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  • jamulmike jamulmike 23 hours ago Flag

    Let's not forget.
    Screen prices are "falling off a cliff"
    Big screen demand is en fuego!!!

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  • Just the start!!!

    •Greater than HD resolutions are becoming more common.
    •Even at Full HD resolutions, modern games are eating away more GPU resources.
    •More processing power, and especially higher amounts of memory, could expedite upgrade cycles among gamers.

    I ran across an interesting article this morning that I would like to expound on. The article points out that higher memory requirements could trigger an above average number of upgrades, which could boost revenues realized by both Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in the companies' respective graphics divisions.

    Understanding Why Resolution, Along With Modern Video Games, Is Important To This Thesis

    Resolutions are a function of the number of pixels, which is proportional to both a length and width component. This means that the rate at which the number of pixels increases when resolution increases changes by closer to a square factor rather than a linear number. From the graphics card point of view, this means the requirements to game at higher resolutions rise at a greater than linear rate when compared against performance.

    Notice that it's usually multiple GPU setups or the more exotic cards like AMD's Radeon R9 295X2 that get recommended for Ultra-HD gaming.

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  • Let's face it.
    shills and "research" "experts" have predicted The Wall 10 out of the last ZERO times!!!
    I'll stick with the facts!!!
    I'll stick with the innovators!!!
    I'll stick with (Cymer)ASML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •AMD is set to transition to High bandwidth memory (HBM) across their GPUs and APUs to address the bandwidth requirements going forward.
    •AMD could implement a high capacity/high bandwidth L3 cache using 2.5D stacked memory on silicon interposer for their first HBM implementation on APUs.
    •HBM should allow AMD to maintain graphics and total compute performance leadership over upcoming Intel system on chips like Broadwell and Skylake.
    •AMD is working on a new high performance x86 CPU microarchitecture, which will debut in 2016. This should improve the competitiveness of AMD APUs on pure CPU workloads.
    •AMD remains a good long-term investment for investors who are looking at a timeframe of 2+ years.

    AMD's (AMD) Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) strategy revolves around heterogeneous compute and maintaining graphics and total compute performance leadership. Total compute performance is the total performance of a system measured in FLOPS (FLoating-point Operations Per Second). This includes the combined performance of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) integrated in a modern system on chip (SOC).

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  • Creative Cloud Bolsters its Portfolio
    Brick and Mortar has been flogging 19th Century retailing!
    Guess what?
    It's not working.
    Repeating the same behavior while expecting different results IS the definition of insanity.
    Think The Mother of All Paradigm Shifts!!!
    Insist on Cymer!!!!!!!!

    According to our estimate, the Creative Cloud (CC) division is the biggest of Adobe’s operating segment and makes up approximately 57% of the company’s value. Creative professionals such as design engineers, graphic designers, etc., believe that this field is evolving at a fast rate since new channels such as mobile, etc., are emerging that are driven by new technologies. Furthermore, the world is now more connected than before, and this trend is expected to continue in the future, as Internet penetration in countries with limited access grows. In light of this trend, Adobe has extended its CC portfolio to the mobile vertical with three new mobile apps for iPad – Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line, and Adobe Photoshop Mix. These new apps add significant mobile capabilities to CC, integrate workflows with the CC desktop apps, and bring tablets into creative workflows for the first time. Additionally, all of the latest desktop apps, mobile apps and creative hardware are tightly integrated through CC services. This will enable creative professionals to work across multiple devices that have different form factor.

    Hardware Sales To Supplement CC

    Adobe has also released new creative hardware called Adobe Ink, a new digital pen, and Adobe Slide, a new digital ruler. This will enable creative professionals to use CC services on mobile devices, primarily tablets. We believe that hardware sales have opened a new stream of revenue for Adobe, and continue to monitor the revenues generated through these sales to ascertain the market size of such devices.

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  • Think multi-core APUs (Many uses will require FPGAs, GPUs, too!)!!!
    Think multi-channel SSS!!!
    Think gobs and gobs of DDR4 and GDDR6 (Maybe just really fast NAND?)!!!
    Insist on Cymer!!!!

