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  • Cisco's Transformation: Internet Of Things To Feature High On List

    May 4, 2016 11:43 AM ET

    •Cisco's proactive self-transformation already is seeing gains.

    •ACI and security continue to show strong growth and will help cushion the transition along with core switching and routing revenues.

    •Internet of Things and Cloud are the main areas of focus, with IoT hogging the limelight for the foreseeable future.
    In 2015 letter to shareholders, Cisco's (NASDAQ:CSCO) Chairman John T. Chambers and CEO Charles H. "Chuck" Robbins started with the following statement:
    "Fiscal 2015 was a great year for Cisco. As we marked our thirtieth anniversary year, we witnessed the inflection point in the next wave of the Internet. This next wave will have five to ten times the impact of the first. As fifty billion devices come online and connect over the next few years, the network and Cisco have never been more relevant or more strategic. In our view, it is clear that the opportunities ahead are even brighter than those of our past."
    Cisco is standing at the crossroads of an evolution driven by the world's shift to the cloud. They have recognized that shift and they have embraced it. In an environment where personal computing is being transformed into hand-helds and wearable tech, where cloud adoption is changing IT infrastructure as we know it, and where connectivity is the catchword of tomorrow, Cisco is ready to be transformed.

    How Cisco is Dealing with Disruption

    To give just one example of Cisco's proactive approach to industry disruption, let's take conference calling. There was a time when every company with multiple offices relied on Cisco for teleconferences and collaboration over distances.

    Enter Skype, which enabled the same type of functionality using only the power of the Internet. Cisco responded by acquiring WebEx in 2007 and pre-empting Skype for Business (which was launched originally in 2011 as Lync 2010). But they didn't stop there. Today, they have Cisco Spark,

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  • I want to take a moment to remind you about the evolving nature of the infotainment market. At our Investor Day last August, you may recall we spoke about how the market breaks down. Roughly, 25% of cars produced today have an embedded infotainment solution. This is where we are already the market leader. Another 25% of the cars produced today have a display audio solution, which you can think of as a connected radio, but without any onboard navigation capabilities. The remaining 50% of the market ships from the factory with either a simple AM/FM radio or with no radio at all.

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  • 400G. Soon.
    Stuff is really, really flyin'.
    This is just the start.

    Revenue grew by 11% sequentially to $99.1million, up from our previous record high fourth quarter. Driving
    the $10 million increase over the prior quarter and $4 million increase over the mid-point of our Q1 outlook was the strength in demand across our key 100 gigabit products including 100 gigabit components and 100 gigabit modules and switches. High Speed 100 gigabit and above products were $64.1 million, or 65% of revenue, which we continue to believe is the highest in the industry. The rapid increase in demand for 100 gigabit products from China and worldwide is a very positive contrast to our normal seasonal pattern in the first quarter as we sold out our capacity for certain key products.

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  • Only The All Silicon Solution can spew 400G chunks.
    Then 1TB chunks.

    Our new dual and single-carrier 45 gigabyte SMT quad linear drivers and transimpedance amplifiers will offer lower cost solutions for 200 and 400 gigabit per second line cards. In the small form factors, these lower SMT drivers enable long-haul and metro network operators to deliver next generation high volume applications with their highly integrated line card designs and advance pluggable modules.

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  • jamulmike jamulmike May 4, 2016 8:35 AM Flag

    We continue to lead the CFP2-ACO market based on many ongoing field trials and design wins, our customers are telling us that our product performance is much better than the competition particularly for 200G applications which are merging as the preferred solutions for the datacenter interconnect market. As I said earlier, the production ramp in Asia for the ACO is going much better than our initial plan.

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  • (Cymer)ASML is a 100G based equipment supplier. 1G stuff, like HDD stuff, has no relevance.
    Then 400G.
    Then 1TB.
    Just the start...of The EUV/ArF Age.

    I am pleased to report another quarter with strong results generated by the Oclaro team. This quarter was our third straight quarter with 7% sequential revenue growth. This growth was again fueled by the successes we are having with our 100G product portfolio, whose revenue increased by 18% over Q2 and grew 94% compared to the third quarter of last year. All of our 100G product portfolio contributed to this excellent performance.

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  • All Silicon Solution. Soon.

    Advanced Packaging Mass Reflow equipment net revenue increased by 152.7% over the December quarter.

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  • slime street cannot stop innovation (yet).
    they can flood the wires with it characterized as End of Days.
    I'll stick with the facts.
    With (Cymer)ASML.

    On Wednesday, IBM scientists will make a quantum computer available to the public as a cloud service for the first time.
    Although the cloud service is geared mostly toward scientists and students, anyone interested in this strange new computer will be able to give it a try, Jerry Chow, one of the scientists leading the project, tells Business Insider.

