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    Smart people put IDs starting with EXT on ignore

    by billsattic 1 hour 47 minutes ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 8 minutes ago Flag

    I have an entire page of ignorance Extremes on ignore.

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    Friday was extremely bullish

    by dlamich 7 hours ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 3 hours ago Flag

    Skarry , You say we are in a deficit but Apmex still continues to have stock added to their supplies... Now if I hear or read about another news article like what happened with Appl that one year then I would think we are in for it ... I see a few dealers are showing signs of out of stock like Gainsville coins but not all of them... Honestly I never seen so much supply with apex ever before... Sure seems like they are prepared for the silver eagle sales this year...

    I due believe we will hit another record year... In fact its not even much of a record if you are looking at how much money was spent because the record avg today is lower compared to the record now held... 42.7 mil oz I think... But making silver cheaper just allows more of the supplies to be taken out for much less .. Stackers don't mind... Personally I am thankful for this... I am in the camp like you are that thinks one day we will have a real problem with silver and the price will go crazy... I just think our timelines are different...

    One thing all people should realize is now we don't mine enough to cover our needs and we depend on recycling of silver... That alone should be an eye opener. And to make the hole situation worse is recycling has dropped a lot due to price erosion.

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    Will the rally be short lived?

    by livestrong1003 9 hours ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 3 hours ago Flag

    Already done... I live Debt free ... I even have an electric car and solar system... Was also looking to get an ev motorcycle. If they had EF trucks I would have that to... Not all of my cars are EV though but once they make the smaller cars go longer then 80 miles I will probably buy one also... Right now I am looking for land still to buy but the timing hasn't worked out yet with me and the boss lady.

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    Will the rally be short lived?

    by livestrong1003 9 hours ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 6 hours ago Flag

    Exactly.. This is why I put money into silver. I want to secure the financial future not only for myself but for my family... Debt / Paper can and will get wiped out leaving everyone who is holding it with nothing. Not all debt will be forgiven . Im sure if the dollar did collapse and you owned a mortgage , you would still owe the banking cartel something... As far as credit cards go you can easily wipe that off ... They are trying to make that tuffet to do though..

    Our Government and those who are running it should some how be responsible or some how tied to that debt... Perhaps their salaries should be paid by performance... I myself am tired of all the double talk and BS walk... All of us should be held accountable even more so would be people in power... I look at it like this..

    One guy robs a 7-eleven , He effects say 5 people , maybe 10 in a negative way. People who are in power can effect MILLIONS even BILLIONS.. They need to be held at a much higher standard... No more of this BS Fines . Steal Billions and be fined millions with no jail time.. This kind of stuff is ridiculous. Nobody in power should be above the laws and no one company should be to big to fail #$%$... We need to clean up all the loop holes that allows corruption to exist on an every day basis...

    For starters we need to say NO MORE TO NAKED SELLING .. If you don't have it you can't sell it.. Not the BS that T-3 law allows these brokers to get away with...

    Floating shares in the TRILLIONS in this market right now and continues to grow. Then when it gets to big they usually BK the company involved.. Bear sterns Lemon brothers .. These ring a bell... Many Many more cases then this... This has to stop. We Americans should not stand for this anymore. That is why I encourage all to boycott the markets. This is were it all starts and needs to stop.. Take away their means of theft and quit possible we will see real change. I can go into much more detail but it would take several more post

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    Will the rally be short lived?

    by livestrong1003 9 hours ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 7 hours ago Flag

    Every month now for years I have noticed that around 1.5 to 2.2 million shares are being used to short SLV... This hasn't stopped at all .. They computer program the pricing to fall and they continue to cover the same amount each month that gets taken down... This program trading is in the entire market . Its used for upward movements and downward movements... There is no FREE TRADE so to speak... I even believe they use these programs in our voting booths today... The only way I believe our system will crash and burn is when enough people stop playing or buying into it and start an alternate system... We have seen many wars and killings because of those who choose to go against it... Even now Big Nations are starting to say enough... The new banking system will eventually deal the death blow to our paper Dollar... Silver is and always has had REAL WORTH.. I use it as protection for when what I am talking about finally happens. Every nation now has the ability to print endless money... Thats absurd and ridiculous ... Wealth does not come from out of thin air... Every time more money gets printed , those that are doing it steal from those that can't.. You and I have to WORK HARD and make Sacrifices to obtain wealth... This should be no different for Nations and governments... In the end Land and hard assets will be left standing. All the paper will go up in flames... You can't burn silver.. : }

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    Will the rally be short lived?

    by livestrong1003 9 hours ago
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry 8 hours ago Flag

    I will wait and see what happens to the short numbers in SLV to say if its over or not. You know I always followed those numbers. I believe it gives their hand away and tells if they are done or not dragging silver to the ground floor... If I see the short position increase again down here with the same share volume they continue to close then I would say NOPE the program trading still has a job to do...

    Im not seeing to much shortages in silver as apex once again added to their inventory... So they are getting real silver somewhere... I don't know how long the supplies can last but for now they are... I would imagine when those supplies get really low we will see a ton more bashing going on.. Just my thoughts.

    I still encourage everyone to buy quarterly or monthly to avg in and not to worry about what the price is today,,, It really doesn't matter... Silver should be looked at as a long term investment and the best way is to avg in to insure yourself with the best price... Only a few times I buy bulky orders ... Now has been one of those times.

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    wow what just happened?

    by vikingpaul73 Nov 21, 2014 12:09 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 12:27 PM Flag

    Its called Algorithm trading program...