    Optical I/O

    In 2010 the results of an Intel research project were published in the IEEE Journal Of Solid State Devices. Briefly, this paper described a project to develop the architecture, circuitry, and optical components required to transmit up to 40 Gbits/second over an optical link between a computer and an external transmitter/receiver. Briefly, real experiments were performed and data was obtained indicating that high quality links could be built using a 16 nm process, requiring a power dissipation of 1 pico-joule per bit. It is of note that the paper described work that was done earlier and resulted in patent applications that were filed in 2002 and 2004 - and granted in 2003, 2004, and 2006. The subject patent numbers are 6,512,861, 6,754,407, and 7,049,704. Two of these patents bear the same title "Flip-Chip Package Integrating Optical and Electronic Devices and Coupling to a Waveguide on a Board."

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  • jamulmike jamulmike Jul 12, 2014 5:27 PM Flag

    Is it possible sleazyhanna medhi “where is the growth going to come from?” hosseini doesn't read?
    Is he paid 7 figures to contort and distort for the benefit of his psycho picosecond traitor clients?
    I was born.
    Just not yesterday!
    where is herb "triple order" greenberg with his puffery?

    March 17, 2014, 6:44 P.M. ET
    Susquehanna Financial Group‘s Mehdi Hosseini, who covers chip equipment makers KLA-Tencor (KLAC), ASML (ASML), and Applied Materials (AMAT), among others, asks in a research note today “where is the growth going to come from?” given that it would appear from his research that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM), the largest contract foundry for chip making in the world, is cutting capacity for chip production at the leading-edge technology, 20-nanometer.

  • The WSJ backs up several other reports (previous) TSMC (TSM +2.3%) has begun producing an Apple CPU (likely the A8) using the foundry's cutting-edge 20nm process. More interestingly, the paper reports Apple and TSMC have begun work on testing CPUs to be made using a 16nm process.
    •TSMC plans to launch a 16nm process (called FinFET+) next year that delivers major performance/power efficiency gains relative to its 20nm process. Digitimes has reported TSMC is working on a version of FinFET+ "tailored to Apple's requirements," as part of its efforts to manufacture Apple's A9 CPU.
    •Nonetheless, Samsung is still expected to land a portion of Apple's A9 orders, possibly with the help of its upcoming 14nm FinFET process.

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  • These are very, very exciting times!!!
    These are (Cymer)ASML times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, bring back TCZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Telekinetic Google Glass • 3:17 AM
    •A group in London called "The Place" has launched an app called MindRDR which allows Google (GOOG) Glass wearers to take a picture of what they are looking at by reading brainwaves.
    •The new app works via a bio-sensor attached to Glass, and picks up brainwaves that correlate to "focusing". If a user strongly focuses on an item while connected to the hardware, a snapshot will be taken.
    •Photos can even be uploaded to Twitter via the mind, if a user focuses again right after the original picture is taken.

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  • Gas station must post prices.
    Shouldn't shills and "experts" be required to post their mostly miserable (very, very few exceptions) track records?
    After all, shill puppets, like hank "triple order" greendburg either repeat or embellish the lies.
    Then, the talking head national news parrots cut and paste squawk the krapp.

    •Citing production challenges, KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo now thinks the start of iWatch (AAPL +0.1%) mass-production won't happen until mid/late-November. He forecasts just 3M 2014 shipments.
    •Kuo also backs up past reports stating the iWatch will sport sapphire cover glass and a flexible OLED display, and adds the device will be waterproof. As 9to5 Mac notes, Kuo has a mixed track record for predicting product launch dates, but has a better record when it comes to predicting product specs

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  • Stuff is, now, flyin'!!! As I said it would! A decade ago!!!
    This is just the start!!!
    Next few years a no brainer!!!

