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  • Reverse splits don't create any value. In fact more stocks drop in value after such a split . I can personally attest to that.

    A 15 times higher share price doesn't mean that fundamentals have improved. If the company isn't making money a reverse split just creates a higher mountain from which to fall..

    With little or no profit and a higher price ,trading volume becomes zilch and you can't get out of the stock to save your soul.

    Reverse Splits are the "Kiss of Death" , have been and will be for HopTo if they go that route.

    If HopTo would just show some growth and profit ,owning many shares rather than a few would provide greater potential for significant gains from small movements in share price.

    Companies do reverse splits to delay inevitable declines in many cases. But HopTo doesn't seem to be on the verge of decline but on the verge of some significant growth opportunities, at least according to management.

    So why in the world would they want to draw negative attention at this point by contemplating such a split.

  • But you won't see much growth for a few more months but boy-o-boy then watch out. Management is really keyed up for some bigtime happenings. The conference call message was "the size of opportunity is significant". And it's a believable statement if their expectation come to fruition which they seem to be working hard at. Over all these years I've never heard them so excited and optimistic about the future.

    Another advantage they mentioned was the fact the little guy can have his smaller needs addressed .Hopto has customizing capabilities which competition doesn't.

    Might be an ideal time to use your beer money for buying a few more shares then kicking back and enjoying the rest of the summer fantasizing what could happen.

  • Kiss Of Death, if you ask me.

  • GM stock is already a disaster.

  • Ford has been, is,and will continue to be a disaster for shareholders.

  • Chance to watch shareholder value go up in smoke. Forget paying off the debt just worry about entertaining the community for 20 minutes. And above all forget the shareholders. Great thinking Ford management.

  • .....if Ford has extra money it doesn't go to the bottom line to enhance shareholder value it goes to community enhancement and entertainment. Ever hear of the Ford Fire Works? There goes some shareholder value up in smoke. But that's only a million dollars or so and doesn't compare to millions given to charities ,sponsorships etc...etc. Ford needs to treat and reward their owners before the world.

  • jeeree234 by jeeree234 May 20, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    Instead of giving pens, hats and mugs away at the HPTO Marcum Conference booth give curious investors a stock certificate for 100 shares of HPTO. Probably cheaper than a hat.

    Do that 100 times . Now you can list a whole lot of institutional holders. Cheap, Impressive and easy,

    What do you think fellow investors? Doable? Crazy? Legal? Some how more interest and exposure has to be generated.

  • Currently paying 4%

  • jeeree234 by jeeree234 Mar 6, 2015 3:37 PM Flag

    Three huge Pulte subs in Oakland county Michigan that I'm aware of are building and selling at a pretty fast clip despite the terrible weather conditions. When the ice and snow melt I can only imagine how much faster houses will be popping up. If Pulte is doing this across the country you can bet revenues and profits will be up substantially for the year. Common sense tells me Pulte can only go up from here. I've never seen activity like this before in the area.

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