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    Part 2: Report

    by hardmetalman1 8 hours ago
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 5 hours ago Flag

    Thanks bud. One of my fears has come to light, about phase II approval. You said it won't happen till 2016.
    Possibly because some track record needs to be established at this field. We've already spent some money getting ready to handle phase II. And we'll probably start drilling next year for phase ii. So I certainly hope that any money we spend for phase ii won't be flushed down a toilet, if phase ii approval is delayed, or doesn't happen.
    Perhaps its only some token approval that's needed.
    How can it take 3 years to get approved ?
    How did phase I already get approved, if it takes 3 years ?
    Anyway, thanks for the update.
    Did you see someone bought 6 shares at 6.53, up 14 cents, as the last trade ?
    If you look at a year long chart, and take a line through the low points, you see PGH was/and still is oversold.
    If you take a look at the highpoints, you see the next top should be above 8.
    I do trade a fraction of my shares. But I could care less about the chart.
    Its the company executing its plan that will be the big driver here.
    By the way, it was interesting about the reason why they limit the amount of steam. Steam is not naturally occurring there, but it by no means is a permanent polluter or toxin. when you think about all the toxic material they put down Marcellus wells to frack, you wonder why they would limit steam and not fracking injectables.
    Maybe they want to see if that steam pressure creates any seismic activity.

  • When saddam knew invasion was imminent, he had his remining gas transported to Syria.
    And Syria used that gas on its own people..
    So its a fact saddam had gas.
    Gas, a weapon of mass destruction.
    Why do people feel free to rewrite history ?

  • Or are you a lazy slob who never worked a day in your life ?
    Or maybe you are an illiterate child, who is sleeping around town, looking to get impregnated, so you can collect 60,000 bucks a year in benefits for 18 years, and attract nonworking males who hope you share some of the money you are supposed to be spending on your child.
    I would like to see labor day as the day for people on the public dole, be forced to clean toilets for the day, so they have a sense of appreciation of the rest of us who pay their way, and so they have some form of accomplishment, that they actually did something with their life.

  • Methinks when the ITC says a review is terminated, that somehow idcc will get agreements ,
    or when a cheerleader says I lied because I took 8 years from the announce date for apple, and in reality instead of making me look bad, made the company look worse as the agreement is already ended,
    I can see how our management has been able to take a valuable asset, and degrade it.
    And collect yearly bonuses when they were hardly or not deserved.
    Mostly because of a policy from 20 years ago, when IDCC was a punk company, and everyone could push it around. As IDCC grew and had some success, it didn't change. It stayed adversarial, keeping their legal cash warchest as a club to beat other companies over the head. Instead of showing a willingness to accept less, and a willingness to partner with the big boys and key players, and a willingness to give more of it back to us, or keep R & D high.
    Then when some of our nice agreements ended, instead of renewing them at similar terms, they reinvoked the "full value" doctrine, while reducing R & D to keep current profits artificially high, and making our future suspect, as its made mostly from near bankrupt fingerprint companies, or companies who haven't done well for years, or colleges or companies no one ever heard of.
    Yes, when you see how that transition was blown, just read some of the posts here, and you can see how management , which could do not better than 50%, is still in charge.
    If Apple does not get signed by the end of the year, its because they want to earn a bonus for 2015.
    I beseech you all, if apple does not get signed by the end of this year, please at least consider voting management out.
    what in the world do you have to lose ?
    what are you clinging to ? management who publicly berates apple on tv for not signing ?
    ladies and gentlemen, this is not how you foment relationships.
    even an idiot should see that, for crying out loud.

  • mad at us, that she couldn't get mad at us when she was sec of state.
    and don't think she didn't try.

  • Because top democratic strategists told him to change his story, becasue they don't want you to know how badly our administration sucks.

  • how can that be ?
    we are thousands of miles from the middle east.
    Egypt is next door to Libya.
    the u.s. says countries shouldn't interfere.
    yet the u.s., led by the skinny ninny obama, is interfering all over the world.

