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    The price of this stock!!!

    by iluvamuffin Jun 16, 2015 11:33 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 17, 2015 6:45 PM Flag

    AGAIN AS i TOLD YOU YEARS AGO YOU BELONG IN MUTUL FUNDS. FORD on some models makes as little as 200.00 bucks due to high labor costs. Being a one trick pony is dangerous ergo the stock price. LOL YOU cite one car while the top 6 selling are foriegn . Not a strong endorsement. What is the profit for that car ?

    In some years—say, when Ford ( F 0.13% ) broke even in passenger cars and lost money overseas—profits from the F-series exceeded the company’s reported net income from the auto business SOURCE FORTUNE
    AGAIN a bet on one behicle does not make a strong company.
    Unless you eliminate all the other products.
    YOU NEVER MAKE ANY SENSE anyway. I am calling for one last run to 18 that is a 20% gain than a re evaluation possibly a call to 20 before a collaspe . That is a strong call. Ultimatly though 3 American auto companies cannot survive. It may take 10 more years but in the end with labor costs and the UAW much like every other industry there is no future at these wages for a commodity product,

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    The price of this stock!!!

    by iluvamuffin Jun 16, 2015 11:33 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 17, 2015 6:34 PM Flag

    Really typical UAW fact . Most Americans are buying American ? 6 of the top selling 6 cars are foreign . How you put a UAW spin on that one is beyond reason. The fact is the cultural shift toward BMW,Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Kia, Honda is becoming well documented in the medai.

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    The price of this stock!!!

    by iluvamuffin Jun 16, 2015 11:33 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 17, 2015 4:12 PM Flag

    Well as always you find it difficult to floow a thread unless someone re posts everything from the beginning.
    The question is why FOrd remains in the 15 dollar range ?
    Part of that answer is the street understands that the profit picture can turn on a quarter. Questionater , you and other UAW shills keep telling us about car sales
    Follow the point now oh dim one
    In 3 years Ford managed to lose 30 billion dollars yet they sold 6 million cars
    Lets take this slow for you a new contract is about to be inked
    If Ford has razor thin margins now what happenes when the raises come
    If 6 of the top selling 6 cars are foreign now what happens if the 150 just does as well as it has in the past how do you recoup 1 billion in loost profits
    DO CARS SALES continue at record paces forever ? Were in the beginning of and end cycle , get that ?

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 16, 2015 9:05 PM Flag

    When you talk to Questinator you have to realize chances are he does not own any Ford stock. Even if he cares about his wages far not Ford profit. He is a UAW shill his only interest is how much money he can earn at Ford. Give him a 10 buck raise over a point anyday in the stock. I CANNOT BLAME HIM . BUT his view on F labor cost laughable.
    The fact right now is this switch over by some estimates cost us 1 billion in profits this year. To recover that it going to take a miricale.
    THE LABOR COSTS AT FORD are insane for a commodity product. Whats worse is how is very few under 40 consumers have a care if they buy a Ford or a Totoyta. In fact they prefer a Toyota. If The Japenese ever get a truck going it will be a quick end for the Little 3.
    What shocks me living in Michigan is the number of people that buy foriegn even though their parents work or collect a pension from the Little 3.
    This is very scary. When I ask and I am told the parents said buy the better car , or nobody cares that is a sign.
    The first time I visted my in laws Mother in law Ford all the way . in Fl and I pointed out that almost the whole condo was filled with Japenese cars they said yes very resigned to the end.

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    The price of this stock!!!

    by iluvamuffin Jun 16, 2015 11:33 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 16, 2015 8:05 PM Flag

    There is a core group here that is laughable with the things they post. Lilmuffin, Flyingthunderbird, lovelincolns, questionater, mo [ok he is just insane] and a couple more. My guess is lovelincolns and flyingthunderbird, question own little if any stock in the company. Can you blame them ? Basically they are UAW . I do not doubt that they wish Ford does very well. But they simply cannot seperate from UAW mind set . Questionater constantly posts about sales . But will not answer the question about Ford losing 30 billion dollars and selling 6 million cars in a 3 year period. Same thing about 17 million in sales but what % did Ford get ? Another question I ask of them but never get and answer. How come the GM/UAW building on Jefferson [giant bemouth] is patrolled by a non union company in foriegn cars ? UMMMMMMM labor cost perhaps ?

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jun 16, 2015 7:49 PM Flag

    Here is a leader dog for you
    Highest labor costs of all automotive companies
    UAW contract, how is that going to improve razor thin margins ? If Ford is not doing great now , what happens when the new contract goes into effect ?
    6 of the top selling 6 cars are foriegn , how is that substainable ?
    Cultural switch majority of Americans not born here buy Toyotas Kia, etc once they become upper income they buy BMW,AUDI, MERCEDES
    Under 40 native born wants a foriegn product
    Europe we have heard Ford tell us next year for 5 years , I nor you have a clue to what is happening in Euro
    1 billion est in lost profit from 150 switch , how do you make that up ?
    Lincoln are you kidding me , how many years till the brand revives if ever ?
    Fighting the tape , bull runs come to ends . Ford needs big numbers just to go to 17
    China please struggling economically now , how many years if ever till it really impacts bottom line
    Russia , South America , really ?
    Ford 150 great product, good launch but is it going to take much mkt share from GM, C ?
    Your telling me people will pay thousands more for the 150 ? HOPE SO but.......
    I SAID FORD WAS A 15 buck stock and it is , we need a miricale to drive it to 20
    LABOR COSTS a third tier is needed but ain`t gonna happen.
    In general American auto is done. If I can get out of GM at 41 Ford 18 I am done till Toyota splits buying that baby.

