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    Full Position Yet

    by valuationstockinvestor Jun 26, 2015 10:18 PM
    isce_ille_iste isce_ille_iste Aug 26, 2015 8:02 PM Flag

    This may be a good time to add to whatever position you have, but not sure about why the stock is reacting so negatively in what appears to be a very volatile market, up and down. I would have hoped that the stock price would be doing better than it has been recently given a very significant drop in price over the last few weeks. Does anyone have any news that might shed some light on any of this?

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    Jesus my eyes deceive me...

    by msears99 Aug 25, 2015 10:05 PM
    isce_ille_iste isce_ille_iste Aug 26, 2015 8:28 AM Flag

    Interesting. He must be thinking there is some good value at the current stock price. At a current total market cap value of $150M, the 3,000 AL units FVE owns would be valued at $50K per unit, about 1/3-1/4 the cost of building new, which doesn't consider anything for the 30,000 units they manage for a fee... I guess that's a good value?

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    FYI: Healthy sized block at around 10:25

    by valuguy Jun 16, 1998 10:35 AM
    isce_ille_iste isce_ille_iste Aug 15, 2015 6:24 AM Flag

    For quite a while...

  • Intel Preps Crosspoint Server
    IDF may show persistent memory for analytics

    Intel Corp. is expected to show next week a way to dramatically boost server performance using new memory chips it announced in late July with Micron. The approach crams up to four times more main memory in a server with 50% greater memory bandwidth opening a door to real-time analytics, but it uses proprietary extensions to a DDR4 bus, said one expert.

    The approach would be “a huge change to the way computing is done” based on persistent memory, said Dave Eggleston, a former memory-chip designer who said he is speculating based on public sources in a standing-room-only talk at the Flash Memory Summit here.

    “The bottom line for me is I love the technology, and I hate the business model,” he said, referring to the proprietary memory bus he expects Intel will introduce with its Purley servers that will ship in 2017.

    “This is sole-sourced, so if you are a big server maker you should be worried about this because you will pay Intel for both the processor and memory that will be bundled and not cheap,” said Eggleston who was chief executive at Unity Semiconductor, a developer of resistive RAM chips.

  • New Senior Housing Raises Concerns Supply Will Outpace Demand From Baby Boomers
    Occupancy rate for all senior housing in 31 major markets fell this spring for the second consecutive quarter, data show

    The supply of senior housing is expanding at a rapid clip in many major metropolitan areas across the Sunbelt and elsewhere, raising concerns that builders are racing ahead of demand.

    Analysts said the building spree could lead to higher vacancy rates and lower rent increases for real-estate firms that own housing dedicated to seniors.

    Shares of big U.S. companies that own a lot of senior housing have already tumbled this year as investors fret over rising interest rates. Health Care REIT Inc.’s stock is down 11% for 2015, while HCP Inc. has shed 14% and Brookdale Senior Living Inc. is down 20%, through Monday’s close. In comparison, the S&P 500 is up 2.2% for 2015.

    The potential overbuilding will likely add to the pressure on companies, analysts said.

    “The construction really hasn’t slowed, and it’s continuing to be an issue,” said Kevin Tyler, who tracks the sector as an analyst for Green Street Advisors.

    The companies have advantages that could help insulate them, including amenities such as staff nurses and higher-quality food that relatively well-heeled clients want, executives said. Their diverse property portfolios also include markets with limited construction activity.

    “You’ve got to be able to invest in your properties” to make sure they appeal to affluent customers who can afford to pay the monthly rent, said Tim Schoen, HCP’s chief financial officer.

    The wave of Americans born after World War II who will retire in coming years will expand the pool of potential clients, analysts and executives note. The Social Security Administration estimates that 9,600 people a day will turn 65 in 2015, up from 7,800 a day in 2010.

    But it is difficult to predict what type of living arrangements they will seek out as they age, and when they may need se

  • isce_ille_iste by isce_ille_iste Aug 5, 2015 10:12 AM Flag

    I would like to trust PV in his belief of capturing future business, but I'm still anxiously awaiting a lot of hopeful opportunities being turned into very real business.

    This has been literally decades in the making from my point of view.

    I want to believe, really, but am getting impatient and somewhat on the fence because of how much time, energy and resources are now at risk. I have a considerable amount committed to VICR stock.

    As a hedge in the power space, I'm now accumulating shares of POWI which has BOTH a business model with impressive results and a new product ramp and map worth noting. FWIW.

