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    Compensation of senior management

    by dunkling_greg Mar 15, 2015 9:53 AM
    jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 15, 2015 10:16 AM Flag

    You need to do more than a one biotech survey and check out the going rate. Rather than being jealous of people making the going rate....go back to school and get a better job. Or go work on an oil rig, you could easily make $150K per year....though it is a little cold in the winter. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 11:56 PM Flag

    But you know they have to have a hobby or a job whatever the real case may be. In any case they have brought good luck to ISIS and I a wait them saying that this company definitely can't go any higher than $200. Also await to hear about the news that vicl will be announcing in the year 2020.....that is a good feng she number for the vicl lovers. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 2:55 PM Flag

    No hiding macro buddy. I ask you some questions and I please await your answers. Is Mipo, or is it not approved in the US for treatment of the most concerning elevated lipid patients in the universe? Has there been any news about Mipo causing any liver damage in any of the patients that take the med in over 2 years of real world experience? If so, please give references. Did or did it not lower CV risk events by 8 fold over the last two years of real world experience? If not, please give references.

    Just want to know so people can invest in vicl.....what was the exact earnings of vicl last year? How long has vicl been a public company anyway? Do you expect any milestone payments before this mid-summer bonanza of good news? If so, from whom? How can vicl teach the people here that they have real safe drugs when you go to their webiste? If they are so safe do you consider that last trial they had where the placebo treated patients did supposedly better than the treatment group to be false, and why? Just looking for some answers so that you can really help out people who aren't invaders over here to get some info so that they have something tangible for reasons to invest in vicl. With your knowledge of everything in regards to vicl and you over here already why should they really have to go over to the vicl website when they can get it straight from you? Thanks again in regards to the great karma brought to ISIS with your prune juice praying. Did you have to study that to know that, is it a family secret, luck, or what is it? TIA in advance for all you do and your karma blessing of ISIS. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    What profitablility has vicl had in the last 27 years??? Just wondering. What have they really done for humanity in those 27 years....again just wondering? And what happened to their last study where the placebo did way better than the treatment? Sorry to be offensive to invaders on this wrong board, but I just wanted to hear your version. I've answered your question in regards to the safety of Mipo in their intended population so I'd sure appreciate an answer in regards to vicl from invaders over to this board about vicl so that maybe people who do have an interest in that company for investment can really have the confidence that you have in it. TIA for all you do with the prune juice and everything. t t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 2:11 PM Flag

    Mipo is one safe drug for the intended population. No baby should ever work on an oil rig, only adults, an oil rigger worker job is dangerous and has faults, but an adult can and needs to work on one if they can, but no babies. So no baby can work on a safe oil rig for over 27 years. After 27 years there has been NO accomplishment for vicl and they have fallen maybe a decade behind ISIS in productivity. If you follow Moore's Law that is a life-time so vicl will be getting spanking forever. But the vicl workers are safe to go and get a job on an oil rig as long as they don't bring their baby to work with them....sorry mothers, no breast feeding with the baby on the rig. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 2:07 PM Flag

    I can't hardly wait. When is mid-summer in regards to the vicl time-zone? Is it Sept 2016? I think we should say that it is August 1st. Would that seem fair to a person invading another MB and talking about some other stock than what is on the board usually? I mean we want to really go the extra yard to make sure that the vicl investor is treated fairly on this other board over here. I think August 1st is fair. So let's see if vicl can get to $2.5 per share like AMRN was able to do by that time.......and to make it fair to the invading parties let's say that ISIS needs to be at least $75. Good luck invaders on your mid-summer hopes. The Greek has weighted in though on a price of 60 cents. Hope he and Shirlay MaLaine didn't insult you or anything with you over here on this lost arrow board. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 2:02 PM Flag

    Thank you for the prune juice mention in helping ISIS share price on Monday. I'll try and think about something I can say to help like a jingle for the vicl share price like you guys have been so kind to furnish for us with the prune juice gimmick. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    I agree, I do think that there is still some issues in regards to executing similar to what did GENZ in. In that case not moving fast enough and getting things rignt allowed for Carl Ichan and HF to promote the buyout and at a cheaper valuation than GENZ should have went for. Also, keep in mind that almost every time there is a buyout the old company is stripped bare....GENZ is a prime example, Onyx just got the heave-ho from AMGN recently and the list goes on. t

