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  • Remember?
    Just like 40nm was impossible.
    The Intel CEO has already confirmed they know how to do 7nm. Why they bought EUV?
    EUV/ArF 7nm will be way, way cheaper than dirt. Energy harvesting able?
    Just the start.

    Mark Miller - Benchmark Company
    So would I be accurate in saying that Samsung -- you're tools are actually being used for production at 16 - 14 nanometers.

    The Samsung is currently at 14 nanometers and we’re in production at all those that they currently are involved in.

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  • Just imagine my surprise. ho and kumar told us they were taking share. pang always willing to chime in. Contort and distort krapp.

    Stick with the facts.
    Stick with (Cymer)ASML.

    Tom Diffely - D.A. Davidson
    Okay. And then moving on to advance packing, it appears as though with the strength of the market right now you are not seeing quite aggressive pricing pressure from Cannon that you were a couple of years ago. Sounds like you used to...

    No, that’s not true, no-no. They’re still been very aggressive especially with the Yen around 120. So they are still being aggressive and everyone’s being aggressive. I think that, I don’t see any change in the behavior of the competition, the giveaways, all these games that they are playing just isn’t working because of the performance of our tool and our long term relationship with these customers and the risk factor that they bring to the table.

    So, at this stage with them ramping they can’t afford to make a mistake and select the vendor that may not work as well. Their customers will go somewhere else. So, at this stage as long as we perform and we maintain our equipment and we have this high uptime and we keep our relationships satisfactory with these customers, I expect we’re going to continue to grow our market share. So, I think that nothing is changed.

    They’re still doing things they shouldn’t be doing and running below breakeven in some cases and giving things away. That hasn’t changed and so we see no change in the behavior and that has no bearing on our ability to gain market share.

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  • jamulmike jamulmike Apr 25, 2015 11:24 AM Flag

    Later in CC:

    Tom Diffely - D.A. Davidson
    Okay. That sounds good. So it sounds like you expect a little bit of ramp here in the second half of the year for the laser because utilization rates and based on these lead times you could see the orders over the next quarter or so and still make to the end of the year.

    Arthur Zafiropoulo - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Yes, Tom, that’s correct.

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  • jamulmike jamulmike Apr 25, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    Arthur Zafiropoulo - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    I don’t think there’s much change. We currently are the tool of record at virtually every site for the exception of two companies that are with DynaPoint screen. We are in – just ramped up production significantly and three fabs and so that those three fabs are at virtually 100% utilization and the other fabs are increasing their utilization. We see new entries into the market and there are more third tier fabs third tier companies rather and so we expect to get business from them, so the first tier are companies that are virtually close to full capacity if not at full capacity

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  • the yahoos hard at work

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  • the shills/"experts" are O'fer forever on The Wall Call.

    Intel's 10nm Secrets Predicted

    Quantum well FETs, germanium, InGaAs in mix

    SAN JOSE, Calif. — A semiconductor analyst is making a bold and detailed prediction about the process technology Intel Corp. will use for its next two generations. If he is right, the world’s largest chip maker is set to leapfrog the industry once again.

    Intel will use quantum well FETs starting with its 10nm process, said David Kanter in an analysis posted on his Real World Technologies Web site. The new transistor structures will use two new materials – indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) for n-type transistors and strained germanium for p-type devices, he said.

    If correct, Intel could gain a capability as early as 2016 to produce 10nm transistors as much as 200 millivolts lower in power consumption than the rest of the industry. Kanter expects other chip makers will not be able to catch up with the techniques until their 7nm node, at least two years later.

    It could take more than a year before Intel discloses its 10nm plans, Kanter said, giving his own predictions an 80-90 percent confidence level.

    Kanter’s analysis is based on a study of about two dozen Intel research papers mainly presented at the annual International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), a leading gathering of chip makers. He also analyzed as many Intel patents related to chip making.

    “Everything I saw pointed in this direction,” Kanter told EE Times. “The question is not will Intel do quantum well FETs, the question is will it be at 10 or 7nm,” he said.