  • the stock price has gone down quite a bit over the past month.

    They also won an award yesterday, go figure:

    Vicor Corporation’s VI Chip® Bus Converter Module (BCM®) Family in a ChiP Package Named the Winner of the Prestigious UBM Canon ACE Award in the Power Category

    ACE Awards recognize Vicor’s breakthrough innovation in power conversion technology

    Andover, MA – July 24, 2015 – Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced that its VI Chip® Bus Converter Module (BCM®) family in a ChiP package has been named the winner in the EE Times and EDN 2015 UBM Canon ACE Awards in the Ultimate Products ‘Power’ category. The ACE Awards program honors the people and companies behind the technologies and products that are changing the world of electronics...

    “We are continually amazed at the level of creativity in the design, innovation and technology showcased by these award winners,” said Suzanne Deffree, Executive Editor at UBM Canon's EDN. “The ACE Awards celebrate the highest achievements in innovation and creativity in electronic design, and selecting one organization, individual or technology that stands out above the rest is incredibly challenging. We are pleased to be able to celebrate their achievements.”

    “Vicor’s VI Chip BCM product family in a ChiP package exemplifies the benefits of the Power Component Design Methodology, equipping designers to architect high performance power systems – from the power source to the point of load – using modular, building block components,” said Rob Russell, Vice President Product Marketing, Vicor Power Systems. “This honor from UBM Canon is a testament to our significant investment in power electronics innovation and our continued commitment to helping our customers achieve the highest levels of power performance and design flexibility.”

  • Let's hope Vicor can deliver the goods to the likes of Intel's growing business:

    Intel Corp. forecast sales that may exceed analysts’ predictions helped by demand for machines that handle the rising tide of digital data...While Intel has missed out on providing chips to the surging number of smartphones and tablets, its processors are the backbone of data centers needed for the applications that make those mobile devices attractive to consumers. As handheld devices have become the main way of getting online, the need for the mobile data that gives apps their functionality has soared, creating demand for servers based on Intel chips.

    The company now gets 40 percent of revenue and 70 percent of operating profit from data center processors...Intel’s data center group took over in the first quarter as the biggest provider of operating profit for the company.

    Data center group revenue increased 10 percent from a year earlier to $3.9 billion for the current quarter.

  • Vicor Agrees Distribution Accord With Mouser Electronics
    BY Midnight Trader
    09:20 AM EDT, 07/14/2015 (MT Newswires) -- Vicor (VICR) and Mouser Electronics announced a global distribution agreement that extends the reach of Vicor's worldwide sales network and provides Mouser with a new and differentiated power module solution portfolio.
    "Vicor is strongly invested in the growth and success of our distribution channel, and has aligned a robust network of regional and global partners," said Rich Begen, Vice President of Global Distribution, Vicor. "Our rapidly expanding new product portfolio requires an expansion of our global distribution footprint. Mouser will play a valuable role in this strategy due to its primary focus on new product introductions driving sustained sales engagement across its established customer base."

  • isce_ille_iste by isce_ille_iste Jul 13, 2015 7:03 AM Flag

    Rudolph Technologies Positively Preannounces Increase in Second Quarter Revenue
    Preliminary Q2FY15 revenue anticipated to reach approximately $59 million
    Business Wire Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
    21 minutes ago


    Rudolph Technologies, Inc. (RTEC), a leading provider of process characterization equipment, lithography equipment and software for wafer fabs and advanced packaging facilities, today announced that it currently expects revenue for the second quarter of fiscal year 2015, ended June 30, 2015, will be approximately $59 million, or an increase of approximately 12 percent from the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 and above the Company’s previous guidance.

    The preliminary second quarter revenue results also represent an increase of approximately 37 percent above the revenue of $43.0 million reported in the second quarter of fiscal year 2014...

  • Jefferson Research resumes coverage for VICOR CORP with BUY recommendation.
    BY Investars Analyst Actions - public
    — 2:06 PM ET 06/26/2015
    On June 26, 2015 Jefferson Research resumed coverage for VICOR CORP ( VICR ) with a BUY recommendation.

  • isce_ille_iste by isce_ille_iste Jun 19, 2015 2:12 PM Flag

    Judging from the stock price today, I'm guessing nothing much happened? Anyone attend? Thoughts?