    A few days ago, we released our review of the Intel SSD DC P3700 NVMe SSD. This new entry to the enterprise market brought in just under 500K IOPS in a single PCB and single controller design package, a design not needing the traditional RAID solution to achieve performance above 2.5GB/s. As much attention as it gained from the enterprise community, we were literally swamped with e-mails requesting common enthusiast benchmarks, along with the question of the day, “Will it boot?” As much as the DC P3700 is built as an enterprise storage solution, interest definitely carries much further as we anticipate release of the entire P3000 NVMe SSD family in the near future.

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  • Although quantum dot offers more colors, the technology also has several problems, including reduced durability, higher cost, and restrictions on the use of cadmium and other heavy metals in household products, the firm said.

    "Display makers have shown interest in adopting quantum dot technology, but they have been concerned about heavy metals and higher prices," Chung noted. "Recently, however, the European Union has offered a temporary exemption for the use of cadmium-containing quantum dots in displays. Cadmium-free quantum dot materials have also become available, so display makers are taking a fresh look."

  • Advantech, Flytech June revenues hit records

    Ninelu Tu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 9 July 2014]

    Industrial computing solution provider Advantech and POS (point of sale/service) equipment maker Flytech Technology have reported record monthly consolidated revenues of NT$3.11 (US$103.6 million) and NT$408 million respectively for June.

    Advantech's second-quarter 2014 consolidated revenues totaled NT$9.278 billion, up 13.86% sequentially. January-June consolidated revenues reached NT$17.427 billion, up 20.67% on year.

    Flytech's second-quarter consolidated revenues totaled NT$1.189 billion, rising 19.65% sequentially. Its January-June consolidated revenues reached NT$2.182 billion, up 7.80% on year.

    Industrial PC maker Adlink Technology posted consolidated revenues of NT$749 million for June, the historically second highest monthly level. The company had consolidated revenues of NT$2.255 billion for the second quarter hiking 35.08% sequentially. January-June consolidated revenues totaled NT$3.924 billion, growing 23.89% on year.

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  • Reply to

    Intel adds Panasonic as Fab client. Count @ 5-6

    by jamulmike Jul 12, 2014 9:17 AM
    jamulmike jamulmike Jul 12, 2014 9:21 AM Flag

    A few days ago the above was strongly blocked.

    "Intel recently agreed to make some chips for Altera, and already had in place some smaller deals to fab for Achronix Semiconductor, Lilliputian Systems, Netronome Systems, and Tabula. Other, more important names that have been floated as potential Intel foundry customers include Cisco (Confirmed)"

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  • Intel now has 5-6 clients.
    14nm Tri-Gate will further cull the herd.
    Only those that partner with Cymer have any hope.
    A units/layers/bits bonanza fabbed by a handful. Or LESS!!!

    Intel adds Panasonic as foundry client • 1:23 PM
    •Intel (INTC -0.4%) has been hired by Panasonic (PCRFY) to manufacture SoCs aimed at A/V products. The chips will be made using Intel's next-gen 14nm process (recently began ramping).
    •Panasonic joins a list of Intel foundry clients that includes Altera and (reportedly) Cisco. The chip giant is leveraging its manufacturing process lead to further its efforts to be a "selective" foundry focused on high-margin deals. Nonetheless, many fabless chipmakers remain wary about having a rival handle IC manufacturing.
    •Pansonic's SoCs have been used in TVs, set-tops, and Blu-ray players. The Intel deal comes after an agreement to hand off 3 fabs to a 49/51 JV owned in tandem with TowerJazz.

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  • TSMC June revenues down slightly, but 2Q14 sales hit all-time high

    Josephine Lien, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has reported revenues of NT$60.34 billion (US$2.02 billion) for June, down 0.7% on month but up 11.7% on year. Revenues for the first six months of 2014 amounted to NT$331.24 billion, an increase of 14.8% from a year earlier.

    Second-quarter revenues surged 23.5% sequentially to NT$183.02 billion, reaching the upper target of its guidance of US$180-183 billion and representing the company's highest quarterly figures.