    “Using compound semiconductors in the channel is not unique to Intel’s research, but it’s clear no one is quite so far along as Intel publishing on them,” Kanter added. “Intel’s papers and patents on germanium were more scarce, but that technology is more well understood,” he said, noting he expects Intel to adopt pure germanium although it may progress via a half step to silicon germanium.

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  • SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 20, 2015 - Applied Materials today announced the Applied Centura® Tetra(TM) Z Photomask Etch system for etching next-generation optical lithographic photomasks needed by the industry to continue multiple patterning scaling to the 10nm node and beyond. The new tool extends the capabilities of Applied's industry-leading Tetra platform, delivering angstrom-level photomask accuracy for critical dimension (CD) parameters required to meet stringent patterning specifications for future logic and memory devices.

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  • Intel seems to be picking up the pace.
    Way cheaper than dirt 10nm.
    Just the start of The Mother of All Paradigm Shifts.

    Based on Intel's roadmap, the chip giant also plans to launch the 14nm quad-core SoFIA LTE 2 in the second quarter of 2016, supporting both Windows and Android OS. Furthermore, Intel also plans to release its 8-core solution, the SoFIA MID T3, in August 2016, the sources noted.

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  • Reply to

    Mobile APU: Fones UP 21%; Pads UP 18%

    by jamulmike Apr 24, 2015 2:58 PM
    jamulmike jamulmike Apr 24, 2015 3:00 PM Flag

    Intel's tablet AP shipments enjoy an over 300% increase in 2014 and for the first time, Intel ranked number one in the non-iPad tablet AP supplier market on an annual basis, Kundojjala noted. "Intel is well positioned to continue its tablet AP momentum in 2015 with the help low-cost Atom X3 and 14 nm-based Atom X5 and X7 APs," he continued.

    Strategy Analytics also expects 64-bit tablet AP shipments to overtake 32-bit tablet AP shipments in 2015. "64-bit tablet APs accounted for over one-third of total tablet AP shipments in 2014, and Apple and Intel accounted for almost all of these shipments," Robinson said.

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  • SSS stuff en fuego.
    HDD stuff "falling off a cliff"
    The Mother of All Paradigm Shifts.

    Smartphone and tablet AP markets rise in 2014, says Strategy Analytics

    Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Friday 24 April 2015]

    The global smartphone applications processor (AP) market registered a robust 21% increase in 2014, while the tablet AP sector grew 18%, according to recent reports from Strategy Analytics.

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  • Rumors MicroSoft might get into free Windows/Office.
    Intel and MicroSoft no longer bully buddies.
    Both must pick up the pace.
    The 20th HDD PC era is over. Many PC guys, still, have not smelled the coffee. See Nokia, Sony, RIMM.
    Welcome to the 21st Smart Thingy Age.
    Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

    Intel to help vendors launch inexpensive tablets, say Taiwan makers

    Monica Chen, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 23 April 2015]

    Intel will offer new RDAs (reference designs for Android) in the second half of 2015 to help partnering vendors, including China-based white-box ones, launch inexpensive 7-, 8- and 10-inch Android tablets, according to Taiwan-based tablet supply chain makers.

    The reference designs will be mainly equipped with Intel SoFIA processors, the sources said. Target retail prices for 10-inch LTE, 8-inch LTE and 7-inch 3G tablets will be below US$129, US$89 and US$79, the sources indicated. Taiwan-based ODMs Foxconn Electronics, Compal Electronics, Pegatron, Wistron and Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) will undertake production for the new RDAs, the sources said.

    In particular, Intel will help China-based white-box tablet vendors tap markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, the sources indicated.

    While global tablet sales appear to be stagnant, there will be global demand for more than 200 million tablets and 2-in-1 tablets in 2015, the sources said

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  • 64-bit, 3GB DDR4, 64GB NAND, massive MP cams, too.
    Just the start of the Smart Thingy Age.

    HTC and Taiwan-based ODMs together shipped 17.6 million handsets in the first quarter of 2015,
    16.1 million units were smartphones, rising 21.7% on year, according to Digitimes Research

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  • traitors want their mini-roundtrips between the 20% whackings. on "concerns"

    Same old krapp.
    Different day.

  • The boom/bust kids are looonngg gone.
    The very serious adults will shrink like mad.
    Stack mile high.
    Innovate like crazy.
    Consolidate like no tomorrow.
    Very, very exciting times.

