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itsdifferentthistime 15 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 17, 2014 8:36 PM Member since: Dec 16, 1998
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  • itsdifferentthistime by itsdifferentthistime Oct 17, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    book value gone ! The analysts taking there price targets to 5 saw it coming the last few weeks !

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    look at CLF

    by mikemakeavoice Oct 3, 2014 11:49 AM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 10, 2014 10:32 PM Flag

    driving down the price of iron seems to be driving down the price of there stocks. New lows every week. You that sure they know what there doing?

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    look at CLF

    by mikemakeavoice Oct 3, 2014 11:49 AM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 10, 2014 9:19 PM Flag

    you might want to take a peek at the coal stocks. Unlimited supply is a dangerous game to play, and many, many don't think its the right strategy

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    RIO vs BHP

    by smallercap Oct 9, 2014 5:36 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 9, 2014 5:52 PM Flag

    On the contrary, you have a monopolistic big 3 that have the power to drive out competition. It will be used as case study in future years in m&a activity the pros and cons of allowing companies to get so large and powerful as to have complete control on such important and large markets! Is it really healthy to have a couple giant companies, and the big ego CEOs having so much control ? No it's dangerous when a couple of boneheads can dictate policy in important markets!

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    by solarmanmike Oct 8, 2014 5:00 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 8, 2014 7:10 PM Flag

    So everyone that bought GM in 1975 and held thru bankruptcy and hold a worthless stock, haven't lost a dime if they don't sell? Nice logic, but if it makes you sleep at night, good luck to you.

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    When you see too many BASHERS around...

    by bensadri Oct 7, 2014 6:05 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 7, 2014 6:35 PM Flag

    When the stock stops reacting violently to bad news, the bottom process will begin.

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    Why this jump and halt this morning ?

    by redposition Oct 6, 2014 3:50 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 6, 2014 7:22 PM Flag

    more importantly for the moment, these mines are hemorrhaging cash. They have spent additional billions bringing hi cost production online. Even if they idled every offshore mine tomorrow, they would loose 100s of millions a year in take or pay contract fees and maintenance expense. They are in a bad spot and need to hunker down with a survival based plan of action. The good news is there capital structure is mostly publicly traded debt, with good coupon and reasonable maturities. Bank debt can be managed but will result in some fire sales to be sure, but the rest is good low cost debt. That gives them some time. But with no recovery in coal or iron in sight, the US resetting over the next few years, and more competition in the great lakes, they have there work cut out for
    them. Bloom Lake is the wild card that could make this a good speculation. They need a deep pocket partner that will handle the capital investment or find an Asian buyer that seeks the long term value....BHP and RIO seemed to have derailed that by destroying seaborne iron trade. BK is by no means off the table if they don't find a solution to Bloom and iron continues its free fall. There cash position is a huge concern. I expect a godawful earnings report, with proxy, severance, and write downs. But all eyes are on there cash management. I totally agreed with prior management that they needed 600-700 million going into the new year. The market is spooked now. The company's bonds are getting wacked. These are the geeks that run the numbers! They have a lot of assets to play with, so it will be an interesting show going forward. But this stock is is under liquidation with a world of uncertainty magnified by this hostile takeover. Congrats to the shorts. They have been in the space and the name for some time. They are in a strong position as Cliffs shareholder base changes hands. We have been seeing some forced liquidation
    here. A lot of money can no longer own the stock for a bevy of reasons

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    Why this jump and halt this morning ?

    by redposition Oct 6, 2014 3:50 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 6, 2014 5:13 PM Flag

    Not that insane! When you tell the world you want to liquidate the company's assets in the worst environment in decades, likely getting pennies on the dollar for these assets in a fire sale, and your capital management is to buy stock with borrowed funds...you get a fire-sale valuation! Now that the risks have gone up and the stock is in penny stock land, there are many natural sellers. The trade blew up on them cause they didn't understand the macro environment. Cheap can get real cheap. Look at the coal stocks. They have been crushed deep into penny stock land. In the commodities business , when its good, it can be real real good. And when its bad, it can get remarkably bad. CLIFF mismanaged there capital in the best bull market they ever had...now its coming home to roost.

  • itsdifferentthistime by itsdifferentthistime Oct 6, 2014 10:57 AM Flag

    as usual. Nothing will change until there is a fundamental event. And that event could be a trip to 5 or a trip to low double digits.

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    Tomorrow open-close price, what do you think ?

    by redposition Oct 5, 2014 5:07 PM
    itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 5, 2014 8:29 PM Flag

    we should see 7s maybe 6s. The news is entirely negative. More of the same lower his and lower lows.

  • itsdifferentthistime itsdifferentthistime Oct 3, 2014 8:26 PM Flag

    that takes time. And things always get worse before they get better. Until rio, vale, and bhp stop ramping production..you have to survive to live another day. Cliff always did this in the past, and the market is confused, concerned and wary these hedge fund guys don't no what there doing. They were talking about dividend increases, spinoffs, share buybacks and creative financial engineering to unlock value.....how about survival first and second.

  • itsdifferentthistime by itsdifferentthistime Oct 3, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    next time you all wonder why companies have these things in place..look at this situation. To allow a half baked 5% holder get complete control of a company in an industry they nothing about, at the most inopportune time, install a cronies board with zero governance, and replace management with a puppet regime! That is why companies take measures to prevent an easy take down from short term traders vs long term value.

  • all suggestions are welcome.

  • itsdifferentthistime by itsdifferentthistime Sep 29, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    but from where? Single digits are on the radar. An impressive free fall given the short position. Are 5% daytrader has spooked the market.

  • itsdifferentthistime by itsdifferentthistime Sep 24, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    And that was a conservative estimate just 2 years ago with gold deposits a potential upside kicker! Wow look at this company now!

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