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  • jamulmike jamulmike 17 hours ago Flag

    I've seen the 4K stuff. From a few away, the difference between HD and 4K is very noticeable.
    4X pixels means 4X bits.
    Then 8K
    8X bits.
    24-bit Audio?
    Off the charts bits.

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  • In terms of applications, curved TV performed strongly. In the first five months of the year, the total numbers
    Bit intense 4K.
    Just the start.
    The Mother of All Paradigm Shifts is just the OPPOSITE of shill Armageddon.

    sold exceeded I million unit, that was higher than the total sales of last year. 4K TV saw sequential growth, most of that was gross of large size 4K TV was particularly strong, at AUO in the 50 inch and above panel segment. 4K now accounted for more than 30% of our shipment in the second quarter. Looking ahead to the third quarter, year-end holiday promotions and due to weak sales promotion in China will still boost pulling demand.

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  • Overall market conditions
    Pandora and Netflix are soaring on streaming.
    Only SSS spews chunks in 4K. Then 8K. In 24-bit. Then?
    Think just the start.
    Insist on Cymer.

    It is no secret that music streaming is a fast growing business. In fact, music streaming revenue exceeded physical sales for the first time ever in 2014. Even tech giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduced its own music streaming service about a month ago. So, the overall market conditions for the streaming market are looking good for Pandora. But does it really?

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  • This quarter, we announced a collaboration with TSMC for IoT IP subsystems with our Tensilica Fusion DSP, plus our analog interfaces, and peripheral and sensor interfaces. Demand for high-performance-wired-interface IP cores for servers and datacenters was strong with a major datacenter OEM adopting our PCIe Gen 4 and DDR4 IP solutions. In memory space, we had our first 10-nanometer DDR4 physical interface IP win.

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  • jamulmike jamulmike 19 hours ago Flag

    All this on what shills call "investor" "concerns" that NEVER materialize.
    talking head supposed nightly news guys parrot verbatim as fact.

  • Dozens and dozens of 1%'ers. While shills whine no 10% "healthy" pullback (ignoring the 9.8% 1 in just the last few months).
    Talk about major contort and distort.

  • Lip-Bu Tan - President and CEO
    So let me address one by one. First of all you mentioned about the custom analog and SPB side. And IoT and consumer electronics actually driving tremendous growth demands for our tools like Virtuoso. We have this electrical aware design that turned out to be very helpful for them. And then the other part is, if you recall, we acquired Sigrity that integrated together with our Allegro that provide a whole system analysis from power, signal and a whole PCB side. And a couple of thing I just want to highlight, Asian major car manufacturers adopted Sigrity for their system level analysis. And in fact customer actually pushing for the 10-nanometer and with more and more customer using Virtuoso on the most advanced 10-nanometer design stub. And so I think the 10-nanometer is ramping faster and broader than a lot of people expected.

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  • Like I said. Over 10 years ago.
    Stuff is, now, really, really flyin'.
    Slug slow 20th lagging edge discrete chip bloated motherboards are doomed.
    Think leading edge SoC.
    Insist on Cymer.

    In the second quarter, we also started the qualification shipments of our new generation 400 GB per second devices for telecom applications, which we expect to become an increasingly larger revenue opportunity in 2016.

  • Nothing screams shrink and SSS like 100G stuff.
    400G! SOON!

    On the telecom side, we saw continuous shipment growth of our telecom linear coherent 100 GB per second and 200 GB second devices used for both longhaul and metro applications. With the new customers we’ve acquired in the second quarter and with increasing demand from our legacy customers, we had a record quarter of 100 GB per second device shipments.

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  • Soooo,...
    shills running around screaming the sky is falling.
    O'fer forever shills.
    What else is new?

  • the yahoos pay to play spam follows

  • The 21st will look nothing like the 20th.
    Just the start.

    One of the little jewels I found in Japan when I was there and spent bunch of time with the engineers is energy harvesting PMIC. What does that mean? PMIC is Power Management Integrated Circuit. Energy harvesting means this circuit takes energy from things in the environment and can create micro watts of power, 100 plus micro watts of power which is enough to run todays world’s low power integrated circuits. So we have PMIC that runs off with ambient light in a room, which is about a 1,000 times less bright -- 100 times less bright than sunlight. We have an energy harvesting PMIC that runs off the thermal electric generator.

    Basically, it's a generator that generates power when it's connected between something hot and something cooler. So for example if you bolt the thermal electric generator on to an exhaust pipe which is hot and put the other side in the room which is room temperature it will also generate enough power to run an Internet of Things device. And the last one is vibration if you hook up a piezoelectric energy generator to something is vibrating, which means move something like an automobile is something like that, it will generate power. So those three sources -- light, heat, and vibration -- we can create 100 micro watts and that can be used to run a lower power Internet note, I’ll talk about that in a minute. The interesting thing was after I go back from Japan reviewing it, we won the ACE Award. An ACE Award is electronic designs award and we won other awards with it, two other awards, but the ACE is one that’s most important to us. It's kind of like the Emmy of our industry and like I said that was a pleasant surprise because I have not talked with you about it before.

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  • @ 10nm, brains with excellent memory can be stuffed anywhere.
    Will be stuffed everywhere.
    Energy Harvesting.

    As the automotive industry marches towards a future that will include autonomous driving, storage requirements will grow immensely and we expect to be a leading provider of innovative solutions to this industry. The IoT market is still in its early stages of development; however, we are excited to have been selected by some leading solution suppliers for inclusion in their IoT reference designs, which we believe will lead to expanding opportunities for flash. In retail, we have made progress recovering from our temporary share loss experienced in Q414 and Q115, which was due to the supply constraints we discussed in earlier calls. Overall, retail had a good second quarter, driven by demand for imaging cards and SSDs.

