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informationlouisgreen 154 posts  |  Last Activity: May 20, 2015 5:18 PM Member since: Jul 24, 2007
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  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 20, 2015 5:18 PM Flag

    The reality is they all work for Ford and own very little if any of the stock.
    My brother in law and others I know Director level GM will pump the company all day.
    But ask them how much stock they own if the company is so great .
    They buy when given options or lower cost buy in and they sell as soon as they can
    They will be the first to tell you in reality they do not have a clue to if the company will make money .

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 20, 2015 4:30 PM Flag

    I am not sure why you are surprized by where F has trended. Lower 15 . This pretty much was a given without any great news out of the earnings call.
    Other then the UAW pumpers [not slamming you just do not understand why you miss this] the contract looms large. You yourself said several years ago you intended to be out of the stock before the new contract depending I guess on if F really was doing well of course.
    No good can come from the contract . This is not hyperbole Ford already has the highest labor cost s . And thats a problem now what happens after the contract and the inevitable slow down in sales someday ?Again simplest way to put this is FORD in the darkest days of 2008,09 etc sold a LOT OF CARS they just did not make money.
    THE SREET has already voiced fear over the contract and has clamored for reduced labor cost . Ain`t going to happen.
    THE truck is great but it is not a grand slam . It will not increase mkt share or earn outsized profit.
    In the big scheme of things other then streamlining design, and corporate structure and yes that is a big thing what has Ford done [other than ride a wave of record car sales to address
    HIGH unsubstainable labor costs
    7 of the top selling vehicles are forign
    Ford earns almost all its profit from one vehicle and one mkt
    White collar pay
    Benifits part of labor but I think posters do not get how bad this is
    Europe how many years has F lost money there ???????????
    Mythical idea China, Russia , India will be such cash cows anytime soon
    Lincoln really 5 years from now or ever ?
    CULTURAL SHIFT buyers under 40 with $ want BMW ,Mercedes Audi etc
    Buyers under 40 with out big $ want a Toyota

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    I bought this @$16.09 a few weeks ago

    by myyddogal May 20, 2015 3:17 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 20, 2015 3:50 PM Flag

    LOL read my posts over the last year. Go back and read them over last 3 years.
    You would not have bought if you understood why F was 16 . It was basically a gimmie it would fall below 16 . FORD has a chance at upside. But no reason when cash is King right now. Wait on a correction and buy any number of other stocks with far less risk factors and more upside potential.
    The upcom ing UAW contract alone is enough reason to stay away from Ford.
    Earnings ???????/ Clarity ??????? Europe losses ????? Unknown 150 doubtfull it will impact bottom line with any super positive.

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 20, 2015 1:55 PM Flag

    VOLVO is a sma nich car company comparing them to the Big 3 is pretty meaningless.
    465,866 cars sold in 2014 WORLD WIDE
    IN 2013 they sold 65 thousand cars in the USA repeat 65 thousand SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND in US
    People who buy the Volvo are a nich group and will pay extra for the labor cost
    Just like BMW they have a cache not much but ....
    Everyday at work all I hear from the under 40 crowd is I want a BMW
    BSTAURRY you fall into your own group here
    Group one the Rah rah boys who are UAW , mo, flying, lovelinv,questionater labor does not matter
    Group 2 the stock holders LABOR accroding to all sources is what killed GM

  • Yea I thought so

  • to gain ground without substantial profit increases/sales . Ford fell below 16 popped back above 16 only in symathy with GM yikes GM has 25 billion in cash. Once the mkt corrected we fell back big time into 15s.
    We stand as dead money until March sales , April profit,
    The problem with both those numbers is unless Ford knocks it out of the park were not going up much. On the other hand a small miss watch out below. As Ford themselfs told us 2016 is the year , of course we heard that 2022, 2012, 2013, 2014 .
    These are the main issues
    FORD 150 is it a home run ?
    Europe will the losses stop or is this going to continue for years
    UAW contract we know it will be bad , that is a given but how bad and can we make $$$$$ before the normal
    cycle of less sales of cars impacts the bottom line and the UAW raises kill us
    7 of the top 7 cars are foriegn
    90% of profit comes from America most of that from one product , how will Ford profit on a Fiesta/Focus,Fushion when they already have the highest labor cost in the industry and lowest gross profit per car ? A new contract is only going to increase costs.
    This my friends is the question is Ford a forever 14 to 16 dollar stock ?
    Will there be a headfake like I have called for where Ford runs up to 20 before the collaspe ?
    Long suffering longs must ask these questions
    WHAT SAY YOU besides silly rah rah answers . Less