    •Qualcomm has been losing market share in the mid- and high-end segments of the mobile chip market to MediaTek.
    •This has been brought about by MediaTek’s superior chips.
    •Qualcomm will start manufacturing chips using monolithic 3D technology in 2016.
    •The technology will help the company produce chips more cost-effectively and can help the company recapture some of the market share it has lost to MediaTek.

    Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) is a great company with a raft of great products and technology. The chip giant has, however, lately been facing extreme competitive pressure particularly from MediaTek, the leading Taiwan-based chip vendor. As a result, Qualcomm's growth has slowed down dramatically since 2014 after posting years of impressive double digit growth

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  • Even the two shill outlet channels have chatter about every company being a Tech company.
    That's 110% accurate.
    This is just the start.

    CFO Andrew Del Matto said on the call that "Deals over $100,000 grew 36%. Deals over $250,000 grew 51%. Deals over $500,000 grew 28%. And finally deals over $1 million experienced highest year-over-year return growth of all categories."

    If the biggest deals for your company are the segment that's growing the fastest then you're doing something right. Fortinet also added 8,000 new customers to its current list of over 200,000. The rate of customer growth coupled with the number of large deals that are being billed could mean that Fortinet is starting to establish a leader's position in the space.

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  • Nothing spews chunks like multi-channel SSS

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  • U.S. Shale Fracklog Triples as Drillers Keep Oil From Market

    Think the U.S. is awash in crude now? Thank the fracklog that it’s not worse.

    Drillers in oil and gas fields from Texas to Pennsylvania have yet to turn on the spigots at 4,731 wells they’ve drilled, keeping 322,000 barrels a day underground, a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis shows. That’s almost as much as OPEC member Libya has been pumping this year.

    The number of wells waiting to be hydraulically fractured, known as the fracklog, has tripled in the past year as companies delay work in order to avoid pumping more oil while prices are low. It’s kept crude off the market with storage tanks the fullest since 1930. The fracklog may slow a recovery as firms quickly finish wells at the first sign of higher prices.

  • 21st Smart Thingy!
    This is just the start!
    Think SSS (spewing chunks multi-channel)!
    Insist on Cymer as they are HERE!

    Seagate Cites Weak Economy for 26% Drop in Earnings

    Angela Chen

    April 17, 2015 8:30 a.m. ET

    Data storage company Seagate Technology PLC said its earnings fell 26% in the March quarter, citing poor economic conditions.

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  • The customer has seen The Promised Land with Mobile.
    Shunning the 20th HDD PC Model.
    Tiny Smart Thingy's in.
    Hot's not.

    We closed Fiscal Year 2015 with a better-than-expected performance and good momentum in spite of currency headwinds, said Bracken Darrell, Logitech president and chief executive officer. Our Growth
    category Gaming, Tablet and Other Accessories, Mobile Speakers and Video Collaboration sales grew by 28 percent in constant currency over the full year, accelerating in the fourth quarter to 45 percent growth, the best performance of the fiscal year.

    Looking at Fiscal Year 2016, were playing offense. We will accelerate our transformation of Logitech into a simpler, faster, growing company. We will focus on our growing Retail Strategic business. Consequently, we plan to exit our OEM business and reorganize Lifesize to sharpen its focus on its cloud-based offering. We will also streamline our overall cost structure through product, overhead and infrastructure cost reductions, including a targeted resource realignment. As a result, over the coming year we expect restructuring charges of approximately $15 million to $20 million. The savings from all these actions will be used to offset currency headwinds and invest in future growth.

    I told you this was coming. 10 years ago!

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  • With only adults left in the gadget and chip businesses, shrink pressure will increase. Enormously!
    Ditto More Than Moore.
    These are very, very exciting times.

    We are also encouraged by the customer interest in our new Snapdragon 820, which is on track to ship in the second half of this calendar year and is built on the latest FinFET node. The Snapdragon 820 represents a new design point for our SoC architecture and will be the first to include our new custom 64-bit CPU microarchitecture.

    All this O'fer forever shill/"expert" Shrink Wall krapp?

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