    In June, we introduced a new SanDisk product category with the SanDisk Extreme 900 and SanDisk Extreme 500 external SSDs at 1.92 terabytes and 480 gigabytes of capacities respectively. With no moving parts and significantly faster speeds than portable HDDs, these rugged external SSDs are the perfect solution for photographers and videographers on the go.

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  • Switching to client SSDs, traction for our solutions increased with PC OEMs and in the channel. We announced and started shipping our 15 nanometer X2 client SSDs to the channel and began qualification of these drives with our OEM customers to whom we expect to begin revenue shipments in the second half of 2015. From a market perspective, although the overall PC environment is weak, we believe OEM customers are rapidly increasing their use of SSDs due to the many benefits we have outlined in the past. For example, in the corporate market served by OEMs, CIOs have embraced the benefits of SSDs, resulting in an SSD attach rate to corporate notebooks that is expected to approach 40% by the end of 2015. Decline in unit prices of 128 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte SSDs continues to reduce the gap when compared to HDD unit prices, with the 128 gigabyte drive approaching cost parity with low-capacity HDDs.

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  • A decade ago, the shills and sponsored "experts" "knew" SSS would never replace HDDs.
    Every year, they backtrack more.
    Multi-channel SSS is capable of being tailored to any application. Even cold storage.
    Think SSS.
    Think just the start.
    Insist on Cymer.

    Turning to our enterprise system and software solution offerings, since our announcement of our Turning to our enterprise system and software solution offerings, since our announcement of our breakthrough
    InfiniFlash platform in March this year, we have been building up a strong pipeline of potential customers, many of whom have started proof-of-concept engagements with us. Customers are excited to see the potential of this InfiniFlash platform, as it enables them to rethink how flash can structurally improve their data center capabilities when deployed at petabyte scale. Our InfiniFlash platform allows customers to replace hard-disk drive-based solutions with our all-flash solution. InfiniFlash features excellent performance and the industry’s highest density of flash at a breakthrough price point, where it competes with HDD-based solutions in both total cost of ownership as well as upfront acquisition cost, while solving a lot of challenges customers are facing today with scale-out deployments. As the mega-trends towards cloud computing, open source software and data analytics gather momentum, InfiniFlash is the solution at the intersection of these important trends, and we are excited about its potential to accelerate flash adoption in data centers over the next several years.

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  • Been listening to gloomberg and c(low)nbc Europe.
    Raw material companies are getting simply crushed.*
    slime street pump 'n dump bubble in commodities has popped.
    slime street hadn't even finished with The Great Recession bubble before moving into commodities.
    They provoked China into speculating in commodities. China PMI, now, shows contraction even worse than shill WAGs.

    There are NO investors.
    There are NO concerns.
    psycho picosecond traitors.
    best government money can buy.

    *Didn't I tell you this was going to happen. Now, OVER 10 years ago.

  • Me?
    Innovators and entrepreneurs.

    “There are interposers for high-end complex SOC design with good yield,” informed Eric Beyne, Scientific Director Advanced Packaging & Interconnect for imec in an exclusive interview with Solid State Technology. ““For a systems company, once you’ve made the decision to go 3D there’s no way back,” said Beyne. “If you need high-bandwidth memory, for example, then you’re committed to some sort of 3D. The process is happening today.” Beyne is scheduled to talk about 3D technology driven by 3D application requirements in the imec Technology Forum to be held July 13 in San Francisco.

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  • The customer will not tolerate slow speeds.
    Think shrink.
    Think Fibre and Wireless.
    Think SSS.
    Insist on Cymer.

    IT market opportunity to assist customers with their digital transformation and their move to hybrid cloud computing is massive. Market research firms estimate that the third-party managed and hosting cloud market will grow at more than 30% per year and reach $124 billion by 2020. And these estimates do not include the rapid growth of customers managing their own private clouds. While estimates for digital transformation vary greatly, they all point to a multi-hundred billion dollar market by 2020 which will have an even faster growth rate than a hybrid cloud market. These are the high growth markets we are squarely focused on and will continue to invest in heavily.

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  • We know (Cymer)ASML share of BOM of CapEx is ever growing with ever increasing cost of ArF and EUV lights.
    ILine layers almost nonexistent.
    KrF layers very rare.
    As layers increase with every node shrink.
    As competition has "fallen off a cliff".

    SEMI reports that the three-month average of worldwide bookings in June 2015 was US$1.51 billion is 3.5% higher than the June 2014 order level of US$1.46 billion.

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  • Global smartphone shipments grow 1.9% on quarter in 2Q15, says TrendForce

    Steve Shen, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Tuesday 21 July 2015]

    Global smartphone shipments grew 1.9% sequentially to 304 million units in the second quarter of 2015, according to TrendForce.

    Shipment growth slowed down in the second quarter as vendors were preparing to launch new flagship models for the second half of the year, said the market research firm.

    However, China-based vendors posted a growth rate higher than the industry's average, reaching 15.6% or 126 million units in the second quarter.

    TrendForce has also lowered the smartphone shipment growth for all of 2015 to 8.2% from the previous forecast of 11.6%, citing the negative global economic outlook for the second half of 2015 and weakening demand.

    Samsung Electronics continued to rank as the world's top handset vendors with a 26.8% share in the second quarter, but its total smartphone shipments are likely to reach only 45 million units in 2015 due to weaker than expected sales of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, estimated TrendForce.

    Apple rode high on the popularity of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the first half of 2015 and is expected to see its shipments grow over 15% for all of the year.

    LG's flagship model G4 officially entered the market in the second quarter, but its sales have fallen below expectations. TrendForce has also revised LG's annual shipment growth downwards to 8%.

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