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jforuus 119 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 18, 2014 12:17 PM Member since: May 28, 2003
  • Or are they BLIND.

    How does BBEP sell of so many shares in week or and a few days later a public offering is announced.

    This is SEC is blind, compromised, manipulated or negligent. We need a new SEC HEAD and hand book that isn't given out to the CRIMNIALS OF WALL ST. so they can use triggers and loop holes to avoid detection or specualation by corrupt regulators who have been long time compromsied by our corrupt Congress and Financial System.

    It is time to start calling CHEATS, CHEATS to their faces. This rigged game needs to be put down like a dog in the street?

    It is time to take back America and its future from the hands of the SEC and Wall Street.

    These are times when outlaws become heroes.

    (The US CITIZEN would be the w@$#hore#$%$ and Little Bill would be Congress, the SEC and Financial Terrorist called Wall St.?)

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of the SEC CHAIR along with the Corrupt members who elected the entire SEC BOARD.

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    GTFOH!! to White House Leadership

    by jforuus Oct 6, 2014 1:54 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 6, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    I wonder if the youth will chant, "WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!" when they come to dismantle Washington DC just as they chanted so when the BERLIN WALL CAME DOWN?

  • Latest headline...
    What a Joke! The White House is who appointed all of these regulators with wink wink DIRECTIVES and now the garbage leadership of our country comes out with...

    "White House urges U.S. regulators to rein in Wall Street risk-taking".

    We all must be morons? They think they can confuse us so easily.

    You morons in the White House are the ones who gave all of our futures to Wall Street CROOKS to handle. GTFOH!!! as the NY'er says.

  • jforuus jforuus Oct 6, 2014 11:22 AM Flag

    America wants to see the people of Congress brought to Justice?

    America needs to start wiping out laws that have been put in place by the crooks called Congress to hide behind? We as a nation are tired and ready for a leader like Tyler Durden with the 3 rules to the fight club?

    "Two Former Wells Fargo Employees Charged With Insider Trading in Advance of Research Reports Containing Ratings Changes"

    Lifetime bans to start with along with some high executives as well.

  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2014 12:24 AM Flag

    "Rosie feels guilty for the financial strain that her illness has put on Jim and, unable to cope, commits suicide. Jim blames Wall Street financiers for ruining his life. Seeking vengeance, he purchases various firearms and grenades from an arms dealer, and begins a one-man army shooting spree on the Wall Street bosses that lost his money and contributed to the death of his wife. One by one, he kills those that have wronged him. The climax of the film has Jim staging a one-man assault and infiltration of a high-rise office building to confront and kill Jeremy Stancroft, a ruthless and greedy banker..."

    I don't condone violence but it is cool to see those that have destroyed so many lives with no remorse and continue to go down the same path as business as usual suffer as the millions in their golden age are suffering.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2014 12:22 AM Flag

    Is the US CITIZEN at the precipice of demanding justice. Is the US Attorney willing to grant them Justice or is he a puppet?

    Eric Cantor and his new seat with no background for such a high ranking and salary position. How man Millions of $$$ Mister Cantor did you sell us all out for and with how many standing Congress members do you continue to shake hands with to continue to sell us all out for, if your children get cancer, I suppose there maybe such a thing as Karma? Just saying...

    A great movie to watch..Assault on Wall St.

    "In the midst of the financial crisis, a portfolio-manager instructs his employees to neglect the best-interest of clients in order to increase company profits.
    Meanwhile, Jim Baxford (Dominic Purcell), a former soldier and armored car driver, lives with his wife, Rosie, in New York City. Rosie is in the process of recovering from a near-fatal brain tumor. Their health insurance has reached its limit, and Jim finds that he is unable to afford her treatment. He decides to cash in the pension he earned from serving in the military, but learns that much of it is lost as a result of bad investments on the part of his financial advisor. In addition, he finds himself in a $60,000 lawsuit as a result of bad real-estate investments conducted by his rogue financial advisor. Jim borrows $10,000 from a colleague to pay for an attorney to sue his financial advisor, and arranges a meeting with an assistant district attorney to discuss wrongdoings on the part of his financial advisors. However, the attorney he hired claims that he is unable to do anything and the assistant district attorney is unwilling to meet with him. Jim becomes frustrated at the loss of his money and his inability to pay for his wife's treatment and their mortgage. Because of his financial situation, his employer reluctantly fires him, as the company is not willing to trust him with large sums of money.

