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  • If he had no idea of the bribery, then he is clueless and incompetent.
    Why did the US wait decades to bring this up.
    It sounds like something the skinny ninny would do.
    Its his style.
    Perhaps a city in the US made a Foundation contribution, and they didn't get the sites approved, and now they have bitter grapes.

  • a $70 a share stock price isn't real high. But its a free country, and they can do what they want.
    I just can't figure out how it helps management.
    Since you know all the debt they issue is used to reward them, somehow this will reward them also.
    They must figure, even as fracked oil quantities dwindle , the price will stay up.
    Even though they already missed earning estimates last quarter.

  • US now at 875 active, down 991 from last year.
    Canada up to 98, down 100 from last year.
    International updated monthly, and last update was 1202 active, down 147 from last year.
    Interesting that Canada has gone up. Its a good percent, but they're aren't a lot of rigs there in total.

  • and emailed him several times a day.
    How could an old hag like Hillary push around the skinny ninny ?

  • Yet none of these left wing nuts ever utter a word about person A being brought to trial for blackmail.
    By the way, since there was no blackmail crime conviction, how do you find someone guilty of withdrawing money for blackmail payments ?
    And leave it to the progressive pig that insinuated that he might have done something with a student where he was a coach.
    And, they didn't have a clue where he got that much money, and sat there wondering for minutes, on live radio, Where did that money come from? " So since he's conservative, hes guilty.
    So much for the left being tolerant.
    Maybe he wrote a book. He was in congress for a long time. He was also a lobbyist for a while.
    Only an ignorant dimlit doesn't know that people who sued to work for the govt get well paid jobs to contact the people in govt they used to work for.
    Like what Hillary is doing now. Be in the govt. Make contacts. And find a way to reward who has hired (bribed) you.
    If Diane is so worried about peoples wealth, why not do a show about Hillary, and how she used the state dept to garner donations to the foundation.
    Its illegal to withdraw money to avoid the laundering and extremism funding, but when the govt makes charges for other things, to me a good judge would rule that since he didn't launder money, and since he wasn't funding militants, they didn't have Just Cause to do any more investigation and searches.

  • idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 May 28, 2015 8:08 PM Flag

    New Cushing numbers also showed another reduction. Its down 3.5% in 5 weeks

  • Remember the records that mysteriously showed up in their living room.
    Bill Clinton used that information to silence people.
    If Hastert would cooperate with the FBI, we could find out who was blackmailing him.
    I didn't know it was illegal for a person to withdraw 10,000 more than one time ?
    The 10,000 threshold is supposed to be used for fighting money laundering.
    Its not supposed to be used against people using their own money for themselves.
    Its not illegal to make an extortion payment.
    And if Hassert was smart, now that his career is past, he'd tell the FBI who he made the payments to.
    If its not too late to charge Hassert with lying to the FBI, its not too late to go after the blackmailer or extortionist.

  • I judiciously look for newly released numbers, verifying dates.
    yesterday they released new numbers with US production at 9.262 mil bpd.
    Today they released a 2nd time, and its now 9.566.
    Who knows what to believe now.
    Anyway, even with the jump is US oil production, oil inv dropped another 2.8 million barrels.
    That's a 2.3% drop from just 4 weeks ago at 490.912 mil barrels down to 479,363.
    I believe when there is a holiday, the release date gets pushed back.
    But I was certain they let numbers fly yesterday.
    Anyway, even with the record production, inventory still dropped.

  • and you don't hear a word from the worst of the hypocrites Tom Steyer, who told the NY Times that his investment company would be divested of fossil fuels by mid 2014.
    Check their net site. They still own a ton of oil stocks. In fact, the keystone was a direct competitor to one of the KMP pipes he has invested in.
    Is there a single liberal, name me just one, who has publicly said one thing, and not violated that position in their private life ?
    What do you think Hillary would have said if Chelsea said "mommy, I want to abort my child."
    Sure, go ahead. have a blast, have some fun. we'll go out to dinner afterwards. I'll buy you a nice necklace.

  • They think it has that presidential jingle. The sound of respect.
    I think its the name of someone who is old and stodgy.
    Its sounds like a male member, which should be infuriating all her gal pals.
    Hillary, if you want to earn respect, you have to do something good to deserve it.
    Its not gained by taking a position in the government, and using it to line up customers and donators.

