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jeffoff 25 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 16, 2015 2:47 PM Member since: Mar 19, 2013
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  • It puzzles me why the share price did not shoot back up to that $7 -$8 range now that FDA approved this method of drug delivery. Can anyone comment on this? Also, what is next on the horizon for modifying this method of getting medicine into the blood stream? There is this Star Trek view of medicine delivery that appeals to me! The use of electricity to move the drug, and then to also monitor that dosage to the blood, and Nupathe being the company that made the effort to get it all approved, it has got to be impressive to some future looking companies out there. Pills dumped into a stomach of acid and digesting food, with its sudden full dosage thrown into the blood, will soon be a thing of the past. Maybe they will refer back to Nupathe as one of the pioneers of the new future methods to come. I agree with other posts stating the worth of the FDA approved technology and patents here at hand. Anyone want to buy in now at under $4 a share, and just sit on the stock for a while...? If it is a year, or in a week, slow or fast, can anyone comment on why this stock is not poised to rise?

  • jeffoff Mar 19, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Didn't you proudly announce that you sold at 3.50? And now you feel it necessary to still comment negatively? What is your goal here? The stock will move on its own course regardless of your trashing it.

  • jeffoff Mar 25, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    This clown is not a new basher. Last week he was puking out information, stating as if he knew, that in a day or two millions of shares would be dumped out to drop share price. When people called him on his scare, he then gave several lame reasons to justify his call. The Friday date came and went with no dump. He calls himself as a person who is not presently invested in the stock, but as 'a hobby' watches and comments (negatively and bogus ones only). It is too bad, because if he was credible, I would love to hear all comments on a stock, but he is just an idiot.

  • jeffoff Mar 21, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    Just read the ad. Kind of nice having the FDA advertise for you for free. $3.57 a share? This is your last chance...

  • I have not heard it being talked about yet when Solar is being mentioned, but I was told by a Panel Seller here in the Silicone Valley the following when I was buying a few more panels for my own roof. I mentioned to him how Enphase stock took a few hits the last week. He stated that was quite surprising to him, as a new code is being adopted state by state that requires all DC to AC power be converted up on the roof with Micro-inverters. Soon it will not be allowed to string the DC power, with panels daisy chained together, down to a side wall mounted inverter, then change to AC. For safety, the new code requires AC power to stop being produced on the roof right at the panels if main utility power dies. This is exactly what Enphase Micro-Inverters already do. If the Utility power drops out, the Enphase inverters also go dead, then the utility workers, or public in jeopardy of a fallen line, do not get zapped. I know because I have installed them. Enphase Inverters, being the best inverters made, (that's his own words) is going to benefit big from this new code requirement . He said some states back east already enacted it, but California did not yet. But he said its definitely coming soon, state by state. I wish CNBC would do an expose on it soon. Disclosure, I own $ENPH, and road with it down last week, and added to my position down here. Tired of seeing it down for no good reason!

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  • jeffoff Mar 19, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    After inviting yourself to a wedding of two people you don't know very well, the best way to exit is to yell to the crowd that the marriage is a failure, throw a couple unfounded insults at the bride and groom, announce you are leaving with hopes that a fire starts, and do it all before the wedding cake is cut. You will certainly not be missed.

  • It did not happen, yet he stated it to the message board as if knew what he spoke of. Why would someone do that? So irresponsible... I am glad I don't have to live with the fact that I tried to mislead hundreds of people...

  • jeffoff Mar 21, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Missing from the list of causes of Migraines is my local Chinese Restaurant, and their buckets of MSG powder in the back kitchen. Man, I can see that old cook now, with his white powder stained hand and his big smile on his face.

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    A question on Tue conference

    by govarna Mar 24, 2013 5:42 PM jeffoff Mar 25, 2013 3:01 AM Flag

    You make some good points. In there March 19th Earnings announcement, scheduled for the morning March 26th, don't forget that they do add one little tease line stated like this " to discuss fourth quarter and full year 2012 results and recent operational highlights. A question-and-answer session will follow NuPathe's remarks." The key words that might shed some light on what progress has been made to partner up, if any, could be under the "recent operational highlights" A possible reason for no full blown press release of just one company to partner with already (for example maybe a GSK) might be delayed intentionally to not effect ongoing negotiations with other partners. So I think all you can go by is to read between the lines and watch for hints. Seeing GSK build up their investment, New advertising starting to hit on front page of FDA website, and leases expiring to move to better and maybe bigger spaces. All good signs. No company would allow their name to be advertised on FDA's website welcome page, and not be then fully prepared to roll the product out. It would be the kiss of death for a company to fail that loudly. Nupathe's management team is smarter than that. You don't come this far with a start up company to then not be ready to sell the product. Plus that FDA delay was a blessing in disguise I think, allowing them even more preparation and planning time to line partners up. FDA's delay was nothing major, and it gave the message to partners that approval was likely. This product is headed to the shelf soon, and it will have the backing of at least one large company too.