  • jforuus jforuus Oct 5, 2014 12:14 AM Flag

    You can't go stealing and ruining the lives of so many and not expect repercussions or at least be hated and have your food spit in when you get served in a Washington DC restaurant at the very least? lol

  • Reality TV where the US Citizen gets to vote if we pull the switch on Congress Men and CEOs Of Wall Street who have robbed us all? Fry up on on national TV, rated XXX? Whatever. More revenue for the US Government at the end to fix this mess and we get to be satisfied since they all have spilled our hard sweat of Billions a government sanctioned TV Shows spills the blood of a few thousand responsible?

    Lets vote on it? We have Judge Judy already...why not?

    "This past weekend, the Department of Justice slapped a record fine on JPMorgan Chase for packaging and selling the mortgage-backed financial products that helped cause the financial meltdown. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants the administration to know that fines are not enough. On Wednesday, she called on Wall Street regulators to hold all those responsible for the 2008 crisis accountable."

    "Earlier this year, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to concede that some banks are "too big to jail." But Warren doesn't buy it. "

    Mr. Holder if the US CITIZEN doesn't back down from a fight sometimes we are willing to cut off the head even if it means the demise for us to save the future of others.

    Meaning, it is "never to big to fail", the US CITIZEN is willing to take it on the "CHIN" if we get a shot to sent all of these corrupt people to prison or and ban them for life. Don't let them hide behind the CEO SHELL game they play.

    5.9% unemployment, wow what a lie.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of the US ATTORNEY and CONGRESS.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • When you have a PRESIDENT of another country saying that...

    "Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner charged in an emotional address that domestic and US interests were pushing to topple her government, and could even kill her."

    We as a citizenship need to start looking into the policies of our elected officals. What are "the poliiticans" doing that makes us so hated by others? This isn't a Muslim or any other religion question. This is the fact that our politicans use strong arm tactics to force things that leave others resenting us.

    If you want to strong arm someone, bomb the heck out of them and stop vaging around, else stop using the strenght of a nation to opress another nation into our bidding.

    When a family is eating dinner and a man has to get up to sheild his wife and the only thing left is a small child at the age of 9 and all he can read when sifting through the debri is our trade mark on metal, MADE IN THE USA.

    You bet they are going to hate us and want us to feel what it is like to lose an entire family as they have at age 10. The media can make all kinds of feel good stories over here to justify and make us look good. Is that going to work, yet up until that kid grows to be 16 and someone else using another brainwashing method convinces that 16yr old of payback.

    Now what the eFFF are they doing in the White House. These Republicans and Democrats are out of control and their policies have brought us to the precipes of DISASTERS.

    Question? We never hear Switzerland or Austria having to deal with terrorist bombings? Why? Because the Demcorats and Repulbicans are not advancing their own agenda at the expense of others including the U.S. Citizen.

    I am tired of not being able to travel the world because this two teir self serving always in self preservation of office agendas are being advanced making the U.S. Citizen so loathed that we can't travel to other nations.

    All the resources they spend they haven't been able to FINISH the CARTELS?

  • Either way..see you in the $10's and $9's!


    Yeah I know they are all honest.

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    buy phk on margin!!!

    by stockgangster Sep 30, 2014 3:09 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 1, 2014 9:46 AM Flag


    I wonder if they lose all their money will they come hunt you down and to see if you are part of the racket before they disturb you during dinner with your family?


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    300 B.C. and Senators

    by jforuus Sep 29, 2014 5:40 PM
    jforuus jforuus Sep 30, 2014 10:53 PM Flag

    Will this be the next outline of a documentary?

    Will this be the words being uttered by a few to many and to many to all?

    Is it already being reiterated?

    "Lines must be drawn.

    When the time comes, when they come for the remaining 25% which so far they were not able to STEAL, because they could not carry it. We should follow them back to their lair and slay the dragon?

