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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MACK) Message Board

innsbrooklad 406 posts  |  Last Activity: 9 hours ago Member since: Nov 11, 1999
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    Intersting article in Nature journal -

    by biotech_as Jul 2, 2014 1:49 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jul 2, 2014 9:28 PM Flag

    It is going to be a huge field.ETRM is right there. I think obesity is not the only plan. This stock is cheap.The FDA is right on top of this and know it is the best treatment and will approve this..and sooner than September.

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    if arena buys enteromedics

    by brad_210000 Jul 2, 2014 8:18 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jul 2, 2014 9:19 PM Flag

    They are not smart enough. Jack Lief and Co????

  • innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 30, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    Hey moron...You had a group of surgeons looking at efficacy. Some said they were not qualified. I asked you last week to find any ADCOM device committee that had to look at a
    device that was also a therapeutic. They were all surgeons and gastroenterologists. They were clueless regarding efficacy and you know that. The surgeons said it was safe. They said the risk/benefit was positive 6-2. The FDA in attendance was not hostile. 24 month data is overwhelming. This is the only chance obesity will be attacked. Take you pills and use them as suppositories. You are a complete moron.

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    What date is the FDA suppose to make a decision?

    by hansundfran Jun 28, 2014 11:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 29, 2014 5:16 PM Flag

    Sooner..we are a device not a drug

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    Has to Be a DEAL

    by innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 3:54 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 28, 2014 7:47 AM Flag

    I read a lot of foreign newspapers..have a lot of contacts in India. Word of mouth mostly. The electric grid in Pakistan and India is no secret. That is why GE is there. I spoke to the CEO a few months back and he did tell me brownouts and electric failures are the rule not the exception in that part of the world.

  • innsbrooklad by innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    Latest reading out of Pakistan is their electric grid is collapsing...Military is having failures...
    That would be a nice July 4th bang.

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    Merck Invests In Vagus Stimulation Device!

    by dctrig Jun 27, 2014 2:19 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

    DC..American Headache Society???? Sounds like the ETRM message board. If you read the New York Times magazine article three weeks ago you will see how powerful a technology birelectronics will be.

    Their sham failed unlike ours. We had no pain, they did. Our clinical trial was almost set up to fail. But at 24 months we had 21% EWL versus 4% for the sham group.

    We have a huge device on our hands. Patience with the FDA approval then look out.

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    Bench to Bed

    by cropsey14h Jun 26, 2014 12:01 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 2:28 PM Flag

    Hedge fund guys are short squat. The majority is the convert. You can borrow all the MACK you want for nothing. Let Mulroy get a deal done. Otherwise you tread water until he is forced to raise capital. Lackluster though is a great word.

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    Bench to Bed

    by cropsey14h Jun 26, 2014 12:01 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 10:32 AM Flag

    Still waiting huh? Without a lessening of the burn, I think the $40 MM bank loan will kick in here with working capital requirements and other provisions. I think investors ( big ones ) are looking over their shoulder at a potential financing. SNY give back while dutifully explained by some smart folks here does not expunge the fact that other negotiations on the other original compounds may have been affected. Mulroy has promised 3 deals this year to several folks and I hope he delivers.

    Oh and I think Pharma-engine actually makes money, hence the higher market cap.

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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    You seem not to hear. ETRM can say nothing. They have a pending application with the FDA and from my experience the FDA follows everything a company says and does in public. I sincerely doubt they will sell and market this thing themselves and odds are they are not independent within 18 months. Personalized medicine is pushing everything into hospital
    settings as gastroenterologists are mostly in hospitals as are surgeons. You get a Thermo Fisher behind VBLCOC and this will take off. But please expecting any communication from Knudson et al just is not going to happen. The bonus was meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Give them a break, 27 people worked very had and are still working hard.

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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 7:41 AM Flag

    One more thing. When we get approved I personally want to meet Marmer and show him the VBLOC can also be used as a suppository.

