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  • jaketen2001 jaketen2001 7 hours ago Flag

    Brazil and China are not comparable. Ballard had no history there. Ballard has a long history with Van Hool in Europe. Van Hool is no Assure.

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    21 Buses for EU market

    by j.vasq75035 10 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 10 hours ago Flag

    Ballard wanted Plug to have its call today before they announced seems.

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    by jaketen2001 19 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 10 hours ago Flag

    ballard didn't take over for anybody, ballard has always been plugs stack supplier--plug bought reli-on last year to have a secondary supplier

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    by jaketen2001 19 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 10 hours ago Flag

    One thing that bears repeating; Marsh said they had delivered the projected amount of units in Q3, but due to income recognition issues, the income was errrr, not recognized. This is due to such things as leases arrangement direct with Plug, 3rd party leases, etc.

    Going forward this delayed recognition should actually help Plug, or at least even out; with prior quarters delivered units' revenue being recognized during current quarters.....

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    by jaketen2001 19 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 15 hours ago Flag

    ok, upon further review, market was looking for confirmation of the 130 rev figure,

    it got 100 mil in rev with plug saying it wanted to give a number market could rely on

    so, the sell off, still, margins greatly improved in q4, market may account for that on q4 call

  • jaketen2001 jaketen2001 18 hours ago Flag

    they lease it well below cost

    toyota lost money on the prius for years

    until it turned in to the best selling car in CA

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    by jaketen2001 19 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 18 hours ago Flag

    i guess too much from H2 sales and not enough from gendrive

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    by jaketen2001 19 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 18 hours ago Flag

    I guess that is under their run rate as of Q3. Plus, Plug will be using more Reli-on stacks.

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    Raise your hand

    by jaketen2001 22 hours ago
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 18 hours ago Flag

    Its just an engineering services contract at the moment.

    Ballard has said in the past that it is conceivable that they develop in to a fuel cell system component manufacturer. They have also said that they will more assuredly look for royalty streams or enforce patent infringement in the auto sector. Not against VW mind you.

    In my opinion, it is more likely that they land another larger auto engineering services contract. Why? Because of all the fuel cell tech on the market/display; the VW and Audi fuel cell concepts were the best fuel cell tech out there. Better than Hyundai, better than Toyota, as good or better than Honda. Who knows what their former partners Mercedes and Ford have going on.

  • jaketen2001 by jaketen2001 19 hours ago Flag

    Q4 2014 rev up 25% over Q3, Ebidta neutral, and positive gross margins

    15 new sites and 200M in bookings in 2015

    estimating 100 mil in 'recognized' revenue

    ---I think that is da-m-n good news. I don't know how many units BLDP shipped to Plug Q4, but it should be in line + with what they shipped in Q3.

    Don't know what the $$$$!@#$ people expect. Seems good to me.

  • President Park, on Tuesday, launched an industrial complex in the southwestern city of Gwangju to help Korea emerge as a global leader of fuel-cell vehicle production.
    The complex will work closely with the country's largest auto group Hyundai, to develop next-generation fuel-cell cars, widely regarded as future eco-friendly transportation means in the developed world.
    Fuel-cell vehicles, or FCVs, produce zero emission as they are run by electricity generated from a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the air.
    The president said she anticipates a successful integration of Hyundai's capabilities to mass-produce fuel-cell vehicles and Gwangju's advanced hydrogen technology infrastructure to produce innovation.
    Compared to electric cars, they can travel up to four times farther in distance from a single charge, with charging taking only three to five minutes.
    Hyundai Motor is the world's leading maker of FCVs, having started manufacturing the hydrogen version of its Tucson SUV in 2013.
    It aims to take up half of the global fuel-cell vehicle market share by 2018.
    But other global brands are catching up fast.
    Japan's Toyota, recently started selling ITS FCV, Mirai, at less than half the price, with hopes to sell more than 3-thousand units by the end of 2017.
    Industry experts say the government and conglomerates should not only focus on R&D, but also investing in infrastructure, such as setting up more charging stations, to increase sales, which in turn lead to more investments.
    Another task is to find ways to bring down the sale price by nearly a third, from the current 140-thousand dollars for a Tucson FCV.

  • jaketen2001 by jaketen2001 22 hours ago Flag

    SAN FRANCISCO — Toyota's hydrogen fuel-cell car hasn't even gone on sale yet, but executives say they are already ordering more.

    Since the car, to be called the Mirai, made its debut late last year, Toyota has received about 16,000 "hand raisers" in the USA — expressions of interest in obtaining one.

