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jen_dimebag 112 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 11, 2014 12:50 PM Member since: Nov 10, 2011
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  • Because he hates real girls and I had found all his men magazines. Mom already knew about your Craigs ads and rest park hook-ups. Jeez, and Alumni already had all your information without my record adding to the pile. Team is not the sharpest dillyolddoes in the drawer but the ones busiest with them that's for sure. Now, is anyone going to rescue Grand Baby Dime Bag? Anyone? Osborne for the taking, going once, going twice, gone... to the buy-it-now with the leering Johnie grin.

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jul 7, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    Poor old failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy. Will all your useless fish IDs comfort you in hades?

    No. They will not.

    But do enjoy!

  • Get used to it. The whole family is lined up to p on your grave. Just saying.

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    Good Times on the Ebay Community Boards

    by ebay_johnny Jun 26, 2014 6:29 PM
    jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jun 30, 2014 3:11 PM Flag

    "Intelligent posters John, Sully and Flyktning..." Wow, add yourself to that list and you got a Mount Rushmore of the useless no life spamming trolling idiots who ran all intelligent discussion away from this board while patting my failed Daddy failed Granddaddy's chubby well reamed Ripples fanny for molesting me and then snitching me out. What has your 12 years of being trapped accomplished? You made no money and get beaten daily by Alumni. Alumni is not trapped. Your ancient obsession is not trapped. Too funny! At least they can buy me and Grandbaby Dime Bag a sandwich........

  • My failed Daddy failed grand daddy John Osborne forgets what terrorism means, while he bleats over some man using free speech when my daddy has sat here a decade harassing everyone, while snitching me into a criminal record. How is it terrorist to publicly state what people are? My failed daddy failed grand daddy was too stupid to be quiet about his Ripples, his stalking, his molesting Boy Scouts and snitching me out, and now he wants to cry about getting the same back? My p will be the only thing to drink below Daddy. No failure like an old melting board troll snitch. Your ID fits you like a glove.

  • Isn't it odd that Yahoo gives 10,000 IDs to John Osborne, ebay's z50com & VW, and Victorville snitch, when he is NEVER an investor, but lives here 10 years whining about his food stamp self inflicted poverty, while he and his pals stalk and harass people, trying to ignore the fact hew is on The Boy Scouts Of America known child molesters list, and molested me, Jennifer Nicole Osborne, and my baby Dime Bag, then snitched me to the Cypress police, yet he cried like a banshee-male when the Cypress police scared him out of his 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 drug shack? Why would my g @ y failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy keep calling attention to himself and trying to drag his other IDs and pals into his mess? Very odd.

  • His (non) future has already been vouchsafed below. Why would a decade long board troll (ebay's z50com and VW) want to call so much public attention to himself? The Boy Scouts Of America activity led to the very slippery slope he slides down now. It revealed his child molestation that led to his public melting. Why do her crimes have to wreck ebay?

  • My failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy's 'team' keeps living broke and in the past dancing their miserable jigs on top of a giant throbbing loofah of hate, but they make their Master money and he buys me sandwiches and Grand Baby Dime Bag some Huggies. Is John Osborne's molestation the reason he still wets the bed? Crips are very pleased with performances but said my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy had more suction, and the gums are more soothing. Not up here though!

  • Look what his hate has accomplished for me and abandoned Grand Baby Dime Bag! How does his hurling hate and puke on a chat board for 11 long years undo anything? I am so proud I told Ian everything, and I do mean everything...... Just saying.

  • My failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy John Osborne z50com and VW thinks more of his publicly bleeding gape lies and spamming will fix ebay and his family he wrecked when ten years of his daily hurl has only put him in the spotlight for abusing me and snitching me out. Grand Baby Dime bag is not going to grow up well (thanks failed Daddy!) but Ian's influence will make sure Lil' Dime doesn't turn into an Osborne troll. Failed Daddy, how many ID and lies do you need? You've already wrecked everything and put yourself in the spot light! Uncle Flyktning was right, you only like to bounce on that hard throbbing loofah way way up you!

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Feb 10, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    " People with love in their life DO NOT sit on this message board. ALL weekend long."

    You clowns should look in the mirror when you say that! And you should drag my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy to rehab because outside of the occasional shower and ch*t, and a few daily fists on my Mom's face, he's been here every minute day and night for 12-14 years! Why did you few push and prod and bail slops on my failed Daddy to the point his entire troll life is exposed? And why did not one of you buy me or Grand Baby Dime Bag a sandwich the way Ian does? I told Ian everything I knew. It was a 'no-brainer' and we Osborne's are great at no brainers. You might say it is our forte. Hoffman knew my pain. My failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy ignored it, then snitched me out into a felony record while he tries to infiltrate pot growing groups. They know. They know.

  • But I'm still snitched out and Grand Baby Dime Bag is still hungry. Why doesn't my failed Daddy failed Grand Old Daddy do something with his worthless z50com failure of a life in his few dwindling moments? Melting here as the 247 12 year troll feeds nothing but his publicly kicked junior high school drop out feelings of complete failure. How many will pop with Ole' Grand Dad? How many IDs will get lost while my brother plays with men at boot camp? Apple Valley don't fall far from the tree. Know what I'm saying. Anyways, thanks Ian for bringing food, diapers and toys. One good person in the ebay world at least.