    A completely different kind of computer

    A quantum computer is different than today's digital computer.
    A digital computer thinks in two states: zero and one (or off and on). A quantum computer uses "combinations of zeroes and ones" to creates multiple states. It can be a zero, a one, both at the same time, something in between them, or it can be a mysterious zero/one state that you can't really determine, Chow explains.

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  • Microsoft buys Italian IoT firm Solair

    May 3 2016, 14:09 ET | About: Microsoft C... (MSFT) | By: Eric Jhonsa, SA Eye on Tech, SA News Editor

    Acquisition-happy Microsoft's (MSFT -1.3%) latest buyout target is Solair, an Italian provider of software/services used to deploy, monitor, and collect data from IoT devices. Terms are undisclosed; offshore cash was presumably used.

    Microsoft: "Solair shares our ambition for helping customers harness their untapped data and create new intelligence with IoT, and this acquisition supports our strategy to deliver the most complete IoT offering for enterprises." The company adds Solair's services are built on Azure, and will be integrated with Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite (launched last year).

    Existing Solair clients include espresso machine maker Rancilio Group and power supply system maker AEG Power. In addition to Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Cisco have been making big investments in cloud-based IoT services. In February, Cisco announced a $1.4B+ deal to buy IoT service provider Jasper Technologies.

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  • Also Spreadtrum announced that its first LTE chipset targeting the medium and premium smartphone, the SC9860 is now in large production at TSMC, 16 nanometer FinFET product. It soon replaces Spreadtrum its advantage over MediaTek at these advanced nodes.

    Samsung announced that the latest Exynos 8890 manufacturing 14-Nanometer FinFET technology power the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphone. The Exynos 8890 integrate the most advanced LTE Cat.12/13 modem offering downlink speeds of 600 Mbps and uplink speed of 100 Mbps.

    Also Samsung announced, the newest member of the CEVA-powered Exynos 7 line-up the 7870. This LTE chipset is designed for next-generation mid-range smartphone. Samsung plans to build up its position in the mid-range tier by employing 14 nanometer FinFET process, which is being reserved only for premium segment thus far.

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  • What did I say. Over 10 years ago.


    •March quarter results were lousy but guidance for Q2 revenues was even worse.

    •The dividend is clearly unsustainable and is starving the company of cash needed to innovate.

    •Seagate needs to cut the dividend immediately and reinvest the savings in new growth opportunities if it is to maintain its relevancy over the long term.

    Last week Seagate Technology reported its fiscal Q3 results and once again it managed to disappoint investors. Revenue of $2.6B was in-line with the preannouncement two weeks ago but down 22 percent year-over-year. Earnings came in lower than already lowered expectations at $0.22 per share versus $0.39 expected. EPS was down 79% YoY. More importantly, cash flows were down as well. Operating cash flows of $205M and capital expenditures of $95M produced free cash flow of $110M. This is down 49% year-over-year. The drop in free cash flow is particularly concerning when you consider the dividend cost the company $188M in the quarter. Seagate continues to feel the effects of a so-so global economy, a strong dollar, weak PC sales and, most importantly, a rapid pivot away from spinning discs for electronic storage. The shift to NAND flash storage is accelerating, with all flash storage arrays quickly penetrating enterprise for mission critical workloads. Guidance for the June quarter was a major disappointment. Seagate estimated revenues will be $2.3B (versus expectations of $2.612B). Gross margins and operating expenses are expected to be "relatively flat" with the March quarter. The revenue guide was a major miss and a significant contributor to the stock falling 19 percent on Friday. In addition the company announced a restructuring that will see its HDD build capacity go from 50-60 million units per quarter to 35-40 million units. This more than anything should inform the investment community that unit shipments will likely never again eclipse the levels

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  • Steven Roth

    Thanks, Mike and good afternoon everyone. In my remarks this afternoon, I will provide some guidance and details behind our Q1 financial results, and also provide some guidance on gross margin and operating expenses for Q2. First quarter revenues were 54.4 million, up 6% from 51.1 million in the fourth quarter 2015 and at the high-end of our guidance driven by strong inspection tool and software sales. As Mike mentioned our previously announced orders from a major foundry for their fan-out process drove our inspection tool sales in the quarter. For our software business the strong inspection tool sales also contributed to strong tool centric software sales and we also had continued strength in our fab wide software business.

    Patrick Ho

    Mike first on the lithography business not that you are starting to see the proliferation of the fan out applications as you are engaged with some of your new customers what are the type of applications are you seeing lithography business I guess procure at this time?