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  • When a future thinking company running on all cylinders all over the globe, takes a huge hit on share price, which many feel was an over reaction, do you really have a concern on it dropping more? Or would you think it will inch its way back up? I invite comments

  • This talk of competition from Square Trade dongles, and their 2.** % per transaction fee, just is no threat as I see it to stores who want a solid easy to see secure reader on the counter, or mounted securely on anything. The idea of a merchant handing an Ipad with a dongle back and forth over a counter to be dropped frequently, just isn't going to happen. Dongles are for maybe a mobile serviceman, a flea market, etc. Not an established store. This is where Verifone has it locked in. A name known for reliability and security. Want a new Birth Certificate at the County Building? You are swiping on a Verifone reader! Any comment?

  • It looks like most new cell phones will be adding the NFC chip, and most businesses will want to provide that new convenient way to PAY, so wouldn't this mean Verifone will be in the sweet spot to supply all stores with new upgraded scanners? They already are selling them at Verifone. Anyone wish to comment with some intelligence, and or maybe bash me with $16 dollar target prices like an absolute idiot?( Reminds me of an old AOL chat rooms 10 years ago, when clowns first realized they can cuss from at home with no one knowing who they were. Now they grew up and moved on to message boards!)

  • A way to get the price down so you can buy back in, after you goofed and sold out at $3.50. I bought more, I guess I should thank you? It all doesn't matter after next week...

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  • jeffoff Nov 20, 2014 5:31 AM Flag

    The way it was explained to me was, new codes will require that PV power drops off as close to the PV Panel source as possible, if the grid should happen to go dead. That is why Micro-inverter companies would benefit from the new code. Wall mounted inverters would still be made I imagine, but they must also have a way to cut power off automatically if grid goes dead as Enphase Micro-inverters already do.

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  • When I saw all the headlines yesterday about Ukraine shutting down the biggest nuclear Generation plant in Europe, I thought oh no, not another Chernobyl! I also heard them talk down the threat a few hours later, which is to be expected in that region even if there was a serious close call there, to contain people's fear of nuclear. I am hoping it at least sparks countries to think about Solar more. That combined with Yingli posting first profit in 3 years, I am thinking of parking some cash here for a while. The Nuclear threat yesterday might take a day or two to sink into people's brains, as bits of information are leaked out of the plant as to what really happened there. How close a call was it? Plants shutting down like that are serious, yet I am not seeing more on it in news yet.

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  • My friend who transports supplies there, is saying everyone he knows can't wait for the banks to all open. Just so they can get back to normal business again. Now he has a notebook with all his money movement and transactions logged. He hates it, and says no one plans a run on banks, but the opposite.

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  • With Greece situation settling on track, all people there want normal life to return. They are sick and tired of banking on Iphones and notepads. When banks open Monday, you will see business calming, as now bank confidence returns knowing they are not leaving EU Union. NBG is going to climb steadily starting tomorrow.

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  • I grabbed some Apple today knowing of a new product(s) to be announced, and a decision on the cash to be announced, combined with T-Mobile to start selling Iphones with a good contract, and Samsung and Blackberry released their best efforts (boring) and now it is Apple's month the way I see it. Add a nice price drop today. Why not? Any Comments?

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    when the dilution happens

    by jyardagg Mar 21, 2013 12:31 PM jeffoff Mar 21, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    I read your numerous post defending your dilution post. I am not a cheerleader for this stock. I do own it though. If I was to judge the debating going on here between your posts, and the posts of others, I would have to say they win. You look a bit silly for making that initial post with no basis for it. It also coincided with the stock price then dropping from a nice run up near $3.70, back down to $3.52. I don't know if it was due to your intentional scare posts, probably not, but I bet it sure didn't help the stock or its many investors today.

  • I just installed 24 Sharp 255 watt Panels, matched nicely with Enphase M-250 Micro-inverters. Love the system, and the accurate real time monitoring that the Enphase Envoy gives me, but I have no battery back up. Does Tesla sell a battery back up that meshes up with my Ephase Inverters? I would love for it to produce power if for any reason my grid power should drop out. Also, does The Tesla battery group plan on working directly with Enphase?

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