  • The problem with that is where is the upside from 12 or 13 ? 16 ?
    My worst fears that I have posted about are happening.
    Ford cannot make traction against a record DOW that may not have legs left .
    6 of the top selling 6 cars are foriegn,
    A billion in lost profits with the 150 launch.
    Europe , I just do not know, wait till July
    China as I said it is a long way if ever from making the bottom line a big deal
    One trick pony , we wait till July through Dec sales of the 150 and we wait till year end profits
    UAW contract no way UAW takes needed wage cuts . A strike were doomed, a raise , razor thin profit margins already , please tell me where the profit will come from.
    How many record years of car sales left.
    GM and C can offer incentives on trucks and still make $$$$$
    Answer me the above ?????????????
    So again I hold my breath and call for maybe 18 if , if , if everything goes right.
    Will re evealuate if we hit 18 but unless something big happens like Chry leaves the mkt 1 of the Little 3 have to go bankrupt.

  • stated many times he would buy out any family members who sought to sell the company. Along with his sister. They did under pressure talk to investment bankers. But Bill with other family members stated many times they would buy out the smaller Ford family members

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    by bstaurrey Jun 15, 2015 11:10 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 15, 2015 9:33 PM Flag

    Profit my man. Profit margins. Again do you think with the new UAW contract pprofit margins are going to increase ?
    China I called it a myth , now everyday we hear it will be years until China means something.
    Europe , nobody knows.
    Sales Ford lost 30 billion in 3 years but sold 6 million cars .
    Did you see the call that if GM mergered it would go to 90 no merger but fun thinking.
    Right now GM just held back by general mkt.
    I still think we get out of Ford with one more run before the end.

    I AM CALLING THE LAST RUN to 18 . Possible re evaluation if we get there . Then to 20 Then bankruptcy.
    Auto sales will peak. THE UAW contract is going to be death , in 7 to 10 years .

    Looming in the background is upcoming labor negotiations with the United Auto Workers, with union members hopeful of winning back some of the concessions made to keep the industry afloat during the recession. Some in Detroit worry the Big Three will struggle to keep costs in line with sales near record highs, and the outcome of the negotiations could force GM, Chrysler and Ford Motor (F) to look more aggressively for ways to tighten the belt.

    But Wall Street by and large was not in a celebratory mood. The Global Auto Index Fund (CARZ) global auto ETF was flat on the sales announcements. Analysts say investors in the business have come to see a figure near 18 million sales as a good excuse to sell, with Barclays' Brian A. Johnson warning "don't extrapolate too much from month-to-month volatility ... just know we've plateaued."

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    Yes Ford should imitate BOEING

    by informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 3:03 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 7, 2015 4:51 PM Flag

    I am not wrting off the bull mkt totally yet . If this orderly correction continues through summer and we end up down 500 to 1k points . And I know a lot of major ifs, Ford meets expectations July earnings, June through Dec sales numbers are good , they deliver 10 % margin , profit is where they claim it will be , 2015. Somehow the street rallys behind new contract ,very doubtfull.
    1 st quarter 2016 truck numbers are good, Europe breaks even or earns anything. Ford could be 18.
    Long term unless drastic changes take place it is in trouble.

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    Yes Ford should imitate BOEING

    by informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 3:03 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 7, 2015 12:49 PM Flag

    I agree. Mo can pull up any of my prior posts he wants, I mentioned Ford missing the DOW rally dozens of times while it was happening. I posted one day the DOW will peak and Ford will be about 15 bucks , so how in the world do you posters come up with a 30 dollar price .
    Not to beat a dead horse but with these guys , I do not know what else you can do
    Ford, shy of amazing years of gigantic profits can only go up so much against a sideways or declining stock mkt.
    Profits are struggling now, UAW contract raises wages ,no matter what
    6 of the top 6 selling cars are not American, and not FORD
    Europe has to break even at some point. American profits will decline and Europe losses will ring louder
    CAR sales cannot continue at this pace forever , cycles end , what is disturbing is just because we are at 17 million what is FORDS share ?
    When everything is bet on one product the 150 that is scary
    WIth all that said I believe in the greater fool theory someone will buy my
    Ford when the head fake occurs at 18
    There is one last run in the auto group before 2 if not 3 of the Little 3 go bankrupt again . Not saying anytime soon but say 10 years.
    I think the new contract will be telling. We are not going to see the needed 3 rd TIER. Even if the raises are moderate there raises.

