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jeff5tg 7 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 24, 2015 7:53 PM Member since: Jul 21, 2015
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    by ahhhaa63 Aug 24, 2015 11:21 AM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Aug 24, 2015 7:53 PM Flag

    Thank you. For me it is GE and XOM if they get cheap. I expect a grind down for a while. Maybe a recovery for a while if the central banks again support the market, but they been there and done that and fool me twice, fool me three times ... My bet is they try again as it could get crummy.

    I think you are a more optimistic person than me.

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    Early markets getting WOODSHEDDED.

    by ponzescheme Aug 23, 2015 10:52 PM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Aug 24, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    I was just joking about having fingers cut off when juggling chainsaws. I figure you are just fine and wonder what is on your shopping list. I too am sitting on $ and waiting for better prices and trying to figure out a shopping list. My brain says go for quality that pays dividends and is being hurt. I can't help but want to take a chance on top quality oil (XOM) if it just gets cheaper by a lot. Low oil prices doesn't do anything good for political stability on some places that produce and that is that eventually maybe : ) .

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    Housing starts. BIG DEAL

    by ahhhaa63 Aug 18, 2015 9:10 AM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Aug 18, 2015 9:56 AM Flag

    Check out auto loans and probably student loans. Then consider little things like local government finances. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

    Makes me wonder about how this will be funded and who gets hurt eventually. Like these dead beats are going to get the money to pay these off : ) .

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    Wrong on XOM

    by ahhhaa63 Jul 31, 2015 9:57 AM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Jul 31, 2015 11:26 AM Flag

    I also liked XOM but could not get myself to buy it. It still attracts my attention, but it is hard to buy most things right now. The poor are getting poorer and much of the middle class is becoming poor and then they will get poorer. Want to see something cool from a company not yet public? Google Carbon3D Clip Technology and watch the video on their web site.

    It is like this. A union wants higher wages or lower costs and so the company either moves off shore or installs robotics. Either way there is a reduction in consumer purchasing power here and increased people dependent on the government to survive. Add in a bunch of debt and this will create some problems. I would go short, but who needs to pay that much attention every moment?

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    ISRG up $61+

    by ahhhaa63 Jul 22, 2015 9:21 AM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Jul 23, 2015 8:01 AM Flag

    CAT is a name I haven't considered for a while. Looked at it slightly a few days ago.

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    by blue_eyes_prospect_ave Jul 21, 2015 7:26 PM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Jul 21, 2015 11:25 PM Flag

    I think you have to ask yourself how will you be if this loses another 50 cents or drops below a dollar? Not saying it will happen, but can you afford to take on this bet? A few things go wrong in the macro environment and this is a dollar or so easily. If you decided to run for the hills tomorrow this is $1.20 or so or worse. Think what happens if someone with just 50 thousand shares says I am done with this and sells s best they can as fast as they can. They sell and you or someone similar FREAKS OUT and sells quick and we see a dollar and then someone else freaks out and then... Only about 150 holders so someone who freaks out would be noticed leading more to FREAK OUT.

    So you hold and it goes to $2.20 or it goes down to $1.20. Both look about as likely within the short run.

    Would surprise me if the officers buy lots right now. Thhe Indian guy paying them well enough to buy this stock?

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    ERB Continues It's Downward Trend

    by billdavisfr2 Jul 20, 2015 9:52 AM
    jeff5tg jeff5tg Jul 21, 2015 4:17 PM Flag

    Sure, the market is wrong and you are right. Absolutely! What an opportunity to buy some more. Just like the opportunity yesterday but now it is almost 12% cheaper.

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