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  • This deal is going down and there is a lot of money that will be made with MON buyout

    They know what is going on

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  • They are the most important analyst in Germany and Bayer is a German company and they are the ones buying

    The most important buyout made by European company

    The largest analyst gave the green light to go $140

    Around $149 doable but not as attractive.

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 23, 2016 9:46 PM Flag

    Because it usually takes a couple days for a company to counter offer or accept a bid

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  • If you get to keep your job your board gets a big payout and you don't have to move why wouldn't you approve this deal?
    It was reported that the crop science side would be headquartered in St.Louis, not the Research Triangle. there is obviously making it as easy as they can for board and management to say yes. Super smart.

    I think we are looking at 110-115 this week (or more if revised bid to industry going rate of 15X which would put buyout at 135...16x which looks like 149

    So my target of 110-115 is very , very conservative.

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    Looks like strong support at 77.80.

    by jeremysikessr May 20, 2016 11:14 AM
    jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 20, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    Like I said...

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    Looks like strong support at 77.80.

    by jeremysikessr May 20, 2016 11:14 AM
    jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 20, 2016 11:15 AM Flag

    probably hit 78.60 by monday

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  • Looks like strong support at 77.80.

    Did not own yesterday, but at these prices...I think it is an easy buy up to 79 in a few days

    I think I will take a new position or calls here

    bad qtr...but it traded past the straddle and often snaps back in a few days

    Great company

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    Boycott is at 1,253,934.

    by plsullivan May 19, 2016 10:34 AM
    jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 19, 2016 12:49 PM Flag

    It is much MUCH larger than that.

    Most people are too lasy to sign the petition, but most people I know won't tell their friends they shop at target anymore unless there is not another choice. They feel is has some kind of stigma associated with it that they do not care as much about the safety and security of their women and girl guests and employees.

    First time something really crazy happens in the bathroom and hits national news, I wonder what kind of lawsuit will follow and if it takes that for management to just apply good common sense.

    I estimate there are more than 10 million boycotting and Trans Gendered Toilets will continue to see the foot traffic leave because even the people that don't care do not want to be associated with that with their friends. The soccer moms no longer feel safe letting their kids shop alone there or meeting their friends for a coffee.

    This is by far the WORST public relations decision that I have seen a copy make that was not even asked for or needed by the bulk of their customers.

    TGT jut destroyed a 20 year PR campaign in one quarter. This will be a case study in the business schools.

    Kids...don't let this happen to your company...if you do...blame it on the

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  • Police Retirement System of St. Louis filed a federal securities lawsuit in Minnesota's U.S. District Court Tuesday against Target (NYSE: TGT)

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  • The professionals and hedge funds are voting with their pocket books and so are TGT customers

    The professional analysts that have changed their positions today ALL lowered their targets on TGT
    They know it is going down and they do not want to loose credibility on the street by supporting it

    You can make money shorting TGT or buying puts. Or if you are a long, you can lower your cost basis and protect some of the potential loss by selling in the money covered calls.

    TGT is out of favor and will be for some time. Hopefully they apologize for their 4 major mistakes and correct for shareholders

    1) Putting politics before customers and shareholders
    2) Canada Canada Canada
    3) Apparel is the wrong focus in retail right now
    4) Don't throw major money away in a loosing online war, partner with the best online and win

    Management will have too change their stripes and correct these four issues or TGT is not likely to recover any time this quarter and could continue a major down trend

    Analysts have spoken, lowered their targets

    In simple terms....the emporer has no clothes

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  • jeremysikessr by jeremysikessr May 19, 2016 10:01 AM Flag

    Massive dump of shares this week and more to follow

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    Sentiment: Strong Sell



    WATCH "THE BIG SHORT" movie and you will understand

    Soon it will be too late for the huge profits...but you can still gt some with puts or short now


    This is retail folks, they are out of touch and Wall Street is beating them for it and will continue since their peers are doing it right

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  • and until they learn to not focus on apparel and throw millions into their online initiatives.

    TGT just needs to throw in the towel on the online and partner with AMZN or merge. The same could be done with FDX or UPS, but it would never happen.

    This will go down as the worst quarter ever for TGT. Not because of sales, but because they lost their understanding of their customer base and product buying trends. Both are mortal sins in the retail business.

    They need to take some bold steps to turn this around or it may be too late to fix the PR damage

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  • Looks like TGT in for a beating!

    Wall Street analysts are not happy with the quarter results or the direction

    Management better promise to take focus of apparel and bathrooms and get back to customer experience and value or this company could go the way of K-mart and Sears.

    DOWNGRADES going to place serious pressure on the stock this week

    TGT used to carry a premium for making all the right moves.

    Now TGT could trade at discount to its peers for lack of direction and insight into customers needs

    This is retail folks

    It's all about who wants the foot traffic and who can make their customer the happiest while taking their money

    TGT has lost that and will test new lows soon!

    Analyst see this and several are moving their clients funds out of TGT

    This is my opinion, do your own research and I am sure you will find this is spot on

    ....of on TARGET!


    Easy short at open

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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 19, 2016 9:13 AM Flag

    My computer typo - "past" not passed

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  • I guess we can wade into some of the obvious social agenda changes in the wrong direction or we can just simply note the obvious.
    Target has become to weighted on apparel and increase competition online. While TGT has failed with this strategy,WMT, LOWS,JCP have had strong success during the same period and with the same potential customers and with the same weather that TGT was blaming.

    In the passed, TGT did an excellent job offering a comfortable suburban alternative to WMT for the soccer moms who wanted to feel like they were shopping and it was "cool" to be at target and look down at wmt shoppers. Now the public opinion, regardless of political views, is that target cares more about political position than making their primary customer base happy.

    TGT can not attract soccer moms with Starbucks when they do not want to be associated with uncomfortable bathroom practices that are FAR out of favor with their shopping base. They obviously did not do a broad enough polling prior to these decisions to alienate the people with the money and foot traffic.

    Apparel is the wrong category this quarter. Of you are going to stick your head in the sand and do it again next quarter, realize that Amazon will east your lunch and has poured billions into the best infrastructure online for years and no one can challenge that unless they loose focus.

    TGT has lost focus on pleasing their customer base with the right products and comfortable experience.

    Retail is too competitive to make two major mistakes in the same quarter. Looks like this has shifted theling tern shopping trend for the next two quarters and TGT could eventually go the way Sears and KMart did. Those companies would not listen to market trends or make their customers feel good in a competitive way.

    People do business with people and they buy what is trending that they and their neighbors feel is wanted at that season. TGT ignores economic buy patterns and real social comfort. Out of touch!

  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 18, 2016 2:07 PM Flag

    I would put my protective buy stop in now at 67.80 to lock in short profit and ride it down as for a while this afternoon.

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    only 1.5% of shoppers signed up for boycott

    by crabseatfree May 14, 2016 10:05 PM
    jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 18, 2016 1:38 PM Flag

    Many are boycotting, but did not "sign up"

    They vote with their feet and just don't go there anymore

    target used to provide a better environment than Walmart. Now it does not have that advantage so all things equal or not, walmart will catch some overflow

    but all apparel retailers seem to be suffering a bit, so this could be a longer term trend since gas is stabilizing.

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  • "We're approaching our business with appropriate caution as sales trends at Target and many of our key competitors (have) weakened," Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell said on a conference call.

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