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  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 18, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    Could 9 judges be corrupt? I doubt it.... at this point we only need 5 judges in the U.S. who are not corrupt.

  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 18, 2014 11:22 AM Flag

    Winners=Wall Street's chosen Elites. Looser Main Street's commons, the 99%

  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 18, 2014 11:16 AM Flag

    I see where you are coming from. So Is she even qualified as an economic expert much less constitutionally empowered to form an opinion and a ruling? She is nothing more then a rubber stamp to a Wall Street written opinion backed up by a secret executive order... She is simply putting on a show. She is simply a bystander to a process of decisions which has no legal basis in the United States Constitution.... The President was not elected to be a dictator to the future economic structure of America by Secret means but by all means has every right to lead openly in what ever direction he deems best, just not secretly...Why does the White House keep a log of guests? Isn't it because We the People's Democracy does not like secrecy? The most important economic decisions effecting the economic health of the nation and world are to be made in secret tribunals formed of Wall Street special interests and coached in Secret Congressional caucuses? Briefed in Secrete Judiciary Briefings? Where is the "Open Market" of ideas from the people competing for the greater good? Supreme Court!

  • So those who take Secret oaths could bear it no more.. just one more bold lie to hide all lies and Democracy from the light of day while your freedom is taken away by the slave to Johny Walker' "Black's" hiding powers and the son of a slave to this day. Secret Presidential Order by Secret Tribunal directed by Treasury Secretary who?.... why of course it was Jack Lew....America's mortgage freedom in just moments to be taken away should they get their way.... Human life does not spring forth from death or bankruptcy only rot and decay. The Ebola virus is a voice from whichto take warning for you to stay away from a Black Bankruptcy plague while you still. can.... Only Supreme Court Wisdom can possibly stand in the way now.

  • Wealth Transfer, it runs in the Dark shadows of the earth to hide from the sun... and the cleansing of sun shine.... as the world turns from freedom to a new age and a new way.... the breath of Democracy forgotten.... Black birds circle, the Eagle lays in the field... The confidence of its once steady wings it lifted a vision because it had permission, of inspiration on thermals of hope, God's solar lifting unseen, drawn from above that gentle blue horizon to the sunshine above... what soared no longer reflecting red white and blue from its eagle eyes... Vultures dead stares from the "Black of The Air" ... the Eagle's proud cry poisoned in toxic despair as Dark Princes circle downward not upward where beasts and Lions tear..... at the spirit of flight which once had its might by its Freedom that is no longer there....

  • Fiat money is currency which derives its value fromgovernment regulation or law. It differs from commodity money, which is based on a good, often a precious metal such as gold or silver, which has uses other than as a medium of exchange.

  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 17, 2014 1:07 PM Flag

    government by Fiat

  • then thieves will do what thieves do they will steal your country and your freedom and make slaves of you

  • no matter how perverse and intuitively counter to the interests of justice..anything stop trading without a court order

  • Unlike the educations of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington evidenced by books read and then volumes displayed on their library shelves which they constantly referred to, our modern day leaders and politicians and judges are the products not of a personal search for knowledge and wisdom but rather pieces of paper hanging on a wall that testify to their attendance to classes and lectures by professors with perverse notions of reality twisted by thoughts of reengineering everything natural to mankind. . They are not seekers of knowledge for justice they are by habit trained to listen to the professors weather they professor truth or false doctrines of government superiority and Wall Street wisdom.... They have all been programmed to follow the leader no matter the truth and how self-evident... So sound judgement has been chased away by determine adherence to the voices of change by the elite manipulators of markets money and power.... Held captive to the societal engineering of self-interest against the better interest of all mankind..

  • The Rule Of Law Will Set You Free. Is Wall Street above the Law. . Judge Sweeney says yes.

  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 17, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Secrete Tribunals are Unconstitutional in America. North Korea? No problem.

  • She cries "Potential ecoomic Disaster to justify her irrational decisions and conduct, yet does not cry for help!" "Help! Help! Help! Oh! Oh! Oh! Help! Help! Help!".... "Somebody help me take a look at this! We have a potential """ECONOMIC DISASTER""" "No worries she says... I've got this." "I will single handedly use my superior intellectual judicial talents to save America from a financial disaster, I don't need any help." "Don't worry America, Judge Sweeney has your back." quote "I have no financial experience I am NOT an economist and I don't even know what money really is or why a piece of paper can be exchanged for goods and services but I have the intellectual superiority to decipher these weighty matters and render judgment to save America from disaster, I think.".... "At least I am willing to give it a try and see how things come out maybe I will succeed in fact I'm sure I can." " I made good grades in grade school high school college and graduate school therefore I must be capable just as capable as anybody else or any committee of experts". " Besides all I have to do is listen to the accused Geithner who can't give a straight answer to anything and Paulson who tells lies while smiling and prevailing upon your faith in him and I don't even have to think I can just take your word for it it's so simple after all and all these plaintiffs just don't understand." "they are just making a big fuss over nothing"..." frankly I'm getting tired of it". " I have entertained there petitions to this court long enough to have given the semblance of and impartial hearing now it is time to shut this case down" the sound of the gavel.