    The cars will be leases for $499 a month. As a result, Senior Vice President Bob Carter told reporters at a breakfast here for the National Automobile Dealers Association that he senses enough interest to ask Toyota in Japan, where Mirai will be made, to send "substantially more" cars.

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    by redshoe77 Jan 27, 2015 9:55 AM
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 27, 2015 8:53 PM Flag

    10am Red. Lets hope the Plug hopium train leaves the station and we get to ride in the caboose.

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    Trickle down is still the Republican essense

    by redshoe77 Jan 27, 2015 10:13 AM
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 27, 2015 11:47 AM Flag


    Unfortunately the voting public does not read or agree with the NYT et al., or us. Brownback singe handedly ran the Kansas economy in to a wall but was re-elected.

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    Anybody on this board actually talk about BLDP???

    by tfworl Jan 26, 2015 10:16 AM
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 27, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    I think the 2nd earnings miss is already baked in, and was already baked in at the time the miss was announced. Most of Ballard's price movement in 2014 was coat tailing off of Plug Power, regardless of any progress Ballard had appeared to be making last year.

    In the same vein, Ballard would still be up if Plug had announced a couple of additional large orders last year, regardless of the situation with Azure. Tomorrow, on Plug's call, if they are very positive or negative, it will affect Ballard. Marsh has reconfirmed 130 mil several times; which is a 100% jump over 2014. This would be a big deal for BLDP; but I don't think the market will fully buy it until they report Q1 numbers during Q2. Similarly, if Q4 was a disaster for Plug, the market will discount his comments that much further.

    Even stranger, what the he-l-l is going on with Van Hool? Multiple sources said that Van Hool had closed a deal for 21 fuel cell buses. It wasn't a variety of alternative fuel buses, it was fuel cell buses. But no announcement from Ballard, no announcement from Van Hool. That would get bus production back on track for 2015.

  • Toyota has for a while heard criticism against “fool cells,” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk called them last June, and this week Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Bob Carter answered Musk’s latest panning of the technology. The occasion was with CNBC’s Phil LeBeau at the J.D. Power Automotive Summit in San Francisco Thursday. It was here Carter gave his own views of statements Musk made Jan. 13 as a featured speaker at the Automotive News World Congress. “I’m a little disappointed in Mr. Musk’s comments in Detroit last week. But I understand. If I was in a position that I had all of my eggs in one basket I would perhaps be making those same comments,” Carter told LeBeau. At the Automotive News World Congress, while conceding Tesla itself won’t be profitable until 2020, Musk had urged automakers to push ahead on battery electric technology and also took the occasion to dismiss fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), saying electric cars are the future. “I just think that they are extremely silly,” Musk said of hydrogen vehicles. “If you’re going to pick an energy storage mechanism, hydrogen is an incredibly dumb one to pick. You should pick methane. That’s much, much easier. Or propane.”
    But Carter said he disagrees. “When you take a look at the future, [FCVs are] not a 24- to 36-month play,” said Carter. He added that “when you start looking in the 2020s, anybody that would deny [the potential of] moving from an oil-based economy to a hydrogen-based economy [isn't] looking at the future correctly.” Toyota, in the meantime, announced that after receiving strong interest for the Mirai, it will more than double production on the FCV. The company has received 1,500 orders in Japan; in the U.S., around 16,000 intenders have requested more information. The automaker’s first FCV went on sale in Japan last month and will arrive in the U.S. later this year.

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    Republicans are after your soc. security

    by redshoe77 Jan 20, 2015 11:16 AM
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 23, 2015 6:22 PM Flag

    The problem with SS today is that relatively poor young people are sending money to relatively wealthy older people. It makes no sense. It is destructive to family formation, home-buying, business starts, and it is just morally wrong.

    I say give people universal health care, clean air, clean water, clean soil, and good primary education. Let them handle their own retirements.

  • jaketen2001 by jaketen2001 Jan 22, 2015 9:27 PM Flag

    looks like movement today only related to Plug, .....

  • jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 22, 2015 9:23 PM Flag

    It almost sounds like another initiative, not the one Ballard put the RFP in for last year. Which would be great if they get them both, === 21 + 27; 48 buses possible in 2015

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    Strong long term player

    by redshoe77 Jan 22, 2015 1:10 PM
    jaketen2001 jaketen2001 Jan 22, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    red as you know the author does not even know or chooses not to mention that ballard supplies most of plugs stacks

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