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    Yes Ford should imitate BOEING

    by informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 3:03 PM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 7, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    I think your missing the point. Questionater, flying, lovelincolns, mo, perhaps you .Are UAW shills posting utter nonsense. 99.% of the board understands that labor cost was one of the main reasons the Little 3 ended up in the mess they are/were . And that labor costs will always be a big part of a commodity product. There is no sense arguing with them . A few simple points if Ford profit margin now is sinking what will it be after the new contract ? I digress.
    The point of me posting the info on Boeing is a poster told us Boeing stock was once like Ford. And the UAW shills jumped on it and agreed. LEAVING out that Boeing is one of the most anti union company around. And they have done everything to drive labor costs down. Yes there moves were incentivized. That has nothing to do with what we are talking about. By the way look up Pole Town plant . The Little 3 have had many deals with tax incentives. That again is not what the post is about.

  • If the big three did things right back in 1960 transplant companies would not be here

    IN 1960 GM had 56% of entire USA all to itself. The big three had over 90% of american market. Today GM has 17% of USA market and the Toyota Camry is the most American made car in America. That car has more american parts than even the GM trucks. Sad but true. BMW Toyota VW Nissan Honda Kia and Hyundai have plants cranking out cars here in America. Better equiped Better finish More reliable and cheaper price than GM Look at Sonic a poor example for an entry level car. No wonder it does not sell well and has a 200 day inventory. Best part about transplants NO UNION AND GLAD TO MAKE 10 DOLLARS LESS AN HOUR! Go ahead and strike GM on September 15 2015! Not to mention CHINA MOTORS building a plant in SC! Thank You GM

  • informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 5:25 PM Flag

    Yes this guy is a short. But his point is valid . Same as Questionater/Lovelincolns hyping Boeing without knowing that their success was larely due to labor costs reductions. Speaking of which not a bad read for you. Because it makes the same point I showed here before. It highlights the savings over ten years. And the costs are almost identical to Fords.
    That the 150 is a great Truck . Even better than the previous 150 . WIth that said it will take a few sales from GM and C. But on the other hand priced right GM, C will take some sales from F, they already have done that.
    There is nothing about the 150 that says wow , got to have it ,for the swing buyer.
    This is it for Ford , many headwinds lie ahead ,so they better make $$ while they can.
    At worst they better have a push for the next 6 months , that allows for no mistakes, no surprizes that are bad such as Europe.
    A push and they better knock it out in 2016.
    Again really WHAT are your thoughts best case 18 ???? Then maybe if things look good a miricale 20 ?
    By then we have to think , new contract costing margins, slowing record sales, U.S. economy another down cycle .
    I guess if it happens I will take 20 and never look back. I do not want anything to do with the U.S. auto. Someday if Toyota splits will but a small amount. I see the future.

  • One cannot make up their silly posts.
    We have Questionater/lovelincons always talking about how labor costs do not matter.And how the UAW is great.
    Jumping on the bandwagon of a company that has been at war with the UNION for years.
    A company that made their profit on labor cost reductions .
    A company that constantly is complaining about LABOR COSTS

  • informationlouisgreen by informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 3:03 PM Flag

    For example, currently, the average pay on the Machinists' line at Boeing's facilities in the Puget Sound is about $28 an hour. The average hourly wage for line workers at its North Charleston plant is $14. No big deal, you say? Well, if Boeing does end up employing 6,400 workers in Charleston like many of the experts say they will, and the company saves just $10 an hour in wages, including benefits, that's a savings of $4 billion over a 20-year period. The $4 billion in labor cost savings represents more than seven times the cost of Boeing's initial investment in the South Carolina plant.

    All Ford wages should top out at 15
    All legacy pensions should be eliminated
    All bonus cut drastically , may 2 k cap
    Vacations normal American work force 2 weeks , 3 after after 15 Average American gets 20 days after 20 yr
    401 matchs cut
    White Collar pay normed as are bonus
    40k UAW workers times 10 years YIKES $$$$$ plus the non union workers
    THERE YA GO a 50 buck stock
    A company not headed toward bankrupcy
    A growing workforce earning a decent living as Ford can discount cars and still make great profits and we can stop shipping jobs and profits over seas. Instead of 48 % of Americans on G aid.

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    VW stacks cash on hood while sales fall

    by questinator Jun 6, 2015 8:12 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 2:56 PM Flag

    Are you kidding me ? All American companies already have that reputation. Read Consumers reports for the last 15 years .
    That is why 6 of the top selling 6 cars are not American

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    VW stacks cash on hood while sales fall

    by questinator Jun 6, 2015 8:12 AM
    informationlouisgreen informationlouisgreen Jun 6, 2015 2:48 PM Flag

    Yep , there are a lot of 21 to 45 years olds with 65k wanting a VW 1960 Micro Bus.
    They will sell millions ,once they learn what one is , everyone will want one.
    Even better just think of the up and coming mkt of graduates clamoring for that VW Bus. As they graduate law,med, engineering, it, pharmacy and other high paying jobs
    Better start discounting the BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES
    And the 48% of Americans recieving Gov aid
    And the the majority of Americans earning 25 to 50 k buying Toyotas -think of the trade in

    YOU cannot make these posts UP !

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