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informationlouisgreen 68 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 26, 2015 9:30 PM Member since: Jul 24, 2007
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  • ball of wax. Other than if Ford misses.
    I just worry the 150 cannot increase sales , and the profit will decrease.
    Europe with no plan in site
    And now this charge off
    Will be interesting. Even if they re affirm this is it for Ford the next year
    Down the road the new contract will destroy them
    Car sales will decline , record sales do not last forever
    Economy , I am not sure what is going on with that
    I STAND BY my prediction that has been spot on so far

    FORD has one more run , then say goodnight.
    My question is the run to 18 , 20 ? Or will it go further ?

  • you know the those things from experts, or people in the field or journals THAT YOU ALWAYS complain that I quote from
    SO IGUESS your little Gang needs a talking too.
    Once again Ford has one more run left [I am no longer sure of that] then watch out
    UAW CONTRACT will destroy F profit
    Car sales can not continue at this pace
    Europe ?????????????
    USA economy
    Ford missed the 6000 point run up
    Ford 150 less profit per vehicle , can it take any mkt share ????????

  • Gonna be interesting.

  • Ford is right where I have said it would be last year an today. Fair value , an mkt afraid of UAW contract.
    Earnings miss Ford plunges, earnings surprise upside Ford maybe hits mid 15s. Meet earnings Ford stays right where it is , but as always we wait till next earnings, Ford 150 sales, contract . Get it ???? I know years later you still do not. I see the dividend increase caused a big move !
    On earnings day Mo will cry manipulation , his Gang will scream we need buy back .

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jan 16, 2015 4:39 PM Flag

    I still am betting on a run to 18 . It did it twice , there is a lot of hype out there on auto sales. True concern on profit margins on the only real profit maker the 150 .
    But I am sure they will spin the UAW contract as a positive. True the last time that happened , the UAW touted it all day but the stock fell as the street did not buy it.
    I just cannot see a substained move to the 20s .
    And it is silly to even talk about long term as we have failed to see much short term .
    My biggest concern is the end of reasonnable wages [ which in reality are far from it] REALITY would be elimination of the defined pension for all workers . Like almost every other US company . that alone would bring F to the 20 th century yes you read that right.
    Also a very low match 401 plan.
    Reduced medical
    Bonus tied to profit
    And no wage increases.

  • Who do not understand car sales do not = profit. Toss in Barny also , nor do they = a stock price moving up.
    Last year I called the state of Ford in several posts an said fair value was 14 to 15
    WHAT a call. I advised selling at 18
    Another great call , all on record here.
    NO MATTER HOW MANY times posters explain to this to Gang of Cheerleaders , Ford cannot move up against a record DOW up . Unless you think the mkt will soar to record hgts Ford making new highs is unlikely
    Against the DOW
    Ford has a great truck BUT is it going to steal sales from GM, C doubtfull it may lose sales
    Will it be less profitable , according to all YES
    Does F have another product not really 40 % of profit from the truck
    Lincoln , I hope but .........
    UAW UAW UAW you cannot say this enough will bury F on this new contract it will not be an immediate death , but will begin the process of the end , another new contract , economy, competion 5 to 7 years from now the losses will re appear , if not sooner
    EUROPE does anyone inc Ford think there is a plan . Will losses continue ?
    Car sales ,can record sales continue ? No of course not and again 7 of the top selling 7 cars are foriegn
    DISCOUNTS shopped for new car Nissen, Toyota , nada , F, GM, C plenty .
    Went with 300S over Caddy , Lincoln as so many have , they say C is losing $$$$ on it I believe them

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jan 12, 2015 9:31 AM Flag

    I do not like the buy before earnings, but they do well with strong dollar, but this , that

  • Think about the cost of transporting loading a ship, fuel , ships transport cost, unloading , trucking , loading , shipping back , transporting and it is still less then paying labor costs in the US .

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jan 12, 2015 9:17 AM Flag

    The FACT that high labor cost destroyed the Big 3 is not even debated anywhere except by UAW paid experts an those are few an far between.
    ONE need only point out [as I have numorus times] why has the majority of all US industry been off shored ?
    What happened to the US steel industry . A drive along Jefferson in Detroit, Ecorse , River Rouge , Wayandotte tells the story . Find the rusted old sign that proclaims this strecth was once the most industrialized miles in the world. Look at it today .
    Why not buy a US made TV ? basketball ? Furniture speaking of which my 6000.00 bedroom iin perspective to the cost of a car would cost as much as Focus if built here., think about that 2 chests , a bed , dresser 2 night stands ? And it is not just consumer items , manufactoring equitment from 50k to 500k is shipped from overseas.
    Questionater and gang will argue the successs of communism So what does that mean
    Breaking it down for the slow witted here , yes there are a few today who still tout the success of communism
    And these UAW shills will still tell you labor/benifit cost means nothing to US auto

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jan 12, 2015 8:41 AM Flag

    It is utterly preposturus that the 2 tier wage system should be eliminated. The fact that this industry only exsits because of the US taxpayer bailout which sustained the unheard of wages and benifits for the UAW and for the white collar worker makes it absurd that any wage increase should be paid. The fact that the recovery is built on straw and could collaspe very easily is another point against any wage increase.
    Name another industry paying wage increases ?
    In the last 5 years I have recieved 2 - 1 % pay increases.
    Spouse working at a Fortune 500 company bonus and raises restricted and they never lost money like F
    The average wage increase for an American worker NIL
    THE FACT since GM was bailed out by the tax payer they should have instituted a much lower wage for years
    Ford ahould have eliminated all workers and re hired , YOU THINK QUESTIONATER facing no pension and no job would not have lined up for a job ???????? Just like they did when the Detroit News fire everybody or
    American Axle both in Michigan.
    AS I SAID is there one more run for FORD , if so watch out after. Right now we stand stuck in 15 range while the mkt soars.
    After contracts Ford may not be able to recover as profit will fall.