  • Don't you just love the clueless cheerleaders who tell you the that the apple agreement isn't expiring, but had already expired months ago.
    And I can tell you why it was delayed 2 months.
    Because had IDCC announced a 2 million dollar per quarter apple deal before the ASM, anyone on the World Class Licensing Team and management would have been voted out or fired.
    announce it after the asm, in sept 2007, and it gives them time for us to forget.
    Remember when idcc told us 2 years ago that they had numerous deals they could sign , but the timing wasn't right.
    Same thing here.
    Hold onto information and release it after an ASM.
    By the way, when merritt publicly berated apple for not resigning, on cnbc, our chances of getting a timely renewal were reduced by leaps and bounds.
    Go back to the ericsson deal. A deal that was announced 45 minutes before an ASM. For an amount of 1/3 of what they wanted. A deal that was years late. A deal that probably didn't even cover our legal fees against Ericsson.
    in order to save face for the puny amount, and not have an ASM mutiny, IDCC also included how the agreement activated the previously signed nokia deal. and I remember nokia's press woman saying how idcc embarrassed them, but putting a dollar deal in the release. how idcc didn't even tell nokia they signed with ericsson. how unfairly idcc put nokia in the crosshairs without as much as a phone call.
    and now, de ja vue.
    and we have idiots saying that since an agreement ended 2 months ago instead of 2 weeks , someone is lying to them.
    I say buddy, I am not the enemy. your company management is
    I would have nothing to say, if this company acted professionally, signed timely agreements, and didn't reward themselves unless they deserved to be rewarded.
    June , july, august.
    who gives a rats #$%$.
    its already 2 months late.
    and we're now treating apple like we treated nokia.
    that's what you should really be worried about.
    can't you get that ?

  • she is supporting the police.
    she realizes that when someone reaches for your gun, you have given up all your rights.
    and now she is being harassed and threatened by the illiterate and ignorant masses.
    and yet we continue to pay people to have kids when they are 16.
    and we continue to grow armies of these illiterates.
    keep working.
    keep paying taxes.
    keep funding the armies of these thugs that think nothing of stealing, assaulting and intentionally hurting and trying to kill police officers.

  • So do we get a timely new deal , or do we wait 2 years ?
    Will it be announce days before an annual shareholders meeting, in order to keep management jobs ?
    Will it be all we think it could be ?
    Since pegatron was making stuff for apple, any new apple would not include pegatron infringement.
    2 million a quarter is not going to be missed sorely.
    But can IDCC sign any big boy on time ? (blackberry and sony aren't big boys).
    Any Samsung discount has to be given to apple.
    And what if apple delays until the Huawei arb is done.
    They could argue they want a Huawei rate, and maybe we renew apple for 2 mil a quarter.
    Idcc has a lot of potential.
    but that potential keeps dropping, and dropping and dropping.

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    Today is the last day to buy under 50?

    by gloatius_imaximus Aug 22, 2014 2:52 PM
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 Aug 22, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    You sound like a cross between jeffree and mickey britt.
    Except they have culture and class and don't personally attack other posters as you do.
    I can understand your anger, with years of failure and shortcomings.
    I share some frustration, but choose to put the blame in its proper place.
    Its not shorts, its not negative posts, its management that is clueless.
    So did you finally wake up and see that IDCC lost that latest ITC decision ?
    What you should think about now is Samsung, Blackberry, Sony and whoever else we have signed.
    Perhaps part of our revenue from them is from this group of patents.
    Perhaps they will talk to their lawyers and decide they no longer feel like paying anything for them.
    why should they, if they don't infringe.
    anyway you keep up with your mindless hype, predictions based hope, and maybe some good will come from it.
    Perhaps one day, the people in here who are rational, and are sick and tired of waiting an eternity, perhaps one day they'll see themselves in you, and perhaps it will scare the living daylights out of them, and when they see grey hairs starting to show, or when their hair starts falling out, maybe then they'll demand a change in management that should have been done years ago.
    Management will never change. They get bonuses for bringing in deals late, and less than expected.
    They offer every excuse from no knowing how to monetize patents, to the worlds view of patents changing to the courts don't agree with how they feel.
    They say with 50% of the market, for 70 mil a quarter, they have a successful licensing program.
    But it isn't. It isn't any better than it was 4 years ago.
    To me, I think for them to say they have a successful licensing program, is a blatant lie.
    A 50% success rate is a 50% failure rate.
    And by the way, if they lose one more ITC case, they better fire their lawyers. because our lawyers are killing us worse than our management, and that's pretty hard to do

  • they complained not enough people were owning houses.
    countrywides mozilo made them available for the masses, as asked, and this is what they get.
    if I were BAC, i'd be taking out full page newspaper ads, with highlights of prodding and threats given by the libs who wanted everyone to own their own home.