    Michael Plisinski

    Copper pillar would be the other big one so fan out on both wafer level and panel level but then copper pillar and copper pillar is the scenario that's one of the unique capabilities of our tools as it's able to do both copper pillar and fan out on the same tool with no swapping of top place or anything like this. So we also especially the old staff it is a lot of flexibility in being able to manage the different devices that they are getting to be packaged whether they are being packaged with copper pillars on a single dye whether they are being fanned out.

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  • Unidentified Analyst
    The Mobile Model will drive innovation for decades.
    The All Silicon Solution bonanza.
    The shrink bonanza.
    The units/layers/bits bonanza.

    Okay, and then the second thing you said was regarding the excuse me - just a second. Regarding the BVA and then you seem to suggest that there is more opportunity here then just package on package? And I just want to understand, what you've discovered through your customer engagements that makes you more enthusiastic or - what other applications are there?

    Robert Andersen

    Yes. It’s like anything. When you sit in your own labs and come up with ideas you think you're pretty smart. And I found in my lengthy, lengthy career, when you actually engage with customers you learn things you never thought of. And, this is one of those cases. Right, where we sat down with potential customers who saw other, I mean we call it vertical interconnect and there is a number of different places RF is one such market, but we think there are a number of different places where the technology will fit. And, you know, we targeted all along if you will the package on package space for Smartphones, and I think what we're seeing now is we're pretty confident that there are other markets and other opportunities as a result, direct result of engaging the customers.

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  • 400G. Soon.

    We continue to see a mix shift towards 100-gig programs, with revenue increased more than 175% from a year ago more than offset revenue decline of approximately 10% from both 10-gig and 40-gig programs from the prior year. In fact, in the third quarter, 100-gig program revenue was more than double the revenue we generated from 10-gig and 40-gig programs and was a meaningful contributor to optical revenue growth in the quarter.

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  • The Wearables Revolution: Alphabet Is Developing A Wide Range Of Wearables Products

    Bull-Bear Trading

    Seeking Alpha

    Alphabet clearly grasps the future value of the rapidly growing wearables category. Subsidiaries Google, Verily, and X have numerous different wearables or wearables-related products launched or in development stage.

    Industry leaders in successful emerging technologies are able to deliver strong growth for shareholders. Alphabet's strategy to develop a wide array of products makes it a leader in wearables.

    The wearables era of technology is upon us. New technologies, applications, markets, companies, and innovations are advancing. Investors want to watch for both opportunities and disruptions resulting from this change.

    The emerging wearables wave of technology may usher in a new bull market on par with the PC and Internet bulls experienced in the 1980s and

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  • Chip intense 4K 55" is the new 1080P 32".
    Just the start.

    To elaborate on the profit-focused product mix changes, for 32-inch panels which are less profitable there was cutback in shipments by mid single-digits q-over-q, whilst mainstream 40-inch and above panels saw an increase in shipments by mid single-digit q-over-q. As a result, TV revenue share stands at 38%, up 4 percentage points q-over-q. Despite weak seasonality for mobile, with a growth in share of differentiated product lines at major Chinese customers, AIT, product shipment to China as well as other customers, increased 40% q-o-q, driving up share of AIT and smartphones to 80%.

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  • Turning now to an overview of our first quarter results. System sales increased 176% year-over-year, driven by strong demand for our SQ3000 3D MRS-enabled automated optical inspection or AOI systems and the MX600 customer acceptances. During the quarter, we received previously announced follow-on orders of approximately $4 million from our SQ3000 systems from a key customer for a next-generation consumer electronics product. These orders have reinforcing our belief that CyberOptics is gaining share in the rapidly growing 3D AOI market. SQ3000 sales also are accounting for a steadily growing percentage of our total AOI and solder paste inspection sales.

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  • Sony unveils intelligent contact lenses

    May 2 2016, 04:04 ET | About: Sony Corporation (SNE) | By: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor

    The tech nerds are calling them "smart eyes," and they're supposed to measure a person's blink, wink, and tilt of the eye to figure out when to record, save and delete video.

    Sony's (NYSE:SNE) contacts include a camera, a wireless processing component and a storage unit, and differ from Samsung's (OTC:SSNLF) smart lenses patented earlier this month, which rely on a smartphone.

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  • Think New Tech.
    Think facts.
    Insist on Cymer. Making all this possible.

    Gideon Wertheizer, Chief Executive Officer of CEVA, stated: "We are pleased to report a well-executed first quarter with all-time high quarterly revenues. The licensing environment continued to be favorable, particularly for our vision products with three new vision deals signed. Our core business in cellular, together with a diversified portfolio of enabling technologies for smarter, connected devices, allows us to consistently outpace the growth of the overall semiconductor industry and deliver value for our stockholders."

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