's the way it is". Technically, it's much worse than that. Isn't it "nice" there is no SEC and ebay can do what it wants to its investors?

  • id_dejour id_dejour Jun 30, 2015 12:22 PM Flag

    True on some levels King, but in ways they're not fully informing the American people about, things are very busy and moving fast: The markets welled so huge because The Fed just kept pumping in endless liquidity and hedged the big boy's possible losses, but that sure couldn't continue. China is going to peg its Yuan to gold, which will probably be the new world's reserve currency, which will be the end of the US petro dollar so the US is busy not only heating up threats and acts of war on Russia and China to stop them, but is salting away giant stockpiles of weaponry right here in the heartland for when that crash happens. Things are slow in some regards but really fast changes in many dangerous areas.

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