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  • Finally, maybe longs have wized up and will stop selling to shorts on bringdowns. Bringdowns are buying time. Let's tighten the noose on these guys. Make them struggle. They are powerful, but need your selling. Bringdowns mean little if shorts can't cover shares

  • Major broker-dealers often provide “block trading” services--sometimes known as “upstairs trading desks”--to their institutional clients.[1] A block trade is a permissible, noncompetitive, privately negotiated transaction either at or exceeding an exchange determined minimum threshold quantity of shares, which is executed apart and away from the open outcry or electronic markets.[2] In the United States and Canada a block trade is usually at least 10,000 shares of a stock or $100,000 of bonds but in practice significantly larger.[3]

    For instance, a hedge fund holds a large position in Company X and would like to sell it completely. If this were put into the market as a large sell order, the price would sharply drop—by definition, the stake was large enough to affect supply and demand. Instead, the fund may arrange for a block trade with another company through an investment bank, benefiting both parties: the selling fund gets a more attractive purchase price, while the purchasing company can negotiate a discount off the market rates. Unlike large public offerings, for which it often takes months to prepare the necessary documentation, block trades are usually carried out atshort notice and closed quickly.
    Thought this might take some of the mystery out of them. and I guess it's good to remember that someone is on both sides of the transaction although I don't know if the MM can be one of the parties.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace 18 hours ago Flag

    Thank you so much for the comment. Good people like you are why I keep posting. So glad I made you laugh. I was going for that!

  • 95 percent of the selling tomorrow will be shorts, irrespective of whether we go up or down, so don't worry.
    I'm hoping for pent up weekend demand to finally crush the shorts like a tsunami. Just kidding, you all know me. I'm just a glass half-full kind of guy always waiting for the other short raid to drop. Shorts are like cockroaches here, if a nuclear bomb went off at SGYP, they would be the only thing to survive the explosion. They are resilient little critters. Put them in the freezer for a week, pull'em out, thaw them and Presto! They're good as new. No, food? No problem. They still survive by eating wood and paper. Highly resistant to radiation too. Like shorts, built for a truly toxic environment and contribute a large part to its toxicity. As always, hope the short trade fails miserably. Glia

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 1, 2015 12:57 PM Flag

    As you can tell, very little of my investment here is in a 401k. You are, of course, absolutely correct.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 1, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    Don't know about a deal being done, but your right about everything else for sure.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 1, 2015 11:43 AM Flag

    Think shorts are averaging up to avoid being squeezed at these higher levels. Taking losses now. Short interest goes up as they average down. Lots of shares to cover but at higher levels. Trying to give themselves a chance to get some of their position out at higher levels. Maybe I'm wrong, but these guys are never going to get selling unless they scare us again. They scared the pants off newbies last time they brought it down.

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    linzess comercials bombarding 6:30 news

    by rpreston4646 Aug 1, 2015 10:40 AM
    itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 1, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Every dollar irwd spends trying to raise awareness of our drug is money in the bank. Irwd with their partner has probably spent close to a billion dollars advertising this molecule. This is all. Money we don't have to spend. Being first into a new market is not always best. They are making the market for us. It's brilliant for whomever decides to buy us.
    Better to start a new thread than respond to bashers. I know you've got to bash the bashers sometime for mental sanity, but it does help them keep their stupid posts up top. Let's let them fall off why don't we.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 1, 2015 12:10 AM Flag

    Actavis bought Forrest NOT Linzess. If you start with the premise that rock is cheese, then you can say the Rocky Mountains are made of cheese. Beyond that, everything that everyone else says below about how stupid an idea that would be to even think about is correct.
    Shorts need to put up and shut up. Talk with your money. You've been here with us since $2.99. Clearly your a big short winner here at $9. Why are you even still here? As a monument to your own incompetence?

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 31, 2015 11:55 PM Flag

    Thumbs up buddy. It's ok that some feel the need to have an alias, but to attempt to pass yourself off as someone else, well,.. for example, if you were in IRAQ they'd put you in a cage and immolate you.

  • They threw so many millions of shares at us to suppress data release and bring it down before that. In my dreams a tute steps in now and crushes them. It's not often they're this vulnerable to a bull attack. Oh well, just remember the short war is not over until they cover. Brace yourself or just become numb to the constant short attacks, buy the bear raids and hold long for buyout. When will buyout come? Before you are able to get capital gains treatment, so I guess you'd have to categorize it as a "short term" investment.

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    Bright future for Synergy

    by kumarkumar98 Jul 31, 2015 5:17 PM
    itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 31, 2015 5:26 PM Flag

    Nice post. Well said.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 31, 2015 4:52 PM Flag

    I love this post. So true.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 31, 2015 2:08 PM Flag

    Most longs here up over 600k buying the bear raids and holding. You are a gnat with a short life span. Think longs have anything to learn from a day trader? Wow me with how much money you've made with your tiny trades chasing the shorts. Never made money until I stopped selling all the time. If you want to make real money here follow the longs and DONT SELL TO THESE BUFFOONS.

