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  • if you think things are bad now, just wait.
    Its been theorized we've been plagued by immigrants because of abortions.
    wonder what the plague will be for non-hetero marriage ?
    it'll be a doosie.

  • today he screams "he quit on the team, he quit on his players."
    Its like, No Mikey, they quit on him. weeks ago.
    Did you seen dominic brown yesterday ?
    He lets a ball pop out of the web of his glove, for an error, and to end the game, he gets caught in a run down.
    Philly players should be playing hard, to earn trade, or to earn a spot for next year.
    and to earn their salary this year.
    but sorry to tell you that even if they all played to 110% of their ability, they still would be well below .500.
    Ever since they left werth go, they have modeled themselves after the sixers.
    and with the ignorant philly press showing its ignorance, we can see why they don't always make good decisions.
    at least battlico was more fair than you Mikey. You could learn something from him.
    Like you don't go dissing every player who leaves. Like the white pass rusher for the eagles, and later Jackson, and now the coach of the Phillies.
    hey mikey, I bet if your wife was on a phillies team, you'd diss her if she got traded.

  • Well, maybe had he not done the reverse split, we'd be below 2 billion.
    But the money is not flowing in. There is one place its still flowing, and that's into his pocket.
    I'll post an update at our next dividend, and inform you thusly, of how much extra money is in his pocket from the reduced div payout.
    Yes, even with the big market cap drop, his pay isn't dropping nearly as fast, since money that would have been paid in divs is still in the fund, and still getting charged his 1% per annum.

  • or at least doesn't push their lifestyle on the rest of us.

  • Those of you who are hetero could give a rip.
    Those of you who are religious are now going to wonder how our country is going to be punished.
    I watch the paper for marriage license applications.
    Those of us with non-hetero thoughts are 1 in 10.
    Those who are actively non-hetero are less than that
    As for marriage, most LGBT don't want to be married, they only do it for the gratifying sex.
    A true commitment, well not so fast, partner. I'm seeing about 1 out of 40 applications are between 2 males or 2 females where its been legal for over a year.
    But that's the problem. They don't want equal. They want to push it on the rest of us.
    They want everyone to know the emptiness of not having a loving hetero relationship, and they want everyone to suffer as well.

  • next year, and also get a rebate for this year.
    Not to mention the write off on the capital gains loss.

  • Doesn't that sound phoney ?
    How about using that debt and considering it cash flow, and generating a bonus.
    When that debt issue matures, and when new debt is issued, strictly to replace the old issue, its cash flow ?
    IDCC might get an award for Edgehaul. Maybe they can put it in their KOP trophy cabinet.
    IDCC is partnering with EvoNexus, another in a long list of unknown wannabe companies and colleges giving us pimply faced engineers to do research paid for by tax deductible donations, and no new money generating agreements since Samsung, which was years late, and less than expected.
    If you think the drop in the royalty rate was bad going from 3g to 4g, wait till you go from 4g to 5g, where industry pressure will force rates down, but more importantly, the skimping of R&D will be the double whammy.
    Not to worry.
    Somewhere right now, there is a cheerleader saying how good things will be.
    Like a handful of people have been doing for 20 years.
    If you think waiting 9 years, to get an award from nokia which will probably be less than what they spent on lawyers, and cutting back on R&D over all that time was the correct way to do things, then you must be a nut job loser.
    And now, the best part is, this years ASM is virtual, meaning you can't go there and complain.
    Perhaps this is why, with only 5 days left, the only thing we heard is that we got a partial from zte.
    And do you know why they didn't tell you the amount already determined ?
    Because they don't want you to know how small it is, and be mad, until after the ASM and after you vote them in office.

  • Talen is going to be one of the largest generating companies in the country.
    PPL market cap is only 23 billion.
    Anyone know the market cap of the smallest S&P 500 company ?
    Talen is going to be in the S&P midcap 400.
    I don't like the split ratio at 1.249.
    A lot of people will be getting cash for those fractional shares.
    Why didn't they make it an even .125 ?
    Its like they did it purposely, to give us fewer shares.

  • Yes, its been almost a decade now.
    And while Nokia used their revenue from their 3g devices to fight IDCC in court, and to fund R&D and to pay their legal fees against us, we've been basically sitting around, keeping R&D to a minimum, working with groups and orginizations to drive our future revs, although any fee from the EU will be strictly controlled by the EU, and any technology that gets licensed from IDCC and a partner (assuming it ever gets licensed), will have to be shared.
    So now here we are, over 9 years later, with almost a billion in cash, and not having a clue what to do with it, other than spend 300 million on lawyers.
    All the while Nokia was living the good life.
    And here we are with 2 debt offerings, which God knows what the extra cash is needed for. Sadly, I think they know that with all the R &D cutbacks, with all the partnering with unknown companies like bio-key, and partnering with colleges, I think IDCC will have to start buying patents, on a much larger scale than in the future.
    And we all know, that with each passing day, patents are generally worth less than the day before.
    Qcomm licensed 3g for 4%, and 4g for 3%.
    It looks like they'll be lucky to get 2.5 or 2% for 5G.
    But maybe their healthy R&D will balance that.
    IDCC can't even get anything for half their infringement, and anything they do get, will be lucky to pay legal bills.
    So we have IDCC with less of a robust portfolio, looking for ways to augment it, and its going to have to be buying patents.
    Look how much less 4g was from Samsung than 3g. Wait till you see how much less we'll get from them for 5g.

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