  • A foolish act of judicial conceit which is nowendangering the United States and global economies

  • She should remand this case to the highest court as the fate of the U.S. Economy deserves the utmost consideration by not just one judge but by "Many" engaging in Fact Finding which is a unique quality of the Supreme Court. It is the only way.

  • America, you have been sold out by the politicians clamoring for personal gain. They do not really know what they are doing and in the end they will not acquire the wealth and influence that they hope for by blindly supporting Wall Street money because they will be ruined in the American Bankruptcy as well both financially and in their conscience as global eruptions of nucular contention erupted over the earth. We all breathe the same air no matter how wealthy or how poor and we will all feel our hearts sink below all human hope as we see millions destroyed as a result of the oncoming geo political instability which an American Bankruptcy is soon to release. It is too late to recover and even when these apocalyptic advanced begin to unfold many who could have made a difference and could have set the course back towards prosperity will be viewing the results of the American Bankruptcy in disbelief certainly it will be too late by then.... Was ifly the first to warn you that Ben Bernanke was about to be ejected from the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve months before this actually occurred? Did I fly tell you that the motive of President Obama was to change the composition of the Federal Reserve away from its dual mandate and towards a hawkish tight Federal Reserve that would be powerless to the New York Federal Reserve setting the stage for the austerity that would ultimately lead to bankrupting America? Did iFly warn you of the impending end of quantitative easing 3 and its destructive impact that would follow on the housing industry?

  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Oct 17, 2014 11:13 AM Flag

    if so then dangerous speculations and even more damning evidence of incompetent

  • She should remand this case to the highest court as the fate of the U.S. Economy deserves the utmost consideration by not just one judge but by "Many" engaging in Fact Finding which is a unique quality of the Supreme Court in its ability to subpoena and to inquire by any means into all facts including fax not even presented to the court for their own discovery.... No other court in the United States has such supreme power and this supreme power is called for under the circumstances and wording of Judge sweeties decision and stated concerns of the potential impacts to the United States economy... And she would now take it up on her own lonesome self to make decisions affecting the outcome instability of the United States economy not to mention the global economy has she gone mad should judge Sweeney be removed? Should judge Sweeney be impeached? Once again the politicians in Congress are asleep?

  • The judge should remand this case to the United States Supreme Court given her written concerns over its impact upon United States economy which could be disastrous in her words... And she could have added disastrous to the global economy.... This is perhaps disastrous that she should take it upon herself and her court to decide the fate of the world while looking away from the rule of law that she has been appointed to preserve under the Constitution of the United States of America.... The fact that she has not remitted this case to the United Supreme Court with the urgency of which she has cited belies a lack of full confidence in the government story and belies and ill founded overconfidence in her own judgement.. Having written of such concerns it only seems to be evidence of gross neglect and gross incompetence upon this judges part which is now potentially putting the entire financial system at risk. The decision that she has made to play with this case betrays a foolish effort on her part to apply the strength of the judiciary by her judgement while the greater weight of the matter deserves entirely a higher review.... This judge clearly lacks judgment and exhibits in the raw and simplest public display gross incompetence. She is blocking and denying what should be the highest level of consideration and intellect which can only be found in a panel of nine judges on the United States Supreme Court under a full airing of this case..... There is very little time left to put America back on the right track and this judge is wasting that precious time that we will never get back.

  • If all of the money hoarding by Wall Street of quantitative easing money granted by the people of the United States was truly done for the purpose of preserving a nest egg of liquidity by which to revive the United States economy then are they now willing to give the money back to where and to those whom they took it from now that the economy has supposedly begun to revive? But the economy has not revived, has it? But of course the whole purpose of hoarding the money was to weather a planned bankruptcy. A planned bankruptcy following the pattern of AIG and the mortgage insurance companies... The whole purpose of hoarding the money was to take it and the assets with the intent of keeping it and never giving it back. Is that not the definition of theft in the rawest sense? Theft of money and property through a takings accomplished by political graft motivated of Wall Street greed.... The feared bankrupting of municipalities will come on the immediate heels of a federal bankruptcy of the United States of America the fall of the global dollar currency and the fall of all economic might and strength supporting the global peace dividend. The destabilizing of the global geopolitical landscape followed by paranoid preemptive strikes by insecure and suddenly bankrupty funkdation States seeking to eliminate there preceived threat by long time enemies. Has not Zbigniew Brzezinski warned of such concerns? But do America's federal judges have vision beyond the limited and self limited information that they view from the bench. Information which they in fact push away from view and sensor from the bench. Is it not evident that their beliefs in the infallible United States government is stronger than their belief in truth and justice and the American Way?


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