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    insider Buying & Selling

    by feliciatwo Mar 13, 2015 10:54 AM
    jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 1:01 PM Flag

    I think the bad thing for you to keep bringing up while you live in your glass house is where is the profitable drug from vicl after 27 years? And when you look at it vicl has been around as long as ISIS. Where is the pipeline from vicl after 27 years?.....I know, I know, we are going to hear about it next summer like we were going to hear about it last summer. I'd pick a different stock than vicl to compare to if you want to try and bad mouth ISIS, maybe a Roche or something, but not a company like vicl that has been around as long as ISIS with less cash, less pipeline, less foresight, and a CEO that is going to Italy to be a cruiseliner captain. vicl......everytime I look at the price per share, and the pipeline I get a smile on my face. This guy sourdough said that it would pass ISIS up in share price. Now he is saying that he can't predict the price of ISIS shares beyond a few minutes at a time based on his complex pricing model. A lot of funny people have passed over this way and moved on. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 14, 2015 11:46 AM Flag

    Only a dummy would compare a restaurant to a biotech. Only a dummy would think that $26 million per store was a fair valuation. But I would rather have one Shake Shak than the whole vicl company. t

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    BG Medicine receives deficiency letter from Nasdaq relating to $2.5 mln minimum shareholders equity requirement (0.88 -0.01)
    The Company plans to request a hearing, at which the Company will request an extension within which to pursue its plan to regain and maintain compliance with all applicable requirements for continued listing on NASDAQ. The Company's common shares will remain listed and continue to trade on NASDAQ under the symbol "BGMD" pending the hearing and the expiration of any extension granted by the Panel. However, there can be no assurance that the Panel will grant the Company's request for continued listing or that the Company will be able to regain compliance within any extension period granted by the Panel.

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 7:58 PM Flag

    Jimmy the Greek got channeled by Shirley McLaine and she noted that the Greek said vicl 60 cents by July 4th. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 7:55 PM Flag

    In China the say, "vicl no good." t

  • Down 3 cents at this time, as the market gets weaker and its poor prognosis as an investment becomes known it is going to that big stock market in the sky. t

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    insider Buying & Selling

    by feliciatwo Mar 13, 2015 10:54 AM
    jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    You don't know too much about officers and share reimbursement. Mr. Frost from OPK is the one in million that is buying that much shares in any company. Most corporate officers sell shares to divest their risk some what. Dr. Frost is a multi-billionaire and he wants a bigger share of OPK than he has. I'd challenge you to find another stock with the high percentage of a CEO buying like Dr. Frost.....and of all of than, except for lately it has underperformed ISIS. A useless variable you are trying to follow for a large decision. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    vicl hasn't told anyone anything and you guys have been saying that there would be news soon about a year ago. I don't really care if you hold vicl stock or not. I do hope you keep on with the prune juice good luck charm. You really don't know too much about vicl, and you know less about ISIS. Let's see how long Astellas stays with that dead weight on board called vicl before the throw it over board. I don't think the fish would even eat it.. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 10:43 AM Flag

    So far they are all safe. Mipo was maligned in the press before and shortly after approval. Now two years out there has been no one who suffered any problem in regards to liver toxicity and the drug lowered the CV risk in patients after two years by eight fold. Not only that the trend which started in the very first year continued and looks to be going in the same good direction. The amount of scripts for Mipo has been slowing rising. It could have maybe another indication soon:

    Within three years they will have probably three new meds approved and the approval process will be easier because people are more familiar with RNA drugs now and ISIS will be seeking orphan drug spaces. Challenge back to you would be: when will vicl every receive a milestone payment? When will vicl ever get a new drug in their pipeline? How can a company with a straight face say they are going for a vaccine that reduces viral load by a punny 30% and expect anyone to take them seriously? Good luck with it though. I heard that any investor who was unhappy with their shares could trade them in and be certified as an on board pilot for Drone Aviation. t

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    by stockpics Mar 13, 2015 5:51 AM
    jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 9:40 AM Flag

    You need to call their IR and find out for yourself. t

  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 13, 2015 9:39 AM Flag

    You are right it is having a hard time staying at 70. Hope you shorted really big, this could only be a two day thing......get real worried and tell everyone how worried you are. t

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