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  • JACK vs LOCO …..since the July 2014 IPO date for LOCO….look at the chart.

    JACK has the better momentum & earnings metrics than LOCO.

    I would bet, based upon SSS and guidance …for the next 3 months, JACK is a better
    investment than LOCO.

    Look and see for yourself.

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    Is it time to short?

    by vijay5312002 Mar 13, 2015 2:08 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 11 hours ago Flag

    Short JACK at your own risk……they just reported strong same store revenue growth and increasing
    revenue growth guidance. Qdoba, with its 641 outlets, is the real growth engine inside JACK…..

    to me it looks like JACK has the best prospects in the QSR segment .

  • jackmaster20 by jackmaster20 14 hours ago Flag

    When does SDRL decide to take NADL private………at $ 1.00…??

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    NADL moving UP to $2.50+!

    by yanshengc Mar 26, 2015 8:53 AM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    A "civil war" in Yemen ain't a big deal for Brent. Look at Brent pricing today….
    The Saudi King and the US Navy will insure that Yemen is a controlled event.

    Other than Liyba no other "civil war" scenario is on the horizon the would curtail
    Brent production.

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    Ill share this with you

    by peixmole Mar 2, 2015 10:03 AM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    who cares on the RTN message board..?

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    Jordan requests

    by planet_raytheon Feb 7, 2015 3:11 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    Looks like the new King of Saudi Arabia is not going to sit around and be put into a corner.

    He now will play a huge active role in the crazy land of Yemen. Better SA soldiers than
    USA land troops. Also SA will require more US weapon systems, so good for US investors
    in LMT, NOC, RTN to name a few.

    Leave our soldiers at home and buy US weapon systems……best of both worlds for
    defense firm investors..!

    Egypt will also require additional US weapon systems as they become more active
    in Middle east military problems.

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    by stocks2cheap Mar 24, 2015 12:02 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag


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    Market will drop 15%

    by stocks2cheap Mar 24, 2015 2:36 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    If the market drop 15 % as he forecasts, then that would be a reasonable entry point for
    additional LMT, LOC & RTN purchases……for long term investors.

    Appears to me that Middle East and Asian govts will be more active buyers of state of
    the art weapon systems in the years to come.

    A 15 % market drop means nothing to these firms…and should mean opportunity
    to smart investors.

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    Own any Kraft ?

    by stormfront2020 Mar 25, 2015 8:22 AM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    Looks like you should have shorted Wed…instead of next week as you state above…...

  • jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    Everybody knew in mid January 2015 that the Mistral deal
    was not going to happen…….as a Fund manager, I don't
    see how that provides value added benefit to your investors…..

    You know from experience, Pedro, that a successful investor
    can not rely on the musings of an IR representative.

    But in the spirit of cordiality, I hope that if Meltem does
    contract with CVX in the USGOM, and that it will be a valid
    sign for future progress for PACD's high spec fleet.

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    burned again

    by kennyjcal 17 hours ago
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    LOCO is a high beta stock…..should not surprise anyone who has watched LOCO stock behavior that
    this thing is bouncing around.

    Be patient and buy then the stock price is low……..don't blame others of one's need to "do something"
    at the wrong time..!

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    buy at the close

    by hft_lover Mar 25, 2015 12:42 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag

    As Howard Marks has said ……

    Good investing means buying good investments are great values.

    Buying good investments at high prices IMO is bad investing.
    Have more an a 2 day time horizon.

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    BARV and KLXI so far

    by bellbell63 Feb 14, 2015 10:40 AM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 15 hours ago Flag


    I can only make my assumptions from your posts….

    You are "annoyed by my indefensible beliefs"……
    A) The past did happen & the events of late 2014 prove
    what I said in June 2014. Hedge funds have saved the
    aero business (cash cow) from Koury & his KLXI joke.
    B) The break up will create value for the aero portion of
    the business. KLXI is a long term mess spun out of the
    strong aero profit machine. BEAV pre June 2014 was
    a shell game waiting to be exposed. BEAV in early 2014
    was a bad investment.
    C) Stock price levels are based almost solely upon FUTURE
    earnings potential. Why do you think BEAV and KLXI
    differ so much in March 2015…?