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    History must repeat itself.

    by extr4er Nov 20, 2014 11:55 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

    Land is always a good one... Last I checked the world isn't creating any more of it... Or maybe it is thanks to global warming... HAHAHAHA Not so funny really.

  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 8:26 AM Flag

    Needs to get past the last high before it tanked which is 16.80 on the charts. I want to see the new short numbers to see if they are still using 1.5 to 2 mil to short this... People you have to remember that all this BS is on a Algorithm trading program... Only when they flip the switch will it truly change direction ....

  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 8:22 AM Flag

    When is Nothing going to start ? In Dec ? Don't forget that you promised 12 dollars by Dec . I think Skarry promised 18 and Harvey aka Nut job promised what was it ? 100 Dollars...

  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 8:17 AM Flag

    Some here are talking Dec being a big month because the futures contracts come due. Can you explain what will happen that will cause silver to tank and not go up ?

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    History must repeat itself.

    by extr4er Nov 20, 2014 11:55 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 21, 2014 8:07 AM Flag

    History repeats but Math Compounds the problem so we can expect the next GREAT DEPRESSION to be much worse the second time around.... Holding Gold and silver then was a smart Idea and it will be this go around as well... The only real question is how long will it take to transpire ? Will it hit in 2015 or much later like the 100 year mark from the first one ?

  • So what was the new debt for this time ? Was it to pay for more bonuses ? Now the debt clock sits only 49 Billion away from the 18 trillion mark... THE BOGUS NEWS MEDIA Talked about our debt being a HUGE PROBLEM when it approached 17 trillion dollars... Now that is hitting 18 trillion you hear nothing... Frocking Amazing how all this BS Works... Stick your head in the sand and it all goes away right... Totally AMAZING....

    Well when you hear that LOUD BOOM the only thing you will have left is your head.. The rest of your body will be blown off... The rest of this decade is going to be quit interesting....

  • idealcarpentry by idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 5:35 PM Flag

    Silver is in a very odd spot when you look at the numbers and the facts... Win Win situation from here it looks like... The only way I can see it wouldn't be is if there is a Huge stock pile somewhere that we aren't Privy to....

    OK So if we have Growth then that means the world needs much more silver.. At the same time we are hearing record sales to investors and recycling down again do to price decline. On top of that mines are closing and others are holding back inventories... Cant say I blame them...

    Next you have world slow down ... If this is the case then we know that copper and zinc mines will be slowing down their production , Which in turn will drastically slow down silver... Lets not forget that 80% of silver comes from by-product of other mining companies... Also to compound the problem is again mines holding back their silver and still record sales in many coins and investments ...

    So I just don't know what case the shorts have other then the relentless Paper pressure ? Personally I would love to hear it but yet haven't heard a single explanation...

    And to compound the entire problem we still have year after year month after month day after day and second after second record breaking DEBT world wide... I mean this alone is mind bending...
    And I still have MORE... Most of our silver today is used by very little amount of the population ... Why do I say this ? Because not everyone in the world can afford all the gadgets so many Americans have... But that is changing some... India and China for example are starting to have growth in their middle class... This only means more silver not less will be needed... Then we have Solar power that still seems to be growing at double digit growth year after year... Windows also now use silver and believe me when I say there are BILLIONS Of windows that will be changed out over the next decades ... Not even sure if that silver will ever get recycled...

    On top of all that is the stackers growth potential..

  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 5:14 PM Flag

    From your mouth to Silvers price tag is all I got to say about that : ) If what you say happens I will have to take a trip to Alaska and take you fishing : }

  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

    Were are you finding this info about Supply Deficits and how much ? or are you running the numbers yourself ? I wonder how much of SLV supply are they using to make up the difference ...

    I haven't seen to much shortages as the way we did that one year but it does seem like satckers are still adding at a record pace for those eagles... I wonder how the maples and pandas are doing this year ? I bet the same...

    I think it will also be interesting to see just when the Panda coins actually achieve 60 mil coin sales... There gubment stated it . I think they want to be the biggest at everything and aren't happy that the eagles sell more then the Pandas...

  • Doesn't it ? If it is such a worthless metal then why worry about people who stack ? After all we represent such a small group of people when you compare it with the population on earth... Is that whats scaring you ? That such a small group is taking out much of the worlds silver supply ? Are you worried that our numbers have Massive room to grow ? And that you will be stuck holding your short shares and have EVERYTHING TO LOSE .... Is that why you come here and Bash ?

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    Recycled vs new silver

    by jeenyes Nov 20, 2014 2:56 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 3:10 PM Flag

    I would think it is.... Recycled silver still can be used for industrial so it will be just as important...When the world needs silver and can't produce enough I would think those bars will get melted down first before any coins... I know by law the eagles can't be melted down but I bet one day they will also... Todays world is to wasteful ...

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    Remember shorts first to the exits wins

    by skarielarry Nov 9, 2014 7:39 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    Is that when it gets reported ?

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    December is FAST APPROACHING...

    by idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 2:17 PM
    idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 20, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    Yes China continues to say Rates are heading up but all I see is Debt heading higher... Skarry you say we have a supply deficit yet the stores still have silver for sale ... I think it will be somewhere in between what both of you are saying... I think Henli will be about right.

    Jeenyes make a good point... Seems like now things are reverse .. We start going down then bounce back up end of the day...

    Myself I am interested with the new SLV short numbers... If they add to these numbers then I honestly don't think they are done pushing it lower... In truth I hope they are some how successful in getting silver to single digits... I have No need for the cash as of right now and would love nothing more then to be able to buy a boat load of silver at very suppressed prices... Im enjoying what I am getting right now under 10 k a box even.

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