    Strong demand for 28nm products from the mobile device sector drove up revenues at TSMC in the second quarter, according to industry sources.

    TSMC is expected to see its revenues grow 12-17% in the third quarter, the sources estimated.

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  • Notebook ODMs expect 5-10% growth in 3Q14 shipments

    Aaron Lee, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Notebook ODMs expect their shipments to enjoy a sequential growth of 5-10% in the third quarter and have a chance to advance further in the fourth, helping their shipment ratio for the first and second halves of 2014 reach 45:55.

    Compal Electronics shipped 4.4 million notebooks in June, up from 3.5 million units in May. Compal estimates its third-quarter shipments will grow 10% sequentially and continue to increase in the fourth quarter. Wistron shipped 1.9 million notebooks in June

    ODMs have started gaining confidence about their performance in the second half due to recent order recoveries. They expect July shipments to grow slightly or stay flat, and August shipments to rise. Companies will start building up inventories for the year-end holidays in September.

    With tablets gradually losing demand, brand vendors have returned their focuses back to the notebook business. Seeing tablet prices dropping continuously, vendors have already started pulling back their investments and development and the trend will become more obvious in the second half.

    High-end smartphone component supply may be tight approaching release of new iPhone

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  • Let's face it.
    Thin is in!
    Hot is not!
    Think shrink!!!
    Insist on Cymer(Read OnPulse or NoPulse)!!!

    Max Wang, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Smartphone vendors that are looking to release new high-end models in the second half of 2014 are worried about getting access to enough component supplies as many component makers are preparing orders for Apple's new iPhone, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

    * This is becoming dated as all Fones become Smart in differing degrees!!!

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  • Foxconn June revenues increase

    Ninelu Tu, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) on July 10 reported consolidated revenues of NT$316.99 billion (US$10.56 billion) for June, growing 18.3% on month and 4.06% on year. Its consolidated revenues of NT$879.401 billion for the second quarter inched down 0.41% on quarter and NT$1.76 trillion for January-June rose 3.32% on year.

    Foxconn pointed out that its consumer electronics business has the best growth, followed by the PC-related product business.

    Market watchers pointed out that Foxconn's smartphone shipments dropped sharply in May because its client is ready to release new models in the near future. However, since demand for its existing models is still strong, the client decided to place short-term orders, which helped Foxconn's June revenues to recover.

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  • Pegatron sees increased June revenues

    Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Pegatron on July 10 reported consolidated revenues of NT$72.12 billion (US$2.40 billion) for June, growing 9.46% on month and 1.52% on year, NT$210.49 billion for the second quarter, slipping 3.4% sequentially, and NT$428.38 billion for January-June, dipping 0.33% on year.

    Some market analysts expect Pegatron to see its 2014 consolidated revenues exceed NT$1 trillion and NT$10 billion for net profits due to shipments of new-generation iPhones and iPads beginning in the third quarter

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  • shills contort and distort disruption as Armageddon.
    They're paid 7 figures to "express" "investor" "concerns" (Read oink psycho picosecond traitor signals).
    I'll stick with the facts!!!
    I'll stick with the innovators!!!
    I'll stick with (Cymer)ASML!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Acer 2Q14 revenues up 6% sequentially

    Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Friday 11 July 2014]

    Acer saw its June revenues grow significantly by 43.06% on month to reach NT$36.55 billion (US$1.22 billion), and second-quarter revenues also grew 6.02% sequentially to reach NT$81.35 billion. Acer founder Stan Shih expects the company's gross margins in the second quarter to have improved from the first.

    Shih also said that the company is seeing strong demand for its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) platform, but is lacking manpower to help strengthen the product line; therefore, the company has been aggressively recruiting talent recently, hoping to quickly fill the gap.

    Shih will pay a visit to Shenzhen, China in August to promote the BYOC platform to local enterprises. The company is also looking to visit Malaysia and Hangzhou, China for related business. Shih noted that Acer has recently landed orders for its Acer Open Platform (AOP), which some market watchers believe that the client should be a Japan-based game console player.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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