  • years. But it always comes down to next year. Dividend is an improvement. But it will not drive the price of the stock. As long as F trades at fair value.

  • Reply to

    Some perspective on Ford stock (past 4 yrs)

    by bigkahuna1333 Jan 8, 2015 6:21 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 9, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    Not sure where your reference to me claiming your id is new. Anything but that. I have often referred to my epic struggles explaining cost of labor to you dating back to 2002.
    As for my ID it originally was bozothestockbroker. As explained a dozen times here. I would be trading stocks , chatting on a board , and doing personal things with then check my info email and inadvertently forget to switch ids. I would IDENIFY myself . Eventually I just stopped using the bozo id and posting as the F board was over taken by political nonsense.
    I have always respected your opinions on labor , I just know that other than UAW shills nobody supports the idea that labor did not kill the Big 3. As I always state the white collar benefits and pay is ridiculous. Recently I dated a GM director , ludicrous her pay package .
    I readily admit my mistake , it has been years if I thought you worked with Ford or the UAW. unlike Mo and your gang I do not see that as a conspiracy or a trick , rather a simple mistake on my part.

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    Some perspective on Ford stock (past 4 yrs)

    by bigkahuna1333 Jan 8, 2015 6:21 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 9, 2015 9:43 AM Flag

    There not going to understand what you posted. While one would think how can they not get it ? There are rational explanations for the Cheerleading 5
    They own less than 100 shares of the stock
    Mo from his ranting is mentally incompetent , so no further rational is required
    Flyingthunder, Questionator work for Ford so while they own little of the stock they cheerlead for bonus, pay raises , keeping their pensions. They also realize they would be unemployed without the Big 3.
    These new ids showing up , anytime a dividend, or favorable article pops up newbies buy 10 shares and thing they have found the new Apple.

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 9, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    PS I own close to 20k shares of Ford , nobody wants it up more than me. And I can prove it .

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 9, 2015 9:10 AM Flag

    You cannot follow a thread . Mo states he has no interest in me. then looks me up on the internet.
    You are simply an idiot.
    Did you ever attend any schooling past high school ?
    What has to be verified ?
    Point out erroneous statements I have made , you never do ?
    I have offered to meet you and compare portfolios and jobs. What are spouse does.
    Income and job title. Gross incomes , degrees .

    never state he asked me for information . Show me where I state that."

    No Problem. You started a topic with this line....

    "Mo cannot even keep his lies straight , here he tells me has never requested info yet he is looking for my addy - by informationlouisgreen • 8 hours ago "

    I STATE Mo says he never requested information about me
    And I prove by his own post he has been searching for information about me
    WHAT DOES YOUR pea size brain not get ? True Mo did not request info from me , but he is searching for it
    GOSH get back tot he line , Ford products are being recalled all the time because of workers like you , round screw into round hole , get it.
    To bad the job you are overpaid for will not be available for your kid.
    Where do you live , let me guess Warren, Taylor, Southgate ?

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 7, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    PS As is aid earlier in my response to you , you have a great deal of difficulty following a simple thread . You mix up issues and statements.
    Also MO does not have a clue to anything as he makes a statement Zabasearch, is the internets most comprehensive search engine.
    Based on what , the fact the mental institution he resides in allows him to use it for free ?
    I wish I had the time to go back a few moths where you respond to me in regard to a post . You totally missed the whole thread of a conversation. The funny part in this case I was defending Ford , but your lack of ability to follow a thread from beginning was apparent.

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 7, 2015 4:21 PM Flag

    YOU jump in here. MO claimed he is not stalking me.
    YET his very post proves it .
    He states he did a search for my name in the city I live in, the fact he cannot find me shows how

    dumb he actually is at simple research.

    Do you know what the definition of a lie even is? If he is lying then why not copy and paste the post where he ASKED YOU for your info?

    I never state he asked me for information . Show me where I state that. I state he is stalking me
    Why do I bother , get back to the line .another bolt you forgot to screw in is hurting quality.
    I do feel empathy for people who cannot even make a simple argument or lack the ability for comprehension . But you push the limit .
    My 14 year old can present a better do better research.

    For the record, I have never
    solicited nor received any
    personal information from
    Homer. I cannot think of
    anything I would be less
    interested in knowing about

    He does not want to know anything but

    For the record,
    citing Zabasearch,
    the internet's most
    comprehensive people
    search engine, there
    is no Louis Green
    in Farmington Hills

    What is the lie? You don't show up in search engines the way you claim, and you provided the information.....thus the information you provided is the lie.
    NEXT YOU POST THIS YOU ARE JUST AN IDIOT because MO is so incompetent he cannot find me in a search engine I am a liar.
    COME ON LITTLE MAN call me lets meet and I will show you my driver’s license what will you bet AHHHHHHHH I thought so what a loser ! YOU truly are an IDIOT !
    248 979 8868

  • Also Wen 1500.00 , thats how you play it boys . Not on Ford wait for it earnings, Europe, new truck launch, raised divedend , no movement in stock, because Ford is fairly valued.
    Do not marry a stock .
    Ford and myself , I see a divorce on next suckers rally , late July .

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 7, 2015 9:49 AM Flag

    A car thief, a convicted felon and a Cuban Canadian terrorist, that's your G.O P.

    ROFLMAO nonsense , you have ruined the Ford board why dont you go where a political board is , oh yea no attention ,

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jan 7, 2015 9:48 AM Flag

    I will never respond to you again except today. Your a total loser. Here is the usual post from you.
    Even Mo once in awhile talks about Ford ,
    And I understand the cheerleading from the UAW but you I know live with MOM ignore ya go