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illumin8u 24 posts  |  Last Activity: 14 hours ago Member since: Mar 3, 2010
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  • illumin8u illumin8u 14 hours ago Flag

    Classic left coast Marti post. Chock full of misspellings, then resorts to personal insults and attacks when challenged on his presumed "facts" of inexplicable loyalty to recidivist Clinton corruption. Marti dismisses the facts then whitewashes and dismisses folks who watch Fox News because he is a MSNBC addict and cannot get beyond the uninterrupted and biased hogwash that network dishes with hosts so far left they should reside in California (which is going to hell in a handbasket under Gov. Moonbeam and company. Steve Jobs may have had a reality distortion field. That's about the only relevance Marti has for posting on the AAPL message board.

  • illumin8u illumin8u May 1, 2015 8:45 AM Flag

    Good points! Yes, Cook's first new product roll-out has little appeal, particularly since the hinted range of health kit sensors weren't ready for prime time in v.1. But the elite Burberry exec brought in for marketing to the high end niche has compounded my reluctance to buy this product...and I was among those first in line outside an Apple Store to buy iPod, iPhone and iPad when each of the 3 hit the market on first day of issue. I think the Apple watch is something of a curse, not a blessing, in the panoply of products, doomed because it doesn't have an i prefix. I'm content to allow other consumers to struggle with version One and wait until the early adopters and buyers of the Gold bricks melt them for precious metal.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 28, 2015 2:23 PM Flag

    Why is it that marti, as a liberal, who supposedly champions cultural diversity, is so intolerant of opinion that is not in lockstep with yours? Puzzling conundrum! Your conclusion that opposition to Obama must be based on racism is an irrational conclusion meaning you've acquired no understanding in your conversations with me, most of which trigger your rage, venting with insults. Presidents and leaders are not immune from criticism and their race in inconsequential. It's the man's policies, his narcissism and abject refusal to compromise, since this community activist believes his mandate is that of a dictator, subordinating the other 2 branches of our democracy. The man is a failure of POTUS and the chaos in Baltimore is a good example of his bias that has fostered a war on police authority,

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 22, 2015 2:48 PM Flag

    I guess Harvard didn't teach you the difference between the verb "are" and the pronoun "our"! Is that law degree you allegedly earned and have put into practice lawyering in Hollywood and good?

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    hilliary is up 15 to 24 points on the clown car

    by martikinz Apr 21, 2015 1:30 PM
    illumin8u illumin8u Apr 21, 2015 2:24 PM Flag

    Again, Marti, you simply refuse to respond to the issue present. You resort to your back up mentality, simply hurling insults. Congrats. You behave as the true lib you are, irrational and unreasoning.

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    hilliary is up 15 to 24 points on the clown car

    by martikinz Apr 21, 2015 1:30 PM
    illumin8u illumin8u Apr 21, 2015 2:19 PM Flag

    Hillary's about as honest as Obama's White House is transparent. Marti, when the armed tax collector comes to steal his "fair share" in the name of economic equality and redistribution to the lazy underclass demanding $15/hour for mindless work, do you have a choice in how much they'll steal? Obama wants it all, to buy voter loyalty in perpetuity for the Dems and enslave America as one giant gubbermint suck. Plain and simple.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 21, 2015 9:58 AM Flag

    marti, elitist extraordinaire often boasting of his Harvard education, is a terrible speller and grammarian. Just check any of his posts. But as a proud liberal, in a hurry to chase film deals, he periodically descends into the swamp he regards the AAPL message board, to vent his worship of the liberal ideology. Something is flawed with his mind, but don't argue unless you desire the wrath of his condescending insults.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 16, 2015 12:31 PM Flag

    Ease up, kittens, on simply playing the Race Card as your low-intelligence rebuttal. Executives with bad policies deserve to be criticized. Or are you suggesting any politician with dark skin is as clean as the driven snow and must be shielded from criticism because they're non-white? Only rich, white people need to be slapped upside the head, people like elite white male entertainment industry workers with a license to practice law and lecture all who might disagree with HIS ideals. Go live the dream and donate to either Scientology or Obama's scheme. Makes no difference to me. I just want to be free of your tyranny and hypocrisy, lib guy!