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Feb 1, 2014 11:26 AM Flag

    My failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy John Osborne is up too early sweating out his fever on the man who so long ago completely destroyed my failed Daddy's seller lies, and outed his 12 years of RIPPLING the board. He gets up so early because his life is horrible! And getting worse! Did you know Ian bought me and Grand Baby Dime Bag more sandwiches than my failed Daddy! Why wouldn't I tell him everything? And I do mean everything! Will my failed Daddy still be crazy when when my brother comes back in a box? At least finally one Osborne steps up to the wars they wanted. Where will my failed Daddy move next when he finds Ian boot marks outside his cracked window like at 5008 Hanover? Cypress ran my failed Daddy off. I'm certain there's a shallow ditch somewhere missing its snitching John.......

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jan 15, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Why did you encourage my g @ y failed Daddy failed grand Daddy John Osborne z50com to live up here spewing vomit through his gums 247 Uncle Flyktning? You never cared how much damage he did and you only both cry when it backfires on you. Look how obsessed he is over posters gone for 5 plus years and how he has to drag fake IDs out to show how fake IDs are wrong, while his food stamps get attacked. It's going to be an ugly end game. I'm so glad I finally got Grand Baby Dime Bag safe over here in this Crips shack. Sure beats a Victorville snitch's trailer.

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    I've Officially been OBAMAD

    by he_bought_plenty Jan 11, 2014 3:04 PM
    jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jan 11, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    You mean that you've officially been Tool Foolish. All prisoners live on the taxpayer dime failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy, until they eat a shiv, but none of them brag about their mooching publicly. Or blame their own failures on other posters, or the President, while they bawl like babies all day on a chat board of a stock they daily try to wreck. I'm glad that you have pals up here helping to bury you. I bet they are too weak to tote your box though. I won't forget you and will bring you exactly what you brought me: snitching, ignorant words, lies and empty promises. Grand Baby Dime Bag has made you a sandwich out of his latest well filled Depends tm. I am sure someone thanks for all the laughs and evidence today.

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jan 10, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    Poor broke g @ y snitching failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy! You mean an old snitch like you got snitched out? Now you're going to vent your bleeding old gape on someone who left this board in 2005? You know that has only made your situation worse and worse yet you're stupid and ignorant enough to keep playing? You already exist at the patience of others, so I don't think your 12-14 years of bothering people is going to end well for you. Thanks for giving me felony record. That will certainly help me and poor hungry Grand Baby Dime Bag.

    A little bird told me, one more word from you or any of your IDs, or your pal's IDs, someone is going to take apart your seed and other web pages. Including VW and z50com and then testify personally on your food stamp and welfare fraud. You should never have lied and done a 12-14 board melt. Alumni is not pleased, yet you pretend they have no clout? Put down the dice failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy. You lose again. Just like you have in life. Just like you always will. You're a loser facing a loser's demise. Wait until Bakersfield gets all the word about you. You better shut your gape before it gets worse for you. Far worse.

  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jan 7, 2014 11:15 AM Flag

    Good morning Uncle Madbezos. I hope my information is enough to pay Ian back for all of the sandwiches and Gerbers for Grand Baby Dime Bag. Lord knows my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy snitch can never pitch in.

  • Not hiding very well. A smarter man would keep much much quieter. But my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy is not smart, nor a man. Bakersfield stinks bad enough already. It soon will lack one distinctive odor.

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    Talk about being, "THE MAN"........

    by eternal_melt Jan 7, 2014 10:59 AM
    jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Jan 7, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    Seriously g @ y failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy? Someone from back in 2005 is bashing your boyfriend? I thought you pledged lifetime bjs to Uncle Flyktning? I notice you had NO guilt, nor answer about whether my life was worth your 10,000 IDs and million posts. Are you REALLY that obsessed with that man? If you have pictures of him, why didn't you recognize him when he visited you at Hanover Circle? I bet you want further visits. Dang, there really IS a throbbing loofah up you! 2005. I was almost human then, before you snitched me out to the Cypress police. Way to go passing that Osborne lifetime failure down. You legacy. At least Ian buys me sandwiches and Gerbers for Grand Baby Dime Bag. You? Too soft to even carve our Christmas EBT card Pop Tart. Weak! No wonder you're a fat old wasted snitch.

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    IPO for Alibaba at NYSE in 2014

    by stupid_seichiro Dec 19, 2013 2:04 PM
    jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Dec 19, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Poor g @ y failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy John Osborne Tool Fool! All your "life" and every word you say revolves around your false projection on a long ago poster who completely out the junk yard garbage that does not pay your bills on ebay? All that refurb garbage you fence at z50com? Along with the fact that you molested me and snitched me into a felony record, so you could abandon me and little Grand Baby Dime Bag. Are you going to have another EBT Christmas like your EBT Thanksgiving where you poured cheap wine on corn flakes, with Dorritos and straws filled with sugar for dessert? Yum! Smoke a lot of moldy pot and go outside (for a change) and play with the rattlesnakes. I'm sure those mean old Bakersfield folks do not have you in their rifle sites. Maybe.

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