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  • Today with 4 hours into trading volume extremely anemic also at just over 300k while stock is down so fsr.. Friday's volume was more than DOUBLE average daily while shares were up over 22%; Yesterday's volume was less than HALF average daily while stock was down about 5%.

    From a technical point of view this would be considered a major positive signal if not for today's volitile energy sector...

    Any opinions?

    Rumors have it that they may have news out sometimes in December (according to Fun-Trading guy at SA who had spoken to someone in the management).

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  • insider_expert insider_expert Nov 13, 2015 1:54 PM Flag

    Now up 20% on very solid volume.

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  • Already nearly half of million shares over average daily volume. Does not feel like short covering but alot of shares are being bought by folks (employees?). Do some know something others don't or could this be a classic bounce off a triple bottom?

    Currently oil down over 3% @40.45 and Dow down 145 points.

    PGN is been up solidly all morning.

  • Shorts are trying very hard to either ignore this very important made in such a critical time or write it off as "standard statement"; Really? Is this also standard times? Who are the shorts fooling? This statement was made with rumors of bk in the mind of the management and under the advice of two very reputable law firms.
    Shorts either think longs are gullible or they don't have much respect for our intelligence.

    This critically important statement in such a critical time is the most important and critical words contained in the earnings report and the CC when as far as the shareholders are concerned and It was purposely written with shareholders worries about the rumors of shares being wiped out in mind. Period.

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  • insider_expert insider_expert Nov 10, 2015 1:53 AM Flag

    You answer this: if they were to file bk with the intent to wipe out commons the why would Stilley say :

    " The board has approved engagement with the company's lenders and noteholders with the intent of maximizing value for the company's shareholders and other stakeholders. We believe that significant value can be unlocked through this process and we intend to work constructively with all involved parties to move forward as quickly as possible and reach our desired outcome."

    How is your claim of wiping out commons in a bk considered "maximizing value of the company's shareholders" ?
    Note that above statement was part of the official earnings report written under the guidance of the two law firms and not an off the cuff statement made by Stilley during the CC.
    If someone could explain above OFFICIAL statement about "MAXIMIZING" shareholder value to me and prove that it means wiping out commons (!!! ) or even lowering the value of the commons (!!!) then I would throw in the towel; Or is it just bs or a gimmick? (which I don't believe to be the case provided they have two law firms advised them)

    The problem I see with short's argument is that they totally ignore possibility of out of court purchase of a good portion of the debt at a large discount as well as the effect of a possible rise in oil prices in the future; to me those are the most important factors for the future of not just PGN but nearly all companies in the offshore.

    Even if they do file ch11 the above statement by Stilley tells me that, unlike HERO's 3% , a good percentage (possibly 10% or higher) will be assigned to commons hence "maximizing" shareholder value. ( a 10% of debt free company would mean a huge upside to shares).

    But heck why listen to me; short more shares!!!

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  • When going up after markets open volume was over 320,000 shares for the first 15 minutes but dried down as shares turned negative. And despite near record volume of the first hour of trading the stock closed the day just above the daily average and volume limping to the close;
    It means that despite being down for the day such vanishing volume indicates no stamp of approval one way or other and today's market action can technically be called a wait and see until the report and the CC is dissected more by the market.

    And once dissected people will realize the followings as positive:
    1- stock continues to be priced for bk but today's report makes it clear no bk coming;
    2- The company is made it clear that not only they are not planning a bk at which shareholders would have been wiped out but to the contrary they are using the two newly hired lawfirms for capital restructuring in order to increase the shareholder value and not for filing bk as claimed by some;
    3- Company continues to be cash flow positive wrt day to day operations despite the large write off that pushed it to a negative earnings;
    4- The were able to postpond prospector delivery and payment for a full year which is positive;
    5-Huge write off in a proactive way takes that hurdle out of way while they can still bring back those rigs stacked back to operation if market improves.

    Then there were the followings as negative:
    1- They did not explain why they had to take such a large bonus equal to one year pay based on retaining employees in a down right terrible oil market where the jobs in oil sector are dissapearing and nobody in their right mind will leave; Besides who would hire someone coming from a company that have had their pps trashed to bk price; Also why do this at a time when money is so vital to the company;

    2-Using the going concern phrase, while not a big deal in my view, was not necessary except to hurt us.
    3- Future of oil sector gloomy for another year( nothing said about Petrabras

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  • What all the shorts were screamimg was that they will announce BK during this earning or at least give a future date; As it turns out NO bk is in the books; The going concern mentioned while indicating the state of drillers is very commonly announced by accounting companies to protect themselves and now PGN is decided to announce it themselves but I have seen many such conerns most of which add up to nothing.