    I have no way to prove any of the moves you post regarding
    your BEAV investment…….everyone on this message board
    is a "big long term winner" …….talk is cheap here. I would
    have loved to read your posts here in May 2014. Post confirms
    of your trades if you want to "advertise" your great BEAV trading
    success…!! Your talk regarding your specific BEAV moves
    is cheap….don't use it as a defense.

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    BARV and KLXI so far

    by bellbell63 Feb 14, 2015 10:40 AM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 18 hours ago Flag


    That's an easy question to answer…….

    As a private investor for 43 years I have built a large, broadly
    diversified portfolio. I spend 1/2 my time looking for new investing
    names & 1/2 my time reviewing my existing positions.

    I strongly doubt BEAV can accurately be characterized by your
    statement as a business with "the phantom of future profits in an
    uncertain market"

    For some odd reason, you seem mad at me for your poor stock
    management decisions. I am not your enemy. I am just another
    private investor sharing his opinions with this message board.

    I hope you sold your KLXI shares when issued to you, but something
    tells me you did not & you are feeling the short/long term pain for
    your decision….

    BTW I am still out of BEAV, as you say "with no skin in the game"
    (what a terrible thing to do!) But since May 2014 It seems to me
    that my decisions regarding Koury & BEAV have been better
    than yours.

    I will let you know when I decide to buy BEAV shares.

    Don't be a sore loser….the BEAV game is not over yet.

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    buy at the close

    by hft_lover Mar 25, 2015 12:42 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 19 hours ago Flag

    Still more sellers ……..I am still waiting

  • jackmaster20 jackmaster20 Mar 26, 2015 7:12 PM Flag

    Lastly Pedro

    Maybe the recent events in Yemen and reactions by SA's new King
    has added a new "geopolitical risk premium" to the ongoing price of Brent…….just a rhetorical question for all investors here to consider
    since this is a new development…

    ….would the new premium for Brent be enough to counteract the
    current supply dynamics ? AKA support for a bottom..?

  • jackmaster20 jackmaster20 Mar 26, 2015 7:05 PM Flag


    Are YOU are "significantly confident"….or PACD is "significantly confident"..?

    PACD …I doubt it.

    There are other 7th generation drill-ships available….but very few that have
    DG capabilities like PACD. SDRL & others will tell CVX that DG is not that
    crucial for the USGOM.

    So, IMO the question could come down to "will CVX want to pay for the
    option to drill with DG technologies" As far as I know, a full DG drilling
    program has not been completed as of March 2015. If CVX had full DG
    drilling data results to evaluate, then PACD could be in a better position
    to find work for Meltem, based on something other than price...

    As I see it now CVX will not pay for PACD's DG technology unless other
    rig day rates are reduced in exchange for contracts for non DG drilling
    contracts, as part of a larger deal.

    Only time will tell…...

  • jackmaster20 jackmaster20 Mar 26, 2015 2:15 PM Flag


    A one drill-ship deal with CVX does little positive for PACD …….given that P Khamsin will
    be idle in Jan 2016.

    PACD really needs a multiple rig deal with CVX to materially improve its prospects that
    would allow it to navigate until 2017.

    I am not "counting on" PACD closing any deal with CVX…...until I read the news from CVX.

    Don't think for a minute SDRL or ORIG or VTG to name a few will not be fierce competitors
    with PACD for a CVX USGOM contract…..They may need the drilling contract more than PACD.

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    EML should jump at an acquisition offer

    by blue567879 Feb 19, 2015 3:00 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 Mar 26, 2015 1:58 PM Flag

    Leonard is entrenched in thinking he can run a public firm as his own personal cash cow….
    …antiquated way of thinking by an old timer who doesn't deliver for anyone but himself.

    Leonard will resist a deal until he is fired….should have happened years ago.
    Shame of the current stockholders for putting up with this poor mgmt and their
    weak results for years….they deserve each other…!

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    Can LOCO become the next CMG?

    by toddspencerusa Mar 24, 2015 3:19 PM
    jackmaster20 jackmaster20 Mar 26, 2015 1:52 PM Flag

    you are dreaming & 32 hours late with your post

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