    The next grain of rice they take from our children's mouth, the next $ they STEAL by short cutting our elderly, the next pill they deny in HEALTH CARE for all must be answered by expulsion of these REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. Else rest assured you will have another child soon enough you will have to explain to why the family can not afford to send him to the University of his choice. Son/Daughter because I like many other Americans have been too weak to vote these two deceptive parties out office.

    We should be all writing to our local politicians asking them which side will they be on when we go take back what others had fought and died for believing it was for all, yet it turns it is a deceptive lie.

    Those that were unselfish and brave enough to go out their to do the bidding of tyranny cloaked in patriotism, it is time you all start voting them out at the voting polls. Speak to each other who you voted for, I can guarantee you that vote rigging is being practiced by these Republicans and Democrats in many corridors of our political system in some facet or another. We are not so naive any more?

    Lady justice should remove the cloth from her eyes and drop the scale and unsheathe her dagger and slay those that have become so integral, complacent and tolerant of corruption in our system that they believe the laws they conspired upon to pass which have destroyed the core of the U.S. Citizens way of life while they cheerleader to others as if such is not the case. "

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of the corrupt.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • Corrupt Senators would be extinguished on the Senate Floor by other Senators themselves. We need such practice back. This nation needs a cleansing of political families who have become so corrupt that they believe the U.S. Citizen to be there whipping boy.

    The FBI and Judicial Branch lower members need to rise and fight such a battle with equal or 3 fold disdain and aggression as their superiors do to be extensions of corrupt and unjust causes. It is time to for every citizen to coordinate to take America back from those that hide in political office.

    Newly high salary created appointed political positions in Government Institutions are prime example and should be a clear signal to the FBI who need to be arrested. Unless the FBI are puppets and local citizenship brigades need to enter the realm of exacting law and not the law they have set in place to masquerade their corruption.

    Men President please nail this to the doors of our corrupt Congress as well as the door of our compromised FBI upper management leadership.

    Please share such topics of conversation with other at the dinner table.

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    Senator Cory Booker

    by jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:45 PM
    jforuus jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:46 PM Flag

    Senators like him need to be brought to justice.

    The FBI must be willing to give a black eye or 50 to the political structure of the US.

    Covering it up only allows all the other Senators from doing the wrong illegal move.

    Please share such topics of covnersation with othes at the dinner table.

  • How many Senators are pulling the same horsemanure that he is pulling.

    $700K 2010 to 2012 from a law firm in severance pay? I guess we were all born yesterday.

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    Senator Corey Booker a #$%$ and a LIAR?

    by jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:35 PM
    jforuus jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    How many more Senators are guilty of this action as well?

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    Senator Corey Booker a #$%$ and a LIAR?

    by jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:35 PM
    jforuus jforuus Sep 23, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

    These are the men the Armed Forces follow commans from?

    A General chain of command has them at the top?

    It is time for us to send Booker to PRISON? if not EJECT HIM from office?

    This will not happen, becase this is a learned behavior. Other Senators are pulling the same move? Most likely? The IRS should report it? They are too busy making sure to be Obamas gaurd dogs who soon the US CITIZEN will euthanzing?


    Please share such topics of conversation with others.

  • Despite years of denying he worked for a law firm holding millions of dollars in government contracts, Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s last three tax returns show the exact opposite.

    And he’s now blaming his accountant.

    In federal tax forms detailing $689,500 in payments from the Trenk DiPasquale firm, Booker checked off that he “materially participate[d] in the operation of this business” from 2010 to 2012.

    “Under penalty of perjury, he’s saying he participated,” explained Jay Soled, a Rutgers accounting professor. “Regulations under [the tax code] say that to ‘materially participate,’ you have to work over 500 hours.”

    Booker, a Democrat running for US Senate against Republican Steve Lonegan, has repeatedly said he stopped working for the government-linked firm in 2006, soon after taking office, to avoid “the appearance of impropriety.”

    He insists the money he continued to collect from the firm from 2007 to 2012 wasn’t salary but part of a confidential “separation agreement” or buyout.

  • Is it me or does it seem like they front run?

    Do they give out their picks to "others" to accumulate well in advance and these men sell when they release to their subscription model?

    I am questioning the integrity of the MOTLEY FOOL and you should also.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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