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  • If no one has claim and if such a right exists. I claim the right to a IBM comedic series. ( maybe pitch the idea to Netflix)

    What I am struggling with is how facetious it would be.. The tragedy that worker face is real but outside of that the way IBM has run its business is looney and hilarious

    Maybe the profits could be donated to the families of worker affect by IBM's stupidity

  • What should be read by Buffets move to buy more shares is it will raise the price.

    the end..

    Regardless of how well or bad IBM will do..

    It is 100% guaranteed no exception money making opportunity..

    IBM will go green to at least $170 pretty dang quick no later then 10 trade day..

    For those with the means I would put a big chunk of you money in IBM right now !!!

    Then set whatever sell trigger you feel comfortable in..

    Only wish I had kept my trade account open. Now kicking myself in #$%$

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • So long as you are paying IBM for a service they will turn a blind eye to licensing..

    BUT perhaps a fraction of a percent understand the licensing and apply it as such..

    IBM software leaves trails here and their of prior installs..

    The biggest mistake that companies do is assume that the old version that has no support nor is even available does not count..

    My friends it does count and IBM know its.. They maintain a honor system so unless you have tight control.. even a proof of concept counts..

    Even when you make all attempts to keep compliant.. there are specific rules such as installing on vm's where additional license managing software is required. or the entire host count even if only one cpu is used.

    IBM software terms .complicated but legal gold...

    A Stupid CIO that transfer it service overseas assume not risk BUT that is not the case the wording is precise to the owner...

    Patents are chump changed compared to the potential billions IBM can easily get from its customers.

    IBM renew our service or we will sue you for having our service.

    I would bet priceline had a falling out with IBM hence the patent suit

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    Ginni's compensation

    by chris3bs Jan 30, 2015 7:50 PM
    jdchris67 jdchris67 Jan 31, 2015 12:41 PM Flag

    Chris I am at a loss for words.. I was bless with an opportunity to leave. IBM...I know that no raises had ever been given and those who managed to get a high rating got a couple hundred as an attaboy...

    IBM is pure evil who thinks of itself as a god..It is extremely dysfunctional...I feel for those who are left...You serve at the mercy of on who has no mercy..

    Layoffs are sometimes needed it is an unfortunate part of some business..

    when it comes to service centers.. IBM picks town that are around 100mile or more from a major city but have a regional airport and little to no competition...

    IBM come's in as the hero and throws promises and money and longterm plans...IBM may have the best legal team in the WORLD.. They formulate complex contracts that alway favors IBM.. Non-disclosure clauses are probably the most brilliant part..

    IBM then hires just about anyone at wages higher the current but not as high as you would get in a major city..They often ad small one yr bonuses just in case..

    The idea is to fulfill their part of giving x amount of jobs and paying x amount of money..

    I would guess that over 65% have little to no solid IT experience.. They are provided some training BUT it is taylored to IBM which include made up baby talk words that IBM loves

    When these unfortunate souls are let go.. They are have nothing to go to.. Their hopes and dreams are chattered..

    When they look for work elsewhere.. They soon discover that what they thought was a great skill was useless in the real world..

  • jdchris67 by jdchris67 Jan 28, 2015 4:12 PM Flag

    How IBM does Business.

    Every 3 to 5 yrs IBM reinvents itself and creates a new roadmap

    When things are good we consistantly see a 3%-5% drop in workforce between roadmaps. Then a massive hiring campaign that overtakes it orginal number by up to 8% or more. This number reaches its max at the middle of the cycle then drops about 1% in years 4 and 5.

    Things are not good

    Anyone with just one shared brain cell knew 2015 $20 per share was NEVER going to happen..

    Yet the greedy investers bet heavily on IBM arrogance and at any cost always make their money.

    Pre-2010 general investors will do just fine.

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc is a mystery BUT all eyes should be on what he does.. NO matter what then news is. If Warren was to increase its shares IBM prices would sore. If he sold his position.. IBM would be no more.

    IF allowed and if IBM dropped to under $130 Berkshire Hathaway Inc would have enough cash to buyout IBM at 51%

    HMMM...May Warren is in a wait and see mode.

    Warrens buy button maybe at $140 or below for increase ownership stake.

    Safely $120 or below for buyout.

    IMHO hanging to long on in a $150's-$160's is guaranteed doom. Warren would have to sell

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    ginni 'the executioner' rometty.......

    by txtrader77 Jan 28, 2015 11:20 AM
    jdchris67 jdchris67 Jan 28, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    Maybe Kim Jung Un could use a a woman of her talent

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