    Finances overall looks as expected or even better than expected in some areas provided where the oil market is.

    Now we also know that they hired those two law firms for restructuring of their capital and out of court debt purchase but not for BK as claimed by shorts.

    The markets first reaction of being green was correct but oil prices being down, Dow being down, and worries about another year of low oil prices is spooking all oil shares in the sector.

    I will not sell a single share and intent to add once have more funds available.

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    My assesment

    by duane38637 Nov 9, 2015 9:29 AM
    insider_expert insider_expert Nov 9, 2015 9:40 AM Flag

    BK possibility was the big issue and that is exactly why the shares are priced for bk in 20 cents area. Before those rumors the shares were at 90 cents and moving up and would have been near $2 by now if not for those rumors and some "reputable" article in Seeking Alpha including several by the all genius Anthony Ruben who did not even know where Middle east was and thought Brunni was in Middle east and YET SA would allow such people with lack of most basic knowledge that eve a elementary or high school kid would know to pretend to be "expert" and publish articles under the SA banner.

    With no bk his stock deserves to be at $2 TODAY.

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  • Mr. Stilley commented, "under the direction of an independent committee of the board of directors, the company has been proactively exploring long-term solutions to improve Paragon's overall balance sheet strength and position the company for long-term success. The board has approved engagement with the company's lenders and noteholders with the intent of maximizing value for the company's shareholders and other stakeholders. We believe that significant value can be unlocked through this process and we intend to work constructively with all involved parties to move forward as quickly as possible and reach our desired outcome. In the meantime, we continue to operate normally and fulfill our commitments to our customers, suppliers, and employees."


    That single statement is what the shareholders were hoping for; it basically repudiates the shorts assertion that share values will be crashed to zero in a bk filing. Apparently not so fast shorty. Better cover or your behind will be on fire.

    While it appears that covenant issue has not been resolved but it seems they continue to work on that plus "engagement with lenders and noteholders"...Otherwise they are working on out of court debt and note purchases with the hoard of $733 million cash the have.

    Sorry to disappoint you Anthony Ruben; Most here knew all along you were wrong but you kept ponding the table with your erroneous and mal-intended article which also showed your profound lack of knowledge and professionalism.

    We should begin an ascend back towards $1 and beyond.

    (we still need to listen to the CC as there were not enough info on Petrobras and need more light on negotiations with lenders as well as how they intend to overcome the covenant issue).

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    Lee AWOL

    by goskiing99 Nov 6, 2015 12:38 PM
    insider_expert insider_expert Nov 6, 2015 3:20 PM Flag


    Please stop exaggerating and lying; I am also long but you are just too much. I have never had problem getting hold of Lee on my first calls. May be you have the wrong number! Just go to Paragon website and look up the number for IR and I bet you you be talking to Lee in under ONE minute. Try it right now.

  • insider_expert insider_expert Nov 5, 2015 11:31 AM Flag

    Very sad? 911 was very sad; When my grandma died was very sad; I don't get it. Why don't you relax a bit. Why are you so up in arms for somebody pointing out that it was green AH and something may be simmering (was supposed to make you laugh)? Well, it is in red now. Happy? Is being short in such low pennies price gotten to you? Just get out and relax. Go get you a beer or something and watch a good old movie; It can go a long ways in calming your nerves.

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  • Any thoughts?

    Could this be a sign of start of a zoom; Remember we dropped from 90 cents and heading higher to today's low 20 cents based on rumors of an imminent bk spread by a few but spearheaded by Mr idiot himself Anthony BS drumhead Ruben who does not even know where Middle East is!!! But the market has away of making up for such unfounded rumors. Without them we would have been at over 2 like EXXI as PGN was in tandem with it until those rumors hit the fan.

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  • If true that is a major news as it may be an indication, as many here have been saying, that no ch11 is in the cards.

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  • insider_expert insider_expert Nov 3, 2015 2:37 PM Flag

    Thanks and good luck. I am only in PGN and cash right now; I should have gone all cash as others I sold are all down since (NGB, EXXI, GDP, FB, etc);

  • insider_expert insider_expert Nov 3, 2015 1:57 PM Flag

    Thanks for giving a well thought, valid, and best advise possible;
    But getting back to PGN you say you bailed at $9; Are you back in now and if so at what price; Also can you tell us about some of the stocks you are invested in...