  • Keith said michelle needs to lose a few.
    Alyssa says she has an enviable bod.
    Sorry alyssa, yes, from the waist up, michelle is a lean machine, with bigger, stronger arms and shoulders than her hubby.
    but from the waist down, she has the hips and thighs of a field horse.
    I believe its called the bowling pin profile.
    take a look when she went on vacation, and came off air force one in shorts.
    thankfully, thats the only time you'll ever see anything near or above her knees.
    I think with those heavy muscular hips and thighs, she could crush the skinny ninny like that girl in the james bond movie that crushed the general.
    the sekret servise better keep the jaws of life around just in case.

  • they value dogs lives so much, they want police officers to try to taze dogs that threaten them, instead of shooting them.
    When they do that, the aggressive dog can terrorize someone else in the future.
    I think the humane society should go after the aggressive dog breeders, instead of defending the lives of the dogs who aren't the best fighters, but can still easily and willingly tear your flesh, crush your bones, disfigure your face, and kill.
    That sounds like an idea a progressive would champion. Do whatever you want, smoke and do all the things that make life miserable for those around you.

  • a snake charmer.
    he looks like a weasel as he tours Missouri.
    is he skinnier than Obama ?
    hey holder, go out on patrol there, and see what its like trying to arrest 300 pounders that are high on drugs, and aren't any smarter when they aren't on drugs.
    is it any surprise there is peace and quiet , now that he has pulled the demonstrators paid for by the justice dept, off the street .

  • When they announced the arbitration agreement in late 2013, we were told we would have a RULING by the end of 2014.
    And now, silently, we don't even get a freaking hearing until 2015.
    So don't expect any Huawei check until probably 2016, assuming neither side appeals.
    And somewhere, some idiot is saying "idcc agreed to this delay because they are talking"

  • everyone has the right to own a house they said.
    we encourage you to help everyone own a house, they said.
    but in reality, many shouldn't even be allowed in a house, much less own it.

  • once everyones been signed, assuming everyone signs, that means annual revs of 72 x 4 = 288 x 2 or 576.
    576 million per year. That's 72% of the 800 million promised 2 years ago.
    And that estimate assumes the china amounts are similar to jpn and the rest of the world.
    they wont be. Huawei wants to pay 1/100 of what idcc wants.
    we'll be lucky to max out at 500 million a year.
    By the way, we had 480 million in revs in 2006.
    The worst part is, they say they have a successful licensing program.
    I submit to you , it is an utter failure.
    the only people making money off it is management, when they get bonuses for agreements that are signed late and for less.
    Yes, it is successful compared to last year.
    but that was because they didn't resign LG, or Samsung on time.
    Now if they would have resigned these companies in a timely fashion, there would have been no cash flow increase, or bonus.
    So how do you get a cash flow increase ?
    Purposely let agreements end. And resign them a year later.
    Don't think it can't happen.
    It already has.

  • Req 1. Aggregate 3 year taxable earnings of 11 million, or 2 mil over last 2 years, and no net loss over previous 3 years.
    Req 2. Aggr cash flow of 27.5 mill over the last 3 years, market cap of 550 million, and previous years revs of 110 million.
    Actually, I'm not even sure how they got listed in the first place.

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    attn: ipinvestor

    by thinkk_logicalllly Aug 20, 2014 2:58 PM
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 Aug 20, 2014 3:11 PM Flag

    I would think that google would be for any delay, as it delays the day they have to pay, if ever.
    And with every month that goes by, vrng has less money left for its war chest.

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