  • Did they ever bring the leader of the IMF, Lagarde, to trial yet ?
    How about years ago, when they were laundering money for extremist groups.
    Nice people.
    Wonder if you have to give a foundation check to get a loan from them ?

  • If you remember, he didn't authorize her debt paid off, until after he was re-elected.
    So she got to be Sec of State, and got her debt paid off, by agreeing to drop out of the race.
    I have to tell you, if I'm an Obama fan, its like stabbing me in the back, when you give her money, that came from my wallet.
    The best part of this is, she is once again having trouble raising money.
    and now Obama is giving twice a days to help out.

  • I'll be going to my fav location, underneath a seldom used bridge.
    Hope I don't have to stay there too long.
    Its really easy to move in. You don't have any furniture or heavy appliances.
    I'm hoping PGH will abandon their sudden impulse shelf registration, which I believe would give us a nice pop to the low threes, like Emerald Oil.
    And until an asset is bought, or until debt is retired, we'll have to wait until the ASM in mid June for an explanation as to why they apparently mislead shareholders at the quarterly report conf call.
    At this price, I still think we have more to gain than lose.
    But I'm not putting another dime in.

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    CEO on CNBC

    by jmedwick May 28, 2015 8:08 AM
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 May 28, 2015 1:46 PM Flag

    I saw part of his talk. He said when housing goes up, its good for WM. But not a house here, and one there, but a development. He said when you have 50 houses go in, you get a restaurant, store, etc etc.
    But I look at it like, WHy can't you make money by being more efficient ? Why do you need to have millions of more people come into a country that has already plowed under half its best farmland ?
    And why can't you make recycling profitable ?
    And the worst part is, most of these trash haulers haven't dropped their gasoline surcharges.
    If they can't make money now with low gas, when collecting billions extra in surcharges, they are doomed.
    They should be like the airlines, reaping tons of benefits from lower fuel.

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    Nibble, nibble

    by fredgoescrazy May 27, 2015 3:11 PM
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 May 28, 2015 1:38 PM Flag

    I'm all in, again. With more shares than when it hit the 2.40's.
    But with Derek's shelf filing, I'm a little more fearful this time, than last time.
    Oil is still above 55. Lindberg is progressing, and revs will show this qtr. Spending will be down, big time.
    US production continues to fall. We will have a pretty good quarter. We would be mid 3's now, had PGH not done that 180.
    This time its not the price of oil. Its a question of management.

  • Only a dimlit thinks that since the police see a license plate, can they arrest the guy at home.
    For you see, most car chases occur with the police chasing stolen cars.
    I'm glad long pick up isn't a cop.
    If we was a cop, he'd probably stop his car, and let all the bad guys get away, so they can steal from or hurt the rest of us.
    Like when they had the riots, dimlits complained the police were too harsh, so when the police didn't stop anyone from rioting, these clueless were mad about that too.
    Why do people want criminals to escape ?
    If you don't like police chases, don't call the cops when your car is stolen, or when someone shoots you, or when someone robs you..
    If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the creep who stole the car, and is not mature enough to give up, and is throwing all his drugs and guns out on the streets, where little kids get them.

  • And the remaining amount is due out later this year.
    So its running about a year late, and so much for Fast Track Arbitration, in which we were told would be finalized in Dec 2014..
    And for those of you who don't remember, Samsung and Nokia challenged arbitration awards.
    And the Samsung arb was "Binding Arbitration".
    Yet they fought it for years.
    With the Chinese court ruling that IDCC should be entitled "UP TO .2% (point 2 percent), basing this on the value of the chip its in, and not the entire phone, which would be worthless without the chip, it stands to reason this award will be challenged by IDCC, and probably Huawei.
    Incessantly Deluded Dreaming Children. IDCC.
    When IDCC finally gets its check, we need to find out how much they spent getting it.

  • When thousands of square miles are paved over, water has no where to go, but to the nearest drain.
    And you can't grow food on highways.
    The US is already over populated, and even with GMO, can't grow enough food.
    Wait till California cuts back on its agriculture, and we'll be like Ireland during the potato famine.
    yet every day, 3,000 more people come into the U.S.A.

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    Did Hillary Date Monica ?

    by fillmytank May 27, 2015 7:39 PM
    idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 May 27, 2015 7:58 PM Flag

    Yeah, thats why Hillary wasn't mad at Bill, she was more mad at Monica.

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