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  • isaac_dj isaac_dj May 24, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

    Yahoo has made it very difficult to post sources of articles.

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  • isaac_dj isaac_dj May 24, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    SAN is now more attractive than ever.

  • According to a Bloomberg article of may 22, 2013:

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  • The current price movement in REGI is highly indicative of a PENDING ACQUISITION OFFER. Increasing M&A activity in the BIOFUELS business is expected to continue.

    FutureFuel's price movement indicates accumulation but it is too early to determine whether an acquisition offer might be forthcoming.

    Still, as we all know, SIZE in the BIOFUELS BUSINESS provides an undisputed economic advantage. And FutureFuel has been PROFITABLE, an attribute that would make it an attractive takeover target.

    Now that the economy is showing signs of strength, and corporation have had substantial increases in CASH FLOW, ACQUISITION are HIGHLY LIKELY TO FOLLOW.

    Hang on.

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  • isaac_dj isaac_dj May 16, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Today, both REGI an SZYM rose, continuing their uptrend, while FutureFuel dropped. Investors who have followed SZYM would acknowledge that SZYM had been plagued with similar volatility (to thar which FutureFuel has currently) just before it started its recent rise.

    It seems that once funds accumulate enough shares, the uptrend can begin. On that basis, look for FutureFuel to catch up with the rise of REGI and SZYM in the next few weeks..

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  • If AAPL moves swiftly, it may be able to ACQUIRE YHOO for just $45 Billion ($40/share).

    In spite of the usually stated reasons, AAPL's new bond issue is clearly intended for a MAJOR ACQUISITION. For tax reasons AAPL must want fo minimize tapping its $140 Billion in cash.

    Anyway, since AAPL has been reported to be currently talking to YHOO, the rumors of AAPL ACQUIRING YHOO will probably prove to be true.

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  • isaac_dj isaac_dj May 9, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    In spite of all the negative NOISE about DVAX resulting from the overambitious FDA-supported attempt to achieve a quick FDA approval for Heplisav in all-ages, which nearly succeeded, there should be NO DOUBT that the FDA will approve Heplisav for hep-B immunization in people over the age of 40 (for which most of the Heplisav data apply).

    After all, the FDA has no real choice for vaccinatiosn in this age group because the evidence suggests that the current commercial vaccines do not achieve adequate immunity in people over 40.

    The benefits of an effective hep-B vaccine for this age group far outweigh the imaginary risks that were invented by some members of advisory commitee without any justification or indication in the clinical data.

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  • The FDA will have to approve Heplisav for immunization of people over the age of 40 because the currently available commercial vaccines are largely ineffective in this population.

    In particular, diabetics, most of whom are above the age of 40, require hep-B vaccination because of the high risk of contracting the disease during dialysis.

    Therefore, without Heplisav, the CDC recommendation for hep-B vaccination is toothless since the vaccinations with the current commercial vaccines will probably not be able to reach the required level of immunity.

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  • In the CC, Rose said that Jeff Kindler, the former CEO and Chair of Pfizer has joined SIGA's board of directors.

    Although Kindler resigned from PFE's CEO post in Dec 2010, he still has executive friends at PFE.. He also has invaluable connections in the pharmaceutical industry. And it appears that he still holds a substantial amount of PFE stock options (as well as shares).

    So when the DE Supreme Court rules in favor of SIGA, look for a big pharma companty (e.g., PFE, JNJ, BMY, etc.) to move to ACQUIRE SIGA.

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    100% Gain in 9 Years Just from DIVIDENDS

    by isaac_dj Apr 25, 2013 3:49 PM
    isaac_dj isaac_dj Apr 26, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    eddie1969f is right. The current SAN's dividend is $0.78, which corresponds to a an annual rate of 11% (that's HUGE) for a stock price of $7.11.

    So assuming an unchanged stock price, the gain for a shareholder will be 100% in just 6.7 years.

    But given the dire economic state of the economies in spain and other EU countries, SAN's stock price should currently be considered suppressed. However, the state of the economies in the EU WILL INEVITABLY IMPROVE as a result of increasing recoveries in America and Asia (e.g., China, Japan, etc.).

    U.S. bank stocks have already recovered nicely. So look for SAN to follow suit and lead EU bank stocks into recovery as the EU economies begin to stabilize.

    Again, meanwhile, SAN's shareholders can enjoy SAN's impressive dividend payments.

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  • SAN's dividend rate of 8.3% will result in 100% gain in 8.7 years just from dividends. That's based on an unchanged stock price..

    However, SAN's shares will undoubtedly appreciate as EU economies begin to recover. Most economists now agree that the world economies are slowly coming out of the recessions created by the financial markets' shock and the real-estate-prices collapse of the great recession. first the U.S economy recovered, then China, and now Japan as well as other Asian economies. The EU economies will undoubtedly follow because of the interdependence with other global economies.

    And SAN's price should be expected to recover with the EU economies or even sooner because stock prices usually lead the economies.

    In the U.S., bank stocks have been doing very well. After all, they can borrow from their depositors and from the FED almost at 0% interest while their average lending rates are higher than 3%. and that anomaly is expected to continue for several years. Meanwhile, the U.S. real estate market is showing signs of a solid recovery (as is evidend in the price of home-builders stocks). So when the EU real-estate markets begin to recover, and particularly Spain's housing market, SAN stock price will rise sharply.

    It is all just a matter of time, perhaps a year or two. And meanwhile SAN's shareholders will gain from the IMPRESSIVE DIVIDENDS.

