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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 10:25 PM Flag


    It was a failed rally...never broke Friday's closing price....

    next bounce will be weaker because of that...the roof is in

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  • Organic Supplier....I am just saying...let's be honest folks

    This was a known risk. No one thought it would ever come up. But law of large numbers kicks in and there are a lot of stores and not enough control.

    Management is changing that and it will get fixed in the longer term this quarter...

    But this week...CMG will take a spanking for not being more proactive with these kinds of vendors. The quality can be better, but the the risk is higher of Ecoli and other issues similar

    Know thy self

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 9:15 PM Flag

    Well...ask yourself this...

    Is the Boston College, Basketball coach, the Assistant Director of Sports Medicine who sent to the student body or the top rebounder for the team and other players who missed game.

    Sometime stuff just happens guys.

    This could did below $500 but it will be above $600 a year from now, so if you are an investor...long is good

    If you are a trader...short is where the money is right now

    This is a test of management...I doubt much more than that.

    But is is extremely bad public relations for a company whose customers and investors pay a premium for premium ingredients.

    No one wants to be associated with a poopy burrito.

    I love the product, but I will take a break from it myself this month until they have convinced the public this is over.

    That is why this is so dangerous, it is a trust issue and no one knows how deep the rabbit hole runs.

    The first breakout was a gift to longs to buy more, because management seemed to be addressing.

    Now that there are broader issues, management should keep their mouths shut a few days until they know everything is great everywhere, then they should use that buyback war chest next week to build a base.

    Right now, fear and panic will rule and we must dip much deeper and find a real support.

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  • Boston College basketball players among 28 sick after eating at Chipotle

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  • last one holding this burrito...may find it's contents a little smelly

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    There aren't too many things that could soften the blow of a loss to UMass-Lowell in the sport of basketball, but we may have something. BC coaches have confirmed that the food poisoning that caused a handful of players to miss yesterday's game was actually E.coli. A BC coach followed up to say that "there are 8 players on the team confirmed to have E.coli."

    BC Interruption has also learned that moments ago, Boston College's university medical staff sent out a campus-wide email notifying students and faculty that there are numerous people on campus that caught E.Coli from the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle. Chipotle has been under fire nationally for contributing to an E.Coli outbreak.

    Obviously this is a serious situation and more serious than anything that will happen on the basketball court. That being said the status of all players impacted by the nasty bacteria still have a status that remains uncertain for the Providence game Wednesday night.

    We will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

    UPDATE: A source from the BC staff confirmed that there are 10 players on the roster with "stomach issues". Eli Carter is still recovering from an ankle injury which makes 11 BC players unable to practice. The team cancelled practice today but is hopeful that enough players will be feeling better tomorrow to be able to practice.

    UPDATE: The Heights' Michael Sullivan reports on the following email alert that was sent out to BC athletes earlier today.

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  • Boston College issues Chipotle warning after athletes hit by E. coli, BCI says
    Boston College coaches confirmed that eight of the college's basketball players have contracted E. coli, reports BC Interruption. The college's medical staff issued a campus-wide email Monday claiming "numerous" university members have caught E. coli from the Chipotle location in Cleveland Circle, the report notes.

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:49 PM Flag

    tednitu...I think bioskinnerman is saying...

    he thinks

    1) There are now stores closed in Boston (Number not determined)
    2) 50 stores closed in western states
    3) 20 people sick with ecoli and they have recently ate at stores

    Not confirming his facts, just packaging it as I read his post

    Don't know about $480...but when you have a college official against you and some sports figures...testing below $500 could be a real probably around $505-$515

    Do your own research...

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    by jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:33 PM
    jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:38 PM Flag

    So how much lower than $515 will it go? Right now it is around $517...that is a real number sir.

  • jeremysikessr by jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:33 PM Flag

    check it out

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:29 PM Flag

    I agree...hehehe

    Shorts are dancing in the am!

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  • -$40!!!! $521 AFTER HOURS THIS WILL GET MAJOR PRESS BB players missed game!

    Will there be a lawsuit?

    If I was the college administrators I would put out a press release informing students not to eat there!

    Oh...yeah...they just did!!!

    Associate Director Of Sports Medicine Says Do Not Eat At Chipotles!!!

    Now, if Andrew left at Citron Research could put out an article, the hat trick would be complete....FLUSH!

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 6:19 PM Flag

    And the Associate Director of Sports Medicine for Boston College put out a warning to not eat there...