  • Looks like Sunrise and Brookdale have better occupancy stats. Could be opportunity for FVE to improve things? good for upside? Volume of communities that FVE manages is impressive...

    "Within the triple net senior living portfolio, our individual operators continue to perform well. Five Star's 180 leased communities had combined occupancy of 84.7% and rent coverage of 1.2 times for the 12 months ended December 31, 2014. The four properties that we leased to Sunrise Senior Living had occupancy of 92.5% and rental coverage of over 2 times. The 18 properties we leased to Brookdale Senior Living had occupancy at 94.4% and rental coverage was a strong 2.6 times. Our other triple net leased senior living properties, leased to private regional operators, had occupancy of 85.2% and rental coverage of 1.9 times. As you can see, our leases are well covered and we're pleased with the performance of our operators."

  • What's going on with all the volume to the downside today? Already 3x normal volume ...

    Thomson Reuters/Verus upgrades FIVE STAR QUALITY CARE INC from SELL to HOLD.
    BY Investars Analyst Actions
    — 11:04 AM ET 06/15/2015
    On June 15, 2015 Thomson Reuters/Verus upgraded FIVE STAR QUALITY CARE INC ( FVE ) from SELL to HOLD.

  • isce_ille_iste by isce_ille_iste Jun 12, 2015 10:27 AM Flag

    Jefferson Research resumes coverage for FIVE STAR QUALITY CARE INC with BUY recommendation.

  • Five Star Quality Care, Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries, or the Company, are defendants in a lawsuit filed on July 27, 2012 in the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona by the estate of a Doris L. Cote, a former resident of a senior living community operated by the Company. The complaint asserts claims against the Company for pain and suffering as a result of improper treatment constituting violations of the Arizona Adult Protective Services Act and wrongful death. In May 2015, the jury rendered a decision in favor of the Company on the wrongful death claim, and against the Company on the remaining claims, returning verdicts awarding damages of approximately $19.2 million, which consisted of $2.5 million for pain and suffering and the remainder in punitive damages. Although the Company cannot predict the ultimate outcome of this lawsuit, it believes the jury's verdict against the Company was wrong and the result of significant trial error, and intends to vigorously pursue its position in post-trial motions and, if those motions are unsuccessful, on appeal.

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    CREE After Hours Volume?

    by moneytb May 29, 2015 4:22 PM
    isce_ille_iste isce_ille_iste May 30, 2015 11:30 AM Flag

    Almost 2M shares traded and up slightly... Anyone...

  • isce_ille_iste by isce_ille_iste May 26, 2015 10:01 PM Flag

    Although Mr. Barry Portnoy was elected as a Managing Trustee in accordance with the Company's governing documents and applicable law by a plurality of the votes cast, his election did not receive a majority of the share votes cast. Pursuant to the Company's Governance Guidelines, Mr. Portnoy presented his resignation as a Managing Trustee for consideration by the Company's Nominating and Governance Committee, or the Committee, and the Company's Board. The Committee (composed only of Independent Trustees) and the Board (without Messrs. Barry Portnoy or Adam Portnoy participating), on the recommendation of the Committee, each unanimously determined not to accept Mr. Barry Portnoy's resignation for the following reasons, among others:
    It appears that the "withhold" vote against Mr. Portnoy's election was significantly motivated by the recommendation of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., or ISS. The stated reason for ISS's recommendation is that Mr. Portnoy is "overboarded" because he serves on boards of more than six publicly owned companies. All of the companies on whose boards Mr. Portnoy serves are managed by Reit Management & Research LLC and its affiliates, or RMR. Mr. Portnoy is Chairman and a full time employee of RMR. The Committee and the Board know that Mr. Portnoy has an almost 100% attendance record at Board meetings and that he has demonstrated at such meetings that he is fully engaged and familiar with the Company's business. The Committee and the Board are confident that Mr. Portnoy has the time and capacity to devote to Board business.
    The Committee and the Board believe Mr. Portnoy's continued participation in Board decision making is invaluable to the Board and in the Company's interest. Mr. Portnoy has extensive experience in the real estate industry and particular experience related to healthcare related real estate. In addition to his current Board service, Mr. Portnoy previously served as a director of two New York Stock Exchange listed...

  • isce_ille_iste isce_ille_iste May 21, 2015 4:01 PM Flag

    And another 100K block just went through. 4x volume today. What's up?

  • Any thoughts . . .