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  • The money flow index (MFI) began and finished the day at over 90% and stayed above 50% almost throughout the day. This technical indicator is the percentage of positive money flow in the total money flow (positive and negative). The positive money flow is the value of trades when the price is rising, and conversely, the negative money flow is the value of trades when the price is declining. When the MFI is at 50% the positive money flow equals the negative.

    Today, during the first and last hour of trade, the MFI was very high, above 80%. This is a clear indication of a strong buying pressure. In fact, even when the price was in the red, the MFI was quite strong. This suggests that while the MMs tried to create a picture of decline, traders were buying SIGA shares (at good prices of course). in the recent times, a combination of a rise in the MFI of SIGA and a price that seems to refuse to rise, has indicated an ACCUMULATION and a SUBSEQUENT SHARP RISE.

    Could it be that someone(s) analyzed the arguments in front of the DE Supreme Court and have consequently been accumulating shares of SIGA?

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  • And a FAVORABLE decision by the DE Supreme Court is very likely. The reason is the doctrine of promissory estoppel, which is a basis for enforcing a promise when there is no enforceable contract. Tthe doctrine of promissory estoppel requires detrimental reliance on the promise by one of the parties, which did not exist in this case.

    The lower court said that SIGA had promised to have a good faith negotiation for a license agreement with PIP and that SIGA did not fulfil that promise. However, PIP could not have detrimentally relied on that promise. The reason is that NO REASONABLE PERSON can rely on the outcome of future negotiations when the outcome is not known. And to DETRIMENTALLY RELY on something that is not known is not just unreasonable -- it is insane.

    So since there could not be a detrimental reliance, there cannot be a promissory estoppel.

    Therefore, look for the DE Supreme Court to decide in favor of SIGA.

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  • The current indications are that the terrorists involved in the Boston bombing were Islamists. The pressure cooker bombs and the subsequent ricin letters attacks are the marks of Islamists terrorisms. Keep in mind, that a radical-right anarchist would not have attacked Senator Wicker, a conservative Republican from Mississippi.

    So if the Boston terrorists were Islamists, which we will soon find out, there is allso a strong risk that they will use camel pox, a bioterror agent that is likely available to Islamists, for which the only reasonable treatment is SIGA's drug.

    I think yhat the federal Government should expedite their purchases from SIGA to preempt a potential terror by the evil doers.

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  • First,, this is an opportunity for AAPL to diversify further away from hardware.

    AAPL can easily afford to acquire YHOO.

    It will be a form of horizontal integration for AAPL -- something AAPL has indicated a need for.

    And it gives AAPL a low-cost entry into also becoming a large internet company.

    I believe AAPL will beat MSFT to the punch that acquires YHOO.

    So how imminent is this likely event? IT COULD HAPPEN at any time.

    YHOO's cash and foreign assets make it more attractive than its price indicates

    A poster said that AAPL and YHOO ARE TALKING -- can anyone verify?

  • First, AAPL can easily afford to acquire YHOO.

    It will be a form of horizontal integration for AAPL -- something AAPL has indicated a need for.

    And it gives AAPL a low-cost entry into also becoming a large internet company.

    I believe AAPL will beat MSFT to the punch that acquires YHOO.

    So how imminent is this likely event? IT COULD HAPPEN at any time.

    YHOO's cash and foreign assets make it more attractive than its price indicates.

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  • The bill was plain insane. It would authorize the government of Cyprus to confiscate 15% of all savings accounts in the banks of Cyprus. And the terms of the bill were actually suggested by the EU? What in this world were they thinking? Such a bill would have easily destroyed Cyprus's economy as most people would have pulled all of their money out of Cyprus banks.

    Anyway, in the Cyprus's 56-member parliament, "the ruling party abstained and 36 other lawmakers voted unanimously to reject the bill." And NO ONE VOTED FOR THE BILL.

    Keep this in mind: the EU could have easily approved Cyprus's bailout package, just as they did for Ireland, without requesting this draconian bill.

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  • EU politicians have already begun to backtrack as a result of the worldwide backlash that followed the announcement that Cyprus may impose a 6.75% one-time levy on savings accounts. French and German EU representatives were quick to state that they had nothing to do with the ridiculous Cyprus measure, which is likely to cause foreign and domestic depositors to pull their money out of Cyprus's banks and consequently irreparably damage the banking sector and the entire economy of Cyprus.

    A more conventional approach would have used an increase in sales (value-added) tax, which is more sustainable but more gradual approach to solve the debtt problems.of the island.

    Anyway, the chances that such a savings-levy measure will be used in Spain is slim to none. .

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    by isaac_dj Mar 18, 2013 5:39 PM
    isaac_dj isaac_dj Mar 18, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    The EU politicians must have deviced a new approach to austerity measures -- they ask for the ridiculous only to retreat to the more reasonable in such a way that would appease the populace.

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  • And most likely, only the most gullible investors would.

    The main reason is that "Cyprus's banking sector, which attracts money from Russians, dwarfs the size of its economy." (see Article below). The banking sector is substantially larger than Cyprus's economy because the banks of Cyprus, which is a small island with a small economy and only about a million inhabitants, are a haven for depositors from Russia and other former eastern-block countries (e.g., Serbia).

    Thus, the proposed tax on bank accounts of more than 100,000 euros cans easily cause foreign and domestic depositors to pull their money out of Cyprus banks and transfer the funds to other countries (e.g. Bahamas). Such a reaction could easily destroy Cyprus's banking sector and irreparably damage the economy there.

    That's why Cyprus's 56-member parliament cannot afford to approve such a measure, which amounts to a sheer financial suicide for the small island. No one, in his/her right mind, would believe that such a measure can pass.

    Search for the title of "Cyprus reworks divisive bank tax, delays vote" to find the article from which the quoted info was obtained.

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