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    I wont cover until $8 or $7.50

    by rdgosc Jul 31, 2015 9:23 AM
    itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 31, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    Only a buck off your target. Good call.

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    Wonder if shorts were waiting for this news?

    by itsahorserace Jul 30, 2015 5:38 PM
    itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 30, 2015 8:03 PM Flag

    The big news though isn't being up 38 cents, the big news is FABULOUS DATA. Somehow fantastic data is being overshadowed by short HFT'ing. The short trading will come and go but our data define our future and buyout price. Our future and buyout price look very bright right now. Add M & A on fire, particularly in biotech, and you have a perfect storm. In My opinion we have not only chosen wisely here, we're actually getting luck too. Go figure shorts, even our shxx smells like roses here. As for the lemmings who have sold or will sell to these guys, have you ever wondered why lemmings still exist?

  • Even the longest of the longs didn't predict data like this. We are golden now. We have created enormous value in the last couple of months. There is no use talking to some about the shorts here. They actively fight the concept. I think our average diarrhea rate is somewhere in the 4% area. We will be bought. Shorts have averaged up here so that they can't be squeezed. Probably here until buyout. Who cares. Just hold your shares and wake up to $15 inside six months. If you choose to trade with sharks, you deserve whatever happens to you. All I can say is all my shares will be in my hands when they announce buyout, or for that matter, when shorts finally cover when buyout rumors start to leak. I don't know which one will be sweeter. Can't believe these Momos are trying to turn this into a bad day. It was brilliant. Data was brilliant. Shorts can't even speak about it in rational terms. They have no thesis and are trapped. Being trapped as a short is not a thesis, it's a predicament.
    All I know is that if I were a short, i'd scare you next. So do yourself a favor and buckle up and don't sell. Hold until these guys cover before buyout at least. Long until buyout.

  • Threw 4+mm shares at it in the open and smashed it down premarket too. These guys do not want to the stock to see $10. This, I reason, must be deathville for them. They got some selling today from those that bought in the $9's and were thrilled to have broken even. But I think they need to SCARE you to get you to sell. And they really, really want you to sell, it's now or never for them. It's the last selling event for a while. So pick a scary number and put it on your wall as the "short number." This will be your leading indicator going forward. BUT IS ALL AN ILLUSIONS created by shorts. You may have doubted me before, but after today you've got to admit there's something to this short stuff horse is always talking about. Buy on bear raids, not just some selling, and go long here. Lots of Momo's have decided to go long here. Great company, great drugs, now de-risked. Also, shorts threw a ton at it today, if some real buying were to step in and keep up, they could be easily overwhelmed. Even the shorts only have so many shares to burn. Long and strong until buyout.

  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jul 30, 2015 8:39 AM Flag

    This is good news! Let the shorts thrash about. Now you know why they felt the need to bring it down right before data. No short thesis. Great data. All shorts can do it try to scare you now. Time and the data is on our side. Don't sell to these guys. Close them over $10 for a week and they just might crack. Glta.

  • itsahorserace by itsahorserace Jul 29, 2015 6:36 PM Flag

    I formally apologize to recent shareholders who may be in the red. I haven't shown much compassion. I'm sorry. You have to understand though that old longs with a $3.90 basis were held in the red about a year under $3. And that was down from $6.60. Shorts dumped about 9 million shares on us back then when no one knew who we were. They took it down three bucks before our IBS PHASE Ii results. It was tough on longs. Many forced themselves to buy under $3 repeatedly. We would pop to $3.60 and then go right back down. I know how you feel, "Great, another buying opportunity!" Well, despite the fact that we wanted to throw up repeatedly, we kept buying under three and averaging down. That's how many of us ended up having over 120k shares here. Now we're reaping the fruits of our conviction. That the shorts have brought this down from the high $9's is surprising none of the old longs. We should probably be at $10.20 right now instead of $8.20. It's a short trick. When shorts hold this down their create buying opportunities. This stock is actually two bucks under where it should be right now owing to shorts. That's value right there. When we were down around $3 I bought 10k shares at $3.18. Two days later we were at $2.92 and a friend chided me for missing the bottom. I told him to talk to me August about that purchase. The trade now speaks for itself. Don't stop buying trying to catch a bottom 30 cents away. You may never see it again, or you may see it five more times. At $15-$19 it's pennies. My $3.18 shares are some of my best now. Just need a little more time for them to go long term capital gains. Buy the way, for many old longs every day that passes they have shares gain 15% by going longterm capital gains. It's one of the reasons not all of here are in such a rush. If they were to announce a buyout in November with a closing in March, I'd make a ton of cash on the tax consequences alone. The perfects long scenario is a bidding war.

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