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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 27, 2014 7:40 AM Flag

    Those 27 people did a great job and personally I would have taken options but this is noise.
    I hold the FDA very supportive of the company and likely in my opinion to approve this as first line. The 40 BMI threshold mandated by the trial was also very high and I see this device being used by folks who are a lot smaller. This is a surgeons dream and the safety and risk benefit votes carry a lot more weight than the doomsayers opine. 24 month data was great and patients continuing on the protocol will be even smaller.

    My best guess is an FDA approval and a marketing deal with a huge hospital supplier like McKesson or Thermo Fisher. I do not think Metronics gets in the mix. This company's
    revenue will be the device. Eventually they will get it down to $3000 and with surgery costing $1250 the health insurers will pay for it. Obesity is killing them and us and there is NOTHING
    out there now. The pills will try but I think eventually VBLOC will swamp them.

    The first person who vapor locks on Belviq or the VVUS drug will make front page Wall Street Journal headlines. It does not take a blind man to see the price of ARNA and VVUS stock is telling us what the market thinks of their pills. Sure sales are increasing, but with a low base they have to.

    All my opinion and since I IGNORED all the dopes I would appreciate common sense comments.


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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    Sell your stock and get lost..Seriously, such a big bonus. You are clueless.

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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    Pharma..I also believe the insiders are quite restricted here so the bonus is not being spent sadly.

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    by sguceri Jun 26, 2014 2:12 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 4:00 PM Flag

    What is going on is folks like you keep asking what is going on! This is a massive quiet period as the company is waiting the FDA decision. Don't expect anything out of the company until then. They can't have conferences and press releases. That is not how it works. They have to be sensitive to what they laid out before us..ADCOM then within 90 days the FDA decision. My guess is they are talking to the FDA all the time. Trying to make the device smaller and get better battery life. But don't ask questions that you know the answer to. They can't say much if anything. Put the stock in your drawer and ignore the doom-sayers that appear every day.

    On another note I researched FDA device data back 10 years and have not found one instance where a device was in a clinical trial where it was also treated like a therapeutic. Maybe there never was one. I asked that idiot Oooze whatever to find one and he can't. This was a first for the FDA and you could see from the ADCOM discussion that was the case.

    You have to be patient with companies like this that have a first of a kind device that could help a lot of people.
    The morons on this board who own ARNA, VVUS and OREX will not let up until the FDA decision and all they are doing is tossing stock between them. Sure it would be nice if Knudson did a Cowen road show to meet new institutions but that is not going to happen. Nor will we see much research. It is a very quiet period and you should put the dopes on ignore and take a vacation.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Omar Ishrak (CEO Medtronic) 763-514-4000

    by adeiflig Jun 26, 2014 12:17 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 1:23 PM Flag

    Leave the company alone and stop theorizing. They are having in depth discussions with the FDA and are planning on approval. They can do very little in the U.S. until they get the OK. Calling Medtronics? You can't be serious. Give the company away? Let the smoke clear, get the #$%$ out of here and let these guys run with the company.

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    Its 2000 all over again...

    by modenaro Jun 26, 2014 11:32 AM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 11:39 AM Flag

    Does this company make money???? And don't they have a very limited audience???

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    by adeiflig Jun 25, 2014 9:14 PM
    innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 26, 2014 7:24 AM Flag

    Used to work but the shorts and the hedge funds just pass the fails on...Market makers are the ones who should be in jail..Welcome to Paradise

  • innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 25, 2014 5:45 PM Flag

    I ignored whoever it is. It is a $1.63 and he or she is out there screaming at the rain. He refutes everything you say with nonsense, I asked him to find another case and he just rants. Leave him alone. Maybe he will get back to his porn and leave us alone.

  • innsbrooklad innsbrooklad Jun 25, 2014 5:42 PM Flag

    Go phuque yourself. You are a total waste of time. Go short the stock you #$%$ and we will see you in September. The stock trades at 1.60 and you are a genius?

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