  • by informationlouisgreen • Apr 24, 2015 9:49 AM Remove

    not seeing and earnings surprize to the upside. What is worse is a GM result . That would take Ford back below 15 . Layoffs. Did I miss something , enlighten me ? Does Kia, Toyota, Honda sell big cars or trucks ?
    Did we have the final Ford run up in the stock.
    I admit I blew it on GM.
    Now I wonder if Ford sees 18 again ????????
    I do think we have one more year of decent sales but does Ford really participate or is it primarily the foriegn ?
    They should break sales numbers of autos each month into US so we do not really get a false sense of sales.
    I am ready to be out of this at 18 unless I see real positives on the next head fake .
    Has Ford said nothing till 2016 . Less

  • to falling below 15 , any correction in the mkt and watch out below.
    The best part is the calls for even 20 become ridiculus. Any stock gaining 5 points or somewhere in the realm of 30 % over a year would be amazing .
    Especially as Fords profit margin is under fire already and a new contract will raise labor costs . Which in turn eat into profit , which has to be made up. So Ford has to do better than it is now , and now it barely holds 15

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    Sell on the rumor, buy on the news or.....

    by jeffegg2 May 14, 2015 4:53 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 16, 2015 1:37 AM Flag

    jeffegg if any Ford worker really knew what was going on at the company they would not be still working there. You would have shorted the stock at 15 back in the day .
    With that said I spent a good portion of my life at publicly traded companies. As did my wife. None of the employees ever had a clue. They were always rah rah like you .
    Once when I told my wife about 5 months prior to it happening SAFECO her company sure seemed like the CEO was making moves to sell the company. I pieced it together from bits of info she had given me. And moves that were happening like eliminating the company cars. Her friends /boss said what is he talking about? Sure enough schocked as heck.
    I will admit my brother in law big shot at GM once told me when GM was 90 he would not touch it , again at 50.
    You questionater, flying do not have a clue to why F is at 15 why it has not moved . You do know some product info.
    You do not understand that the cost of labor is what kills F .
    That the days of paying people these wages for a commodity product are done
    That F makes almost no profit on much of its line because of labor costs
    That if what I am saying is false why does F keep moving production to MX
    WHY DO THEY SEEK a Third Tier
    Why are none of the foriegn plants unionized.
    Why is almost al former AMerican manufactoring off shored.

  • that is scary .

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 14, 2015 5:56 PM Flag

    Lets clarify a few things . Ford has the highest labor costs of any auto company. That is not my point . I state and you can crunch the numbers as I have before that to survive Ford needs reasonable labor costs .
    Do the math 40k employees x 40 hrs x 52 weeks less a pay cut of 4.00
    Elimination of the bonus 8k x 40 k workers
    Less Social, Medicare matching funds x 40k employees
    Elimination of pension for legacy employees
    Lower 401 match
    2 weeks vacation until 15 years then capped 3 weeks
    White collar pay and benefits have parity with UAW so further savings
    Overtime savings due to reduced wage
    Reasonable contributions for health care
    Savings over last 5 years WOW , Profit increase GIGANTIC
    I have stated multiple times ONE MORE SUCKERS RUN UP
    After the last fall I stated several times HAVE WE SEEN IT , Will there be one more run and recently I have posted the run to 50 ? To 30 unlikely . To 20 headwinds . IS 18 the final run up ?
    Furthermore I have said my heart wants to believe one more run my brain says maybe but a long way to even 20 .
    THE SO CALLED GOOD NEWS ? WHERE ? That is the presumption the pumpers and UAW shills claimed about the 150 .
    You disputed what I said but it is true the impact of 150 for stock had to be a Grand Slam .Impossible task , Higher sales, higher profit, higher mkt share, flawless execution [no recalls ,delays etc] impossible because already number 1 , GM, C competition , etc .
    Europe What good news ?
    UAW contract please everyone is saying we need Third Tier =lower labor costs , not a single non UAW source has said no problem with wage increases .
    Sales of 17 million but what share is FORDS ?
    Consumers report , no good news overall there.
    Public perception of American cars ?

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 14, 2015 1:43 PM Flag

    LOl now your letting things get to you . 50 % rise ford would be over 20 .
    Nothing has changed from why I said Ford was a 15 dollar stock in all my posts last year
    7 of the top selling 7 cars are foreign
    One trick pony most of the profits come from one mkt one vehicle the truck
    For the truck to meet the hype of the pumpers it would have to be a Grand Slam
    Cultural change under 40s WANT FOREIGN cars that is what they know
    WAY to much capacity to much competition
    Perception under 40 year olds think Big 3 represent junk Foreign quality
    Luxury mkt Ford does not exist in this high profit segment.