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    OK, you longs have convinced me

    by cheng_ho Nov 2, 2015 10:21 AM
    insider_expert insider_expert Nov 2, 2015 10:42 AM Flag

    It all depends on the oil prices; and not just for PGN but for most if not all offshore drillers and nearly all U.S. shale companies; Nearly all, or at least most, in oil sector are saddled with large debt and declining revenues but in the later cases so are Saudis, Russians, Brazilians, Gulf states, Mexico, U.S., Iran, Argentina, England, etc etc who have been facing dramatic declining revenues...In other words too many companies and countries are losing billions (nearly over half TRILLION dollars lost revenues just since the start of the year) and as such something will give and they will somehow find a way to raise the price of oil again; It is only a matter of time. Also, there is talk of upheaval and even possible pending coup in Saudi Arabia and any real sign of such an event will send oil prices soaring never to look back as such a coup will pre-occupy Saudis for years and years.

    As for PGN they have a large $850 million cash and no debt payment till 2019; All they have to do is to renegotiate the covenant and they'll be set; It seems to me that this whole charade is blown out of proportion by shorts and that bum at SA (Anthony bs Ruben) simply because PGN hired two law firms to help them in restructuring and buying back debt in this very troubled times for the oil sector.

    PGN is in much better shape than many others in the sector with proportionally higher debt and lower revenues and prospects.

    The PGN share prices will pop in due time; Guaranteed. And that is my honest opinion.

    I have been and will continue to accumulate (have added nearly 200,000 more shares just in the past week).

    A risk well worth the reward in my IMO.

  • insider_expert by insider_expert Oct 31, 2015 9:27 PM Flag

    Call it employee retention or whatever; bottomline is this is a big bonus for everyone in the management;

    Now let think about this a second..Would any management be so brazen to give themselves such a large bonus if they were about to announce ch11? And would those two hired law firms allow them if bk was on the horizon?

    It simply does not make sense to me to give such bonuses if no major good news was not coming soon; Fun Trading of SA had mentioned last week (under a RIG article) that he had spoke to IR's Ahlstrom who had told him there is news coming in December; Is that when they think they'll have out of court agreements worth a PR?

    Also if you look at the 8-k out of court settlement possibility is mentioned first and is elaborated upon much more extensively that other possibilities of ch11, etc;

    This 8-k could very well be an indication that they've had some success in out of court agreements through the hard work of everyone in the management and so now they feel they deserve a bonus but have to disguise it as "employee retention" to put other bond and debt holders on notice that better reach out of court agreement or else(ch11, etc).

    I like to hear some of the actual shareholders thoughts on this (we've already read the short opinions).

  • and waiting for oil to stabilize; Nonetheless, very tough market for all energy stocks whether oil, natural gas, or coal; Natural gas a major down day of nearly 8% as though bottom for natural gas may be finally in or very close as though natural gas investors were throwing in the towels; Could this also be a signal for oil? Only time will tell.

    But as far as PGN is concerned November 9th CC will be very telling; I believe management has no intention, desire, or ability of abandoning Shareholders (they know no judge will approve and that attorneys are standing by and that it is not financially or future-wise to their advantage).

  • insider_expert insider_expert Oct 21, 2015 5:37 PM Flag

    I did not say his article caused the drop in stock price you blind folded #@%$...Anthony Ruben is not but a negligible bum that could not possibly have and such effect on any stock; I only said that he played a bigger than his share of bashing immediately by being the first to spread the rumors on bk and telling people to expect bk in very short order which has not happened and will not happen.

    And calling for bk based on pure speculation and so forcefully by an SA article in not just an "error" you idiot; Just yesterday he published another article titled "Paragon Offshore loses contract to Noble" whereas Paragon wasn't even in the bidding for that contract !!! and that is the TITLE of his article!!! and of course article itself, like all his other ones, were filed with slanders, lies, and some errors like he seem not to even know where middle East is or what countries are contained in ME. Just go to SA site and see for yourself what people are saying there about him.

    Anthony Ruben is not a manipulative moron with ulterior motives; If you can't see that you may need to have your eyes, or even better you empty skull, examined.

  • insider_expert insider_expert Oct 21, 2015 1:03 PM Flag

    It was this same Anthony Ruben who did the biggest contribution to PGN stock nearly crashing from 90 cents downward to where it is now after the company hired those two firms by posting an SA "article" immediately claiming the bk was imminent and coming with a very short time to the point that made people think the announcement would happen that very next weekend; but then again at that time the extent of his knowledge about the industry was relatively unknown; The stock has not been able to recover from his shameless slanders and none-factual claims. and now he is using fabrications and pure lies to knock the stock further; What a shame.

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