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 16, 2015 12:17 PM Flag

    It's Obama's insane expansion of government and Robbin' Hood acceleration of Treasury printing paper with government IOU ink to pay for the massive growth in entitlements (to essentially buy voter loyalty of the underclass by casting them as victims) that's the problem. He's been stoking the fires of class warfare taxing at every opportunity. Sure, it's easy to win votes when casting multi-billionaires are the bad guys for not paying enough into government coffers. Ask your big-name Hollywood Billionaire neighbors when enough is enough. Sell the mansion in Beverly Hills and get the hell outta parched California. Save the planet with your own actions, liberals, and pay the freight for your leader's reckless, bankrupting policies, intended as a ploy to voter loyalty in the "suppressed" population. It's crazy, because someday, when these ends justify the means, everyone will starve while the politicians get fatter and more corrupt. It is time for the billionaire and millionaire class to revolt against the highway robbery that is Obama's clear objective.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 15, 2015 11:38 PM Flag

    The not-so-stunning thing about liberals is, considering their exhortations all must honor and recognize diversity within society, they themselves exhibit the very intolerance they would otherwise condemn by demanding, as martikinz does "you shouldn't be allowed to vote". Liberals are the most lockstep creed known to exist, insisting on conformance to their own ideals, as illogical as those may appear to realists, otherwise, flatly, unconditionally intolerant of those whose conscious thoughts conflict with their lame agenda. Martikinz insults when he cannot argue the logic. Notice how consistent is his deviant behavior on the AAPL board. Disagree with martikinz, the boastful Harvard graduate - brainwashed and dried in the drought stricken state run by uber liberal governor Moonbeam who would make dry weather illegal if he could, idealists run amok in mainstream thought by logical folks who must avoid the utter stupidity and hopelessness of the left wing nut cases running around worshipping Obama.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 15, 2015 12:08 PM Flag

    Read with comprehension, Mr. Leftie. Communism fails to life the lower class to prosperity by its ideology. Give people incentives to achieve and better their own lives in celebrating their freedom without layers of bureaucratic red tape. That's the ONLY path to prosperity. Capitalism delivers. Jealous social engineers destroy.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Apr 15, 2015 12:00 PM Flag

    Your disingenuous would-be King of America has proven to be an utter failure at leadership. While ranting against the war on women and gays and blacks, his administration, through Eric Holder's selective enforcements policy and's "Occupy Wall Street" has no problem waging a prolonged war on the wealthy and Capitalism which has created the wealth he so desperately seeks to redistribute it according to the Command Economy dreams of Khruschev, determined to establish a perpetual Grand Welfare State of entitlements that will turn America into a land of government defenders and bury freedom for good. Marty, you and your delusion brethren believe the gravy train of entitlements is a delight. Just watch and see your liberal ideologues transform our once engine of prosperity into the dependency poorhouse, exempting only powerful politicians from the tyranny they impose.

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    freedom includes the right to discriminate

    by illumin8u Mar 31, 2015 3:56 PM
    illumin8u illumin8u Apr 3, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    Well, many Americans, yes, have been brainwashed by the current administration's targeting of the 1% wealthiest as responsible for suppressing the underclass in poverty. The truth is, Marxists are out to redistribute the wealth (less their own administrative skim) and make society dependent on them for dwindling benefits as the wealth runs out someday. Big promises, but the fact is governments produce NOTHING of value, plenty of regulations and conformist legislation to keep the underclass in lockstep dependency. How long will that last until the House of Cards collapses? Entrepreneurs have led America to prosperity and that is all being intentionally destroyed by our jealous, often times criminally corrupt politicians driven to mad power. The cycle is inevitable. When the wealth runs out, as a government dependent, you will die as slave to the State. Look at all the politicians corrupted by power and control. How do you think their slave dependents will get on when every things goes to hell? No as well as you might believe, if you are foolish enough, gullible enough, to think the gravy train continues to chug along when Capitalism is buried. Power Mountain, you'll be a heap of ashes if you buy into the bad Capitalist mantra. There are many small business failing today because of the burdensome regulations and taxation levied by what you falsely believe to be a benevolent entitlement express train roaring down the tracks, taking everything they bleed from American Capitalism to parcel crumbs of entitlements. It's over unless America wakes up to what is actually happening. Buy Silver to survive. That has historic, intrinsic value that government paper Monopoly money can lose overnight.

