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jblau1 6 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 17, 2016 4:30 PM Member since: Dec 1, 1998
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  • Let the process work and let the people speak. If Donald has the 1237 number he should be the nominee. If not let the process play out. However, if he comes close within less than a 100 delegates then let the process play out. I do not like the fact that 50 yes fifty high powered businessmen met today in DC to formulate a stop Trump group. What they are afraid of is losing power over the elected officials by their in the pocket contributions. They want their people in DC to make laws that are favorable to them. It is time to put someone in the White House that owes nothing to anyone. There are times when it is a benefit to all of us to have a wealthy person who cannot be bought. It is time that we starting thinking for the nation as a whole. The last eight years have not developed a nation of togetherness. It has divided us into groups who are against one another. The tone has been set to a level that takes us back many years. It has taught many to not have respect for others and the quality of life we deserve. I live in an area where I see that lack of respect for the law and the rights of others on a daily basis. An atmosphere that was set from DC and by liberals who think their way is the only way. It is time for a real change.

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    Hillary and honesty

    by jblau1 Mar 14, 2016 12:00 PM
    jblau1 jblau1 Mar 14, 2016 3:08 PM Flag

    He works within the law just like most businessmen who use what we the people gave him by electing officials who make the laws. Ethics and honesty are not the same. He is honest with what he says and does business within the law. Is it always ethical? Probably not. However, Hillary is dishonest about what she does and the accounting of where her money comes from in my opinion.
    She in my and others opinions cost lives of Americans and should be held accountable. The same goes with her use of her home server. Just because people before her broke the law and got away with it does not mean she should get away with it. It is time to make an example of anyone who does what she did. In my opinion she is being protected by DC Democrats who want to win the election. You can disagree and that is your right. However, I would rather take a chance on Trump than put up with another four years of the past eight. It is time for the change so vote for it.

  • Anyone who votes for her is like asking to be lied to and accepting it. What a shame. We might not like the bravado of Trump but he is honest and gets things done. He will when he is President be in a position to improve and protect our lives in my opinion. Oh! I am a Democrat who has many friends who are going to cross over and vote for the Republican. If it is Trump or another Republican I will not vote for someone who in my opinion lied and continues to lie. Her stance that she would not answer the question of resigning if charges were brought against her re her e mail and govt secrets and her stance on Bengazi. and so many other issues. Her foundation has made millions for her and Bill and we suffer with low wages and less income than in the past. Get off your seats and go vote for your rights. We need this change now. It is my opinion and that is what I think. You do not have to agree and that is your right. I believe that our right to peacefully protest and vote is being eroded by all the illegal activity and organized protests to stop people from voicing their opinions.

  • jblau1 jblau1 Mar 1, 2016 12:15 PM Flag

    In addition they do call back if you get the right person. I will say they do not give you much when they do reply but I have received return phone calls from a very polite person.

  • jblau1 jblau1 Mar 1, 2016 12:13 PM Flag

    I agree that it was one of the worst Q &A. However, they did indicate some forward statements that were positive. It was not in the form of actual forward guidance but in regard to progress on 4K and other drugs. OPK should be up today and not down. Who sold and what did we not hear.

  • I am an owner of several thousand shares of OPK and after conference call was up and long on OPK. After hours it was up. What happened this morning. I tried to talk to the company and all I got was voice mail. I am personally shocked that this stock went down after a basic good and forward statement and reports on 4K and other drugs and procedures. If anyone has an explanation of what went wrong that is based on fact let me know. I am sadly disappointed in today's action. How do all of you feel?

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