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    No faith

    by stanandterri May 14, 2015 12:50 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 14, 2015 1:27 PM Flag

    The mkt is hardly detached from reality . Although you are . They understand that a new contract is going to decrease profit. That the 150 had to be a Grand Slam, higher profit margins, increase sales, increased mkt share , perfect execution. The task was impossible from the start.
    That Ford failed to gain in price in a record bull mkt.
    that peak auto/truck sales will not go on forever.
    Europe , when will they break even , earn a profit. And the plan is no plan .
    China , India is a mythical save all , it is a long ways off.
    Ford is a one trick pony
    Ford earns almost of its profit in America.
    LABOR COST LABOR COSTS way to much for a this type of product
    7 of the top 7 selling vehicles are foreign
    Under 40 buyers with $ want Audi, BMW, Mercedes
    Under 40 working class buyers want Toyota, Kia, Volkswagen

  • Your not going to increase profit until you get labor costs under control. And when the new contract hits , the natural cycle of slowing car/truck sales happens, profit will fall.
    of course Questionater will tell you labor costs do not matter.

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    Let's chat conference call

    by bstaurrey May 13, 2015 9:23 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 14, 2015 12:54 AM Flag

    Do not have time now but if you look at posts under my name I posted all 3 interviews . 3 seperate interviews by 3 different Ford excecs they never promised 2015 they said it will be 2016 before you see the results.
    Not that I buy into that but they did say 2016 not 2015.

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    by keithcranmore May 13, 2015 9:25 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 13, 2015 12:42 PM Flag

    Sorry bst but I have to laugh. You are usually on board with mental case MO, UAW shills Questionater, flying, jeff and other Gang of pumpers.
    Mo is simply a mental case no other explaination needed
    The other 3 know absolutly nothing about industry/business but I cannot blame them for wanting to be paid more and defending their position as ludicrus as the argument is that they make
    THE STEMENT LABOR IS 7 % of the cost is hilarious
    Have done the math before no time today but
    A 5.00 and hour pay cut for one year hourly rate and a 3.00 dollar cut last ten years
    Elimination of the pension for legacy workers
    Vacation time 2 weeks till 15 years than 3 capped
    Medical costs 4k for family perscription capped at 40 a script medical visits 20.00 out pocket
    2 k bonus capped
    Resulting reductions in white collar pay , CEO pay reduced ,board etc
    THE PROFIT OVER THE LAST 5 years would be astronomical
    Ford might well be a 30 stock
    AND THIS would still be well within range of what average Americans earn

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    Let's chat conference call

    by bstaurrey May 13, 2015 9:23 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 13, 2015 11:28 AM Flag

    I totally agree to a point. I have said all along the street thinks Ford is fully valued. And now we are drifting lower. Before earnings I thought the best case would be we did not miss. And we drifted to mid 15s. I stated we would have to wait until July for more clarity. Ford continues to talk of year end and 2016. To me for Ford to have any meaningful gains almost everything has to go right at this point. At the ;east everything goes the same and Europe breaks even or profits with Ford giving forward looking statements that Europe will remain break even at the least.
    GM has been slammed with bad news , but any mkt rally later this summer and good numbers out of GM will propell it to 40 .
    I am ready to get out of GM and F truth be told.
    I stand by my prediction from the dire days of the Big 3. This rebirth will not end well , be it 5 , ten or 15 years out.

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    Let's chat conference call

    by bstaurrey May 13, 2015 9:23 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 13, 2015 9:48 AM Flag

    If you noticed GM is starting to have problems in China. I stated many times that the myth of China for Ford is just that . At least for the for seeable future.
    Headwinds are getting stronger
    UAW , China, Europe
    I just cannot see what I had hoped for this company.
    18 is starting to look for very optimistic. From a percentage point it is and uphill battle.
    20 really ? And if we hit it. All the good news will be out .
    By then UAW labor cost will be sky rocketing, car sales slowing .

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    No confidence

    by bstaurrey May 7, 2015 9:58 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 7, 2015 6:57 PM Flag

    There is no question the Street is worried about the potential spiraling labor costs that they see coming. Numorus sources have commented on the need for a Third Tier to save the US auto industry going forward.
    There is no way this contract is going to be good news for anyone except the UAW .
    Watch out when sales drop in 2018 , the economy has a hiccup .
    Your going to be able to buy Ford again in the low teens .
    We have seen the long term hold and it is not pretty.
    And please MO do not tell us how Ford was and investment at 2 bucks.
    On another note CEO are rarely concerned with the stock price they always say I am concerned with the company.
    Part of that is they are rich no matter what , they seldom buy the stock other than awarded options or if they do it is such a small percentage of their wealth. And no matter what happens with the company they end up with great jobs ask Jack Nasser or the guys who took Kmart bankrupt .

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    No confidence

    by bstaurrey May 7, 2015 9:58 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen May 7, 2015 6:48 PM Flag

    And this is why yahoo stock boards are not even amusing anymore . I might as well be reading a rant from the board nut case MO .
    What does Southwest airline stock have to do with Ford ?
    Why not cite Pir 1 , Delta, a real estate managment company stock move ?
    The closest you get is issues with the economy people fly when they have jobs and buy cars . Other than that ??????????????????????????????????
    A transportation company and a commodity company ????????

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