  • teaming up to cure California's drought. Is the giant spaceship expansion coming to Cupertino really smart when parched California faces disaster. That "Designed by Apple in California" arrogance will soon wear thin.

  • just a matter of when, not if, given Steve's replacement

    Tim could make that political decision this year given his interjection into recent political theater

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    freedom includes the right to discriminate

    by illumin8u Mar 31, 2015 3:56 PM
    illumin8u illumin8u Apr 2, 2015 4:19 PM Flag


    The word "discriminate" has taken on pejorative connotations since the Civil Rights and the LBGT push for equality. However, long before either of these populist movements, to be called a "discriminating" shopper, for example, was a compliment to someone's sense of value. Forcing equality by legislation does not make everyone equal, sorry. We are different by virtue of our race, gender and sexual preferences, no question. And the yardsticks for white exclusively associating with only whites is culturally less acceptable than blacks choosing to associate only with blacks. Christians associating with only Christians, not OK. Muslims associating only with Muslims, OK, unless they hate each other as Shia and Sunni. Gay men with gay men, lesbian women with lesbian women, fine if that floats your boat. But should society force these different strokes for different folks to condone or love each other?

    There's much hypocrisy to legalizing this or that or prohibiting that or this. We can celebrate diversity without having to condone it, necessarily, by forcing businesses to idealistic contractual levels that are not satisfactory to BOTH parties, buyer and seller. That's my point. I think it is you, who doesn't "get it".

  • memo to AAPL's gay CEO: when you choose one vendor to do business with and another vendor to avoid, you exercise your freedom to discriminate in contractual terms, hopefully cutting deals beneficial to the company and its shareholders. You are discriminating against the losing bidder. Why beat up those businesses that choose not to serve gays, unlike the Denver baker who chose not to frost and decorate a cake for a husband-husband civil union ceremony. The state said do it or we'll force you out of business. Some freedom that is. So the baker reluctantly did so against his religious beliefs forbidding sodomy. So what? The baker ought to be free to enter into those contracts he wishes to. But the State "protects" society and bends people over, people who could have made a few bucks serving everybody, but choosing not to. Gays discriminate against straights. Let a gay baker make gay wedding cakes. The market is very resilient when left to its own devices. Businesses come and go, start up and fail, based on the decision they make. America was the land of the free, once, but no longer since the state knows best. Timmy, when are you bringing back the original Apple rainbow logo?

  • illumin8u illumin8u Mar 18, 2015 10:04 AM Flag

    Comcast will be a relic in 15 years. Cord cutters are on the rise and corporate believes AAPL is responsible.
    Let them and former anchor Brian Williams go, along with their Massively Socialist Nutty Bunch of Clowns (MSNBC). If you can't remain competitive, you do not belong in the business.

  • illumin8u illumin8u Mar 16, 2015 9:32 AM Flag

    Inevitably, something's gonna bring the immediate gratification express train that is CALIFORNIA to its knees. Too many people there, big economic gaps between the haves and the have nots, earthquakes, mudslides, attitude-manics such as left coast leftie martikinz on this board, Governor Moonbeam, overflowing with illegal aliens just to the south getting let in, you name it. Why does California have a death wish, anyway? It's just too damed crowded. Take away the people and the reservoirs and aquifers will replenish.

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    by martikinz Mar 12, 2015 12:01 PM
    illumin8u illumin8u Mar 12, 2015 2:00 PM Flag

    You're unworthy, as someone who pollutes this board boasting of your alleged intellectual superiority as a Harvard law grad and a Hollywood lawyer purveying the WORST of America, exporting smut and violence worldwide. I owe you and your fellow delusional liberal knuckleheads NOTHING. Sycophants such as you, and your adored community organizer in the Oval Office when not on the driving range, are pointless pinheads polluting our culture.

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