    That will be

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  • Boston College Senior Associate Director of Sports Medicine 'Immediate Warning': " Don't Eat At Chipotle"

    8 Basketball players and 28 students sick after eating at Chipotle. Extent of how many stores now effected unknown. This may go viral on social media. Stock tanking after hours. ESPN and other sports networks could get interested.

    Boston College Students Treated After Eating at Chipotle
    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BOSTON — Dec 7, 2015, 5:27 PM ET

    Boston College says several of its students, including members of the men's basketball team, complained of gastrointestinal symptoms after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Boston.

    The college, in a statement, said it had notified the state Department of Public Health, which is trying to determine if it is part of an ongoing national outbreak of e-coli that has been linked to the Chipotle chain.

    A spokesman for the state agency said it appeared that more than 20 students were sickened, but it had not yet determined the cause of the illnesses.

    A manager at the Chipotle's in the Cleveland Circle neighborhood referred questions to a spokesman for the chain's national headquarters, who did not immediately return a message.

    Chipotle has said it planned to tighten its food standards.

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  • hope you bought puts

    if not, get some in am


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  • Boston College basketball players among 28 sick after eating at Chipotle
    Group showing symptoms of E. coli; Brighton restaurant closed

    UPDATED 5:16 PM EST Dec 07, 2015

    BOSTON —Several Boston College basketball players are among 28 students who became sick after eating at Chipotle in Brighton.

    The students ate at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle, and are showing symptoms of E. coli.

    The school sent an alert to students, which read, "The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been notified and is working to determine if there is a link to the ongoing national outbreak of E. coli."

    Boston Inspirational Services has ordered a temporary closure of the establishment until they complete their investigation.

    Some of the sickened players missed Sunday’s game against UMass Lowell.

    BC says Chipotle made basketball players, students sick

    O’Ryan Johnson Monday, December 07, 2015

    Boston College said several students were struck ill -- including some basketball players -- after eating at a

    Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle.

    Boston College said several students were struck ill -- including some basketball players -- after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland circle.

    "Several BC students and student-athletes, including members of the BC men's basketball team, have reported to BC Health Services complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms," according to a statement from the college. "Students who are experiencing these gastrointestinal symptoms are encouraged to seek medical care either at BC Health Services or from their own physician."

    Boston College said the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been notified, and is working to determine if there is a link to the ongoing national outbreak of e-coli.

    "We are closed for issues beyond our control and we are trying to deal with it

    Boston College confirmed Monday that several students were experiencing gastrointestinal symtoms that may be a result of consuming food at Chipotle.

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  • Wedbush Lowers Chipotle's Price Target to $500
    by Bloomberg Video 2:59 mins
    Dec. 7 -- Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., struggling to contain the damage from an E. coli outbreak at its restaurants, tumbled in New York trading after rescinding its 2016 forecast and projecting its first quarterly same-store sales decline as a public company. Wedbush Senior Vice President Nick Setyan weighs in on "Bloomberg Markets."

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  • Get out while you can...pain coming...look at my earlier post...I was right

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr Dec 7, 2015 2:06 PM Flag

    This is a bear story and it could take a few weeks to clean up....

    If long...sell covered calls to protect.

    Short downside could get as low as $500 this month

    Not a huge money maker, but if you were naked short on calls and long puts and set up in spreads, a little money to be made going down on time value drain and lower stock values

    Best to all and I do like the burritos...but may give a little distance until this is corrected.

    First ecoli, I was bullish, because I thought it was going to be dealt with quickly. With this being the second time, this is a real issue that has to be addressed quickly since investor confidence is waning.

    Worse, CMG gets a premium for quality and we may have tarnished that star with this second issue.

    CMG may have a hard time commanding that extra premium in the future and may have to earn it with better numbers. Good company and can do it, but at these valuations, CMG is way overvalued for the quarter as it explained itself this morning and they are very unsure. Not what you want to hear from great management.

    Good move with the stock buyback. That is probably the artificial support we are seeing. I think they have support between $515-$525 based on some big blocks I saw...just a guess.

    I think the market will test those support levels again by tomorrow in light of massive analyst Exodus and downgrades.

    No one is sure of this thing anymore or how bad it could be. So, CMG can not carry the Halo premium and will have to earn share price based on QTR report of growth and not anticipated growth in my opinion.

    Near term bear, long term bull outlook

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  • Stifel reiterates its cautious view on Chipotle
    Stifel analyst Paul Westra reiterates his cautious view of Hold rated Chipotle after the company announced a negative Q4 business update following the recent E.coli incidents. Westra recommends against new-money purchases of Chipotle given the lack of visibility into a sales recovery and updates his fair-value estimate to $480 per share.

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